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Welcome to North West Tonight, live from Albert Square


in Manchester, where thousands of fans are saluting Manchester


We've just seen the men of the moment lifting the Premier League


We'll re`live yesterday's euphoria, as the team were crowed champions


for the second time in three years ` pipping Liverpool to the title.


Building for the future. We look at the club's investment


I'm with fans lining the bus parade route through the city, looking back


And I'll be looking back over the rollercoaster of the past 50


years ` with the highs and lows of City's past.


For the fourth year in a row, the Premier League champions are


United's victory last season has now been sandwiched by a second City


The bus route will take their mode of Albert squeal shortly. It is a


roundabout one might yield. The city players are going off the stage,


they have been on the stage for about one minutes. When they lost at


Liverpool, it seemed like the desire to win the trophy had slipped away.


But be put together a winning run. It is a day that all of these


thousands of Manchester city fans will never forget.


Manchester City have their crown back!


I've been on the herbal tea all day and I am ecstatic!


Three weeks ago it was dead and buried...


My wedding anniversary is today and today has topped it!


He was taken some stick, from other managers as well, but he's


Amazing scenes for Manchester city yesterday. The team is over to my


left hand side. Waiting to pick them up as my correspondent. These are


fantastic scenes. People are really excited wait for the boss to arrive.


Let's talk to leave few fans. How exciting is this? It is fantastic.


You have been following Manchester city for all of your life, what does


this mean? It is super. I cannot believe that. Everybody is over the


moon about this. Manchester City are


Premier League Champions! Winning the Premier League once is


a great achievement, to do it twice We hoped


the other team would lose points. Dzeko pulls it down and Kompany


scores! The whole season we've played


attractive, offensive football. Now, Manchester City have still not


announced whether they plan to accept or


appeal against UEFA sanctions for The deadline to agree


a settlement passed on Friday. They face a ?50 million fine


and restrictions to their Champions League squad of 21 players


instead of 25, plus a wage cap. There's no doubt City is a team rich


in talent ` but buying players They are


the most highly paid team not just But the investment here isn't just


for today ` it's for the long term. Behind the big success,


big investment from the Blues To those who say it's easy to beat


the rest when you've got pockets deep enough


to buy the best, I would say this. This is Manchester City's bridge to


the future ` directly linking the Etihad to


City's new training academy. Inside here there are


going to be 17... Each one slightly different,


to replicate the slight differences When it opens, it will be


a production line of players. The important thing is to grow


the future. The best way to do that is


by having youth coming through. This policy is going to ensure


that City are sitting on the top It's modelled on the training


academy which created this. And the men who helped make it


so now run City. Ferran Soriano and


Tixki Bergiristain are giving Ask the foreign journalists who


descended If you asked the average Arab person


in the Middle East who they would want to win the league,


they'll tell you Manchester City. We're well aware of the history


of clubs like Liverpool But the new generation is going to


support Manchester City An estimated ?100 million in TV


rights and sponsorship will follow ` money which will be invested back


into the future of the Etihad. The bass is just coming down the


street. They are the champions and it says that on the front. All of


the play is our acknowledging the fans. But are hundreds of fans on


the street. They won the Premier league title and also the cop, they


got into the knockout stages of the champions league. Next season they


will be ready to go in Europe. They are all joining in. The bass is


making its way through the streets of Manchester. The supporters have


seen this team grow from a team which very really won trophies to


one that is expected to. Manuel Pellegrini has guided them to this


position. They will be expected to do it again next season. Above us we


have the likes of Aidan Jekyll. The supporters are treating the heroes.


Back there, we are joined by Dennis Tueart. Amazing scenes but something


that Manchester city supporters are getting used to? They have waited


long on off. All the things that are going on, like the development of


the squad, it is fantastic. On the other side of the city, Manchester


United is one of the biggest bands in global sport, but can Manchester


city now challenge that? They have franchises all over the world. Who


knows? I think the plant will be global. In every business you have


two invest. They have a long`term strategy. They have got a belief in


the strategy. The investment is coming to a part of Manchester that


needs it? The Academy and the jobs that are being built, when we've


fast build the stadium I did not even know what he's Manchester was


about. We will head back to the studio now. We will have more later.


