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of the sunshine across south-west That's all from the BBC News at Six,


so it's goodbye from Good evening. Welcome to North West


Tonight with Annabel Tiffin... And Roger Johnson. Our top story:


The cash machine conman is sentenced to seven years in jail for stealing


millions from the banks. Trouble is Maxwell Parsons wasn't


there, he's on the run. Also tonight:


Fracking is blamed for an increase in earthquakes in the US. But the


industry says it couldn't happen here.


Targeted for their gold, the court, however, the real figure


could be nearer 7.5 million. This fraud went to the heart of the


banking system and the payment system. It risked the banks putting


a halt to all of the payment system. If the banks cannot be sure of a


genuine transaction, a genuine sale and refund, then of course they


cannot be sure of anything. It really risked bringing the whole


banking system to its knees. This is a man who likes to keep below the


radar. Inquiries have been made here and overseas and we will continue


those. We will never go up. So Parsons wasn't in court when he


was convicted by a jury last month. `` never give up. He's been on the


run since last June. And he wasn't in court today when he was sentenced


to seven years in jail. Of course, the police will have to find him


before he starts serving that sentence. Oh, and the banks have


since changed their systems so a similar fraud is no longer possible.


Greater Manchester Fire Service says a 999 call handler helped to save


the lives of five people trapped in a burning flat.


The operator stayed on the line and gave safety advice until fire crews


were able to rescue them from the first floor flat in Oldham. The fire


is being treated as arson. A wheelie bin and a mattress had been pushed


against the door and set alight. NO AUDIO


Representatives of the fracking industry in the UK say people


shouldn't be alarmed by reports of earthquakes in the United States.


Scientists say the disposal of waste fracking water is responsible for an


increase in earth tremors in Oklahoma.


But the industry here says its practises are very different. Our


environment correspondent Judy Hobson reports.


Fracking is big business in the United States but in one state the


industry is under particular scrutiny. Oklahoma has had a surge


in the number of earthquakes measuring more than 3.0 on the


Richter scale. In the past seven months there have been 183. Breaking


news, we are talking about the earthquakes. 3.0 or greater


earthquakes have occurred... Some scientists blame fracking.


Scientists in the US say a likely contributing factor is fracking. If


those scientists are correct, how good so many earthquakes happen?


Fracking involves firing water into rock to release gas. That flowback


water then needs disposing of. In the States it's injected into deep


wells, which increases underground pressure. Here in the North West,


the safety of fracking has been the biggest concern for protestors `


especially after it caused two minor earthquakes on the Fylde coast. But


the industry says it's highly regulated and so the Oklahoma


experience cannot happen here. I'm at the IGas site in Barton Moss.


Companies here in the UK say that couldn't happen here because they


dispose of water in a different way. Ucoog says... Injecting waste water


into underground wells is prohibited. Today, IGas has agreed


to buy rival company Dart Energy, which has licenses to explore for


gas in Cheshire. IGas is now the biggest onshore oil and gas company


in terms of area in the UK. Meanwhile, rival company Cuadrilla


could be the next to begin fracking in the region. And that could as


early as next year. The percentage of the Co`op bank


owned by Manchester's Co`operative group is set to fall. The bank needs


to raise ?400 million and the group says it won't be putting in any new


money. It means the organisation's stake could fall to around 20% `


potentially affecting the way the bank is run.


Police have confirmed that a body found in woodland in Burnley is that


of Declan Edwards. The 16`year`old was discovered in Rowley Park


yesterday. He'd been missing since Sunday. Officers say his death is


not being treated as suspicious and are thanking the local community for


helping with the search. Plans have been announced for a film


about the Manchester music legend Morrissey. It would focus on his


early life, before he formed the Smiths. The film, which has a


working title of Steven, is being made by Manchester film`makers Mark


Gill and Baldwin Li, who produced the Oscar`nominated Voorman Problem.


Work on it is expected to start this year.


A woman has told a court she felt physically sick giving evidence


against Stuart Hall, who she accuses of raping her when she was 12.


