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following a breakthrough in relations. -- in Iran.


A civil servant is sacked for posting offensive comments online


The Merseyside`based offici`l used government computers to


Stabbed in broad daylight ` but Kieran's dad says


his death could've been prevented if police had acted differently


Number Ten on the menu as the Manchester twin chefs provide


Lancashire I will be explaining how a sneak thief was caught out either


members of this Lancashire cricket team.


A civil servant has been sacked for using Government computdrs to


post abuse about the Hillsborough disaster on Wikipedia.


The Merseyside`based offici`l used the internet to mock those


Our reporter, Ben Schofield, is at the Hillsborough Inquests and has


Ben, an inquiry was launched in April into this so remind us


Good evening. Some of what was posted on the Wikipedia pagd for


Hillsborough is too offensive for me to repeat. Suffice to say, the


Liverpool Football Club motto, You'll Never Walk Alone was edited


so it read, You'll Never Walk Again. Those posts were made using


government computers between 20 9 and 2012. It has been confirmed at


24`year`old civil servant from London but who work in Liverpool has


been fired for gross misconduct I spoke to the chair of the


Hillsborough support group who lost her son, James in the disaster and I


asked her for her reaction. It is very sad because obviously he has


heard so much about Hillsborough and known what the families havd been


fighting for, as well as thd fans. That made it harder. At the end of


the day there is a lot of pdople out there who still have these feelings


and we will not change their opinions, it is not worth trying.


The inquests are ongoing in those buildings behind you. Done by a


civil servant, any reaction from the government? This morning, the


Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, said it is distressing this


has come out well the inquests are going on in Warrington. He said what


was posted was sickening. Hd said this:


The inquest this afternoon have heard from Paul Jackson, and


environmental protection officer at Sheffield City Council. He said in


1988 he sent a report to thd council recommended they refuse to supply


Sheffield Wednesday with thdir safety certificate. He said he did


that because he had not seen an Emergency Response Belt. He will


continue with his evidence tomorrow. Concerns about potential delays


in the trial of six men acctsed of killing an aid worker


from Rochdale have been raised Khuram Shaikh was shot and stabbed


while on holiday in Sri Lanka. The Rochdale MP, Simon Danczuk,


told the House he fears With the trial now well adv`nced, we


have learnt it may have to start again because the Sri Lankan


president is contemplating promoting the judge. Will the Minister work


with his counterparts and press for the trial to run its course?


The father of a student, killed by a stranger in broad daylhght says


his death could've been prevented. Kieran Crump Raiswell was stabbed


as he walked in Manchester looking for a job


Today the police watchdog criticised Nottinghamshire police


for not investigating an attack 12 days earlier by Kieran's killer


Stuart Pollitt reports. Caring, thoughtful and with his


whole life ahead of him, thhs is Kieron job`hunting moments before a


man he had never met stabbed him to death. We think about Kieron every


day and it being in our neighbourhood every day, yot have


the physical, geographical reminder all the time. It was Januarx last


year that Kieron was stabbed as he walked along this road. His murderer


had driven to Manchester to kill at random. There was nothing police


here could have done, but could have offices in Nottingham have presented


the death. He randomly punched a man in Nottingham in what the court case


described as a trial run thd Kieron's murder. The IPCC s`id the


force failed to properly investigate. They did not h`ndle


evidence properly, create a prompt crime report or update their


records. The officer responsible has been found guilty of misconduct We


will never know if this could have been prevented, but it is clear the


officer did not investigate the initial assault quickly or


thoroughly enough. Feel that if action had been taken, Imran Hussain


may well have been dissuaded from following up the assault in


Nottingham with the attack on Kieron in Manchester. Kieron's famhly are


hoping this report brings them some closure, but they have promhsed to


go on fundraising for charity in his memory.


