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President Putin calls for the West to condemn it. Now it is


Welcome to a special addition of the programme. I live in Liverpool on


the day that the city came to a standstill to honour those who died


at Hillsborough, 25 years ago today. We are live outside Anfield where


tens of thousands gather this afternoon to remember. We will


always strive to honour you, the families and the memory of the 96


people we lost. We will talk to those at the centre of today's


commemorations. Nigel Evans returns to his


constituency office saying he will fight is to keep his seat. And now


the life and times of Mitchell and Kenyon are played out on a


Manchester stage. The tributes at the Hillsborough more Morrill


outside Anfield are pretty much ever present but today of all days they


are more plentiful than the green for quite some time. `` than they


have been. At six minutes past three this afternoon, exactly 25 years to


the minute since the game and Hillsborough was stopped, the city


of Liverpool came to a standstill. In the city centre people stood in


sombre reflection, their heads bowed reflecting on people from their city


who lost their lives a quarter of a century ago. The bells from both


liver pool 's Cathedral appealed in unison. `` Liverpool's cathedrals


both peeled in unison. Today was all about commemorating the lives that


were lost. We will be talking to It is hard, it really has. We were


lucky. I was there in a makeshift mortuary with about 35 deceased


people. This is one of the first times I have ever spoken about it.


Tony Bland, Paul David Brady the list of names was read out and was a


sense of satisfaction at what has been done. We refused to lie down


and we refused to go away. We made it happen. 25 years on, a day to


remember what happened at six minutes past three.


One of the key people involved this afternoon was this minister. Did it


feel different 25 years on? You have been involved in ten of these. Was


it different from years before? It is difficult to say. It is a very


emotional day every year but that I came away from the servers I wonder


if there was a sense of something is being more positive. I think there


was more of an energy to the event and because of some of the guests


that were there, the theme that is coming out is the city coming


together and I think that is what family needs to keep them going from


this day through to the next year. The inquests are underway and that


limits what we are able to say that all the scarves behind this come


from clubs the length and breadth of the country. It was powerful to see


the 96 in the middle of this video made up of all the different scarves


from all the different clubs around. It is bound to reverberate across


the nation and even farther afield because it has been such an emotive


issue for so many years and 425 years later for its still to be


around is amazing. Thank you, we are very grateful to you. It has been a


long journey to 25 years and families, as we know, have been


through some dark times. I must not number paying that their


determination to find out what happened that afternoon at


Hillsborough has been undiminished. The fight has been going on for a


quarter of a century but a lot has changed in the last few years. Let


us look at the long and emotional journey to this emotional day.


Everyone is devastated, they all have somebody. The Director of


Public Prosecutions had decided not to bring any criminal charges


against the police or or officials in connection to the Hillsborough


football disaster. We are just broken and we do not know what to


do. Without Paul, our lives are nothing. 20 years ago, . Our job has


simply been to oversee the maximum possible disclosure of all the


documents and to write a report that adds to public understanding. The


long road to the 25th anniversary in those words you can see in the shot


no have given great solace to the Hillsborough families on the journey


to this point. You also saw Andy Burnham who spoke here are the 20th


anniversary commemorations five years ago. The reception he got that


day was a key point in the way that things have developed in the


Hillsborough story in the last few years and he got a very different


reception today. I put this point to him on a spokesman earlier along


with the chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, Margaret


Aspinall. I agreed and said that Andy could do it. Something had to


give an Iona said that if I was not the minister I would have been one


of those shouting at the minister. `` I always said. How did it feel to


have tens of thousands of people screaming at you? I am never torn in


so I'm well used to those feelings but I understood what they were


feeling and I knew they were not necessarily shouting at me


personally but more that the government, the system, the way they


had been let down. That night I went to speak to the families at the town


Hall and in private I resolved that was it, we were going to change


things. They, in the end, made me find the political courage to do


something that the spy wanted to be here to say thank you everybody


today. Margaret, how different was today to the 24 anniversaries that


have preceded it? Because we are two weeks into the new inquests, it has


been very emotional to the families listening to the portraits of their


individual love ones. I'm only finding out about that a lot on snow


`` about their loved ones now and I did not know about that individual


loss. It is absolutely heartbreaking and I was crying in court every day.


I thought I had no more tears left but when you listen to that you do


and they think the fans and the survivors, who we have to remember,


they knew what the families were going through and they know what


we're going through and I think that made it more emotional today. It was


a wise decision to have those portraits at the start of the new


inquests cos we are all guilty of having used the phrase the 96 as if


they were all the same but now we see they are different people with


different hopes and dreams and that never came out at the brutal inquest


at the beginning and has just pushed away and no one can see who the 96


where and what they meant to their mums and dads and to the families


and that is an incredible thing but long, long overdue. Margaret has


only just left. She has been signing autographs and talking to many of


the people here to support her and the other families. The Hillsborough


Family Support Group have given 96 red roses by the Hillsborough


memorial. Our people, not in the city, who feel the Hillsborough


story has gone on and there is a bit of reading with that. You cannot


forget the 96 people went to support their team on a sunny day in


Sheffield and lost their lives 25 years ago today and when you hear


the talk and the reflections on it it brings shivers to your spine and


makes the hair on the back of your neck than the name. Anyone with a


family cannot imagine the last 25 years have been like the families.


The journey is ongoing and we are starting to move through what will


be a 12 month process for the jury to find out what will happen `` what


happened that day. Andy Gill as this report. Through the steel and glass


canyons of a 21st`century business Park come people affected by a


20th`century tragedy. Those who were young in 1989 are now middle`aged.


