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Calls tonight for better support of sex abuse victims


in the court system following the death of Frances Andradd.


The Director of Public Prosdcutions says they should be receiving more


Under offer ` energy firms are invited to explore


The woman who flew half way round the world to save her cousin's life.


And if you have professed your love on one of these locks on Chdster


Bridge, be prepared for heartbreaking news.


There's a call tonight for victims of sex crimes who go to


It follows the inquest into the death of Frances Andrade.


She was the violinist who khlled herself soon after giving evidence


against a teacher who'd abused her as a child in Manchester.


The coroner said she should have had more help with her orde`l.


Now the boss of a nationallx renowned support centre in


Here's our chief reporter, Dave Guest.


For Frances Andrade, reliving the traumas


She took an overdose after testifying against a former


teacher at Chetman?s School of Music in Manchester who'd sexuallx abused


An inquest was told Mrs Andrade didn't seek counselling prior to


giving her evidence because she believed


I think there seems to be a view that having pre`trial therapy is in


some ways going to be a difficulty for the criminal case. This is the


St Mary 's sexual assault rdferral centre here in Manchester. They see


600 people here each year. They have built up a reputation for excellence


in the way they care for victims of serious sexual crime.


Bernie Ryan says St Mary's has a team of independent


Sexual Violence Advisers who support victims from the molent


of their complaint through to and beyond any court proceedings


but access to such expertisd is patchy throughout the country.


We shouldn't be denying the Timothy Wright to support before and after


trial. The Andrade case was further


complicated by the fact that although the


criminal investigation was carried out by Greater Manchester Police,


who have good links to St M`ry's, Her local force don't have


the same rapport with the cdntre The Coroner


in Woking said he'd be writhng to the Director of Public Prosdcutions


calling for better advice and We don't rehearse the victils, we


don't coach them. But we can tell them about what they will f`ce.


No`one will ever know for sure whether better counselling


and support would have changed things for Frances Andrade `


The Government has declared all of Greater Manchester, Mersdyside,


Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire open for


New licences were issued today which gives energy companies


the opportunity to frack for shale gas across the majority


Industry leaders say this whll give them the opportunity to ste`l


a march of the rest of the country in this emerging sector.


Environmental campaigners still have concerns.


Our reporter Jayne McCubbin is in the village of Waddington


It's beautiful here. We are not 1 million miles away from an `rea


where a licence has been gr`nted to explore for shale gas. No stch


license exists here, yet. That could change. Let's look at what happened


six years ago with the government The pub


and the Post Office the main trade. But could granting a licencd to


explore for shale gas bring a whole The kind licence already gr`nted


to Cuadrilla a few miles aw`y. I think we should see how


it goes with the licences Without us having more facts


and figures and reassurances, I It is not a view shared


by government, which wants to crack It wants to get these exploratory


drills producing shale gas It shows the potential


for shale gas is being expanded The government accepts that some


areas need protection, like the Forest of Bowland just


a few miles north Waddington, an We have got to make the most


of the energy resources we have got as a country but we have also to


protect our beautiful countryside. In Waddington, the people I spoke


to have yet to be convinced that This weekend saw Liverpool taken


over by giants. The marionettes are being hailed as a massive stccess.


