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the teacher's family and the school and all the pupils to study there.


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and


Roger Johnson. Our top story: It's claimed he preyed on young boys in


care ` but did Rochdale Council cover`up for Cyril Smith? Two new


investigations are launched. Whether there was cancelled culture which


inhibited proper investigation, prevention of such abuse. We'll talk


to the town's MP, who first blew the whistle. Also tonight: Anger after a


far`right party uses murdered soldier Lee Rigby's name on their


ballot papers. Was that the moment the title slipped from Liverpool's


grasp? It's advantage Manchester City in the race for the Premier


League. And Dale Delight! Rochdale's footballers celebrate promotion from


League Two. Did Rochdale Council tolerate ` even


facilitate ` the sexual abuse of children it was supposed to be


caring for? That's a question to be examined by an independent inquiry.


Details were announced today. It follows allegations that Rochdale's


former MP the late Cyril Smith was a serial abuser who preyed on young


boys in local authority. Our chief reporter spent the day in


Rochdale and he was at the news conference. He joins us live. Yes,


the council chose their words carefully when they announced the


details of the enquiry. The council leader would not take any questions.


But the message was clear enough. The council says they want to know


the extent of any abuse that happened in council care


establishments during the 1960s, 1870s, 1980s, and 1990s. They want


to know the extent to which Cyril Smith was involved and, crucially,


what council officials knew and did not know, and whether there was any


cover`up. In life, Cyril Smith was a respected, revered politician. In


death he has been branded a serial child abuser. I got smacked in the


face. As an 11`year`old, this man claims he was physically assaulted


at a care home by Cyril Smith in the 1950s. Social worker asked me how I


ended up with stitches so I explained. The comment was, I should


not tell lies. This book written by the current MP claims Cyril Smith


used his power and influence to avoid detection. There are claims he


was involved in the abuse of boys at this school. It closed in the early


1990s. Earlier this year, Rochdale Council announced an independent


review of what happened at the school. It said the terms of that


review would be far more wide`ranging. It would cover all


council establishments between 1961 and 1995. It will try to establish


who knew what and whether there were any attempt at a cover`up. Whether


the abuse of children was tolerated, facilitated by the council or its


members of staff, and whether there was a culture at the council which


inhibited the proper investigation, exposure and prevention of such


abuse. Lawyers representing those who have already come forward


claiming Cyril Smith abused them say what the client wants answers. They


want to know if people knew what was going on, what they did about it,


who they reported two. The police are looking at a number of suspects


who may have been involved in abuse at the school. Anybody with


information and particularly victims of abuse, we encourage them to come


forward. Do you think this will get to the truth of what happened? I


sincerely hope so. My concern is these victims, of which there are a


number, need genuine answers. This afternoon, the Smith family said


they welcomed news of this enquiry because it might finally establish


what is true and what is not. They say they will cooperate fully. The


findings of the enquiry are due to be published in July. Back to you.


The Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has played a key part in pressing for a


wider investigation. Earlier, I asked him for his reaction. I'm


pleased they are concentrating on this issue. I do have some concerns


about the fact that the police are spreading themselves too thinly in


terms of investigating the perpetrators of this child abuse,


but also looking at the cover`up. I would rather the investigation did


the abuse and then concentrated on the cover`up. You used that phrase


alleged perpetrators. You have written a book, there is compelling


evidence, but some people might feel uncomfortable that those accused are


now dead. I think it is a valid question to be asked, what we have


to remember is, Greater Manchester Police are speaking and are quite


clear, as are the Crown Prosecution Service. They have all come out and


said if Cyril Smith was alive today, with the evidence on file, they


would have had a successful prosecution. How do you feel this


presents the tone you represent in the wider country better mark it


comes off the back of the grooming case. What does it say about


Rochdale to the wider world? I think this helps Rochdale. The rumours


about Cyril Smith have been around for decades, literally. The Mac he


has not been a road `` he has not been around to answer them. Yes, but


it has been an undercurrent for the tone to live in four years. In some


ways, it impacts on the grooming case. The unhealthy atmosphere they


have had in the town. The book exposes that, hopefully we will get


some prosecutions from people who are still around who committed some


of the abuse. That allows the town to be able to move on, and put it


behind us once and for all. Simon Danczuk, thank you. The Hillsborough


Inquests have heard about the last victim to die from injuries suffered


during the disaster. Tony Bland died after spending almost four years in


hospital. His father said today's tribute describing Tony's happy and


carefree childhood captured him to a T. The court also heard from a


daughter who was`year`olds when her father died. Tony Bland's family


travelled from Yorkshire to tell the jury about him. Tony Bland was 22


when he died after four years in a persistent vegetative state. He was


just a teenager when he went to Hillsborough. His father said


today's tribute describing Tony's happy and carefree childhood


captured him to a T. When he was in a coma, almost four years, that was


really horrendous. It has all come back, to be quite honest. The court


also heard a tribute to David Hawley from St Helens. His daughter Leanne


was one when he died. The saddest thing for me is the fact I have had


to grow up without him. I know Mike dad was a wonderful father `` I know


that my father was a wonderful father, a sincere friend, and I wish


I could have known him for myself, how different our lives could have


been. He was a great man. James Delaney from Wirral was 19. His


brother Nick was nine at the time. I went from a boy to a man, they took


my innocence, might childhood, and my family. The jury also heard


tributes to Brian Matthews, Gordon Horn, Carl Lewis, Alan Johnston,


Kester Ball, Stephen O'Neill and James Hennessy. They will hear the


last of the tributes tomorrow. The inquest then takes a three`week


break. The jury have been told that various matters need to be done.


