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chilly. That's all from the BBC News at six


so Welcome to North West Tonight with


Annabel Tiffin ` and Roger Johnson. MPs are unconvinced ` as Pfizer


refuses to safeguard jobs here ` We'll talk live to the


Macclesfield MP ` The flight from Manchester forced


into an emergency landing after the Thieves steal a protected swan and


its eggs from a Cheshire village And three Blackpool Tower `` we are


behind`the`scenes. More than 5,000 people are employed


by AstraZeneca here in the That single firm is responsible for


a big chunk of the regional economy. But tonight, as it is considered


for what could be the biggest ever British take`over, we ask if there's


anything to be feared from Pfizer? Today the US firm was grilled by MPs


over it's intentions for what many In a moment we'll speak to


David Rutley MP for Macclesfield who This is the value


of Astra Zeneca to the North West. Today Pfizer chiefs arrived


at Westminster to face a grilling. No wonder there's fierce interest


in this. Pfizer want what would be


the biggest buy out in UK history. MPs today wanted assurances that UK


jobs would be safe. I can't tell you how many people


will be here. and ?63 billion. The boss says he


hasn't heard the books. Do you believe him? I'm sure he has seen


annual report. He has a good idea of the jobs here. You're been talking


about it and we have for a long time now. I wanted to set the record


straight. What is their commitment in terms of jobs? Is he going to


stick with 2000 jobs in Macclesfield? I was disappointed


that he sidestepped the issue. He said there would be a substantial


presence in Macclesfield. He did say that. That again you heard on the KP


wasn't clear as to what that meant. `` clip. If you are spending ?63


billion deal you need a better idea of your workforce. And how many will


be based in the second largest site in the UK. You talk about needing


concrete reassurance. Vince cable said it could be difficult for the


government to block this deal. Should David Cameron come out and


put pressure on Pfizer? He already is. He is working hard on that. We


need to find out what the commitments will be, make them


specific. They need to have a clear`cut commitment as to what


they're doing in Cambridge. We have to make these things enforceable, as


if there are tax breaks, if they don't follow through on their


commitments there is benefit should be clawed back. We need to be


looking at that clearly and Asians, because Pfizer have such a big deal


and a big interest in this which is vital to our economy. Over 2% of UK


exports are being manufactured from Macclesfield. Flank you for your


time. A plane bound


for Manchester has made an emergency The Boeing 737, with 114 people


on board, was diverted after the pilot reported an electrical


fault and fumes in the cockpit. This plane parked on its stand after


passengers were evacuated. The pilot reported a fault and the smaller


fumes. It triggered a full`scale emergency plan. The aircraft lands


and they tried to get permission for them to escort it back to stand as a


precaution. The aircraft landed safely. It taxied normally and the


passengers left normally. After the landing engineers opted to fly home


to Manchester rather than journey on. When the door was opened you


could deftly smell smoke. It was more noticeable after it had landed.


CU worried `` so you were worried? Yes. They were fantastic. No panic


at all. It is just when you see the fire engines, that is nerve


wracking. I was asked if I smell the smoke. I said I was fine. I didn't


smell it. There was no panic? Engineers have been checking over


the plane. Arrangements have been made the most passages to go on to


Amsterdam on other flights. Stuart Hall has been described as a rapist.


The prosecution has been summoned up its case against the man who is


charged with rape and indecent assault dating back to the 1970s.


The defence say they were in a consensual relationship with him. He


admits one can't but denies the others.


Dog owners who allow their pets to attack people are to


Maximum jail sentences for fatal attacks have increased


from two years to 14 years, while the term handed down over injury is


There've been a number of dog attack deaths in the region `


including that of Jade Anderson in Atherton last year.


The writer and comedian Caroline Aherne ` originally from Wythenshawe


` has revealed she's battling a genetic form of lung cancer.


The actress ` and star of "The Royle Family"


She's now encouraging people to speak up about how they think


Next Thursday we have a major set of elections across the North West.


There are votes for 26 councils ` and also


for the European elections which are only held every five years.


Yes, last time you might remember the British National Party Leader


Nick Griffin became one of our eight Euro MPs.


