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after baby Luke died from the injuries he suffered at birth.


The Inquest into his death heard it was hours before doctors intervened.


Also tonight. A shocking night for the North West


as lightning hits a number of homes in a violent storm.


Slipping into history. The campaign to save


a waterfront access, threatened with closure after centuries of use.


An inquest has started in Bolton into the death


contractions and put her trust and faith into the hands of medical


professionals. She was advised everything was going well and she


would soon be holding a baby in her arms but that was not to be the


case. He was just three months old when he suffered a cardiac arrest


because of problems from the birth. His mother told the inquest she had


been assured everything was going well during her Labour but 15 hours


later the baby was delivered with multiple fractures to his skull and


brain damage. We need to hear the information and facts so we know


exactly what happened on the day he was born and on the day he died. The


inquest heard the head of the baby must have been wedged into his


mother's pelvis at some point during the labour. He was eventually


delivered by these alien. His parents were told he was dead but 20


minutes later they were told he was alive. `` delivered by Slovenian


section. The lessons to be learned will be too late for this baby and


his parents. He was my little boy, we loved him dearly and our dreams


are completely shattered. He was beautifully bright, he was


adorable, he knew he was laughed. Following his traumatic birth, Luke


was taken to hospital at Stoke. His parents had him christened at 3am


because they did not think he would make it through the night. Later he


was sent home and his parents raised the issue of treating him in his


short life. They were given just 30 minutes of training on how to deal


with him and his complex needs. The Julie at the Hillsborough inquest


has been told the tails about how the 96 people died in 1989. The fans


were only given half of the turn take `` turnstiles compared with the


Nottingham Forest side. Tell others more about the video that was


shown. The Julie have been hearing evidence from a senior police


officer about uncontentious matters. There has been talked about


the layout of the ground which is important because the Julie will go


to the ground. The image that was shown had no fans in it. On the day


itself the area would have been full of thousands of fans. We are still


watching it at the moment as the fans would have walked down the


tunnel into the pens. Explain to us what else was heard today. There


were a lot of images of maps, still photographs and video. One thing was


the location of the police control box and also some views from there.


What they would see was not necessarily a good representation of


what would be seen by the naked eye. There have been 7,000 still images


and clips of video. Liverpool fans were allocated less than half of the


turnstiles that the Nottingham Forest fans were allocated. The man


from this region has died in Malaga after struggling in the sea. The


former SCS sniper from who has lost his latest appeal against conviction


for possessing a gun and ammunition. A 15`year`old girl is to appear in


court on a charge of arson. A firefighter was killed as he was


dealing with the blaze in the city centre in July. 13 beaches in the


north`west have been given Seaside awards by the keep Britain tidy


group. A plane heading to the isle of man and several properties were


struck by lightning last night as a sudden storm hit parts of the will


and North Cheshire. Those caught up in it were today counting the cost


of damage in their homes. It is a night some will remember for a long


night to come. It was all white, it didn't my eyes. The noise just


flashed through the house. This is Birkenhead, the lightning came to if


in this street through the aerial in number seven. It was mad. The


lightning struck that the real originally but then it bounced


across the street hitting the house is on the other side. This man


snapped the lightning from his front room window without realising what


would still,. There was this terrific crash. I flew off my chair,


my phone was off and I was just in shock. This bungle came off far


worse, a ball struck the roof causing extensive damage. The owner


was not in neighbour saw the damage. Everybody was screaming and


went out. The smoke was coming out of the house and everything was on


fire. The graphic images were shot by an amateur film`maker who decided


to venture out to record the scene near his home. It sounded like lots


of explosions going off. It shot me backwards. Others were also busy


with their cameras capturing mother nature at her most awesome.


Spectacular. Just to confirm. The pictures you were seeing and the


sound were the actual sounds of the thunder and lightning. In case you


did not know, it is just two days until the European and local


elections. There is no shortage of choice, 11 parties are standing in


the region, let's catch up with some of the candidates with our political


editor. The main message is that we are different from UKIP. We are


about real people. I come from the area and a manufacturing base in


small business. I have a feel for people and the things that we need


in the area. We want to be the voice for England. We want to transfer


that voice to Europe to say the UK is four different nations. As the


voice of England we want to say what is not good for England in Europe.


We are offering a voice in the EU for working`class people, to explore


the nature of the EU, its attacks on worker's lives and on health and


safety legislation, nor one else is doing that at this moment in time.


`` no one else. In the Northwest we have seen many job losses, libraries


closed, public services reduced, this is an agenda being carried out


throughout Europe. We are not left or right or anarchists. We just use


common sense to protect citizens rights and to do that we need an


open Internet and transparency in government. You are nothing to do


with those men on the high seas? We occasionally drink from but that is


about it. Thursday is polling day, you can look at our website for


more. Still to come on this evening's programme. The local


tropicals. How our great, great grand parents found out what was


happening where they live. And the icing on his cake, I have feeling


unloved could the Manchester city start to the verge of quitting?


