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some big decisions to make. That's


Four businesses in the North West have been named by the Government


after failing to pay the minimum wage to workers.


They're on a list of 25 companies around the country that facd fines


Four of their employers namdd and shamed by the government today are


here in the West. At the salon in Wirral, their employers failed to


pay three workers a total of over ?7,000 that they were owed. In


Bolton and employer missed out on over ?400 in wages. In Trafford


Park, a company neglected to pay 15 of their staff a total of 100 and


?49. They said it was due to administration errors which should


have been corrected. And Mr and Mrs Hampton who run this in A`star pub


`` who run this pub also owdd money. We hope that this send out ` very


clear message to employers tp and down the country that paying the


National minimum wage is not only morally and ethically right but it


is a legal obligation. The government says that all fotr


businesses now face fines. A local MP has criticised


the new leader of Rochdale Borough Council Richard Farnell


for taking the job amid alldgations that the council was told


of sexual abuse at Knowl Vidw School A former health worker belidves


a report he wrote into abusd at the An inquiry into what happendd


at Knowl View is due to beghn. Mr Farnell says he wasn't aware


of the report at the time, but one local MP says even though he


accepts that, he thinks takhng the leadership again could send out


the wrong message to the public I do not think it is very whse at


this particular time, particularly with this inquiry going on hnto the


ongoing is at Knowl View School because Richard was the leader at


the time when these allegathons have made. So I do not think it hs a


clever thing for him to do `nd if he had spoken to me about it I would


have said so. Lancashire police have confhrmed


they are investigating a new allegation against


the former broadcaster Stuart Hall. A spokesperson


for the force confirmed A 26 year`old man is


in a critical condition aftdr what police described as a brutal attack


at the Parklife Weekender fdstival The victim and his girlfriend were


dancing in front of the main stage Officers are searching


for a mixed`race man, aged `round 25 67,000 people descended on


Heaton Park for the festival this weekend and today 14 people have


been arrested for various offences, Tomorrow on North West Tonight we'll


be reporting on preparations for the A French street`theatre company is


bringing three giants to thd city as part of a show commemorating


the centenary of World War One. This weekend a delegation


from Liverpool travelled to France to learn about the preparathons


and our Merseyside Reporter Andy Next month Liverpool will hold one


of the most important events commemorating the start of World War


I, the story of the ordinarx men who went to the trenches. The story will


be told by a giant grandmother, she is part of a street theatre company


based year in France. She h`s had her public debut this weekend. We


will be reporting on that ptblic debut all about the grandmother and


what a team from Liverpool can learn here about staging the event in


Liverpool. Sport now,


and in rugby league Warrington Wolves eased into the last four


of the Challenge Cup, running in eight tries in a convinchng win


over struggling Bradford Bulls. Richie Myler and Joel


Monaghan both scored twice. Warrington join Widnes, Leeds


and Castleford in the semi`finals. N Cricket's LV County Champhonship,


Lancashire are playing At close of play today they were


on 188`6. The Isle of Man has lost


in the final of the Conifa World Cup The last round of


the competition for non`[email protected] nations saw the Isle of Man go out 4`3


on penalties to Countea de Nissa. Fans back home say they're


proud nonetheless. They have gone out on penalties to


team that they have already beaten in the competition, they did really


well. They played really well, I thought they would have won it.


Good evening, any showers whll now move away. The cloud will bring


showers on Monday morning. Humidity rising, it will feel quite close


with overnight lows of around 1 degrees. One or two showers around


tomorrow, they will tend to ease during the morning and then 12


showers will develop in the afternoon, some of which cotld be


heavy and potentially thunddry. At times it will be easy, it whll feel


fairly warm in the top ten charter `` top temperature of around 20


degrees. There will be one or two showers. Things start to settle down


by the middle part of the wdek. That is all for me for now. We whll be


back in the morning. Good nhght Good evening. It was quite warm


today and humid. There was sunshine and also thundery showers. Low


pressure anchored to the south and west of the UK. Winds go


anticlockwise. We are dragging in some very warm and humid air. We are


dragging in some thundery showers. They will drift north, through the


southern counties into Wales and getting into the north of England by


dawn. It will be a warm night in the south. Just a few degrees behind


that the north will start on a decent note. The thundery showers


will work through northern England and into Scotland come the


afternoon, with some heavy showers breaking out elsewhere. We could see


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