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Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson.


A murderer ` who escaped while on day release


Questions are now being asked about day release programmes


after Arnold Pickering absconded for the third time.


Not milking the farmers ` why one supermarket is taking


And Stockport's Sinatra launches his first album just months


after being rescued after rejection on TV's The Voice.


The Government says it'll be tightening the rules on day release


prisoners after two went on the run from Merseyside at the weekend.


The pair included convicted killer Arnold Pickering who'd


The local MP says it's shocking that Pickering was ever considered


The fugitives are both now back inside


but the controversy surrounding their escape goes on as our Chief


Arnold Pickering was jailed 23 years ago for stabbing a man to death in


Oldham. He had been serving the final stage of his sentence at a low


security prison. On Saturday, he and another inmate were allowed out on


day release but they didn't come back. A police search followed. One


of them was tracked down last night. He's a man with previous


for absconding. He did it in the 90s while


on remand. And he did it in 2009 while


on day release. The fact he's done it again


has outraged the MP who's patch There is no question needs two are


linked. It is a direct result of these cuts. Weeks ago another man


absconded from a jail in Kent. I don't want to see people who have


absconded back into is back behind bars after his two


days of being unlawfully at large. Why he did it and how the system


came to allow him to do it, those are questions that are yet


unanswered. Earlier I spoke to Peter McParland and asked him for his


reaction to the escape. compared to what we were in 2010.


Indeed, the overall figure is almost a thousand if you include admin and


other staff. Ideally, what with the prison association like to see done?


We welcome the responsibility to be back on prison staff to make these


important prisons `` decisions with regard to the public. We want to see


the government accepting the role of the estate which is to protect the


public. Thank you. Now to Manchester United and after


weeks of speculation , we finally We now know the name


of the man chosen to replace Louis van Gaal will take over


after the World Cup. Richard Askam is at Old Trafford


for us. We do now `` we do now know that


Louis van Harle has been chosen to succeed David Moyes. `` Louis Van


Gaal. He will take charge after leaving the Netherlands after the


World Cup. He has chosen Ryan Giggs as his assistant. We were not sure


who he was going to be. Ryan Giggs has announced that he is retiring


and is hanging up his boots. Sticking with Louis Van Gaal come he


has a reputation as a winner and a tough task manager, hasn't he?


He is not short on confidence and he does have a long list of successes


and has promised to make history. He has managed at some of the biggest


clubs in the world. He has won titles just about everywhere he has


been. In Germany, Spain and Holland. He has always `` also won the


Champions League. He has a reputation as Hardman and one man


who knows him well is a former Liverpool striker and says there is


much more to him than just an iron fist. He is a very good coach but he


is also a special person and if you are in his heart, you will never go


out of there. He is a winner. David Moyes was popular when he was


appointed after Sir Alex Ferguson. Is Louis van Harle likely to be a


popular replacement? He has signed a three`year contract. `` Louis Van


Gaal. Plenty would look at the contract and see that he is a good


fit. Whoever we will get will have to be a big name and Louis Van Gaal


is a big name and hopefully he can produce the goods. I am really


pleased. He has had a good history in the past. I am very pleased. I


think he will do a good job. He has a good history and just what we


need. He could do a good job for us. Is for Ryan Giggs, he looked


like a manager in waiting and one `` many wanted him to get the job


permanently. He will be the assistant to Louis Van Gaal and has


drawn an end to his illustrious career on the pitch. We will be


talking more about him later. Back to you.


The shale gas company, Cuadrilla is to seek planning


permission to explore for gas at two sites in Lancashire.


The company wants to test drill at Roseacre Wood near Elswick and


The applications will be considered by Lancashire County Council


Four people have been arrested in the North West as part of


Two men from Liverpool, one man from Manchester


and another from Warrington were among more than 80 people detained


The operation targetted users of software which can remotely


Police are continuing to search a house in Rochdale


Homes and businesses around Oldham Road were evacuated


and Metrolink service suspended this morning after the package


Bentley is taking on over 140 new staff at its factory in Crewe.


The luxury car maker says 50 of those will be apprentice engineers.


