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firepower in military exercises That is all from the BBC News at


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson `nd


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story: offensive online comments about the


Hillsborough disaster have been typed on government computers. They


will never walk again, to md. What an utter disgrace that is. @n


inquiry is launched. Also tonight. New figures show the North West has


more dog bite attacks than `nywhere else. Restoring Rivington, can a new


?3 million project return Lord Leverhulme's gardens to thehr former


glory? Manchester United's new interim manager vows to makd things


better. Also tonight, Naomi Cornwell is in


Preston with some famous footballers from yesteryear.


Yes, we will be at a very special reception for the stars of women's


football, as they celebrate the achievements of a ladies te`m who


played almost a century ago. The families of Hillsborough victims


say they're appalled to learn that computers in Government dep`rtments


may have been used, to post offensive comments about thd tragedy


on the internet. Now the former Government Mhnister,


who's long campaigned on thdir behalf, says he wants to sed a quick


and effective inquiry to catch those responsible.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopaedia, to which just about


anyone can contribute, make comments, update or revise. The


problem is, some of the comlents that have been made on the section


relating to the Hillsborough disaster in recent years have been


highly offensive. Some of the comments are just too offensive to


broadcast. But in one the f`mous line: You'll never walk alone was


changed to you'll never walk again. To me, what an utter disgrace that


is, for anybody to be spoken about like that. More shocking sthll is


the fact the comments may h`ve been written on computers based hn


Government departments. The IP address, that's the unique code


identifying a computer systdm which shows where a communication


originated, has been traced to Whitehall. Investigations bx


Liverpool Echo reporter Oliver Duggan led to the revelation today.


It's obviously hugely shockhng, disappointing and something that was


particularly difficult for the families to understand. There needs


to be an independent and `` enquiry to establish the name or nales of


the individuals responsible for this. But with hundreds or dven


thousands of people accessing computers in these departments will


it be possible to pinpoint those responsible. It's extremely hard,


the bigger the organisation. There is obviously the alternativd theory


which is in fact, a governmdnt computer has been hacked, that a


third party has taken control of that computer, has gone out through


the government Gateway, therefore leaving the indelible stamp of the


IP address behind. The Cabinet Office has described the colments as


sickening and has an urgent investigation is underway.


The Cabinet Office have been in touch and have confirmed th`t


enquiry will be led by a senior civil servant and it will bd


overseen by Andy Burnham, who you saw there in those `` that report.


Meanwhile, the mother of a teenager who died in the Hillsborough


disaster has described how ` darkness fell on their family with


his death. Margaret Aspinall was paying tribute to her 18`ye`r`old


son James at the new Hillsborough inquests in Warrington.


Another relative described how she wished she'd been able to hold her


father's hand as he lay on the pitch. Our Merseyside reporter Andy


Gill has been in court and darlier I asked him about Margaret Aspinall's


tribute. She is very well`known as a


campaigner. Today, she spokd simply as a mother. She said her htsband


was at the match and had to watch from the side panel the lifd of


their eldest son disappeared in harrowing circumstances. Thd tribute


was read to her son, David, and he read it again for us, afterwards.


The darkness fell over our family and it's only being allowed to


describe what a decent Schulann being James was, that has ghven us a


shard of light. `` decent htman being. We heard a very powerful


tribute from Stephen Kelly. His brother, Michael Kelly, was 38 when


he does `` died at Hillsborough Here is what Stephen Kelly said


Hillsborough victim, one of the 96. In death, he became boarding the 72.


Also, the last Hillsborough victim to be claimed by his family. I want


to remove that sequence of numbers from him and I am here todax,


waiting to reclaim my brothdr. We also heard from a family of Henry


Burke from Kirby, who was 47. His daughter recalled how he was always


there for his family, when they were little. The one time we wanted so


much to be there for him, when he was lying on that pitch on his own,


to hold his hand, like he hdld our hands throughout our lives. We were


not. None of his family werd forced about haunts us every singld day. We


also heard tributes today to others. The coroner said it had been


a very upsetting but a very uplifting day.


Nearly 40 jobs are to be cut at museums across Liverpool. Staff were


told during a meeting yesterday Museums and art galleries wdre


closed, as plans to scale b`ck the workforce were explained. Ftnding


for National Museums Liverpool has been cut by 28% since 2010.


A Greater Manchester roofing company has been fined after allowing a


worker to jet wash a roof, without safety measures. IQ Roofing


Solutions, based in Tyldesely, pleaded guilty to breaching health


and safety regulations and was fined ?3,000 plus ?2,000 costs.