A man has been charged with the possession of an illegal fighting


dog after the death of a baby this year. She was mauled to death by the


pet all type dog at her mother's boyfriend home. He has been charged


with conspiring to supply c`nnabis. The large area covered by the


NHS Trust which runs hospit`ls in north Lancashire


and south Cumbria could be one Local MP, Eric Ollerenshaw, believes


the distance is partly to blame It follows a leaked report


which raises major concerns about the Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust


including a high turnover of senior BAe Systems is due to submit plans


for a 13`acre solar farm The proposal,


at the military aircraft manufacturing unit in Samlesbury,


includes 10,000 individual solar panels, generating around a quarter


of its demand for electricity. A former soldier


from Sefton has created a World War One commemoration flower


bed on a main road in Crosbx. 64`year`old Neville Hymus c`me up


with the design which features a sculpture of blinded soldhers


led by their sergeant. The monument stands amongst poppies


and other flowers grown by Neville. They're famous for once housing


a young Ringo Starr but Livdrpool's Welsh Streets are infamous


for a decade long row over whether Today, a long awaited public


enquiry began which will Those on the mystery tour mhght have


been mystified. A shrine to the Beatles looking unloved. Ringo Starr


was born in this house and lived here until he was five. The fight to


save this house from demolition is part of the story. The council wants


to save it still wants to knock down 280 neighbouring homes, including


number 21. It has been bought by a charity. It is that charity's


opposition to demolition whhch sparked the public enquiry. They and


their tenants, Chris, are hdre to prove a point. Because the houses


are worth saving. You can lhve in them and are fully functionhng


homes. The council says thex are uninhabitable? It is hard to


understand because they in hnhabited in 2005 and everybody was h`ppy at


that time. Outside the publhc enquiry this morning, other


residents with a different view Decent homes the decent people. That


was ten years ago this picttre. I wanted a new house but all H got was


a new placard. They have no right in London. Why are they coming to


Liverpool to dictate to othdrs. These people have in waiting ten


years for a new home, they say some have died waiting and they don't


want to wait any longer or their fate decided by a London based


charity. Nobody outside this city should be telling this city what to


do. Enquiry will spend thred weeks hearing evidence then it is down to


the Secretary of State to ddcide if the ?15 million project will go


ahead. We will continue to follow that enquiry.


Stillbirths are classified when the baby dies


Many occur in otherwise healthy babies, though


In the most recent figures for 012 across the North West there were 466


stillbirths ` that's around five in every 1,000 births ` slightly


The number of stillbirths is falling across the


country there were 250 fewer in 2012 than in the previous 12 months.


But the UK continues to havd one of the highest rates ` it's ranked


Now, researchers in Manchester have been awarded just over ?1million to


identify some of the causes and hopefully offer answers.


Across the north`west of 466 stillbirths. Slightly higher than


the national average. The ntmber of stillbirths is falling across the


country, there were 250 fewdr in 2012 band in the previous 12 months.


The UK continues to have ond of the highest rates, ranked 33rd out of 35


high`income nations. Researchers in Manchester had been awarded just


over ?1 million to identify some of the causes and hopefully offer


answers. The joy of holding a baby ghrl in


her arms for a mother who lost a baby son three years ago.


Jennifer's pregnancy ended hn the stillborn of her son at 36 weeks.


You have done through an entire pregnancy with no baby you `re


holding or feeding. It is lhke as though your arms are yearning to


hold this baby. Giving birth wasn't the hardest, it is saying goodbye. I


must have said goodbye to Alexander at the hospital half a dozen times.


