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northern England towards the Midlands. Further west, through


Wales and the south-west, we could see eastern spells of sunshine. But


some lovely sunshine and some warmth potentially if the showers Es for a


time in the south-east. That could bring with it a new set of Robins.


We could see problems. The temperature is could rise, but that


means through the evening, we could see a cluster of heavy and possibly


thundery showers developing. As we move towards the weekend, the winds


will become more of a feature. Heavy showers, but at the same time, there


will also be sunny spells. this is a serious


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story: Dash for gas


` and coin`in the cash. The government says go ` but protesters


in Blackpool say no. Lancashire's urged to be the first to frack.


Also tonight: "He went to watch the team he loved, and came home in a


coffin." More emotional tributes at the Hillsborough Inquests. His life


was only just beginning. He didn't get the chance to fall in love, or


hold his own child in his arms. Farage on the offensive. The UKIP


leader has been on the campaign trail here. He'll join us live. He's


shaken everybody up. I think they're right about immigration.


And a bargain too far? I'm at a Lancashire charity shop, whose


latest promotion hasn't gone down too well with one local resident.


"He went to watch the team he loved and came home in a coffin". They're


words of a woman who lost her 19`year`old brother at Hillsborough.


The Inquests in Warrington have been continuing to hear the stories of


some of the 96 people who died in the disaster 25 years ago. Our


reporter Elaine Dunkley has been there this morning.


Christopher Devonside was 18 when he was killed at Hillsborough. He'd


gone with ten friends. Three of them never returned home. He wanted to go


to university. He had good aspirations. Today his father Barry


told of the comfort he and his family felt at being able to tell


the world about the son they lost 25 years ago. It spoke volumes about


him and his life, his likes and dislikes, it all made a massive


difference to myself and my wife. This was the tribute paid to


19`year`old Paul Carlisle by his sister Donna Miller. Every Friday he


would come home with his favourite sweets. He used to tell his mother


that everybody would know his name. I will be famous and I will buy you


a house. Today, there were memories that made families laugh fondly,


other memories that broke hearts. Ken Clarke spoke about his son Paul


` a good`natured boy with a good sense of humour. There were memories


of how he wanted a BMX bike for Christmas, a drum kit that woke the


neighbours a pet gold fish named Ian and Kenny after Ian Rush and Kenny


Dalglish. His father said to this day all his friends meet together in


the village on the 15th of April to remember him and lay flowers on his


grave. Tributes were also read out for Martin Wild, Anthony Kelly,


Joseph McCarthy, Stephen Harrison and Joseph McCarthy. The parents of


Jonathan Owen also spoke... They told me being able to remember so


many good memories has helped with their grief. It was very nice to do


it. I was honoured to do it. He was wonderful.


Police say they are worried about the number of young men travelling


to Syria. Nazia Mogra has spent the day with the Syrian community in


Manchester. Rusholme in Manchester is home to a


large Syrian Community. From Shisha cafes to restaurants ` many come


here to relax. Maher and Husam are in their 20s ` young Syrians who


came here after the conflict started. I cannot tell you how


frustrated I am and how frustrated the Syrian community as. Is that my


be go to fight? Yes. Maher has lost a brother in Syria. Hasam works to


provide for his friends and family back home. Increasingly, hundreds of


young British Muslims are leaving home and going to fight. In January,


Anil Khalil Raoufi from Didsbury, also known as Abu Layth, died while


fighting in Syria. In March, properties were searched in


Manchester and four people were arrested for travelling to and


supporting the conflict in Syria. One person was charged. And this is


why Greater Manchester Police, along with other forces, want families to


stop young Muslim men from going. What we know is that mothers and


sisters will be the people who recognise the signs and the changes


in behaviour. In terms of interesting things online, changes


in the conversation... These mothers were today learning Arabic at the


British Muslim Heritage Centre. Many of them agree with the police. I


think it is very important for parents to know what their children


are up to. The police want Muslim mothers to speak out... Do you think


that will work? Mothers in the Muslim community would not usually


go to the police. Many believe there are other ways to help, such as by


giving to charities. Syria Relief, since the conflict began, has raised


?6 million. Rather than going and leaving your studies behind, putting


your life and risk, you can stay here and do fundraising. For young


Syrians in Manchester the reality of what's happening in their home


country is still hard to believe. Hasam rings his family every day,


worried about their safety. Maher doesn't know when he'll next talk to


his family. A popular Lancashire pub has been


severely damaged by a fire. The blaze broke out at the Dressers Arms


at Wheelton near Chorley at 5:30am this morning. At its height, 50


firefighters were at the scene. Water was pumped from the


Leeds`Liverpool canal half a mile away to fight the flames.


The Coronation Street actress Barbara Knox has appeared in court


accused of drink driving. She pleaded not guilty to one charge at


Macclesfield Magistrates this morning. The 80`year`old ` who plays


Rita Tanner in the ITV soap ` was released on unconditional bail and


will face trial in July. Some museums and art galleries


across Liverpool and Wirral have been closed today, as plans about


possible redundancies and budget cuts were laid out to staff. Funding


for National Museums Liverpool has been cut by 28% since 2010.


