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The Oldham couple who posed as 12`year`olds to catch paedophiles.


The couple say it is a warnhng of the dangers of internet chatrooms.


Scotland's First Minister brings the independence campaign to Merseyside.


Should we care if the Scots go it alone?


Louis van Gaal tells them what they want to hear.


Manchester United, says the new manager,


Anti`open championship once again. It was a huge success in 2006. Looks


like it will be again, thanks to the sun and the star is coming out. And


I had been following some of the biggest names in golf, as wdll as a


When Samantha Roberts was 12 years old she was horrifically abtsed


Now an adult, she and her fiance Stephen Walker


have devoted their life to campaigning for tougher sentences.


Today, one man was jailed and another two


sentenced after the couple, from Oldham, posed online as teenage


girls and recorded the men trging them to perform explicit acts.


The judge said one of the men they exposed committed what


Chole12, one of the aliases Samantha Robertson and Stevdn Walker


Logging on to a teen chat shte today, within two minutes the


There is a man who claims to be 40 years old, and he understands that


we are 12 years old. He is basically asking us to take part in a sex act


over the WebCam. Lee Barton from Doncaster w`s


today jailed for 21 months. Daniel Bates, from Warrington,


got a suspended sentence. They sent explicit messages to who


they thought were 12`year`old girls. But all the while they were


talking to Samantha and Steven. The couple used software to disguise


their voices before ringing the men It was very disturbing having to


talk to them. The reaction `t the end, when you told him that you were


an adult, that was priceless. The couple have been campaigning


for tougher sentences since the They helped to draft the sentencing


guidelines used in today?s cases. But police have cautioned


against their approach. It is a positive result for the


police and for the campaigndrs, however I would be very


`` wary of people taking thd law into their own hands.


Samantha and Steven say thex?ve done what they set out to do


But they want these kinds of teen sites to be better monitored.


Greater Manchester Police are appealing for a man who had


a concrete slab smashed over his head to contact them.


The attack happened in Manchester City centre in the early


CCTV operators alerted the police, who arrested a man on suspicion


Officers would like to speak to the victim.


Problems at this year's Merseyside derby have prompted councillors


in Liverpool to recommend stadium improvements at Anfield.


Everton fans complained that one thousand of them were held tp trying


The council wants a review of the queuing arrangements for aw`y fans.


A former detective says he believes powerful figures were


behind the blocking of four separate investigathons


into Cyril Smith's alleged `buse of children in a Rochdale hostel.


Yesterday documents obtained by the BBC revealed that in 1970 friends


of the politician put presstre on the police to drop a 4th inpuiry.


The then Director of Public Prosecutions decided Smith


Now a detective who worked on one of those investigations says the


documents reinforce his view that people high up in the establishment


Cyril Smith was investigated by police several times


in the 1960s and 70s followhng allegations that he had moldsted


Now a former detective has revealed that when he


and a colleague were asked to take on the case in 1969, they wdre told


that two previous attempts to investigate Smith had been stopped.


We must not interview anyond or speak to anyone about the


Cyril Smith enquiry otherwise we would be in serious trouble.


A year later, a fourth investigation into Cyril Smith was carried out.


Norman Skelhorn, the then Director of Public Prosecuthons


threw out the case barely a week after the police sublitted


it, saying the allegations were completely without corrobor`tion.


Ours had been blocked, quite forcibly.


And that was blocked, and the other one was blockdd.


It was quite obvious that someone quite high up and powerful was


making sure that Cyril Smith never appeared before a court.


The world 's best golfers are here for the open. On a day like today,


everyone is a winner. It is the first day of the


championship and what IBM h`s been. It is starting to quite then as the


the fairway. Over the next four days, thousands of people whll


descend here for the spectacular event. The biggest role as the man


who won it when she `` when the event was here last thing. Tiger


Woods, of course. He did not start very well but ended not too badly.


But as you know from some of the people who have travelled from


across the world to see all of the big names. I have come from


Australia. Because the best I have seen so far. It is just gre`t. We do


not have things like that. H think it is absolutely fantastic `nd the


weather makes it better. It is Well, we heard there about the hopes


for a boost to the local economy. Hundreds of thousands


of people are expected here over the next few days while the TV `udience


is estimated at half a billhon. So what have they been doing


in Hoylake to prepare? Here's our Merseyside reporter,


Andy Gill. They have a summer arts festival


in Wirral. This year, a chance to bang


the drum for the golf and the area. One study says the combined


benefit of spending and TV dxposure The council has a shiny new


video made to sell the area. It has been delivering branded


merchandise to businesses. @ll the bars and restaurants, all the shops


selling merchandise and souvenirs. The shops selling merchandise and


souvenirs. They did pretty well out of it.


More than 250 taxi drivers and volunteers have had


Olympics`style training in how to make visitors feel welcome.


It is a great opportunity, because I want to show the world what we have


24 and sure everyone that h`s a great place. I want to be p`rt of


something great. It is relatively close to the big urban centres in


the north. They have the Peggy crowds here. They are hoping for


even bigger this time. School children and scouts have


been making golf bag gardens. Even the churches are getting in


on the act. Due are in charge of regeneration


and getting the tone ready. `` the `` the town. Half of the people that


are here today will not havd visited here before. It is an amazing


opportunity. We cannot have been Nokia the weather. Yes. You have


Tiger Woods here. Do they stay in the ten? Yes, they stay in `nd


around the ADR. `` the area. How can you make sure that the event will


not be forgotten? Today is `n example. We have been having a


number of meetings with key businesses. Will `` we will be


carrying on with those meethngs over the next few days. I wish you all


the best. I cannot help you with the weather. I think Saturday M`y to be


a little bit dodgy. That is it for now. Join us and to wear whdn we


find out how the players have been getting on here.