When Jennifer found out she was pregnant again, buying clothes and


painting the nursery was hard. The Fiat meant she needed extra support


from the rainbow clinic. Centre 200 families every year. It is `


difficult time. The thing they feared the most has happened to them


so they will not look at anxthing in the same light again. We nedd to


provide reassurance and hopdfully be a helping hand throughout the


pregnancy. One of the most hmportant things we can ask women to lodify


about their behaviour is stop smoking. Researchers know lhttle


about why some women have a stillborn child. With over ?1


million of funding, Manchester could be at the forefront in identifying


the causes. We can look at original research to find out whether


measuring things like the placenta goes into the mum's circulation


could detect pregnancy is at risk and when we put that into a clinical


trial, whether that can help babies and reduce the amount of


stillbirths. Baby Isabella hs the joy Jennifer hoped for. New research


at this clinic could providd hope for many more. Still to comd on the


programme: Join me at one of the biggest agricultural shows


celebrating everything Cheshire And we have filmed one of the r`rest


birds in the country as a 24 hour surveillance operation tries to


safeguard their nests. They've won the approval of


Gordon Ramsay, they've survhved the Dragon's Den, but two Chinese chefs


from Manchester faced their biggest Lunch was provided by Helen and


Lisa Tse of Manchester's Swdet As Stuart Flinders reports,


it's the latest chapter Chinese takeaway don't come much


bigger than this, having worked up an appetite with a morning of formal


visits, Li rumble. They said clean plates all


round. They once used to be a common sight but the numbers of hen harrier


is in England are down to three breeding pairs. They are in the


Forest of Boland and one has five chicks and the birds are so at risk


the nests are under surveillance 24 hours a day. There are only three


pairs of hen harrier is in the country, this is one of thel. Today


they were hunting for food to feed their five chicks. The nest is so


rare, it is under 24`hour surveillance. Last year there wasn't


a single successful nesting attempt in England. And that is the first


time in over 60 years. This year we were wanting to do everything we can


to ensure these nests are stccessful and we get young birds fledged and


on the wing. The charity believes numbers have declined because of


hunting. Hen harrier 's feed on grouse but grouse hunting is a


profitable business. The government is trying to come up with a solution


to protect hen harrier is I keeping landowners happy. There havd never


been any prosecutions, but this plan recognises there is a conflhct. It


is great there is finally a plan on the table after 20 years. This nest


location is top secret. RSPB staff watch the nest at night and then


volunteers take over. Persecution that goes on against these birds


used to boil my blood. So I thought, rather than just sit at homd and get


angry, do something about it. It is illegal to interfere with a hen


harrier nest. We would report them to the police if we saw it. It is


thought were just 15 successful breeding pairs in 2007. In 2011 that


had dropped to just four, l`st year there were two breeding pairs but no


chicks were born. There is `nother hen harrier nest a mile awax


containing five eggs. We ard celebrating the fact we havd two


nesting attempts on this estate But we should be celebrating ovdr 3 0.


The new chicks will be fittdd with satellite tags to monitor their


progress. The Cheshire show has become a national focus for farming.


It is one of the biggest, most important and most enjoyabld to


visit agricultural shows in the country.


The crowds were out in forcd today. It is near Knutsford so we sent Abby


Jones to sample the atmosphdre. Over 700 stands, bands, produce and


animals of all kinds, just ` flavour of what is on offer today and


tomorrow at the Cheshire show. Cheshire has a rich farming and


agricultural history and thhs it has been well and truly celebrated. From


tall to tiny. The education`l to the extreme. Something but everxone here


of all ages. Many visitors pueued for over two hours on the roads to


get here. Organisers say thdy are looking into traffic Robins. But it


did not dampen any enthusiasm. It is a great family day out. It hs local


and you can spend the whole day The main thing we have come across is


mainly because we used to bd a small farmer in Pakistan. Animals are up


heart of the show, from shedp to shire horses, all competing for


titles and trophies. These `re what everybody wants to win, over 40


trophies on offer. This one dates back to 1882. Debra, you farmed in


Lancashire for ten years, you have one six firsts to gay come xou


feeling? It makes it all worthwhile. Such a lot of hard work and you


survive on a couple of hours sleep getting them ready and a big party


happening tonight to celebr`te. Winning is serious business but so


is the message behind this show it aims to make people think about what


they eat. Everybody is concdrned as to where their food comes from. They


need to put the pressure on the shopkeepers and supermarkets to say


we would like to know where this food comes from. Some 80,000 people


will have attended the show over the two days it is running. The


organisers are having a meeting tonight to discuss those drhving and


parking problems so there is no repeat of them tomorrow. All


visitors had to concentrate on is having a good time. We like the


Cheshire show. Fingers crossed for the weather and


we will have a forecast latdr on. Notice how hard Abby was holding


that old trophy. She did not want to be the one to drop it.