So what's likely to happen this time?


Our political editor Arif Ansari can tell us what's at stake.


There are 751 Euro MPs in the European Parliament


and we select eight of them to represent the entire North West.


Last time, the Conservatives won, taking three seats.


The UK Independence Party, the Lib Dems and the BNP took one each.


But this time, that's going to change.


The last time the European election was held here in the North West


in 2009 we had a very unpopular Gordon Brown led government.


They won one seat at the Conservatives won three seats.


That is likely to be reversed and the big factor is UKIP.


They won one seat last time and are riding on the crest


They will increase their representation, possibly


at the expense of the Liberal Democrats, desperately trying to


This time the Tories are braced to lose one to Labour.


But what about the final eighth seat?


The mainstream parties would love to see the BNP lose.


But equally the Lib Dems will be struggling to hold on.


Maybe the Greens could win or UKIP might take a third seat.


An Independence from Europe, the English Democrats, NO2EU,


the Pirate Party and the Socialist Equality Party.


But if you prefer your politics closer to home,


The Tories control two ` Trafford and West Lancashire.


The Lib Dems only control South Lakeland.


So with hundreds of seats up for grabs, what's likely to change?


There are two huge contests in the north`west, Trafford and West


Lancashire, which the Conservatives are desperate to defend.


Labour are keen to win and if they were to take those two councils


Ed Miliband can expect to be Prime Minister at this time next year.


Labour also had designs on two councils under no control


with a reasonable expectation of taking them.


Then you have the issue of the Liberal Democrat meltdown.


They have lost almost half their council in the north`west over


And after that's all over, settle in for the general election.


The people of a village in Cheshire are appealing for help


in catching thieves who've stolen a swan from their village pond.


The thieves also took a clutch of eggs that were almost ready to


But they left behind the swan's mate.


Swans are a protected species so if the culprits are found they'll be


It's an idyllic spot just outside Warrington.


Certainly that is what this pair of swans thought


when they chose to nest here and look after their clutch of eggs.


They became a big draw for the locals.


We have seven eggs, so we have seven young ones.


And everybody comes to see them, loads of people.


Someone has stolen the eggs just days before they were


due to hatch and they've also taken the male swan too.


His mate has been left alone and forlorn.


It is hard to believe how someone can do such a horrid thing.


We have been coming two or three times to watch the nest


and we were excited to see they might have hatched today.


It is unfair on the swan and that person whgo has done this


know she has sat on the eggs for 30 of 40 days, something like that.


He didn't want us to show his face because


his job includes catching poachers but he says he's in no doubt the


Obviously, nobody has stolen it for a pet.


I can understand them taking one egg, but certainly not seven.


If they ever find out who took the eggs and the swan, they are likely


to face a hefty fine or possibly even a term of imprisonment.


But perhaps the saddest part of this story is that swans mate for life.


So, the one who is left behind is unlikely to find another soul mate.


A "Rolls Royce of a player" ` but no longer on the road to Old Trafford.


Rio Ferdinand leaves the club where he's been


And the lofty landmark on the eve of a major milestone.


We meet the men and women keeping Blackpool Tower going. You always


have it in your mind you could fall if you don't look after yourself


properly. Some of the pictures are amazing.


Now have you ever thought about the effort that goes


into restoring a painting? Well visitors to Tatton Park can do


just that because of a conservation project that is taking place.