It follows the company's best ever year making


Emma is brain damaged, she can't see properly, she can't hear.


All of this damage was caused to Emma in the womb


Emma was awarded ?500,000 at Christmas from the Criminal


And today her adoptive mother agreed to speak to us advance


of a test case, a case which she hopes could see


many more victims of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome receive the same help.


We have changed the names of those involved in this report.


Jenny has agreed to speak to me about her adopted daughter Emma.


'The last 2 years of Emma's life have been hell


for everybody including her. She's very unwell.


We're just trying to get a diagnosis of dementia.


Our geneticist thinks it's all linked to the


Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Emma's problems were caused here


in the womb. Brain damage, missing joints,


fused bones. She's partially sighted and deaf.


Her birth mother was an alcoholic. A court decided a crime had been


committed and on Christmas Eve, Emma was awarded ?500,000.


We're not talking a glass of wine every night.


She was an alcoholic. And at every stage


of pregnancy it destroyed something , from her brain to her eyes to her


ears to her nails. How can that not be a crime?


She asks that question for a reason. Since they started their case,


12 years ago, the law has changed. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is no longer


considered a crime of violence. But could a test case, here in the


North West be about to change that? The case involves


a six`year`old girl. Initially a tribunal agreed she


should receive compensation. But that decision was overturned


on the basis of new guidance. A crime wasn't committed


because when her mother drank ` legally, as an embryo,


the girl was not yet a person. The case is going to appeal.


It will challenge what many see as an unfair change in the law.


The government disagrees. The outcome will be significant with


7,000 new cases of Foetal Alcohol I can't understand why one day it's


a crime ` the next day it isn't. It's not right.


The test case goes to court this Autumn.


Still to come: The farmer who owns these cows in Lancashire says he is


finally getting a fair price for his milk and he will be telling us what


a different man makes. Stockport's Sinatra launches his first album


months after being rejected from rejection. Elated is the world. I am


up in the stratosphere. Today is the day I have been waiting for a long


time. Now, the Green Party is one


of those standing in the European They're hoping to get their first


north west MEP ` last time they were Well, there are plenty


of environmental issues in this part Regular viewers will know we've


been interviewing all the party Earlier I spoke to the Green Party


leader Natalie Bennett and I asked her what her main


targets were this time. I am looking to increase our two


MEPs and I am confident we can do that in the north`west. In terms of


the council elections, we want to grow by 10% and we will rebuild in


London but also see Liverpool as an area of strength. In terms of the


European elections, you did come quite close to stop Nick Griffin bit


`` beat you to the post. At the BNP party has drifted away now but the


Green Party has risen according to the polls. Maybe you are perhaps


going against the wind of public opinion. We are seeing more and more


people saying they hate everything UKIP stands for and they know the


Green Party is the only one standing up to UKIP on immigration and


climate change. There is a lot of people that find them horrifying.


Voters are coming to us. Labour voters are horrified that Labour is


so wishy`washy. With the Tories come here in the north`west, I have


spoken to a lot of Tories who are voting for us on fracking. Fracking


is a big issue here. You are undoubtedly vehemently against it.


Could it be part of a mixed energy economy? We have the fact that we


have to live 55 `` 50% of our fossil fuels in the ground if we are to


avoid catastrophic climate change. We have to work out what we know is


already there in the ground. Renewables don't produce anywhere


near enough energy to keep our lights on. The reason for that is


the government has failed to provide the investment in this environment.


Germany had 73% of its electricity being supplied by renewables. One of


the other great things about Germany is 50% of them are community owned.