Earlier this week, the former broadcaster pleaded guilty to a


charge of indecent assault but denies 20 charges of rape and


indecent assault against two girls. Elaine Dunkley has been at Preston


Crown Court today. Today, Stuart Hall, the 84`year`old


former broadcaster, appeared at Preston Crown Court to face


allegations of rape and sexual assault. He is currently serving a


30 month sentence for indecently assaulting 13 girls. Today, the jury


heard evidence from a woman in her 40s recalling events that took place


in the '70s and '80s, when Stuart Hall was a presenter on programmes


like It's A Knockout and Look North West. The woman claims that she was


repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted by Stuart Hall for a


period of 3`4 years, from the age of 12. At times, the alleged victim


broke down whilst giving evidence. She said for all these years she had


kept what happened a secret because he was a friend of the family. She


spent all her life trying to conceal it because she felt dirty, ashamed


and responsible. Stuart Hall's defence went on to ask if it was her


intention to claim compensation. She said she felt insulted to be asked


that question. She said it had taken her a long time to choose to do


this. Stuart Hall denies 20 charges against him of rape and sexual


assault. The trial continues next week.


Asian families in the North West are being warned about the growing


threat of thieves targeting their homes to steal collections of gold


jewellery. Thousands of pounds of high value jewellery has been taken


from homes in Lancashire in the last few weeks.


Many of the items taken are irreplaceable, having been passed


down from generation to generation. Peter Marshall has this report.


It is intricate, it is expensive. Asian Heritage jewellery is part of


a tradition. It is also increasingly a target for thieves. This mother


knows that to her cost. She wants to remain anonymous. I was devastated,


in tears. My daughter was crying her eyes out. It was terrible. She lost


over ?10,000 worth of gold jewellery when these targeted her home in


Blackburn. Many items are passed down form generation to generation.


They have taken something very special from us. It is expensive to


buy but when it is passed on from your mother or mother`in`law, there


is that bonded labourers. It is different. This duo's shop has been


targeted for times. Security is now extremely tight. He is well aware


why thieves find the jewellery such an attraction. It is the quality.


Asian jewellery is either 22 or pure gold, 24 carat. England's jewellery


is mostly nine carat or 14 carat. It is very easy to sell Asian jewellery


because everybody likes pure gold. We have individuals, organised crime


groups that travel from neighbouring forces, from Manchester and West


Yorkshire. We have teams of those that come in and specifically target


the Asian community but we also have some individual that lives within


this community that to have knowledge of who has called, etc,


that are committing those offences. Police say they are working with


local communities to tackle the problem.


Still to come on North West Tonight: I am at Wigan athletic where the


nearest are starting to fray as they try to get back into the Premier


League through the play`offs. I know it is G10! Anne Haug


horsepower on a tiny scale helped one disabled women when illness


stopped her riding habit. People, and say that the diet I have made


their day and it is lovely to see. `` that I have made their day.


The local and European elections are less than a fortnight away. And


tonight we conclude our series of interviews with the leaders of the


main parties, having already had David Cameron, Nigel Farage and Nick


Clegg here in the studio. Tonight, it's the turn of the Labour leader


Ed Miliband. No surprise for that. His party is stronger than the


others here in the North West. So, does that mean it has the most to


lose? We are fighting for every vote and I think we are fighting on the


issue that matters to most people, across this region, which is the


cost of living crisis facing families. Showing how a Labour


government with Labour councils, and working in Europe, would make a


difference on energy prices, with our energy price freeze that we


would implement as a government, on childcare, a massive issue for so


many mothers and fathers, and also on a very important issue that we


have raised in this campaign, which is housing. People who are renting a


house privately find that they are getting a very raw deal in the


private sector. When it comes to spending, correct me if I am wrong,


but you have said post`general election you will stick to the


Government's spending plans. We have said in the first year of a Labour


Government we will not be borrowing more for day`to`day spending and by


the end of the parliament will be making sure that we balance the


books. I think that is the right thing to do. Given what happened to


Labour's management of the economy before, how can anyone believe you?


We showed very clearly that we have learned lessons. On banking... Take


the issue that caused the financial crisis, banking regulation. Labour


is leading the way in saying that we have to reform the banks so that


they work for small businesses in the north`west and we have an


economy that works for everybody, and not just a few at the top. So we


are learning lessons from the past. We will be tough on spending in the


future. We know there will not be money around but we know also that


we can change the country, we can change things, unlike this


government which is changing things for the worst. You mentioned energy


prices. You are in favour of fracking. Our position is that we


have said that we should not set ourselves completely against it but


we do need to answer people's legitimate environmental and safety


concerns. There are real concerns that have got to be answered. Have


we got time to do that? Many people are saying let's get on with it. We


have got time. The Government is saying that somehow fracking is the


answer to all of our energy problems. It is not. Maybe it can


play a role but it has got to be done in the right way. How worried


are you about UKIP? It is really important to see what UKIP stand


for. Nigel Farage said he wants to complete the work of Mrs Thatcher.


