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hundreds of people after a South Korean ferry capsized.


That's all from Good evening. Welcome to North West


Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson.


Our top story: Life sentences for three men who gunned down a


Liverpool businessman on the doorstep of his own home. The court


heard the shooting bore the hallmarks of a gangland execution.


Also tonight. Compensation for a woman who woke up


from her anaesthetic as staff got ready to remove her appendix. Big


Dave Blackburn Cathedral as final preparations are made for the visit


of the Queen `` day for. And ` not just for jubilees. Bolton


council considers if this should be the way schoolchildren start every


day. A woman who woke up from an


anaesthetic as hospital staff in Burnley prepared to remove her


appendix has been given compensation by the NHS Trust involved. Alexandra


Bythell suffered post traumatic stress disorder after waking


paralysed and unable to alert staff. East Lancashire Hospitals Trust has


apologised and says it's made changes to reduce the chance of it


ever happening again. Naomi Cornwell reports:


My throat starts a close. Alexandra Bythell has experienced nightmares


and panic attacks since her experience at Burnley General. In


2010 doctors decided to remove her appendix after she suffered


abdominal pains. She remembers counting to ten as the anaesthetic


was given to her, but then waking up too soon. I could hear people moving


around me, but I couldn't move to tell them. I was starting to panic


because I was trying to breathe and the air was going nowhere, said that


point I was panic and I would die. The next thing I remember was a


touch my stomach, and at that point I started to think they would cut me


open. We know that a drug was given and she fell asleep. So she wasn't


on the theatre table? It doesn't change the psychological impact.


East Lancashire Hospitals Trust has admitted that Alexandra suffered


anaesthetic awareness as she was being prepared for surgery after


staff failed to check that a vaporiser machine had gas in it.


It's now paid her compensation but neither party has revealed how much.


I have lost a lot of money with the length of time off work, but I never


know if I will relapse again. I never know how long I'll be off


work. In a statement, the Trust told us: "we are very sorry for the


distress experienced by Ms Bythell. We are pleased that a settlement has


now been agreed and procedures have been put in place to reduce the


chance of this happening again." Alexandra hopes no one goes through


what she experienced. Scientists at Manchester University


claim to have made a significant discovery which could help to stop


the spread of prostate cancer. Researchers say they've found that


cholesterol lowering statins drugs may help to stop cancer cells


changing shape and invading bone marrow.


We have a long way to go before we cure this problem. But, steps like


this help us to unlock the process which is the key mechanism to the


spread of cancer, and other cancers like breasts and kidney cancer.


The former chairman of the Manchester`based Co`operative Bank,


Paul Flowers, has been charged with possessing Class A and Class C


drugs. He was arrested by West Yorkshire Police in Liverpool last


year. The 63``year`old Methodist Minister, who stepped down from his


position at the bank in June, will appear before magistrates next


month. Friends and family have been paying


tributes to a two`year`old girl who died in Blackpool. Kacey Hambleton


died after suffering a number of serious injuries, at her home on


Granby Avenue on Saturday. A 23`year` old man, who was charged


with her murder, has been remanded in custody.


Record numbers of people in the North West are relying on foodbanks.


The Trussell Trust, the organisation which oversees them, says 138,000


people needed help last year ` more than three times the previous 12


months. The Government says the rise is because there's more awareness of


the help they offer. Three men are beginning lengthy jail


sentences tonight for shooting a man outside his own home in Liverpool.


Jason Osu was ambushed as he arrived at his house in a smart suburb. Mr


Osu died a few days later. And one of his killers then went on to carry


out a number of other shootings ` and he attempted to murder another


man. Our Chief Reporter, Dave Guest, is in Liverpool now. Dave. Yes, the


killing of Jason Osu has been described as brutal. What no`one


knows, as yet, is why it happened. Detectives say he had no criminal


convictions ` but his murder had the hallmarks of a targeted killing. But


they still have no clear idea as to why he was targeted, or whether, in


fact, the bullets had been intended for someone else.