They can put their money into investment opportunities and get the


money back into the community. Would we then have to have a wind farm on


every hillside to get anywhere near that? One of the exciting


developments is tidal energy. We have five tidal lagoons in Swansea


Bay and five of those built over ten years could provide 10% of our


energy needs. We need a mix. Thank you. Polling day is on Thursday and


there are 11 parties standing in the north`west. There is a full list on


your screen now. We have heard a lot about


supermarket wars over the price of work and it is an issue that we


touch on with regularity on the programme. Many announced they were


cutting the cost of four points to ?1. One week to that one retailer


says it is concentrating on the farm is instead. One company says it will


pay a higher price for its milk than any other supermarket. They say they


will receive a fair deal. We have been to see one farmer and how it


will affect him. Claire and Richard know the names of


every watt single one of their cows. They call themselves traditional


farmers but making a living hasn't always been easy. A new contract


with with Booths is helping them. We can make decisions on the farm more


for the cow welfare rather than looking it as a cash flow issue. Big


retailers charged less for their milk. Booths says it can't compete


and it is telling its customers that their supplies on local and they


will receive a fair price for their produce. People are conscious


consumers. They want to know where the produce is coming from and that


the people producing their product can sustain their businesses. The


NFU says producers will struggle to get good prices for their farms but


welcome the news. It is only four farmers but hopefully it will expand


and other retailers will look at this and copy the model. Booths are


currently paying 1p more than the next buyer and they say the price


won't be passed onto their customers. Dairy farmers "give a


boost the industry. The appointment of Louis Van Gaal


as Manchester United's new manager isn't the only news out of


Old Trafford today. With more let's go back to


the stadium and join Richard Askam. It is the end of an era for one of


the players there. Ryan Giggs has finally decided to hang his boots up


as a player and he will be the assistant manager to Louis Van Gaal


as well. Andy Ritchie joins me. A good day today. Ryan Giggs, he


looked like a manager towards the end of the season. What about Louis


Van Gaal choosing him as his assistant. It is a classic move.


With him having to sort out the World Cup with the Dutch team, he


needs somebody here that knows the club inside out. There's nobody


better than Ryan Giggs for that. He knows all the young and old players.


He will have his opinions on them as well and Louis Van Gaal will have to


rely on that because he has got to have one eye on what he is doing on


the Dutch national side. What about Ryan Giggs as a player? More than 30


trophies that he won here. Where does he stand in the all`time list


of great players here? He has got to be virtually on the top. Top of the


mountain. 34 trophies, 963 games for the same club. That is amazing. Over


1000 appearances in his career. The superlatives don't make it any more.


There is so many that you could say about him. The dedication to his


profession. He is a role model, he has been fantastic for how many


seasons for Manchester United. I was disappointed he didn't get that goal


in their last game against Southampton. Thank you very much. We


will see how Ryan Giggs and Louis Van Gaal do.


St Helens missed the chance to return to the top


of Super League yesterday and it was Warrington who denied


them the chance in the final game of a record breaking Magic Weekend.


Joel Monaghan scored two of eight tries scored by The Wolves


Just under 65,000 fans attended over the two days at the Etihad Stadium,


And you can see action from all seven matches at Magic weekend


Louis Van Gaal will take over after he has finished his duties at the


World Cup. I wouldn't go betting that one or two United fans will be


waiting. Bob Blakely was working in a Stockport warehouse and telling


his colleagues with the odd song and singing in the shower. He went on to


The Voice and didn't get fixed `` picked and it looked like his dream


had been dashed. Then he came and sat on this server.


There was a visit to BBC breakfast and an offer of a recording


contract. His debut album has been released tonight. We joined him in a


Manchester music shop. His performance impressed us but the


judges couldn't bring themselves to press that buzzer. The show is about


people like Bob. He shouldn't have gone home. Then came the record


deal. I would like to help you sustain the chance and not have it


drop like it was going to. Thank you. Thank you very much. That means


so much. Today he was there for the launch of his debut album. Today is


the day I have been waiting for a long time. It is the realisation of


a dream today. It was recorded with a live studio. There are cover


versions of a few other hits. People will have seen how powerful


his voice can be but what they won't have heard is how tender and


wonderful he can be and how expressive with both modern songs he


can be. Here is a taster of what to expect.


He can sing. I am so pleased for him. It is such a lovely day today


so we have sent Diane out. 'We need to put this issue


to bed now, 'and not leave it


for another generation.' I want a Britain that is free


to control its own destiny. 'another three million people


in Britain by 2020. 'Our public services


are already stretched. 'The pressure on schools, housing,


hospitals in huge.' While we stay in the EU, we cannot


control who comes into our county.


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