The low`level nuclear waste store at Drigg in Cumbria will continue to


operate, despite fears the site will eventually be eroded by rishng sea


levels. The site's operators say that, even in the worst`casd


scenario, the impact on lifd and the environment will be insignificant.


Concern was raised in a doctment released by the Environment Agency,


in response to a freedom of information request from thd


Guardian newspaper. If you live on Merseyside, xou are


almost five times more likely to end up in hospital after being `ttacked


by a dog, than in some parts of the south of England. That's according


to new figures. Despite Police on Merseysidd


launching a campaign last ydar to tackle dangerous dogs, the number of


injuries has increased. Now experts are calling on the Government to do


more to help. Jade Anderson, Ellie Lawrenson,


Clifford Clark, lives lost because they were attacked by dogs. Despite


the recurring tragedies, thd number of dog attacks in our region is


going up. But the Royal Livdrpool, they see at least one everyday.


What's more frightening is the reason behind many of them. Some of


these dogs, especially the dangerous breeds, are almost being usdd as


status symbols and as a protective weapon for the person, as opposed to


knives and guns. Merseyside has the highest admissions from dog attacks


in the country, 24 for everx 10 ,000 people. In greater Manchestdr, the


figure is higher as well. 17 per 100,000. Compare that to more


affluent parts of the South. In Kent and Medway, just five per 100,0 0.


Experts say this comes as no surprise. What is surprising is how


little has been done. What we need is painstaking evidence that allows


us to introduce either legislation or educational plans, which will


combat this problem. We don't have that at the moment. What we have is


a lot of good ideas, possibly good ideas, but no good evidence. Last


year, Merseyside Police launched a major campaign to cut down on dog


attacks and yet the numbers have gone up. Today, they told us,


officers from our specialist dog unit regularly meet with thd RSPCA,


dog wardens and charities to tackle the issues of dangerous dogs.


Relatives of all of these vhctims have said they hope positivd change


will come out of the tragedx. Clearly, that change is not coming


quick enough. If you are a regular viewer you may


remember the story of a man from Nairobi, who found a Manchester


University prospectus on a rubbish tip. A lucky find which eventually


led him to study here. Sammy Gitau returned to Kenxa after


graduating to set up a commtnity centre for street children. But now


he claims the authorities w`nt to close it down and he's been


threatened with prison. The Mathare community Resource


Centre is in the middle of one of the biggest slums in Niarobh. These


teenagers have written a song about their life there. In a placd where


gang violence, drugs and poverty are endemic, it has provided safety and


education for thousands of children. It's run by Sammy Gitau. In 200 the


former drug addict found a prospectus for Manchester University


lying on a rubbish dump. Ag`inst all the odds he came to Manchester and


gained a Masters in Developlent North West Tonight even filled his


graduation. When I got the prospectus for Manchester


University, I got it becausd I was visiting my friends, who were still


living in the streets. He s`id the local council now wants to turn the


centre into scrap and he faces imprisonment for breaching planning


rules. We have approached Nhrobi City Council to ask why thex intend


to close the community centre, but so far they havent replied. I feel


betrayed and demoralised. This is something that the government and


anybody who supports development and believes in people should stpport.


If this project was lost, it would be an absolute tragedy for those


people. His project is a mahnstay for young people in this violent


place. But Sami thinks he's the victim of a power struggle between


political leaders. `` Sammy.


Still to come on North West Tonight. Widnes Vikings hoping to recreate


their challenge cup glory d`ys. And rolling back the years. We joined


the famous footballers reliving the glory days.


A hundred years ago, one of the world's richest men spent a small


fortune, turning barren moorland above Bolton into a terraced garden.


William Lever, Lord Leverhulme, made his money selling soap, fom his


factory at Port Sunlight on Merseyside.


His gardens are still there but they're in danger of becoming


dilapidated. So a ?3 million overhaul could save the sitd for


future generations, as Stuart Flinders reports.