He wants to keep the flame of Thatcherism alive. That is a direct


quote. He wants a flat tax, cutting taxes for the richest. He wants to


charge people to see their GP. I don't think that represents the


values of the working people of the North West. Maybe when working


people are worried about their jobs, UKIP are giving them a place


to go that maybe Labour, who let lots of people into the country


during the years of Labour government... Maybe you were a bit


too lax and maybe now UKIP have moved into that territory, saying


they will protect them. Well, I have changed our position on immigration.


I think we want longer transitional controls when new countries come in


to the European Union. Let's crack down on those employers who do not


pay the minimum wage because that undercuts workers already here. It


exploits people coming in and undercuts workers already here. But


cutting ourselves off from the rest of Europe is not good for jobs.


There are so many multinational companies across this region. They


all say it is a disaster to get out of the single market. Also let's


look at the values. People vote on the basis of values and what people


stand for. I do not believe that Nigel Farage and UKIP stands for the


working people of this region. Part of the problem is that, maybe not so


much at local elections, but the elephant in the room is the general


election 12 months ahead, is that people vote on personality. Do you


like David Cameron? I have nothing against him personally! I always


think it is quite important in politics not to get into a situation


where you say you hate someone but I hate what he's doing to the country.


It seems very personal at times, for people watching and from the


outside. I know there is a bit of theatre about Prime Minister's


Questions, for example, but people are actually turned off by that.


Many people. Well, I try and do that in as reasonable a way as possible.


My wife always says to me "You've got to ask questions the country


wants asking." Whether that is about the private rented sector, people


renting their homes. Or it is about what happened to the Royal Mail,


something I have been asking about in the last few weeks. All the other


subjects ` the cost of living crisis. I try and ask about those


questions. It is not about David Cameron personally. It is about his


policies, what he stands for and what he's doing to the country,


which so many people across this region... Basically people think the


Tories just do not understand their lives. They do not get this region.


They do not get what the country needs. They do not stand for


everybody, they stand for a few. That is my problem with David


Cameron and this government. But things are improving. Well, of


course we welcome the growth in our country. Therefore why change?


Here's the thing, you have got a government that thinks the problems


are fixed. I take a different view. I think there are deep issues about


the way this country is run. They go beyond one government. Do we run our


country for a few wealthy people in our society or do we run it for most


people? Or do we encourage everybody to aspire...? Well, let's encourage


everybody. But we do not encourage everybody by cutting taxes for the


richest and making everybody else pay more. We do not encourage people


to aspire by charging them the bedroom tax. We do not do that by


failing to stand up to the energy companies. Let's change the way this


country is run. There is deep discontent in this country about the


way it has been run and we want to change it and that is what a Labour


government offers. Ed Miliband, thank you. Thank you.


If you want to know all of the candidates standing in the European


elections, you can see them on our website. There are other people


standing. We have spoken to four of them, the main candidates. What do


you think their main challengers are? The thing about the European


elections is that people often see it as an opportunity to go and vote


for another party which in the past has been the UK Independence Party,


most recently. This time you get really represent an actual threat to


the parties. Roger was talking to Ed Miliband. Labour needs to win these


elections are great. The Tories won lasting. They should not be getting


knocked into third place. The Lib Dems are fighting for NEC.


Interesting that Roger asked if it late David Cameron. I can tell you


that you get, PNP and Lib Dems are only Sunday Politics this week and


they do not like each other. I imagine it was a feisty one!


He was very delighted when I asked him that. `` diplomatic.


Sport now. It's the final nerve`shredding weekend of the


Premier League season as the title race goes down to the wire. Will it


be Manchester City or Liverpool who are crowned Champions? It's also the


first leg of the play`offs as Preston, Fleetwood and Wigan chase


promotion. Richard Askam is at the DW Stadium as Latics face QPR


tonight. Wiggin did it all underway against


Queens Park Rangers? Yes. I think there is a particular


tension that surrounds the play`offs. It means so much to both


of these teams. They are both trying to bounce back into the Premier


League at the first attempt. It is worth an awful lot of money. More


than ?100 million for getting back into the top flight. Preston, North


end and Fleetwood also did it to block. All of them will need a


little slice of luck. The play`offs, not all about luck at


the college football's lottery for good reason. Matches to cross your


fingers and hope your team can handle the pressure. What we are


having is pressure being put on. You have the pressure, I have the


pressure. Starting tonight then we at Loftus Road on Monday. It all


goes to plan, the final at Wembley on Saturday the 24th. For us, we


have the ambition to go back to the Premier League and there is also the


need to get back to the Premier League. Preston North End's layup


play`off numbers stacked very badly. Ed previous attempts have failed to


add up to promotion but this time they have and his card. Their


manager has done it three times with three different clubs. It is a great


opportunity for supporters to know what everybody is capable of doing.