Latest figures show crime has gone up on Merseyside for the first time


in eight years. It rose by just over 1% last year ` with shoplifting


going up by 16% and violence causing injury by 10%. Crime also rose by 1%


in Cumbria ` where violence against the person increased by 8%.


Greater Manchester Police have seized 31 vehicles as part of their


biggest ever operation to take criminals off the road. `` 43


vehicles. More than 200 officers were involved, targeting people who


haven't paid for insurance or road tax, or who don't have a driving


licence. Officers used automatic number plate recognition technology


to spot offenders. They made eight arrests. `` 11 arrests.


Protestors held a demonstration in Blackpool today at a conference


designed to highlight the economic benefits of fracking. The body which


represents shale gas firms says it could create 64,000 jobs ` and


provide a ?33 billion boost to the nation's economy. But the


government's warned that those jobs could go to foreign workers if towns


like Blackpool don't invest in the necessary skills. Naomi Cornwell


reports. Get ready for fracking. That was the message from the


government to the 400 North West businessmen who were invited to this


meeting today. Tests have already been carried out by several


companies interested in drilling. The UK onshore operators group


claims that drilling for thousands wells for shale gas could create


64,000 jobs across the UK. It sounds like Blackpool do not embrace


fracking, they could miss out on billions of pounds of investment. We


know from the United States at this became a huge industry in avoiding


thousands of people. `` employing. I think there are going to be


clusters, you have seen what has happened in Aberdeen with the North


Sea oil. This is a chance for Blackpool or Preston to beat the of


a new industry. `` be at. It is a massive investment. It would be


lovely to fill rooms. But as he Blackpool residents, I could not


dream of living anywhere else. The fact that it could be a catalyst for


regeneration is a benefit. But protesters do not believe the


claims. What effect will this have on tourism and agriculture? This is


something that will not be shared. What are our existing businesses...


Job prospects... For how long? This is a short`term industry. It is not


a proven resource. So who will be the first to take the gamble? Our


towns and businesses will have to challenge the public image of


fracking if they are to get gas. Judy, how significant is this


announcement for the North West? This is the government telling


Lancashire to get ready for fracking. It's saying this industry


is worth billions, so be prepared for work on building businesses and


training people for the jobs needed or you will miss out. It's also a


message ` the government is saying we believe fracking will happen. Two


more years of exploring for the shale gas, then extraction could


start. But it's not as clear cut as it seems. We know we are sitting on


a lot of shale gas, we still don't know for definite that we can get it


out of the ground. The other big issue is public opinion. There are a


lot of people locally and nationally who do not want this industry. The


government says permits to carry out fracking will be made at a local, it


will compensate local communities, we will regulate it so it is safe.


But that doesn't seem to be working ` it will have to work hard to win


people over, and they are a long way from doing that.


Thank you. Due to technical issues, we will be


talking to someone who had an interest in this report shortly.


Still to come on North West Tonight: Training for Everest ` the woman


from Cleveleys taking on the toughest marathon of all.


And not posh enough for Penwortham. The charity shop whose cheap jeans


have upset one of the neighbours. The leader of the UK Independence


party, Nigel Farage, has been in the earlier today. It is the latest in


the series of interviews with party leaders. We had David Cameron a fuel


cycle. `` a few weeks ago. Nigel Farage joins us now. Let's talk


about why you are here. The European elections are coming up. Local


elections as well. We'll do you think UKIP will get the votes from?


Across the. So much we hear about politics comes from the Westminster


bought. That is always the assumption that UKIP is a sub party.


The have been many by`elections and we have scored as many as 25% of the


poll. We are getting quite a chunk of votes from all Labour voters.


Also people who are nonvoters. Four European elections the time`out is


usually 35%. `` turn out. We do not want people to stay at home. You are


after the Labour voters. But you really get them? Labour gained in


the share of the votes, so although you came second you were getting


Labour voters? With a low turnout, and the postal voting time`out


system that is open to abuse, we were digging hard into the Labour


vote. The European elections are exactly a month from today. UKIP is


on 33% of the vote. Something is happening. What is more important?


European elections or local elections? Our local MP said that


the local elections are more important. We will do both. But


clearly I have come on the programme to talk about the National Lodge. ``


national launch. Nominations close at 4pm today and we are fighting for


lots of seats in the north`west of England. We feel that what we have


to say is relevant to local government. Even on a big national


issue like immigration, that affects every council. I know you are going


to ask me about fracking. We have been asking some people about UKIP


and what they think. Let's have a listen. I think he's shaken


everybody up. It's good in that he's shaken the other major parties up.