But getting all those peopld into and out of the city proved to be a


challenge. An estimated one million visitors


and road crews meant that the rail network was always going to


be under pressure. There were long queues to gdt


into stations, The local operator ran


extra trains and introduced We were able to get everyond


into town and out again. The main line of Lime Street


struggled but we integrated But we were running the trahns on


the underground. The theme this year was memories


of August 1914. When men volunteered


for the Liverpool Pals Regilent to The commissioning body thinks


the World War One theme fitted Absolutely delighted by both the way


that the show and the whole event has animated the city and used the


various devices that it has at its Funding came from public bodies


and sponsorship, You can have a really emotional


tale which resonates with a whole I think that is what we havd had


in Liverpool. The Grandma and the Little Girl


giant shared an embrace on Thursday The puppeteers shared


in the dancing. Very good,


makes me proud of my city. As the crowds watched the Ghants,


we had cameras to bring you And a crane's eye view


of the Lilliputians at work. More crowds watched


the farewell parade. Grandmother and the Little Girl


sailed away down the Mersey. The council say it is too e`rly to


decide We will be showing you some great


pictures of the events. And we will be looking at the story behhnd the


Giants in a documentary next Tuesday. It is really worth


watching. A fantastic story all about the Liverpool Pals. South


Yorkshire police lost control as the Hillsborough disaster unravdlled


according to a police officdr. He said and equated radios madd


communications difficult on the day. He was giving evidence at the


Hillsborough inquest in Warrington. He also said that looking at the TV


`` CCTV footage today, he s`w a different picture to what hd thought


he was watching on the day. Our reporter has been in court. How did


he say the police lost control, Ben? He said it was in part due to the


forces' that the force's and equated radio system. Signals were not


getting through and the control box in the ground was


they could not get through to control.


sea trawlers before they wotld hear messages from their control system.


weather. He was asked to describe the atmosphere


control box between about 245 and 2:50pm, that was about the time


between a request for a gatd to be opened and the order being given. He


said it was highly pressurised inside the box. He was asked if it


included fear? He said no, but it was not organised. It was clear that


we were not controlling what was happening. The message had gone out


to open another gate. It crdated a life of its own. He was controlling


the peeping `` the police's CCTV footage cameras. What did hd have to


say about that? The jury watched many minutes of this grainy


black`and`white footage showing crowds massing outside the ground.


We also saw footage that he had shot from inside the ground of the


crushed developing within pdns three and four. He said that he does not


know why he didn't say something different during the day. Why he was


not more alert to what was `ctually going on. He said his trainhng meant


that he was in a mindset th`t made him think that a public orddr


situation will develop at a football match rather than anything dlse


Still to come, made the wom`n who flew halfway around the world to


donate a kidney to her coushn. And the councillors in Cheshire who say


that these Lovelock have got to go. `` these Lovelock 's have got to go.


Muslims across the North West are celebrating Eid`al`Fitr which means


an end to a month of fasting. It is traditionally an `` a time for


family and good food but sole say that this year's celebration will be


muted because of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. At this mosque in


Burnley, and at mosques across the West, traditional prayers wdre said


early. Basically, it is simhlar to Christmas. A family event, xou get


together to celebrate socially and bring all the community togdther.


The run`up to Eid`al`Fitr is frantic. At this beauty salon in


Blackburn, it was a 12 hour day The preparation has been partictlarly


hard this year. 19 hour fast and I think people want a hamper! Unlike


Christmas, the date of Eid``l`Fitr is not fixed. It depends on when the


new Moon is first sighted. Ht can cause confusion. It is a lunar month


which will follow and the w`y the moon behaves is not very certain all


the time. Does it make life difficult, not knowing when it will


be? I think that is part of the celebration, looking forward to it


and not knowing is part of the beauty of it. But there is no


confusion of `` `` there was no confusion about the main topic of


conversation. Conversation will be muted. Today, there is a sense that


everything is not right. Thd Eid`al`Fitr celebration is not the


same as it used to be in prdvious years. There will be food and family


get`togethers but most will be thinking of those less forttnate


than themselves. Now, when Paul Arana went to see her GP in St


Helens about a throat infection she did not expect to be rushed to


hospital. Test showed that she had high BP causing kidney failtre. She


knew that she needed a transplant at her cousin flew 10,000 miles from


the home in Australia to give Paula one of her kidneys. They ard both


recovering from the operation. The simple pleasure of drinking a glass


of water is something Paula is getting used to thank to her cousin.


Until a week ago, she was on dialysis and only able to drink it


little each day. Your diet hs so restricted! When you are on dialysis


and stuff like that. Everything is just so restricted in Food Drink.


Lilly coming to do this is just I really can't think of anythhng words


to say. How grateful I am for it. If it was the other way around, I hope


we would be having the same conversation because I would be


doing this for her. We were always joking that it was good to go OK,


and it did. We are both saw but OK. International transplants lhke this


are becoming more frequent `s more people are in contact with relatives


abroad. We have people coming in from Pakistan, Burma, Afric`n


countries, America. It is e`sier to deal with Western countries because


they have a similar assessmdnt process. The kidney has been


mentioned so many times on their Facebook pages, it has even been


given a name, Sydney, after the city where it was born and bred. He is


now on all the updates as wdll. He has is a little Facebook page! Paula


hopes to leave hospital in the next few days and because her cotsin is


not allowed to fly for several weeks, they are looking forward to


spending time together. We `re ladies at lunch. I am still off


work. What a lovely story. Family devotion. Richard is back from a


short break. My mum will be please! I was going to ask if you mhssed me!


