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cooler through the weekend, but the weather is looking pretty good for


Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Annabel Thffin.


Holiday`makers fears over the Liverpool passport backlog.


Workers are told they'll be disciplined


We join Merseyside Police as they launch raids on organised crime


Criticism for the binge drinking document`ry which


Lift`off for the prestigious horse trial, as Bolesworth puts Cheshire


I'm here for the bigger World Cup kick`off. `` the big World Cup


kick`off. An anxious time


for passport applicants tod`y, some were trying to collect


passports in person others were putting in second applications under


the faster premium service to try to An anxious time


for passport applicants tod`y, some were trying to collect


passports in person others were putting in second applications under


the faster premium service to try to No one really explains what was


going on. Over the past week, I have phoned at least twice a day to find


out what is happening. Eventually I finally got some action. Thdy said I


can pick it up today but it has been horrible.


I'm really anxious. It has been quite stressful. The worry of losing


my holiday has not been fun. British Nationals working abroad are


also caught up in the backlog Martin Cairns from Liverpool works


in Senegal applied for a passport I'm very disappointed. My whfe is


stressed out. Obviously we want to have a good summer holiday.


Fortunately we have not booked flights but I know people who had.


It's disappointing that this can happen.


Theresa May leaked pictures of documents waiting to be processed


in Liverpool sparked this row, now staff here are being investhgated


250 additional staff have bden transferred to front`line


operations. 50 additional staff will be working on the customer helpline.


There will be new space opened in Liverpool to help staff with


processing passport applications. Theresa May leaked pictures


of documents waiting to be processed in Liverpool sparked this row, now


staff here are being investhgated Earlier, I spoke to the union that


represents the workers at the passport office.


I think it is a disgraceful and over the top response from the government


to a member of their workforce raising legitimate concerns. I think


what we have seen over the last couple of days is that the release


of those photographs was overwhelmingly in the public


interest. Was there another way this could have been handled rather than


leaking photographs? We don't know what was going through


the person's mind who released those photographs. Clearly they h`ve


serious concerns about the state of the service they provide. They felt


the best vehicle to highlight those concerns was to draw a picttre of


the people of just how bad the situation was.


They are under a lot of pressure as now have this threat of disciplinary


action. Will this affect thd way they are under a lot of pressure as


now have this threat of disciplinary action. Will this affect thd way


they're working? To be honest, I would suggest that


morality is already at a low. Workers in the passport offhce are


already being asked to work round the clock in order to get the


government out of the mess that they have created for themselves. This is


a further attack on staff morale. Staff should be rewarded and


recognised for the vital work that they are doing on the ground every


day to keep the service as ht is best.


Why do your members think that things have gone so wrong?


The government has cut staff in the passport office and the service is


not able to handle the demands. We have been saying to the govdrnment


that went demands goes back to normal, the service will not be able


to cope. I think we have bedn completely vindicated.


Now that's reason they had said there will be an increase in staff,


do you think people will get their passports in the right amount of


time? I sincerely hope they do get their


passports in time. It is not our wish that anyone would miss a


well`deserved holiday. The leasures that the government have put in a


lot of them are short term. They don't address the underlying issues.


There is a Sirius question `bout whether this could happen again


Thank you very much. `` a sdrious question.


It was Liverpool's biggest dver crackdown on serious


Today, hundreds of police officers carried out raids across thd city


The yearlong investigation has already led to the seizure


of millions of pounds worth of drugs along with firearms.


So far today 32 people have been arrested, as Ian Haslam reports


It?s 7am and more than 400 Merseysidd police


officers are heading out to various destinations on what the force calls


Minutes later, suspects receive a rude awakening.


It's around 7:15am. This is one of 38 borrowers being investig`ted


across the county. At the same time, a mile down


the road in Dingle, another raid. There were no occupants


but there was a cannabis farm. The lack we get information from our


community who tell us where these individuals are plying their trade.


This involves to organised crime groups who are effectively have been


using violence of firearms to facilitate their trade.


Since Operation Azuga began a year ago, drugs with a street


value of ?3 million have bedn seized ` along with a number of firearms,


We are working to make sure that people aren't going to come in and


fill the void that has been left. We have taken out a significant number


of people involved in drug supply in this area.


proof say Merseyside police, that they're making major progress


The way the community has stpported the police in gathering that


information, all of that is really encouraging.


Following today's raids offhcers have been posting information


leaftets in a bid to reassure residents.


Those arrested are tonight being questioned at Police stations


A report's found that Greater Manchester Police couldn't


have done anything to prevent the death of a woman and her 15 year


old son in a house fire in Altrincham started by her p`rtner.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission looked into the contact


officers had with Tracey and Shaun Jones before David Potts carried out


the arson attack in 2011, btt said police had no information to help


500 jobs are at risk at Wirral Council as part of plans to


An email sent to all staff by chief executive Graham Btrgess


warns compulsory redundancids can't be ruled out.


The council cut over a thousand jobs through voltntary


An Air Accident Investigation Branch report says that ice may have caused


a light aircraft to crash in North Wales killing


a Lancashire man and seriously injuring members of his famhly.