It's a fantasy world of towdrs and winding paths, built on the West


Pennine moors at Rivington. Generations of families havd


clambered up to the terraced gardens on the way to Rivington Pikd but


this began as a very privatd domain of all our great industrialhsts


William Lever, Lord Leverhulme, made a fortune at his soap factory at


Port Sunlight on the Wirral. He had residences in London, Liverpool but


this was always his spiritu`l home. It's been described as his Graceland


is. He grew up in the area. There is a sundial behind you, which marks


the spot where he proposed to his wife. He did a lot of his courting


around here, as I would imagine a lot of current residents do not have


done in their day. His garddns are a pleasure, but also a burden. There's


always something in need of repair, and those who manage the gardens,


owned by United Utilities, `re applying for a lottery grant. You


are looking for more than ?3 million but even that will not restore this


place to how it looked years ago. It was never intended to restore it to


the way it was. What we're trying to do is to conserve, repair and


protect the structures we h`ve. Not a complete restoration perh`ps, but


a chance to reopen viewing `reas closed off on safety grounds and to


preserve the gardens for future generations.


It would be wonderful if thdy can! Sport now and Richard, Ryan Giggs


has been speaking for the fhrst time since taking charge of the


Manchester United team after the sacking of David Moyes.


Yes, he spoke about it as the proudest moment of his life. He


looked very relaxed, even when he was accidentally introduced as


David. On the subject of David Moyes by the way the club has confirmed


his settlement has been agrded. So that probably brings an end to that


chapter at United and a chance for a new start at Old Trafford.


A new era but some familiar faces. Most of the class of '92 taking


training at Manchester Unitdd. And after more than a thousand games as


a player, Ryan Giggs is now juggling a new role, player`manager. It has


been a difficult week for the club. It's been chaotic. I want bring some


positivity back. I was to ptt smiles on their faces. I went to sde


players taking players on. H went to get the Passion. He is management


material. He's very strong linded. He is dedicated to the game. That is


why he's had such a fantasthc career. I don't know what the


club's feelings are about Rxan but as far as I'm concerned, I think


they will probably go with `n experienced type of coach, who has


been a big clubs. One man who fits that category,


Carlo Ancelotti, today ruled himself out. I am happy here. I havd been


lucky to work with the best team in the world. I respect Manchester


United. My place at this molent is here. So Carlo Ancelotti has said


no, Jurgen Klopp has said no, Louis Van Gaal remains odds on with the


bookies. It appears Ryan Giggs isn't under consideration but if he can


revitalise the club starting with a win over Norwich here tomorrow then


that may change. The Premier League title race is the


focus for Liverpool and Manchester City this weekend. Both plax on


Sunday. City at Crystal Pal`ce and before that there's a huge game at


Anfield where Chelsea are the visitors. The possibility of Brendan


Rodger's side bringing home the first title for 24 years has turned


some fans into nervous wrecks. As for the manager? He's sleephng like


a baby. There is no pressurd with it. People are saying you mtst not


sleep at night. I've not sldpt better. It's absolutely gre`t. It is


why we work. I see the joy hn the players and their training. There is


no anxiety. Rugby League's fifth round of the


Challenge Cup takes place this weekend. Tomorrow Swinton host


Keighley while the standout tie is a clash between two of the Super


League's top teams, St Helens and Leeds. It is all about on the day


who was doing the right things. There might be an element of luck in


that but again, it's a one`off game. You will see two great sides going


at it. It should be a great spectacle. A number of our sides are


in action on Sunday as well. Leigh host Featherstone, Warrington


Doncaster, with the holders Wigan welcoming Hunslet. There's `lso an


intriguing tie at the AJ Bell Stadium where Salford Red Ddvils


take on a team who used to lake a habit of Wembley finals. And as I


found out the Widnes Vikings are starting to think the good times


could be coming back. These other players hoping to make


their own mark for a club once known as the cup kings.


The current Vikings head co`ch was a key member of Wigan's all conquering


team of the 80s and 90s and often locked horns with Widnes. Wd


understand our past but we want to deliver week in week out for the


supporters who come now. We want to show them that we are competitive


and are fighting for them to enjoy coming up watching this teal. The


Vikings have made an excelldnt start to the season and this victory


against St Helens last time out will certainly have made the rest of


super league set up and takd notice. We were second bottom at


Huddersfield and we made thd cup final. It's a great competition and


anything can happen. I just cant wait to be involved in the game The


ambition is to be in the gr`nd final, the challenge cup final, to


be competing at the top in the play`offs, every single year. By


just one year because we spdnt a lot of money and then we can justify a


year after the year after that. And for a club that not that long ago


came close to financial oblhvion, they appeared to be getting ever


closer to another big day ott at Wembley.


Cricket now and Lancashire captain Glen Chapple has been appointed


coach for the rest of the sdason following the departure of Peter


Moores to become England boss. The 40`year`old seam bowler has played


for the Red Rose county for more than two decades and led thd side


throughout Moores's five`ye`r reign. I am sure he will do well. He's also


Liverpool fan. Fantastic care!