North end start tomorrow night, travel to Rotherham on Thursday the


15th and then a League One final on Sunday the 25th.


Fleetwood's rapid rise and the football league has had little to do


with love. They have spent Italy and wisely `` spent heavily and wisely.


They have quality in numbers in their squad. We know that promotion


is on our hands. It is down to ourselves and if we do the job right


then we can still gain promotion and get what we set out to do. We know


it is a challenge. The pressure begins at York tomorrow, at Hyder on


Friday the 16th and Wembley date on Monday the 26th. A bank holiday


weekend when all the other side will be hoping their numbers,.


`` all three sides. Let us have a quick chat with the chief executive


of Wigan Athletic. How are you nervous? A little nervous, excited,


but these are the guys in football. It is going to be a great night and


great occasion and the atmosphere will be electric. We're looking


forward to it. So you should be. We were talking about what this means


financially to a team that is proposed to stop how important is


that for the future of the club that he go on? It is not essential. We


run the football club in a certain way. We do not gamble on promotion.


It would be fantastic to get promotion. It is worth over ?100


million and that is worth a lot of money. We will be doing everything


we can to take the first step tonight along that road. Jonathan,


all the best of luck. Let's hope they can do it tonight. If you think


it will be ten years now, what about the race for the Premier League


title. A few city fans I know think that the Blues might still do it.


They need one point on Sunday. Let your from both managers. I expect to


win. We need one point four. We are just thinking when the match and the


best way to do it is to try to play the way we know. They are not


without being disrespectful, I think the expectation is that Manchester


City will win. It certainly will not be easy for them. To go into that


last game, no matter what the result is that you need, certainly, as I


said, they will want to win the game. West Ham Co`operative Energy


on a high note of. They know they have the players to cause problems.


`` West Ham will also want to end only note. To do's deadline for a


deal between city and UEFA looks like it will pass without any


amendment. It is reported that the Blues are facing a fine of almost


?50 million and restrictions to their champions league squad. No


agreement could lead to harsher penalties. In Super League, their


earthly matters. Wiggin, the Warriors, they could go third.


I should mention that there will be full commentary on this match


tonight on BBC Radio Manchester Jimmy. To Lancashire club tomorrow.


Both full commentary on BBC Radio Manchester.


Thank you very much indeed. We could keep going down the leagues, all the


leagues, we will go down as down as far as Altrincham who are in the


play`offs for the Conference North tomorrow. Good luck to them.


Good luck to all of them. When Elizabeth developed


osteoarthritis she feared it would end her lifelong love of working


with horses. So that she can no longer write, she


has found another way to still be with them but on a smaller scale.


Wythenshawe is known for its characters and here are two of its


finest. Do not worry about it, two years already. You have a cat


waiting for you. Lives grew up working in stables and when she


developed osteoarthritis, instead of giving up horses, she thought she


would find a pair of that letter. I used to cycle and ride, I used to


swim. It was devastating. I thought everything I had lost was taken


away. How much of a difference has is made? A huge amount. It has made


me get up in the morning. If I did not have them, I do not think I


would get up. What is the reaction? People, and asked to stroke and, say


that I have made their day. You do not see horses on the road,


especially little ones. Tinkerbell has had her moments, like when she


debuted as the donkey in the Nativity. If she wants to put the


toilet, starts reversing. She did that on stage and I thought, please,


not next to baby Jesus. But she did! Merry Christmas, one and all.


Everybody just laughed. These two have a very busy schedule, dropping


into care homes and starring at charity events. It is an early


night. You have got your dinner ready. Apple, carrots, fresh water.


What have I got? Probably deans Saunders!


Fantastic. That is brilliant. It seems the battery, doesn't it? It


is a bit like a Roman chariot. Chorlton Heston!


That was our last report tonight. Also that was our last report from


Nina, who is leading us after three years. We will be sorry to see you


go. She is leading on to new talent


Dominic challenges but has been great additions to the team.


House looking for the weekend? I have no great news. Good evening.


We had a decent end to today after some very heavy showers. We're


expecting a huge band of rain, which you can see Miliband tonight into


the first part of the weekend. It will leave behind on Saturday and


all that and a lot of blustery showers. `` which you can see moving


into night. We are also expecting a breezy affair on Saturday and


Sunday. But in between the sunshine, we should see some


showers. will be quite heavy through the


afternoon, possibly longer. In between them, plenty of bright


spell. A stiff breeze through the


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