The Piper Cherokee lost powdr as it approached Caenarfon @irport


Royal Mail says it will consider actions


by workers who've refuse to deliver free copies of the Sun newspaper


The publishers agreed not to distribute copies in Liverpool


because of anger at the way they reported the Hillsborough dhsaster.


Some members of staff in Skelmersdale said they'd walk out


if they were made to deliver the newspapers.


An ITV documentary has been criticised for paying students to


drink dangerously high levels of alcohol which could have


Britain's young Drinkers whhch was part of the Tonight programle spent


hundreds of pounds on alcohol for four Liverpool University


Students on a night out in order to see what effect it would have.


Alcohol Awareness charities have criticised the programme


Our Health Correspondent El`ine Dunkley reports.


It was meant to be an ITV investigation into how much young


people drink now the progralme is under investigation.


One of the students from Liverpool John Moore's Univdrsity


drank 48 units the equivalent of 24 pints...and


In a bar another one, all otr students had two shots of tdquila.


The students wouldn't talk to us because they've signed a de`l with


a national newspaper but drink awareness charitids have


I'm not sure it's particularly scientific. I think it has been done


in an irresponsible way. I `ccept the fact that students will drink a


lot, but actually giving thdm a blank cheque to go and do what they


want I think is not a sensible way of going about things.


In tests the following day, one of the students had a blood


alcohol level consistent with a patient in A that had poisoning.


I do think it is a problem that affects the student community. We


are dealing with isolated incidents across campuses and across the


country, where these kinds of activities are taking place. I think


it is important for us to ghve the right message around responsible


drinking. I have drunk a lot but never


ridiculous amounts. They shouldn't have just given them a free bar


I think it was a really terrible idea. Students are responsible but


when they're given that opportunity they will milk it for all it is


worth. In a statement ITV said, "Following


a complaint from a family mdmber of one of the participants hn the


Tonight programme, ITV immediately carried out an investigation


into whether its strict intdrnal The series producer has left


the programme." When Robert Hart set out


for the Parklife music festhval in Manchester at the weekend,


he was looking forward to sdeing But the 26`year`old


from Macclesfield died in hospital yesterday, after being punched while


trying to stop his girlfriend being Police say Robert's


family are inconsolable. Officers have appealed to fdstival


goers to check their mobile phones and comd forward


if they saw or filmed the attack. Robert Hart and his girlfridnd came


to the Parklife festival in Heaton Park last weekend ` `long


with 140,000 other music fans. But after being brutally attacked


by the main stage on Saturd`y His family described him as a loving


and caring man. He was living in Liverpool at the time with his


girlfriend. He is originallx from Macclesfield. It is a terrible


incident. His family are utterly devastated.


Robert and his girlfriend wdre at the front of the stage


Police said today there appdars to have been some sort of confrontation


after Robert?s girlfriend w`s hit with an inflatable doll.


He was given CPR but died yesterday in hospital.


Police have released an e`fht of the suspect ` he's of mixed race, in


He was wearing shorts and a blue bomber style jacket with


Robert wasn't the only person assaulted.


Officers are looking at this picture being circulated on social ledia


which claims to show a man being kicked in an unrelated attack


at the festival ` they haven't yet identified the victim or offender.


There were also two stabbings with one teenage boy slashed


Police say they need festiv`lgoers to go look through their pictures


and video to see whether thdy captured Robert's attack.


The organisers of Parklife say they're dev`stated


by Robert's death and are hdlping police with their investigation


The government has warned the University of Chester that


standards at three of its academies are "unacceptably low".


Ministers have today issued a so`called "pre`warning notice


to the University of Chester Academies Trust or UCAT telling it


Our political editor Arif Ansari is outside one of those academhes


So this is one of the three academies in qtestion.


Just explain further what the problem is.


The government wrote to you cats in April. That letter has been made


public today. The significance is that there are schools that


struggle, but some of them being turned into academies and they have


academy sponsors, of which the University is one. Its job hs to


raise those standards. The government has flagged up concerns


about three academies. One of those is behind me. Two others ard the


University of Chester Acadely in Northwich and the Universitx Of


Chester Church Of England Academy. I have spoken to children who go to


this Academy and they were far from comp entry. The National unhon of


teachers claimed that the school was improving until the council took


over. I am extremely concerned about the


situation. It is a `` it is letting down the people who are attdnding


that Academy. Improvements have to be made.


Louise Ellman says the young people are being let down. What happens


next? This is the letter, the pre`warning


notice letter that the government has sent out. It essentiallx says to


UCAT, you have 15 days to ilprove things. They write that the


Secretary of State considers that there has been a serious brdakdown


in the way some of the acaddmies within the trust are managed or


governed. As for the University of Chdster,


they say that they received the letter in April but have had some


time to improve matters. Thdy have been working hard


behind`the`scenes. They havd to convince the government of that and


if they don't manage it within the next few days, the government does


have the ability to take thd Academy away from sponsoring those ghouls.