Super League leaders St Heldns will be without full`back Jonny Lomax


The 23`year`old suffered a knee injury in the second half of Saints'


42`0 defeat by Catalan Dragons on Saturday and requires an opdration.


Lancashire need another 299 runs to beat Durham in the county champ


dash`macro championship. Lancashire were 267 in their second innings.


A sneak thief stopped play during a village cricket match in Lancashire.


He'd been busy plundering the pavilion, gathering a h`ul


of mobile phones while attention was focussed on the pitch.


But when he was spotted the teams abandoned bats


And they employed satellite technology to ensure they got


Dave Guest is at the Church and Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club now from


Welcome to the cricket club, it is a glorious evening and what bdtter way


to spend a summer's evening. They were only practising at the moment,


but during the match on Sunday in the cricket pavilion, there was a


sinister action. Somebody got in here and was rummaging throtgh


belongings and stealing mobhle phones. He obviously thought he was


going to get away with it whll stop he made his way out of the pavilion


and thinking he would be covered by the crowd, he thought he wotld get


away. But he did not rank on Sam. You had clocked him early on? I was


ready to go and spotted this individual sat here. When hd made an


after him. The whole team downed after him. The whole team downed


bats and legged it after hil. We have a map to show you the route


they took. At 3:30 p.m., bad man stopped play. The thief legged it


over neighbouring fields but a tracking device on one of the stolen


phones kept his pursuers on his tail. He tried bowling a googly by


dumping the phones. But thex run him out soon afterwards. This is the


team who took part in the chase What state was he in? A sorry state.


We bundled him into some nettles and he was crying a little bit. We


offered him a dock leaf and did the right thing. You were the one who


thought it was GPS technology, how did it work? I have the det`ils on


my phone so I put the details on another phone and we began to track


the offender through the fidlds across from the cricket grotnd. So


you are able to keep him under sub valence? We kept refreshing the


screen and we were moving around tracking him as he was moving. You


ran after the thief, got hil to ground and he was taken off and then


you carried on and played the game? We did. It was good commitmdnt. And


we won. A result that Haslingden. A result for the team, and result in


other ways because the 29`ydar`old thief ended up in court yesterday,


had met it burglary and is starting at 12 week jail term. So crhme does


not pay. Wise words from our chief reporter. It looked gorgeous there.


Now the weather. Decent weather to come. Lovdly blue


skies in Dave's report. A lot of cloud around and it has been humid.


The pollen count has been hhgh. We will see a high pollen count


tomorrow. Temperatures in excess of 22 Celsius today. Maybe a bht cooler


tomorrow but by the end of the week you can see the temperatures


dropping below 20 Celsius. Hopefully for the weekend we should sde good


spells of sunshine as we he`d into Saturday. Tonight, there is plenty


of cloud but it is bright. @s we head into the overnight perhod, the


cloud thickens and we may sde some light drizzle in places. Light winds


but it will be so McGee. Lows of 15 or 16 Celsius. That could bd


uncomfortable for some others. We hang the warm temperatures tomorrow


and we will also hang on to the clouds first thing. I think we may


see light, drizzly rain frol time to time in the afternoon but I think


the sun will try to break through. Another warm day. Once again we have


got very light winds and thd best of the sunshine is likely to arrive at


the end of the day tomorrow as the frontal system drop south. Hn terms


of temperatures, between 19 and 21 Celsius tomorrow. The best of the


sunshine I suspect will be over Cumbria and Lancashire. We head into


Thursday and temperatures f`ll away. We are still the clouds on Thursday.


The weekend it will be cooldr and a lot of cloud cover, but I think it


will be nice. Lovely matching shoes for your dress tonight. Before we


go, have a look at this. It's someone who's a reason`bly


familiar face on this progr`mme Sir Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable


of Greater Manchester Policd. He made


a surprise appearance to support a police fashion show fundr`iser


for The Christie Hospital. He's lost two colleagues to cancer


and wanted to do his bit to support I think it is a fetching hat. I


would have gone for Mick Jagger He has asked if he can borrow `ddress


for the weekend, you have plenty. Still thinking about it. Have a nice


evening and thanks for watching


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