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I'm back with the late news evening on the BBC News Channel


A man's been arrested on suspicion of the murder of


the man who died after being punched at Manchester's Parklife festival.


A 31`year`old man was arrested in Cheshire this morning


26`year`old Robert Hart died a few days after he was att`cked


A man from Liverpool has received ?40,000 compensation from


Merseyside Police after he was punched and sprayed with CS gas


John Spencer, of Seaforth w`s assaulted by an officer in 2010 His


mother Susan, who witnessed the incident, was also awarded ?10, 00.


John Spencer still has the larks of what happened on the 8th August.


He was woken up by two Mersdyside police officers who had


When John refused to accept the warrant and went back to bed


It was two o'clock in the morning. The officer slammed my door open and


grabbed me by the throat. Hd started physically punching me and springy


with CS gas. John was arrested for assaulting


a police officer and refused bail. He was later acquitted


at liverpool crown court, and now, along with his mum, has been


awarded ?50,000 in compensation In a statement Merseyside Police say


they remain absolutely commhtted to the highest integrity


and the professional standards The police are out there for us to


trust. I am still terrified. I am scared of them.


John is hoping to move on with family life and Proposals to


build a new mosque in Bolton have attracted demonstrations.


Around 50 people opposed to the planned development in


Astley Bridge gathered at the site this afternoon.


They were met by several hundred members of the community who support


the new mosque, which is set to include 1,000 prayer


Police said the event passed of peacefully.


A brand new observatory will give amateur astronomers


a chance to peer into the skies above Cheshire this evening.


It has been paid for by loc`l fundraisers. From today, anxone can


go along and enjoy the view using its powerful six inch telescope The


idea behind this is to get the community involved and voyage to be


available to and everybody from the kid that once to look at thd moon


for the first time, all the way through to some serious student


So many people get involved. It covers so much of the island. More


or less everyone gets to sed it through the day.


More than 2,000 people took part in a midnight walk last night to


raise funds for a Manchester Hospice group.


It's hoped the ten kilometre walk throtgh


the city centre will help r`ise more than ?250,000 for St Ann's


They provide free care for lore than 3,000 adults in the arda.


Good evening. It has been a beautiful afternoon. We've had


plenty of sunshine around. Temperatures close to 20 Celsius.


This evening, we hang on to plenty of sunshine. It will stay dry. We


will see clear skies and light winds. Temperatures tonight will


spots. In towns and cities, dropping spots. In towns and cities, dropping


to 13 or 14 Celsius. That is it from me. Enjoy the


weekend. For the majority of the British


Isles, today has wrought long spells of warm sunshine and it is the


longest day. There is plenty more to come this evening, and yet more on


the cards for tomorrow. For many of us, the changes between today and


tomorrow are very slight. Northern Scotland has been an exception.


Tonight, thick cloud is pushing in here again. Rain in the Highland and


crossing into the Murray for by dawn. -- the Moret Firth.


For northern Scotland, great prospects again on Sunday. If


anything, some heavier and more persistent rain. For the south,


though, plenty of sunshine. And once again across England and Wales,


sparkling skies and as the sun comes up, temperatures will start to rise


appropriately. For northern Scotland, the presence of


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