08/05/2014 North West Tonight


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We had some heavy rain today, particularly across Cumbria. These


waves of rain moving away. At the moment, there is a break, but it


will not last. The temperatures in the weekend are very disappointing,


we will hang on to the rain on Saturday, 20 more rain on Sunday.


Very unsettled. This evening, lots of cloud around. The rain will break


up into showers. Then it will get quite breezy, heavier rain moving


in. Because of the cloud and because of the breeze, it will be a mild


night. Temperatures eight or nine Celsius. Tomorrow, more of the same


conditions. We will see the breeze picking up. And heavy showers in the


forecast for tomorrow. We start off quite cloudy, very breezy, just a


few showers initially. They will go through the afternoon. We may see


some thunder through the afternoon, but it looks as if there may be some


sunshine on the cards tomorrow afternoon once the showers go away.


We will hang on to the strong breeze. Temperatures tomorrow


disappointing, 1415 Celsius. Just 12 Celsius in Cumbria. We had onto the


weekend, the low`pressure, another frontal system brings a large amount


of rain on Friday night into Saturday. It will leave showers on


Saturday and Sunday and these are the breakdown in terms of


temperatures for where you live will stop just 11 to 14 Celsius on


Saturday and Sunday. It is not nice at all. We will put


the heating back


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