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Gail. `` Gill. `` girl. Ten years ago Kim Walmsley asked for a copy of


her birth certifiacte. It was then that she discovered she had been


registered as a boy in the registrar's book. I had been a


prisoner for ten years. Another problem is after me we are not


legally married anymore will stop we have been married for 22 years. A


simple error perhaps, with life changing consequences for Kim. Kim


and her family had been living in Australia at the time but had to


come home because her passport was illegal. She has now spent ?150,000


trying to sort out the problem but she has been told the entry cannot


be changed. I am devastated to be honest. All joking aside, I am


absolutely devastated. Kim says her only hope now is to ask the the


Prime Minister David Cameron to help. But as the resistrar's book is


a legal document she fears thr problem may never be ressolved.


A review is under way at Ashworth high`security mental hospital on


Merseyside after a patient who'd killed both his parents was found


hanged. Mark Williams was serving life after stabbing to death his


father John O'Hare and attacking his mother Dianne at their home in


Wirral in 2002. His brother, Karl O'Hare, is still a suspect in the


case. He jumped bail in 2003. A 33`year`old man has died after he


was hit by a tram on the Metrolink line near Prestwich. Police, fire


and ambulance officers went to the scene at 1.30pm this afternoon.


Metrolink closed parts of the tram network as an investigation got


under way. Plans to expand a hazardous waste


site in Lancashire prompted a protest march by 500 people today.


Campaigners were delighted so many people turned out to oppose more


land being taken over by the Whitemoss Landfill site in


Skelmersdale. The site's owners say it's tightly regulated and poses no


threat to the community. But local residents don't accept those


assurances. We've got football pitches where a


thousand children play every Sunday and this is 100 metres away from the


proposed extension. We don't want it. For it to extend anymore it will


just damage our town, not just health wise in the long`term, but


also it will damage the regeneration of the town.


The Liverpool`born comedian John Bishop has donated ?96,000 to the


Hillsborough Family Support Group. A Liverpool fan, he says he was deeply


moved by the tributes paid to the victims at the new inquests. He


believes the dignity with which the families have pursued their quest


for the truth over the past 25 years is a lesson for everyone.


Two women from the North West who've become the Royal Navy's first female


submariners say they've been happily accepted by their male colleagues.


Lieutenants Maxine Stiles from Tameside, and Alexandra Olsson from


Wirral, are among three women who've sailed into the history books. As


Nazia Mogra reports, they earned their "dolphins" after months of


training. They join 165 male crew members on


the nuclear powered submarine HMS Vigilant. And it's not the men, it's


the women making history. I was just always fascinated about submarines


and I always wanted to join in. And now I've been given the opportunity,


and these submarines are more complicated than space shuttles, so


it was definitely a challenge. Lieutenant Alexandra Olsson from


Tranmere is a deputy weapons engineering officer. Lieutenant


Thackery from Yorkshire is an education officer and Lieutenant


Maxine Stiles from Ashton Under Lyne is logistics officer. Her job is to


make sure all the important things are onboard. Making sure we have


enough food to feed people, three meals a day over three months. That


includes the naval tradition of fish and chips on a Friday, steak on a


Staurday. For years, females were unable to serve on submarines


because of possible health risks. The ban was lifted in 2011. I'm sure


it will be a big success because we all do our jobs, and as long as you


can do your job on board everybody will be happy for you to be there.


All three now look forward to more and more women getting on board.


Football, and Liverpool need to score as many goals as possible at


Crystal Palace tonight if they're to put pressure on title favourites


Manchester City. Liverpool's goal difference is nine goals worse than


City's. So Liverpool fans would love a repeat of the famous 9`0 thrashing


they gave Palace in 1989. A victory would put Brendan Rogers' side three


points ahead of Manuel Pelligrini's team, but his side have two games in


hand. Cricket now, and on Day Two of the


County Championship match at Old Trafford, in reply to Sussex first


innings total of 298 Lancashire finished the day on 157`6. Time for


the weather now. finished the day on 157`6. Time for


Unusually for a bank holiday weekend we hardly saw any rain over the last


few days but as you'll soon see will change. The week is not looking too


bad. We're like the disease in the showers but I do have to tell you


there should be some good spells of sunshine as well in between the


showers. For this evening all the sunshine disappearing very quickly,


plenty of cloud around bringing this band of rain through. Hopefully this


rain will sweep away towards the Pennines, leaving you with dry


conditions by Dawn, but plenty of cloud means we will keep the


temperatures in double figures. Tomorrow is not looking too bad.


Bright and be `` breezy, with highs of 15 degrees for tomorrow. The


temperatures fall away the next couple of days. We are back later


tonight. Bye for now. The sunshine today for the bank


holiday produced the highest temperature of the long weekend in


eastern England today, at 20 Celsius. But to the west, the cloud


has been gathering. We have seen a bit of rain in Northern Ireland and


western Scotland, but the thicker cloud now pushing into the


south-west of England is delivering more rain. It will become more


extensive over the next few hours. A ragged area of rainfall will move


east as the night goes on. If you have yet to make your journey home


from the bank holiday weekend, you may encounter sums are a. -- some


spray. Temperatures are not too bad . The good news is that most of the


rain has gone by the morning. Some may be lingering in the north-east


of Scotland and into the


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