Back to the studio. The defence has opened its case in


the trial of former BBC broadcaster The 84`year`old denies 15 charges


of rape and five indecent assaults against two young girls


between 1976 and 1981. He's already serving


a 30 month jail sentence for Peter Marshall was


in court following today's hearing. Well, the defence opened its case


by saying that Stuart Hall would not take to the stand to give


evidence in his defence. These allegations date to something


like 35 years ago when Stuat Hall was in his 50s or 40s, and was


a well`known celebrity, presenting BBC Look North West, the regional


news programme, and also the BBC The defence barrister first of all


called a chartered psychologist. He referred to one alleged rape,


and one alleged victim of the age He suggested this could well be


a memory ` a productive That's when a complainant may not


have any intention about lying In effect,


it could have been made up. It's the defence case that all


of the other allegations of rape and indecent assault were actually


consensual sexual activity. The jury also heard a statement from


a woman who worked very closely with Stuart Hall at the studios where the


alleged rapes and sexual assaults She says that


despite working with him for all that time, she never saw anything


inappropriate in his dressing room. He was always very polite


and respectful. He would never drink


before a broadcast. Stuart Hall denies 15 allegations of


rape and five of indecent assault. The family of a four`year`old boy


who died when a Liverpool flat was deliberately set on fire say he


was killed by a "mindless act". Jai Joshi died at the flat


in Tuebrook on Thursday. Police say they're not looking


for anyone else. A promise to keep jobs


at Macclesfield based Astra Zeneca is "legally binding" according to


the firm who want to take it over. US drug giant Pfizer have pledged to


keep the Cheshire based factory if they secure


a ?63 million takeover deal. But they also say they could adjust


their commitments if circumstances The Prime Minister has rejected


calls for the Cheshire`born singer Gary Barlow to return


his OBE over his involvement He and fellow Take That stars


Howard Donald and Mark Owen ` both from Greater Manchester ` may


have to repay millions of pounds. A judge has ruled that


a scheme they invested in was mainly Tributes are being paid to


a Merseyside musician and record`producer who's died


after a cycling accident. Alan Wills died three days after


suffering serious head injuries He set up the "Deltasonic" label `


which signed The Zutons, Colleagues say he was generous,


honest and loyal. Manchester City Football Club was


officially founded in 1894, and it shares its birth year with


another North West institution. Blackpool Tower was opened


in the same year, and is celebrating In the run up to


the big celebrations on Wednesday, Naomi Cornwell's been looking


at its history. Did you know that the famous Tower


is nearly 600 feet high and is visited


by almost 500,000 every year? Blackpool has its tower


thanks to one man's dream. In 1889, the Mayor of Blackpool took


a shine to the Eiffel Tower We wanted to transform the landscape


in a way that would be seen Turn venture into adventure,


construction into legacy! Shares were sold to raise


the funds and on the 14th of May 1894, Blackpool Tower was


officially opened. But the Eiffel Tower is just


a viewing platform inland. Blackpool Tower is the only Grade


One listed building in the town. The Tower is the one that people


most associate with Blackpool. How can you be down


in the dumps when your heart's up in the clouds and you can throw


away cares to the four winds? Through the years


the Tower has suffered two serious It became a wedding venue


when a stuntman swung by in the 1980s and has been invaded


by protestors at times. The animals have left the circus


and the ballroom is now as well known for its TV appearances


as its tea dances. But as a Grade One listed building,


the huge structure towering over the Golden Mile will never be


allowed to change. You can probably see it in the


distance. These two people have been Manchester city fans for all of the


lights? I am five years old. They probably think that this happens


every year but that does not. 16 years ago they had dropped down to


the thought to Europe for the fast and only time. The boss is coming


towards us know. Can you say? There is lots of excitement here. Which


look back at some of the days when things weren't so good for


Manchester city. It looks like a stunning piece


of skill. A moment of tragi`comedy,


typical of City in the late 1990s. For a man who played for City


in the days when they winners, not just in England, but in Europe,


it was hard to take. I was coming to watch


the games all the time. It was very difficult,


particularly when Manchester United were in the First Division


and we were in the Third Division. But one thing never changed `


the support was there all the time. The 25, 30,000 people


came ever single week. They sneaked out


of the division through the play Is the transformation just


down to money? The finances do help but you've


got to make these guys a team. They've paid people


in charge right the way through... They've built this squad


into a team. And now, for the first time,


comparisons really can be made with When you win things,


and you're successful, You can't win things if you don't


play together, live together You need to read other


people's minds. In those days,


everyone knew what we were doing. This side


of today is exactly the same. The highs and lows of Manchester


city. Everybody is enjoying clear skies


tonight. The temperatures are at around 14 and 14. Despite more


channels, we could see temperatures getting very close to 20 Celsius.


Clear blue skies this evening. Everywhere else you can see shovels.


They should ease in the south of the region and the clear skies


elsewhere. In rural areas we could see temperatures of three or four


Celsius for the race. Some mess and fog patches in the morning. Close


date with if you show was continuing to peak. In between the Cheryl 's


Burrell be some good spells of sunshine. The temperatures tomorrow


are going to be out of touch. Our coverage. It is good news at last.


On the state that will settle things down. Possibly 17 or 18 since its


authority. Thank you. That is from us in studio. Back to Roger. All the


Manchester city fans are enjoying the sunshine here. About thing for


them now is to conquer Europe? They have done it all domestically. The


Champions League has to be the next target. Thank you. At Liverpool have


won the league this season then they would have put on an unbelievable


party as well. But Manchester city have won the league, the fourth year


in succession that 80 from Manchester has one. I feel sorry for


the cleaners because the police as film of the stuff. Thank you.




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