Those who were middle`aged are now elderly. Some who would have been


here are now dead. At the back of their minds at the inquest is


today's anniversary. It is a memory and not a number. It is as fresh as


it ever was. The fact that it is the 25th anniversary doesn't make much


of a difference. Most of the inquest so far has been taken up by tributes


to the dead from their relatives. Raw days for many. The court here in


Warrington still has to hear tributes to people killed in the


disaster. It is emotional and training but absolutely necessary, a


chance to show that those who were remembered today at Anfield were


real men, women and children and not just names on the memorial or faces


in the media. It finally puts names and faces to the family. The coroner


has outlined to the jury topics they might like to think about. Among


them, stadium layout, crowd control, the emergency response and behaviour


of fans, though not of the 96. The inquests are due to resume next


week. We will report the ongoing developments at the inquest. Among


the floral tributes outside the Hillsborough Memorial is one from


Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Hillsborough is their home ground.


Now for the rest of the news. A ?30,000 reward is being offered by


police trying to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of


Blackpool teenager Paige Chivers. Paige went missing in 2007 and


detectives are convinced she's been murdered. Cumbria police say that a


body found in Windermere this morning is the body of 20`year`old


student Matthew Jordan. His death is not being treated as suspicious.


Only around 20% of beaches in the North West reached the recommended


levels for water`quality according to a new report. Samples were taken


by the Marine Conservation Society every week last summer checking for


bacteria like E`coli. Scientists say the results are down to wet weather


in our region affecting pollution compared to elsewhere in England.


There was disruption to flights in and out of Manchester Airport this


morning after an incoming Thomson air ways flight spotted smoke coming


from it. Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans returned to work in his


constituency today for the first time since being cleared of sex


charges. He said he was keen to get back to serving the Ribble Valley


and bore no ill will towards the fellow MP who initially reported


allegations made against him. Our chief reporter Dave Guest has spent


the morning with him. Back at work and tackling a backlog of mail and


for all the trauma of the past few months, Nigel Evans says he bears no


ill feeling towards Sarah Wollaston, the MP who first passed on


complaints that had been made against him. She was right to take


it to the Speaker. If you are given information, you have to take it


somewhere. So there is no ill feeling between you and her? No and


I hope when I get back to Westminster I hope we can have a cup


of tea. In 22 years of Parliament have you ever done anything that


could be considered to be abusing your position authority over any


junior member of staff? Absolutely not and I have had many of them


offering the messages of support. Nigel Evans spent the day being


interviewed by the local press and passing the time of day with local


people. There was time to reflect on some of the events. You have been


cleared by the jury back do you accept that looking back with


hindsight, some of the decisions you made and situations that you put


yourself in, were ill advised giving your position as a MP and Deputy


Speaker of the Commons? That is a judgement that other people make. If


I could press the rewind button, yes, I would. Maybe it wasn't wise


to have a relationship with a 21`year`old man. He wasn't working


in Westminster when I had the relationship with him. These


relationships, people meet people in all sorts of circumstances. Much was


made at the trial of your drinking. You were described as our


functioning alcoholic. I took great offence to that. My dad was an


alcoholic. I am a social drinker. Are you concerned that the


revelations may have harmed your credibility with this voters of the


Ribble Valley? Not from what I am hearing on the streets. Some have


congratulated me and said I shouldn't have gone through this.


The Lancashire film`making Pioneers Mitchell and Kenyon change cinematic


history by filming everyday life in the North West. Now they and their


famous films which are rediscovered in the 1990s are being turned in to


a stage play in Lancaster. The audience are stars of the show.


Their black`and`white films of everyday turn`of`the`century folk


captivated the world and now the life and times of Blackburn


film`makers Mitchell and Kenyon are being brought to the stage. Here is


the church and here is this people, local films for local people. The


play takes on the discovery of the film is sealed in metal churns in


the black pool `` Blackpool shop in 1994. The cast are great but the


films, projected onto the set are the true stars. We hope they have


the excitement and while actor that they might have hired a firm


Mitchell and Kenyon's audience 100 years ago. How on earth is that


happening? We do not know that much about them so the play has a


theatrical version of these characters. Mitchell and Kenyon were


not sure men, they were entrepreneurs, technicians who left


the vivid legacy. `` would not showed ordinary life then that know


they are extraordinary. It is tricky because you can put on a film of


bears and get completely mesmerised and the whole room stops and


everybody is agog. The production starts this weekend and then runs


till the 10th of May before moving to the Oldham Coliseum.


As we forecast, a beautiful day today with wall`to`wall


will see more cloud than anywhere else. Just over my head you can see


rain move into Northern Ireland and that tries to get towards us as the


day goes on but for most of us it will be dry in fine for nearly all


the day. The further south you are the more you will hang on the


sunshine. For most of us it will not be a bad day and a dry day with


temperatures 15 degrees of 16 degrees all over again. Tomorrow


there will be rain for your time on Thursday but the change in wind


direction makes a difference and you'll start to see this picture


through Thursday and Friday. For the long`range forecast, there will be


spells of sunshine on Saturday but I would not like to tell you exactly


what will happen through the bank holiday weekend will stop your love


to listen to us and watchers as that forecast gradually gets firmed up.


It has been an emotional day in Liverpool today as the city stopped


to remember the 96 members of the Hillsborough disaster 25 years on.


For many people, football fans are members of the public, Hillsborough


was one of those days like your parents grandparents said where they


were when John F. Kennedy was killed, lots of people remember


where they wear and what they were doing when Hillsborough happened. In


the city many people knew people who were there and you were related to


those who died. It has been a long road to them and that road is still


far from a conclusion. The inquest are now underway but for this 25th


anniversary commemoration today, there was a sense of positivity as


we heard earlier from the Reverend who was in charge of the service.


There is a life of a lovable anthem you'll never walk alone which says


at the end of the storm there is a golden sky there is a golden sky


above Anfield tonight. From all this watching, goodbye.


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