That's a good thing. Immigration... Europe... I'm definitely for it. I


think they're right about immigration. There are only so many


people who can fit in the country. We can't get many more in. When


you're stood in a doctor's queue, and there are a lot of immigration


people in front of you, it's hard to take. I haven't got the answers `


we've got to get to grips with it. We've got to be open`minded. Are


UKIP the answer? Absolutely, categorically not! You would not


have expected him to say that. You bring to these places, this is


George Osborne's constituency. We get lots of voters. Tory. Lib Dems.


But it was irresistible not to go into George Osborne's constituency.


You have got to make inroads. You have no elected representative apart


from Paul Nuttal. Our development has been slower in the north and the


South East. We came ever so close. But you cannot always be the


bridesmaid? These elections are a make or break moment. Let's talk


about fracking. We have done a lot of stories. People feel very


strongly. UKIP are in favour, is that correct? We have been


completely opposed to the wind energy project. It leads to


massively increase bills. That has not been that people at home are


paying higher bills but the whole industry is leading this country. It


is going to India. I want Britain to be self`sufficient. I want our


factories to compete with America and India and China. Is it helpful


that your energy spokesman called people who are anti`fracking


eco`freaks? That are extremes on both sides of the argument. But many


people... I know the public are concerned.


pounds. One more question about one of your members who has been


suspended for making racist comments on social media. He was featured in


one of your campaigns. You have had to fight off accusations this week


that your campaign posters are racist. This must make your heart


sank? `` sink? sea level. Within a couple of


kilometres, we go across the glacier. There are lots of difficult


parts. Andrea spends most of her time working in the French Alps.


She's one of a group of British women based in Chamonix who will be


doing the marathon ` an event so difficult only around 20


non`Nepalese runners will take part. There are only 100 people, so with


the seven of us we're almost taking up 10%! It's more than 60 years


since the mountain was conquered. Climbing it remains a dangerous


business. Last week, 13 guides died in an avalanche. Will it give you


any sleepless nights? It does, but it's going to be an adventure and so


much fun. I guess training along here at the pier is no good from an


altitude point of view but it can be cold! Yes! And windy! I love running


along the beach! It's picturesque. But after ten hours of running on


Everest, how picturesque it is will be the last thing on Andrea's mind.


Nigel Farage said as he left, you must be mad.


Most of us love a bargain. And where better to pick one up than your


local charity shop? But try telling that to one very angry resident in


Lancashire. Yes he ` or she ` has written an anonymous letter to the


latest charity shop to open in Penwortham accusing it of knocking


thousands of pounds off the value of their home. The shop put the letter


on the internet ` and it's now gone viral. Abbie Jones reports.


Business has been brisk since the Integrate Charity Shop opened. It


supports adults with learning disabilities. On the rails are


hundreds of items with knock`down prices. But this promotion has


proved a bargain too far for one local resident. Yesterday this


letter was pushed through the letterbox. It's unsigned, there's no


address... But the author isn't happy. It calls the shop sign


'tatty'. But it's the jeans for ?1.50 that's really got the author's


goat. The letter says the advert has reduced the value of their house by


several thousand pounds. It puts the whole tone of the area in jeopardy,


and they're threatening to write to the council. We can't see that by


opening a shop we're lowering the prices of property or causing any


undesirables to visit. We're trying to provide good value and support


the work the charity does! If they'd rather have an empty shop here...


And not give people with learning disabilities or mental health


problems the opportunity... Integrate put the letter on


Facebook. It's been viewed over 25,000 times. I think it's


ridiculous. Out of order. The shop is immaculate. It's revolting.


Disgusting how people can say that about a charity. We couldn't find


the anonymous letter writer but some people did have some sympathy.


Unfortunately all the shops you need around here are going and it's just


charities now. A sign for jeans for ?1.50. No. The sign is being changed


but the shop is here to stay. And bad news for the letter writer... So


are its promotions. They have got all of this site is


and everything! `` the sizes! What are you saying about my hips!?


Good evening. Not a bad day. Many places saw temperatures around 16


degrees. As you head through the next few days, the our changes. ``


there are changes. Tomorrow the weather comes from the east. This is


the picture for the weekend. There will be some brighter skies on


Saturday afternoon. We are at the mercy of low pressure. The sunshine


has been around and the showers have been relatively limited. Still one


or two out and about so you might bump into one over the next few


hours. But the quiet picture, really. `` a quiet picture. Once


again the winds are late. That could be a pocket of mist in places


tomorrow. Temperatures are really good. Five and six for towns and


cities. Tomorrow, the weather is coming from the East and eventually


you may see some of the best. We all wake up with the client not get


friends and brakes. `` the cloud and it thins and breaks. By this time


tomorrow it will be in more places including the isle of man. The


closer you are to the coast, a reasonable day. Temperatures are not


so bad. 13 or 14. Back to you. Thank you.


David has e`mailed. He said that we did not wish everybody is happy


Saint Georges. `` St George's Day. It was also


All across the country, millions of families are waking up


to a Britain in which they find it harder to get on.


Whilst the Government keeps telling people everything is fixed,


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