Jason Osu was a trained pilot and father of two young children. He


lived at this house in a comfortable suburb of Liverpool. But one night


in November 2012 he was ambushed here by two gunmen. They waited


until he opened the electronic gates and drove in before nipping in after


him and unloading their guns into his car. It is a brutal killing. He


arrives in his driveway and without warning is attacked. He had no


opportunity to defend themselves and was killed in the most brutal


fashion. We have not been able to establish the motive behind the


murder. Taxi driver Paul Croxton, who's 21 and 29`year`old Thomas


White, pulled the triggers. This CCTV shots Croxton in his cab


circling Mr Osu's home in the days prior to the killing. Police say he


was carrying out a recce. Mr Osu suffered serious injuries and died


in hospital some days later. Following his death, Paul Croxton


went on to carry out a number of shootings at addresses in Liverpool.


He also attempted to kill another man. We were able to establish links


in the area in March 2013, and that was followed by the attempted murder


of an associate of Jason Osu on the 4th of April 2013. A third man,


George McGovern, was also convicted on involvement in the killing of


Jason Osu. He was jailed for a minimum of 26 years today. White


will serve a minimum of 32 years and Croxton 30 years.


The men who carried out the killing are behind bars tonight. What is


known yet is who committed them to carry out that murder. The judge


said it was a professional gangland execution. There was a sinister


force behind it. Council boss criticised over a


grooming case has brought a slander case against the court. He said


among other things, don't send any more vulnerable children to others.


Legislation around care homes is inadequate. Those who operate the


homes in the borough said he hadn't mention their names but had


blackened their reputation and cause them to lose business. Today, a


judge dismissed a claim. I spoke to Councillor Lambert.


Pleased because it is a judgment, a decision I though should never been


taken by the care homes, but more importantly it is permission from


the courts that politicians nationally can speak out for their


communities. That is quite an important point, isn't it, that a


public figure you feel should be able to speak out on a public issue


without fear of being sued by a private company? Absolutely. We have


a duty for our residents with the safety of our children. I must be


free to express an opinion. The public want that. They want leaders


who will lead. The judge agreed that in fact what you said was opinion


and not declamatory. `` to family . However, this has caused, it has


cost a lot of money. It has taken a lot of the council's time. Is it


something you would do again? I think we have to speak out. If we


have to lead as politicians, both for our boroughs and communities, we


have to make the statements and give opinion. That is the job of a


politician. This came in light of the Rochdale grooming case. A lot of


the girls weren't in private care homes. They were known to social


services. The issue which I've campaigned vigorously on for a


number of years is that the care system of children who are


vulnerable in UK fails. I've asked several times for a national enquiry


and that has to happen. But all children must be cared for, and what


is responsible is that as a child moves into an area, as a local


authority we have to be part of that plan. We have to ensure their needs


are met and their medical needs and their schooling needs are met. Have


things improved? Is there better liaison between the private care


homes and authorities? In Rochdale we have a care home forum. Which has


helped. I feel the Government needs to do much more. I said that when


Labour were in power, I say it now. Put children first, get that


legislation right. We have to put the children's vulnerability first.


That was Councillor Lambert speaking to me earlier on.


Mudasir Dean is a councillor in Bolton. His grandfather came over


from India in the 1920s ` the first Asian to settle in the town, proud


of Britain and Bolton. But his grandson says not enough is being


done to instil a sense of patriotism in today's children. He wants


schools to fly the Union flag and sing the national anthem every day.