When they resume, they will hear the substantive evidence about what


happened at Hillsborough and what led up to it. A postmortem


examination has revealed that a man whose body was found in the front


garden of a house in Manchester bled to death. It followed a break`in at


a solicitor office on the early hours of Sunday morning. The man had


suffered a severe leg injury. His death is not being treated as


suspicious. The Conservatives have allowed the Ribble Valley MP Nigel


Evans to officially rejoin the party in the House of Commons. Mr Evans `


who was cleared of a series of sexual offences earlier this month `


had been operating as an independent MP. He also stepped down as the


Commons Deputy Speaker before his trial. He says he's "delighted" `


and that it represents "a stop after the events of the past 11 months." A


four`year`old girl from Merseyside has become one of the first in the


country to take part in a pilot scheme involving the


cross`examination of vulnerable witnesses. The girl gave evidence on


camera ahead of a trial starting next month. It was watched by a


judge at Liverpool Crown Court via video link. Liverpool is one of


three Crown Courts where the programme's being rolled out. A


two`year plan has been launched to protect green lanes on the Isle of


Man. It follows complaints that off`road vehicles are damaging the


Manx countryside. The Department of Infrastructure says the scheme


doesn't include banning motor vehicles ` but some routes will be


closed or made one`way. And a schoolboy from Preston ` who became


the youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion ` has been awarded


the first Honorary Student Membership of the Society for


Radiological Protection. Jamie Edwards, who's 13, was among


hundreds attending the society's Annual Schools Event in Southport


earlier. The family of the murdered soldier


Lee Rigby from Middleton, are said to be heartbroken about his name


being used by a far`right political party. "Britain First" will use his


name in next month's European elections. An investigation's


underway into how the party obtained permission from the Electoral


Commission. Our political editor Arif Ansari is here. How is his name


going to be used? This relates to the European elections on May the


22nd, which is the first anniversary of Lee Rigby's murder. What happened


is Britain First, which is a far right political party, have decided


they want to use his name on the ballot paper, so when you going into


vote, it will say, Britain First ` Remember Lee Rigby. It is necessary


for the Electoral Commission to approve what goes on to ballot


papers, and that is something they did. But his family were heartbroken


when they heard this news. The government was pretty angry as well.


One minister has said it is difficult to comprehend. Yet the


country will be appalled that the memory of Lee Rigby should be used,


abused in this way, for political advantage. Especially on the


anniversary of his murder. It is sickening, beyond belief. There are


calls for the head of the Electoral Commission to resign over this. That


is right, they have admitted they made a terrible mistake here. They


have apologised, putting out a statement in which they said the


Electoral Commission is deeply sorry.


There is going to be an investigation into what exactly went


wrong at the Electoral Commission, it will report within a week. But it


is too late to change the rules, because the ballot papers have


already gone out, particularly for people taking postal ballots, but


funnily enough this will only really affect people in Wales because that


is where the party is standing in the European elections, but the


family said Lee Rigby would not approve of this and they are very


upset about it. Still to come on North West Tonight: Do you know


these men? The First World War heroes who failed to get the


recognition they deserve. Will conducting Britain's newest brass


band be a tough task or child's play?


And Rochdale fans heal their manager as they celebrate promotion to


league one. `` praised their manager. Great celebrations, we will


talk about that. We have the sport. We will talk Premier League first.


Probably a defining weekend in the title race. Yes, Liverpool fans


would have been thinking a draw against Chelsea on Sunday and their


dream of a title`winning open`top bus parade would have been close


enough to touch. The only bus at Anfield was Chelsea. They parked it.


Liverpool could not find a way through. And after Manchester City


took full advantage by beating Palace by the same score, it's now


the Sky Blues who have the edge. As you can see, Liverpool remain three


points ahead of City. But Manuel Pellegrini's men have a game in hand


and, crucially, far superior goal difference. So where does this leave


the title race ` and those shredded nerves? The race for the Premier


League title has been well and truly shaken up. Gerard slept, Demba Ba is


onto it, and he scores. We will come back. The dream lives on. Chelsea


have won the game by 2`0. They got the result. My team wants to be


offensive, they want to win games by playing good football. Being


creative. We will focus on ourselves and get to Crystal Palace. Liverpool


slipping up at Anfield was gratefully lapped up by Manchester


City, who went into pole position. I don't want to speak about it,


really. Unbelievable result for ourselves. I think they can do it. I


really believe they can do it. What a finish. Superb goal. City are


favourites with the bookies but all three teams have a chance, even if


Jose Mourinho says he is counting his own team out. Forget it. Forget


it. Going to the last day? Chelsea have three games `` Chelsea in


Europe will have two games left, Manchester City have three. It is in


our hands, simple as that. Beat Everton and then we should win it.