It's just one of the schemes that has helped the


attraction get a prestigious award. Our reporter Yunus Mulla is at


Tatton Park and can tell us more. Tell us more about that. The gardens


here are visited by around 800,000 visitors every year and will weather


like this you can see why, but it is also halfway through a five`year


plan. This is one of the most important paintings here but it is


showing its age. You can see areas of flaky paint around here. I


removed all the layers of service dirt annual varnishes, taking it


back to the original layer. Then I will consolidate these areas of


flaking paint and anything that is missing I will fill them in. I will


retouch the missing pieces to bring it back together. It picks to


members of the family as well as members of the local gentry, so it


is an interesting painting from a social perspective. The painting is


being preserved in full view of the public, just one of the initiatives


that has helped it win a gold award from visit England. We walked into


the door and saw what they were doing. I believed we would get told


to leave, but it is interesting to see how it is done. The painting is


expected to be returned to its original place in the main hall by


the end of October. I apologise for those technical problems. I was


going to show you this, the Gold award at the park has been given for


its range of attractions here, including making the restoration


work that is taking place here, available for the public. They are


hoping to boost visitor numbers up to around 1 million by 2016 and this


is perhaps evidence they are on their way. Flank you very much. ``


thank. It's the end of an era


for Manchester United. Rio Ferdinand, for so long


the rock at the centre of defence, Michael Owen today described him


as 'a Rolls Royce player.' But, as Stuart Flinders reports,


Ferdinand isn't hanging up Six Premier League titles, the


European cup, Rio Ferdinand was a key ingredients in the winning


formula. He was in Singapore today as fans worldwide absorb the news of


his departure. In his most recent TV interview aired on Saturday, he was


cagey about his future. I want to play on. I still have stuff to


offer. He has released a statement thanking the club and the supporters


for an unbelievable 12 years. Team plays treated their good


wishes. He wasn't brought Old Trafford as a goal`scorer but as


winner in the final minute against Liverpool in 2006 is a fond memory


for fans. He signed in to browse more than ?29 million, a walled


records. `` in 2002 for more. What a player. Not many better England


centre halves. He has a future somewhere and in a particular team


he can thrive. There have been low points. In 2003 he was fined and


banned for eight months for missing a drugs test, but where ever he goes


on here he will be remembered for one of the greatest players of the


modern game and even be turns up here when an opposition shirt he


will get a good reception. Some more sports news now and Wigan


missed out on promotion to the Premier League last night


after losing 2`1 to QPR. They went to extra time


in the second leg of their Charlie Austin quickly scored


for QPR, giving them Meanwhile, Fleetwood took a slender


one nil advantage in their rescheduled League Two play`off


semi`final first leg against York, with Matty Blair scoring


against former side, York City. Andrew Flintoff is set to make


a comback to cricket in Lancashire. The club's announced they're


in talks over a return ahead of "Freddy" Flintoff ` as he's known `


hasn't played in nearly five years after bowing


out in 2009 ` but has recently been That'll guarantee more bums on


seats. We have risk assessments here. It is the same in many big


countries. The men who painted lap pool Tower had to be very brave.


As Blackpool Tower prepares to celebrate


its 120th birthday tomorrow, we've been behind the scenes at one of the


The Tower Ballroom is a sight to behold.


But John Bowdler only ever sees it in his rear view mirror.


After 26 years playing here, he's still happy to have realised


It was my ambition to play here from the age of seven or eight.


I used to come in on the balcony with my mum and dad and watched


The work behind the scenes is non`stop and, altogether with


the front of house staff, over 300 people work at the There are quite


a number of people who have worked here for a number of years that have


They have the animal stories about the one night


the lions got out and a night watchman found them, and about


elephants and how they were used to stopping people getting into the


There are a lot of stories and lots of interesting people.


But it hasn't always been a pleasant place to work.


Painting the tower is a never`ending job, and those that


Over the years, they've faced the toughest conditions.


Among them, Joan Butterworth's uncle.


They had a tarpaulin which came loose and we understand


whipped him off the platform he was stood on and he came straight


He didn't even make the front page of the newspaper.


Nowadays the safety equipment stretches beyond a flat cap.


We have rope access that comes out where we will work off ropes


and hang off ropes and abseil down the tower.


They were brave. I showed people the picture of the man holding the


ladder. He was a brave man. of that and hopefully good spells of


sunshine. We could see 16 or 17 Celsius tomorrow, that is not bad.


Then, look at this. For Thursday the temperatures are getting higher, 17


Celsius. We hang on to the high pressure for Saturday and Sunday.


Have a look at this. In Cheshire, we could see temperatures as high as 20


Celsius. I can say Cheshire, but not Cumbria. We knew what she meant. A


lovely and warm weekend ahead for us. Have a lovely evening. Good




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