The council will vote on the issue this evening. Our political editor


Arif Ansari reports. There's no shortage of enthusiasm


given the right celebration. But should children being doing this


every day? Yes, says the Bolton councillor inspired by his


grandfather, the first Indian immigrant to settle in Bolton in the


1920s. My grandfather was a proud British man. When people come here


they don't adopt a sense of Britishness and I feel it is our own


fault. They've got the idea in nearby Westhoughton. St George's


Primary School doesn't just have the name but the flag too. But local


people would not necessarily go further. I am very patriotic. I


don't think they should. Bolton Town Hall flies the union flag. But while


Labour says it's not opposed to the idea, schools should decide for


patriotism, show the cliffs on the patriotism, show the cliffs on the


Olympics again. Show those pictures, with all the


celebrations. That inspires more people into sports, into being


British than ever seeing a flag, which sadly is flying in the rain


most days. want to, but I think it might not be


everyone's cup of tea. Councillors will decide how much singing


Bolton's children should do. So, what do you think? Should we be


more like the USA in this respect? You see lots of slides outside


buildings in America. We aren't like that here. Send


the flaws, they have painted the ceiling is, everything they can. ``


floors. It's an exciting mix of serenity `


and vigorous preparation. Blackburn Cathedral will be more than ready


for its first ever visit by Her Majesty The Queen. I think there are


probably just two cathedrals she hasn't visited in her reign, and we


are very fortunate to have her here tomorrow. For the best part of 50


years Marian Kitchin has kept the cathedral laundry clean ` she's one


of the 176 women and men who'll receive the honour of Maundy money.


I'm so excited, really. I don't think I will sleep very much


tonight. This morning I was awake before the birds started to sing. It


was still dark and I keep thinking about it. It is so very exciting.


When he was a young choirister, Alec Stuttard was supposed to sing at the


Queen's coronation in 1953 ` but he contracted laryngitis and missed


out. So being chosen to receive Maundy money was special. I burst


into tears actually. I haven't been waiting 61 years for it but it does


feel like a consolation. A great consolation. For the young members


of the cathedral choir ` it's a time of excited anticipation. It will be


amazing to get the chance to sing in front of the monarch. It is an


amazing opportunity. I will sing and see what happens. You will get it


right, won't you? I hope I get it right. The cathedral's former


director of music will also receive Maundy money. I was very excited


because I first saw her when I was a student at the Royal College of


Music many years ago when she was Princess Elizabeth and she was


absently stunning. Tomorrow's service starts at 11am.


Shone in me down is Christopher Armstrong. `` joining me now. It has


been a steady run through at this point and the team here, together


with our partners, have been fantastic. Has its own kin? Not


quite. I think it has on the High Street. People are so excited. It is


the first occasion and Monica has been here. Who decides who will get


the Maundy money? `` monarch. We said at this process with excellent


people pursuing a network `` set up, so we could find the right


people who've done wonderful work in their communities. The Queen treats


it as special, doesn't she? Yes. This is important for her. It is the


only thing she is doing that day in the region, so when she has finished


here she will go back home. She goes back to honour someone, didn't she?


Yes. It had its roots in the Gospels, where Jesus washed the feet


of the disciples. Thank you very much. Have a great day. .


Sport, and the race for the Premier League title continues tonight with


Manchester City hosting Sunderland in a rerun of the Capital One Cup


final. Everton are also in action, hoping to retake fourth place from


Arsenal. Stuart Pollitt is at the Etihad Stadium for us and, if you


want to earn big money, that's the place to go Stuart? It has been


revealed that the players of Manchester City get the most money


in the world. I would think it was a lovely weather that attracts them to


come here, but it seems wages is the big part. There has been a new


survey which puts their average first`team wages at 5.3 million


pounds a year. That is more than any American team. It is plenty more


than Manchester United, whose average is ?4.3 million. But that


spending could cause problems for City couldn't it? Yes, because of


financial fair play. Are rules which say clubs should break even `` these


are. They could face punishment. The manager said he was more worried


about the match tonight. It is important to have an opinion on


that. It is important for the club. A big game per Manchester City


tonight and a big one for Everton. They have seven straight wins.


Arsenal moved ahead of them last night, but just a point tonight will


move Everton back into that crucial fourth spot, but they do need a win.


Roberto Martinez is in bullish mood. I am very excited. We have broken


the highest points tally in the history of the Premier League, and


as a club that is a great achievement. I expect a great


welcome tonight and from that point on it has to be a real focus on the


tough job in hand. Now, it's a huge bank holiday


weekend of rugby league with the big derby between St Helens and Wigan at


Langtree Park on Friday. One man who's played in more derbies than


most is a man who's now played more Super League games than any other


player, Saints skipper Paul Wellens. I caught up with the record breaker


earlier today. Five challenge cups, four grand


finals and a record 414 Super League appearances. And still no ego, no


agent and nowhere else Paul Wellens wants to play. Has had only been St


Helens for you? Since I was born. Since I was in the first team. This


is a place I call home. He has never been one to talk himself up. He is


outstanding. He is up there with one of the best players I have played


with. Paul's spent 17 seasons at Saints. Some of those he started


with are now in the club's Hall of Fame. Chris was the club captain.