That would be a big move, nationally, in terms of education


policy. What are your thoughts on another


political story tonight, th`t the MP Joe Benton is going to leavd


Parliament? There has been ` bit of toing and froing on this story. What


is the significance? This is another unusual one because


Mr Benson wanted to continud as the MP but his constituency party had


other ideas. One bit of polhtical trivia, back in 1990, the


constituency had three MPs. Two of them died and Mr Benson took over in


a by`election. As far as his constituency party or concerns, they


don't feel that his media profile has been as much as they wotld


like. It is a safe Labour sdat and I don't think they will have lany


problems finding a successor. Thank you.


The weather is coming up shortly. Thousands of you have been dnjoying


the sunshine. Thousands of people have bedn


enjoying the summer sunshind and the show jumping at the Boldsworth


International Festival in Cheshire. It's and event that's dragghng


the sport's focus away from its traditional heartl`nd away


from the Home Counties. With unbridled ambition


it's attracting top riders and horses and it's now


in the top five show jumping events Our Cheshire reporter Mark Ddwardson


has spent the day at the festival. It's magnificent central ardna is


playing host to horses and riders from around the world, incltding


Olympians. There are worse ways of spending 81


Thursday afternoon. We don't get this temperature often.


These are beautiful surroundings. It's lovely. The weather helps, of


course. This is no glorified gymkhana. The


competition is deadly seriots. Olympic gold medallists are among


the riders. It's a privilege to have thhs event


in our country. Some were focused on the central


arena, but backstage the stores were being groomed.


She is 12 years old. She is cheeky. She is a quirky mayor. She gets a


bit shy at times, but she's sweet. `` a cheeky force.


It takes a month because yot have to exercise of horses, make sure they


are fit enough for the job. You have to get them to enough shows.


One man who was the million with the arena was invited to perforl the


opening. He is a local lad. I am into the racing and my wife and


daughter are into dressage. This was a grass field last time I w`s here.


All the great names were colpeting here, but now it is a big n`tionwide


events. Bolesworth is relatively yotng


compared to its rivals in the south, but that has not trained in its


ambition. We would like to have some


championships here. That is our ultimate aim.


The festival goes on for another three days. There is a treat in


store for you, because I have found out that the boy bands Blue are


playing here will stop I know you are both fans!


I am looking forward to hearing them perform again!


It's amazing what you can fhnd on the Internet.


Now, believe it or not, the World Cup is fast approaching.


The opening ceremony is at 7pm. England played their first latch on


Saturday. Ardent fans have just completed the adventure of `


lifetime to cheer on their team They fed us,


let us watch the football at their house, arranged for us to bd able to


get safely across to the next town Then there was the stray Urtguayan


dog who followed them, became part of the team


and whom they made a film about think he will agree that is pretty


impressive. People here might have one or two of their own that with


sweepstakes. They are supporting one country in


particular. England's! Chris Livesey on the streets. You


like to make an effort, don't you? We do. We love it here on England


Street, as it is now. It's good community spirit. We are supporting


the boys out in Brazil. I think they will win! Those lads are gohng out


there with no fear. Come on, England! He said that with `


straight face. This place is already building up, I can feel it. What


will it be like ahead of thd first game?


It's going to be great. We will be getting our flags into the windows


and getting dressed up. We will all get ready to watch the match in the


evening. We will be watching in rain,


sunshine, whatever. I think we need a final prediction


from the kids. Who's going to win? England


I told you that would shock you I've been promised a free bders so


perhaps I will be back on S`turday. One of those occasions when everyone


in Wales will be supporting England. Wales streets.


I've got England in the offhce sweepstakes.


I got Hollander so I am quidtly optimistic.


`` I got Holland. Some subtle changes in the forecast


over the next couple of days. A couple of weather fronts emdrging.


They will introduce more cloudy conditions and they will also bring


in cooler conditions. Follow the eye for Boris and you can see which way


the wind is blowing. It is coming from the north. `` follow the


isobars. You will see a drop and you will notice that it will fedl


cooler. For some people that might be welcome. Today we saw


temperatures of 21 widely across the North of England. A beautiftl


evening in store with most `` with most places dry and fine. Qtite a


bit of clear weather tonight, so really you might be down to eight or


nine. In towns and these, a nice warm night. Temperatures up to 4


degrees. When you get up tolorrow morning, the same start as this


morning with plenty of sunshine The best of the weather will be before


lunchtime. After lunchtime, conditions will change. Through the


morning, look at that picture. It will feel lovely if you're out and


about. Here we go, just to the north of us there is a line that hs trying


to get towards us. It is merely used words but also dropping south.


Through the afternoon, it whll introduce more cloud cover `s that


cloud brings in the warm air with rocks. You could see showers


starting to break out. I 4pl, you may see showers on the Isle of Man.


It's all really ahead of a lore organised area of weather. @t


weather front will work its way down across north`western England on


Friday night into Saturday lorning. Tomorrow, I lunchtime we will be at


19 or 20 degrees. Most of the day is decent, that's towards the dnd


things will change. We are introducing much more in thd way of


cloud cover, and temperaturds cool off slightly, but it's not ` bad


forecast. I have heard that the officd


sweepstakes are paying out for the worst team as well.


Enjoy the little bits of nice weather we're having. Good night.


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