Imagine this, a women's football team attracting crowds of more than


50,000 and threatening the popularity of the men's gamd.


It's something many aspire to nowadays, but it happened hdre in


the North West nearly a century ago. The Dick Kerr ladies team from


Preston enjoyed huge success, even playing the first women's


international. Now a book's been published, telling their story and


tonight stars of the game are gathering in Lancashire for its


launch. Naomi Cornwell's thdre. I am just south of Preston, where


nearly a century ago, a grotp of ladies set up a football te`m, which


people are starting to gathdr here tonight to celebrate the


achievements. That team oftdn drew crowds outnumbered those whhch the


men's teams enjoyed. They enjoyed the recognition which many football


followers can only dream of now The women of the Dick Kerr lunitions


factory became the most successful team in the history of women's


football. Formed in Preston in 917, their aim was to raise monex for the


war effort. They quickly became stars. They played in their tea


breaks and lunch times. That is where the idea came from. The lads


had lost some games and the girls were giving them some stick. Call


yourselves a football team? We can do better! In 1920, 53,000 fans


turned out to watch the Dick Kerr ladies play at Goodison Park.


Another 14,000 were unable to get into the stadium. The biggest record


for a crowd since records bdgan It was no wonder. It must have sent


shock waves throughout the country. They were pulling in bigger crowds


than their male counterparts. And some feared they were threatening


the men's game. The FA banndd women's teams a year later, saying


the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and should


not be encouraged. It changdd the course of the women's game for ever.


If you can just imagine if women's football had been allowed to prosper


and grow at the same rate as the men's game, where would we be today?


Now Gail's has published an updated version of her book about the team


with new revelations. And how many games they went unbeaten? Wd are


talking a run of well over 200 games without defeat. It's more than that


but you will have to read that in the book as well. After changing its


name to Preston Ladies, the club carried on playing until 1965. Never


since has any women's team dnjoyed the same success.


Tonight, they are just starting to gather here for the reception to


launch that book. I caught tp with one player Ilia, who was looking


forward to an emotional reunion It was brilliant really becausd


previous to this, I'd only played in young men's teams. And tonight, you


are hoping to see two team`lates you've not seen for... Not hn 6


years. I hope they will recognise me! I've looked through the book to


see what they look like now. As you can see behind me, Mary has now been


reunited with Edna and June. Let's have a quick word. Edna, yot've been


reunited with Mary after 60 years. What's it like to see each other


after all this time? Oh, it's wonderful. Wonderful. Yes, ht is.


June, there was a comment e`rlier that maybe there was a reason you


hadn't seen each other in 60 years and that was because you kicked a


myriad of goal. I believe so, yes. But I was told, getting goal and


that was it. I stayed there. That was the only position that H had for


the rest of them the time I was playing for them. Is it going to be


a special night tonight? Wonderful. We haven't seen Mary, well, I've not


seen her for 60 or 62 years. We are still alive and kicking. We are


alive, but not so much kickhng now! Have a fantastic night. Thex will be


a lot of happy memories shared here tonight.


Very mixed over the weekend. We ve been talking about it all wdek.


We've been saying the weekend will be unsettled. Yes, that's true but


it is perhaps not as bad as we first thought. Yes, there is a horrible


area of low pressure but it falls apart and it leaves Sunday without a


weather front. This is the track the rain took as you went through the


day. It hasn't gone yet. Ovdr the last couple of hours, it has kept


back up again. If you're he`ding out this evening, there's to cole. It


trundles north as the night goes on. After midnight, it should bd


relatively quiet. The list shouldn't be a problem. The temperatures will


be around six relief. I think eight, nine or ten for your towns `nd


cities. This is the weather front we're talking about. This r`in will


move quite quickly. Even for parts of the Isle of Man and Cumbria, it


would do quite nicely. The rest of the region by midday. Behind it


some brighter conditions cole through. That is not bad. What is


not great is, after you go through the afternoon, the showers will


build. They could turn up anywhere. If you get some good spells of


sunshine, it's not a bad dax. Some showers at times on Sunday but some


sunshine as well. Enjoyed your lion tomorrow, if you


are getting one. Have a good weekend. `` enjoy your lie hn.


at the European elections on May the 22nd.


even though that would wreck the recovery and destroy jobs.


The Conservatives are now openly flirting with exit.


they just don't have the courage of their convictions on this.


They wouldn't lift a finger to help keep Britain in the EU


So, I'm asking you to vote for the Liberal Democrats, the party of in.


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