They may put my picture up here when I retire. Retirement's not in his


mind, especially with Saints flying high after an unbeaten start to the


season. How does this current team ranked alongside those you are


played with? We are talking about potential to stop it is the ability


to retrieve great things. When I was a young player I was given the


opportunity to come through. I want to give that to the young players


here. They mention games they were watching when I was involved. They


were only nine or ten years old. It is quite surreal. No one is calling


you Grandad? Not quite. They do poke fun occasionally. But with his


skills as sharp as ever, it's Paul who's having the last laugh. I don't


think I've ever met a more modest sportsmen.


And finally this evening, the Women's Super League season kicks


off tonight with Everton away to Birmingham. Good luck to them. And


we'll have more on that league tomorrow when city's ladies team


make their debut away to defending champions Liverpool. Will we see the


two clubs battling for the Premier League title also fighting it out


for the women's honours? We reckon Manchester City's players


get ?200,000 a week, so they have earned ?50 while you have been


speaking. Whether it's pulling the plug or flushing the loo, our waste


water has to be dealt with. Last night a six part documentary began


on BBC Two which follows the ups and downs of life working for north west


water company United Utilities. Watermen included a look at how the


company coped with last summer's heatwave and followed Adrian Booth


whose job it is to unblock sewers. Our Environment Correspondent Judy


Hobson reports. Getting clean water can be a dirty


business. And no one knows that better than Adrian Booth from


Blackburn, who featured in last night's documentary. You go home in


such states sometimes, smelling, depending on what you've been doing.


Last week my wife made me get changed into my underpants in the


front garden before she even let me in to the house. A BBC film team


followed a handful of United Utilities workers throughout last


summer. So what was it like having a camera looking over your shoulder?


At times I found it a little bit intrusive, because you have a


realisation, which kicks in, that you put yourself out there to be


either liked of disliked. That is not just by the public but by


colleagues as well. The six`part series is intended be an eye opener


into the working lives of those at the front line of the water


industry. And this is the man who made the decision to let the cameras


in. I think it was a good decision. Sometimes I think a company this


size will be seen as a faceless business, but this is a chance to


open the doors and let the viewers in to see what it is really like to


work at United Utilities. It is a warts and all documentary, and I am


proud to work for a company that has that level of faith in its


employees. Adrian features in five of the six episodes. It is strange.


I have been recognised already. The series continues next Tuesday 9pm on


BBC Two. I love programmes like that. Let's


get a look at the weather. I love programmes like that. Let's


get a It was a glorious day today. We had plenty of sunshine. We saw


temperatures close to 17 Celsius in Merseyside. I think tomorrow it will


be disappointing, with temperatures down to 13 Celsius. Hopefully more


sunshine on the weekend. We are expecting some rain on Sunday. It is


quite a nice evening out there. There are still some sunshine to


have. We keep the clear conditions overnight thread time, but as we


head into Dawn McLeod edges its swaying and possibly some rain `` as


we head into Dawn, the cloud edges. For tomorrow, a bit disappointing.


We will see some patchy rain I suspect. The cloud will dub in the


morning and that rain is on and off. It won't be particularly heavy. We


have a bit of a westerly breeze as well. I think we will see some


sunshine much later on in the afternoon as the cloud drops south.


Highs of 12 Celsius tomorrow. Similar temperatures on Friday, but


bright day. Similar on Saturday and expect rain on Sunday. We were


talking about the singing of the national anthem in schools. Joe has


been in touch and said I am all for it. Then said we should be paid


erotic but the idea sounds too American for his liking. ``


patriotic. Charlotte e`mailed to say she find it difficult enough to fit


everything in her timetable. Thank you for watching. Have a good




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