After a season which has shifted one way and the other, there could still


be twists and turns. You never know. But there was some


good news for Liverpool yesterday. Luis Suarez was named Professional


Footballers' Association Player of the Year. The 27`year`old Uruguayan


is the first player to score 30 league goals in a season since Ian


Rush in 1987. Liverpool Ladies also celebrated as defender Lucy Bronze


won the women's equivalent of the award while the Young Player of the


Year went to Martha Harris. Congratulations also to Chorley


who've also won promotion. `` Rochdale. They are guaranteed


automatic promotion. The celebrations began with the final


whistle. This is what it means to be a winner. You won't see pictures


like this when the Premier League title is one, but we what went


inside the room at the celebrations began. `` we went inside the


dressing room. This shows what we have got. It is everything we


wanted. Absolutely magic. This is what you get involved in football


for. Two days later, things have finally calmed down at spot on. The


players have been given today off, and looking at those scenes on


Saturday you can't help feeling they' probably needed it. They went


into the night. You have led them to two of the promotions. They will be


talking about you in 50 years' time. Perhaps. You want to leave some sort


of legacy, whether in life, with your family, your work or your


industry. Supporters will want to know if you're staying. 100%


guaranteed. Fittingly, promotion was secured at Spotland in a match that


Rochdale always looked like winning. Both goals came within the first 15


minutes. Vincenti and Henderson the scorers. Rochdale fans are the real


thing. Nobody could accuse them of being glory hunters. Could Keith


Hill take them to football's second tier for the first time in their


history? You've got to dream. bowled out for just three. The first


ten batsmen were all out for ducks, only the number 11 Connor Hobson


scored a run against Haslington in Cheshire League Division Three, with


extras the top scorer. They must have been taking lessons from me.


What was not the problem was effort. I just read this, the number nine


came in, they were already seven wickets down, with no runs, he was


quoted as saying, we can still do this. Briefings. We will catch up


with them tomorrow. Good on them. This is the 100th anniversary of the


start of the First World War but it has been revealed some of the war


heroes of Liverpool did not receive the recognition they deserved. A


memorial plaque, found in a garden in Toxteth, contained the names of


several soldiers who were killed ` but they were not on the city's


official list of the dead. Now the plaque's been restored and their


descendants are being traced. Naomi Cornwell reports. The people of


Liverpool remember their dead and built a cenotaph. The unveiling


ceremony, before countless thousands gathered. Liverpool has always


honoured its fallen. After the First World War, the name of every man


known to have died was added to the walls of the city's Hall of


Remembrance. Or so they thought. Even today, we are still finding


names that should have been added. This lady came up and said, are you


the detective Lord Mayor, they had a war memorial. It's thought the


plaque originally hung on the wall here at St Peter's Church in Toxteth


and when work began to convert it into flats the church's caretaker


Harry Gardam took it home so it wouldn't be lost. It was after his


death that it was found at his home nearby in the garden shed. The


plaque was found in the grounds of a property, work men came across it


whilst getting it ready for the next tenants, they came to me and I to


them I would look after it. I felt quite sad because I thought it


should be somewhere. Now the search is on for the families. Incredibly


sad, these names, how many others are not on the walls? It is


important we don't forget. The names will be added to the Town Hall's


Hall of Remembrance in June. Good to see them get recognition after all


these years. They have had to wait a long time. Get in touch if you can


shed any light on who they were. Now the weather. It was a pretty nice


weekend. shed any light on who they were. Now


the weather. It Very nice, many of you were out with your cameras.


Craig Macdonald sent us this shot. That is a beauty. Some cloud has


rolled in. The temperatures have been pretty good, in the mid teens


for the most part, tomorrow will be very similar, but there just might


be a chance of showers breaking out here and there. After that, not


quite so good. Weather front after weather front after weather front,


there will be an area of low pressure. You can see things


becoming increasingly unsettled, so make the most of tomorrow if you


have the opportunity. There have been showers, but they barely dampen


the ground. They show up over the next couple of hours but once the


sun has gone down the risk will die down. It is cloudy, clear spells,


little bit of mist. The temperatures are the big story, seven former role


areas, 9`10 per towns and cities. It is warm and humid when you get up.


It is grey and overcast. You have pockets of missed. Very light wind,


nothing to stir it. Once it has gone, it is like today, decent, long


sunny spells. Wall`to`wall sunshine, not by a long shot, but that a


nicely. Clever, an increasing risk of showers developing. They are not


that widespread. They could dampen your day for a while. In terms of


temperatures, it is like today, could get to 12`13 degrees. After


that, the picture changes, from mid week things becoming creasing the


unsettled. `` increasingly unsettled. How many months is it


since you said warm and humid? Many years! We are finishing a little


earlier tonight because of an election broadcast, we will see you


at 10:30pm. See you tomorrow.


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