There is reliable access to the river Mersey, in more recent times


hundreds of boat owners have used the slipway but now that is under


threat. There will be a warehouse built their which will service wind


farms off of the costs. Tour operators say this is a popular


stretch of water for fishing and sightseeing trips. The only access


slipway is this one that is not affected by the tide. There have


been plans submitted to build a service centre on the car park which


would close access to the public. One tour operator has just agreed to


speak to us but he has customers and is out on a fishing trip. We are


just off to meet him. Gary Flint says that if the berry is closed to


the public it would badly affect his business. We are tidal, if we have


passengers out with us who want to get off, that is the only point


within 60 miles we can drop them off. The company who have submitted


the plans say they are relying on the planning authority to make due


consideration. I do not believe it is possible to develop the car park


and for people to have 24`hour access to the Mersey. The operators


say the slipway has been used for 700 years and they do not see why


they should need to stop now. A Lancashire farming business says its


expansion plans are being held back. It is struggling to find


people with the right skills to cut meat in the traditional way. Our


reporter went to meet the two brothers who set the business up. It


is a living teaching resource for these children learning about


sustainable farming. The family business was set up two years ago


but is set for a turnover of ?2 million this year. We teach decent


butchering skills. His dad is the head tutor. We have used kites and


paper fillings to show how you would fill sausage skin with sausage meat.


So far so good a thriving business. It is here at the cutting warehouse


by miles away that the expansion plans have hit the offer. Not enough


people want to put on these to work in there. The head butcher leads a


team of 20. Getting the work done is our problem at the minute, finding


traditional butchers who have the skill. The average age of the


butcher is now the three. People do not see butchering as a sexy


industry. Long working hours and poor day. It is a real opportunity


for young people to take on. The hope is that these young people will


be inspired to make real sausages when they choose a career. 100 years


ago local news was very different to what we have now. Most people found


the news in their local newspaper but some enterprising cinema owners


made local tropicals to the big film started. These gave a great insight


into how our great grandparents might have left. The archive from


the First World War has now been made public. April 1916, the whole


of Preston, it seems, it turned out to welcome home a hero. He had been


awarded the Victorian cross for conspicuous bravery. He had been


caught in a gas attack on the Western front. As he is driven past


the camera you can see him coughing into a handkerchief. Four weeks


after this civic reception he died while being treated for his wounds.


This is footage of the famous regiment. The Northwest film archive


has a valuable collection of films from this time. Who made these


films? They were made for or by local cinema owners. They were for a


cameraman to go out and record events. In these cases it was men


training in troops or leaving to go to war. The films show the home


front, not just men in uniform but the life they left behind. This is


Stockport market in 1910. One young man stops to look out at us from


another world and time. German shops wrecked by rioters in Liverpool


after the U`boat sunk a liner in 1915. Prisoners of war being taken


into captivity. It is thought these pictures were shot near Wigan. Here,


Lancashire Fusiliers marched through the area and although the place has


changed, you can still retrace their steps. Most of them would have been


sent off as reinforcement to battalions and later to the Western


front. I suspect some people will recognise family members from


photographs or these films. I suspect


something is missing. Manchester City's Yaya thinks they did not make


enough of his 31st birthday. He might be


like a birthday cake. Is he even awake? His agent says the snob


actually came from the club's owners. Is it a overreaction? It is


interesting from a psychology point of view, I think it is about


cross`cultural differences. His fans on twitter made a big deal. They


invited him for cake. But his agent was not laughing. Some others got a


cake or a car. This afternoon Yaya stepped into the road and says it is


all true but he will see more after the World Cup. Just to be nice. For


the fans, the club, everybody, we all love you, do not go. We beat a


cake today but the club would not let as drop it off. Ever mind, happy


birthday Yaya. A better day tomorrow. The sun is up at five


o'clock. That is really the predominant feature of the weather.


The patchy cloud will take over every now and then but realistically


it is a good day. There is a shower but it is on the Pennines. Most


places should be dried but with light winds coming from the south it


will look good and feel good out and about. Today temperatures got to 20


and 21, tomorrow 19 is the maximum. Need the most of that day because


everything changes going through Thursday. Thursday will be a fairly


wet day. Can we not tempt you? Cake from the pavement? I know what you


mean. It does not sound that Some people don't think real change


in Europe is possible. Some people don't think real change


is necessary. Some people don't think


it's worth fighting for. But we want to make Europe work


for Britain, and give you the final say


with an in-out referendum in 2017. have made Britain's economy


stronger and more competitive. a record number of people in work.


And we're predicted to be the fastest-growing economy


in the G7 this year.


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