Apologies for the technical difficulties.


Two men have been found guilty of the murder of a teenager


19`year old Zain Salisman, who was found lying in the road


Ricky Jervis from Congleton, and Charles Beadell from Macclesfield


Two buildings in the North West have been shortlisted


The Everyman Theatre in Livdrpool, which reopened after


a ?27 million rebuild last year, and the Manchestdr School


of Art, are nominated for The Sterling Prize from the Royal


Manchester United, the biggest club in the world.


So says the new manager as he gets to work at Old Trafford.


And a dream come true for the Wirral factory worker teeing off


Now it may be more than 100 miles away from the North West


but Scotland's First Ministdr Alex Salmond was in Liverpool today,


making his final speech in Dngland before the referendum.


People who live here do not have a vote on independence.


Some agree but many disagred and if given the chance would vote no.


Will it, if it happens, make a difference to us herd?


Here is a man who cares about haggis.


But does he, should he, care about the independence debate?


I think they should stay in the union.


The Northwest is closer than you may think. Some say the haggis was


invented here and even a Celt. That is before we get to these mdn here.


What do you think that thesd men here happen common? Football. They


are all for `` first`class football managers. They are all Scottish I


do not see it making that mtch difference. I think it will call to


the negative. At his first `` final speech, Alex Salmond said that the


North West would benefit from an independent Scotland. What hs best


for the future of Scotland will have a knock`on effect for the North of


England also. Outside, a boss saying no to independence. I want better


connectivity between here and classical. `` classical. `` Glasgow.


The truth will be in the when the Scottish people put into


paper and fought. `` put pen to paper and fought. `` vote. @ lot of


big names at the top, I havd been watching them today. We will find


out in a moment how they have been getting on. A local man, who had to


borrow clubs to get through the qualifying matches, he got here and


he has made his mark. It is eight o'clock in the lorning,


Tiger Woods is practising on the putting green behind us. A lot of


people will be following hil around today, so this may be the closest


that we get to him. Tiger Woods won the open the last time he c`me here


in 2006, another superstar `mong the leading contenders is this lan. We


are following him onto the third hole and he is about to pop for a


birdie. Meanwhile, a lesser`known name was about to make his lark


Here is John Singleton, the big north`westward is here at this open.


`` North West hope. He really responded to the crowd. Also


watching, has all the crowd. Also watching, his old golf coach. I got


on a plane on Tuesday, I am tickled to death. We are a small, two`year


school and we have a guy pl`ying in the British Open. Probably one of


the greatest feelings I havd had in my way. `` on my way. `` in my life.


It is a good day for John Shngleton, sadly he is the new the bottom of


the leaderboard. He said it was the best more stringent to winnhng


majors, she is currently at the top of the leaderboard. Currently six


under par. Last year's leaddr is quite a bit down at the mintte. We


saw Tiger Woods, he finished his round on a necessity, so very much


in the mix. You can never write him off, can you? The former English


amateur champion and wishes she d off this afternoon `` he st`rted


this afternoon and it is looking quite well on the North West front.


We are shedding made frontidr. Gentlemen, have you had a good day


today? Who have you seen? Wd saw Rory McEnroe, Lee westward. You have


had the bestie, and know yot are sitting with a beer. `` the best


day. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Lots of people having a verx lovely


time. It is a fantastic event, it goes on until Sunday, when we'll


find out who the winner is. It has been fantastic and it will be


until Sunday. More sports news no.


Manchester United's new man`ger Louis Van Gaal says The 62`xear`old


was officially presented to the world's media less than


a week after taking Holland to third in the World Cup.


He has a reputation as a disciplinarian and now has


the challenge of rebuilding United after a disappointing season under


David Moyes which resulted in seventh in the Premier Ldague


United icon Sir Bobby Charlton today handed the club reins to manager he


I hope I shall fulfil expectations. It will be difficult.


The Dutchman has proved himself both at club and international ldvel


His Holland team lost only once in the World Cup and that w`s on


their performances in the l`st season. He needs


the Champions League, we nedd to bring them up to win a titld again.


He will have a huge budget for new players after United signed


the biggest kit sponsorship deal in the history of sport with


Adidas, ?750 million over tdn years, as well as a ?350 million,


I want to see what they can do and maybe I shall by other playdrs.


Tomorrow, United jet off for a pre`season tour of thd


United States during which Louis Van Gaal will assess his squad.


He has just a month to prep`re for the start of the Premier League


and what could be one of thd greatest challenges of his career.


A picture perfect day. And for most of us that has been the story. It


does change into tomorrow. Tomorrow morning brings is funded it is


Saturday we are looking forward to as being a very difficult d`y. There


could be some hill and lightning. I will ask you to keep your exes


ears to the forecast as we head into the next few days. Monday whll not


be too bad, but at the moment these are the top temperatures. B`ck to


this evening and overnight, there's nothing happening, it is very quiet


and you have got to enjoy. Interleaving, code comes and goes,


it does not cause us any problems. The temperatures tonight ard very


warm. We are talking about 07 and 18 for most places. That is a linimum


temperature. When you look tp tomorrow morning, work to the south.


We have a lot of showers th`t are heading towards us quite quhckly.


Could be some thunder in thdre. They will pull away by lunch timd, and


after that the sun dried oysters to come back. It was wall`to`w`ll


throughout the day today, tomorrow you will not see as much. When the


sun comes out in the, your temperatures will be remark`ble It


could be talking about 27 or 28 28 bit chewed at 82 in Fahrenhdit. I


hope you like it hot, because that is how it will be.


It took less than 90 seconds for the eight-storey building to collapse.


Imagine the number of women this industry supports.


This World investigates the true cost of fashion.


It took less than 90 seconds for the eight-storey building to collapse.


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