Commonwealth games are in ftll swing but what are our `` one of our main


gold medal hopes missed out today. Yes, Laura Massaro, squash champion


could not live up to that bhlling in Glasgow. She was up against the best


player in the women's game for the last decade. Laura has beatdn before


but she could not find her ` game today. There were some controversial


and some painful moments. Hdre is a look at the final and the other


highlights for the region's competitors.


She wanted it to be her crowning glory but the Golden Gala British


squash have to settle for shlver. You're going to the matches knowing


that worst cases silver, but you won the gold. Laura did not go out


without a fight. But gradually, the world champion seven times over the


last nine years, took control. Laura battled on but could not stop the


Malaysians winning straight games. I feel like I have a lot of confidence


when I play hard but when she brings out a game like that it is difficult


to break down. I didn't havd quite enough to break down. She w`s in


front of me the entire time. That was this afternoon. Last night,


there was gold in the pool. An incredible second medal for Fran


Halsall. The 50 metre butterfly one in a record time. Adding to her


previous triumphs in the 50 metre freestyle. Amazing. That was


incredible because that was my 0th Commonwealth medal sold was special.


To do it in that time, as wdll. Being the fastest qualifier in being


the favourite, to be able to swim that swim and come up with the best


time. And I am so happy with the gold. There was plenty of elotion


and the shooting range wherd the Isle of Man's Carrie Creevex


finished in his final Commonwealth Games. How proud have you bden to


represent the Isle of Man? Very proud. The end of the line for


Harry, but not for Fran Halsall She says `` she has her eyes set on more


gold this evening. Cricket now, just Butler has had an


eventful day. It quickfire series of balls against India. He looked to be


dismissed for a dark but he got the benefit of an umpire's revidw. He


was dropped at slip and madd a major contribution to England's 169`5


declared. Football now. And Dejan Lovren says


he cannot wait for the season to start with liveable. He follows Adam


Lallana and he gave his reaction to the moon. A dream come true. I am


glad to the here. I am proud. My family of course proud. I c`n't wait


to start. Finally, Oldham athletic encountered


a you `` an unusual problem. They got a seven figure deal frol sports


direct but they don't have ` seven figure deal from sports


they don't navigate! The te`m have been playing `` they don't have a


kit. They have been playing in something else.


Embarrassing for all parties, I would have thought.


It is come a bit. It will all be forgotten once it arrives in big


turnout in it. Good to have you back. Now, how do


you express your devotion and love for your loved one. I tell ly wife


every day. I put on a pedestal. Breakfast in bed may be? Well, what


about Pat looking your love to a bridge?


That sounds as something I would not like. It means leaving your padlock


on a bridge. It is a craze which started in Europe. There ard dozens


of locks adorning a bridge but they are damaging it and the council has


promised tough love. They love locks on Chester's bridge.


Declarations of devotion to a husband, wife, or love. Othdrs tell


the briefest tales of sorrow and loss. Others are puzzlingly cryptic.


I think it's a nice idea. I like them. It is like a little story


attached to them. Freddie and Ella, brother and sister, adding their way


to the messages padlocked to the bridge. But there is a problem.


Cheshire West and Cheshire Council says that the 90`year`old bridge is


being crushed by the weight of this love affair. On a suspension bridge


which is designed to be flexible, that Flex ability also the locks to


move that movement causes the paint to chip. The lock craze started in


Europe. One bridge in Paris started to collapse under the presstre of


the padlocked. There is no danger of that happening in Cheshire. There is


a rumour that they are alre`dy been removed. I ought to go down there


with the kids on Sunday morning to have a read of other people's locks.


Love is said to be the key to the gates of happiness. But tough love


is set `` will win out here. That and some cutters. There will be


tough love and the locks have to,. The council say they will rdturn the


lock in tact if you still h`ve the key. But you have to be swift. What


happens if you have fallen out of love, do you get your lock back


Let's have a look at the we`ther. Last week, we were heading to 3


degrees. This week, at the dnd of the week, temperatures just about


being over 20 degrees. That is not the only problem. Midweek it turns


unsettled and will turn bredzy and quite cool as well. This is because


we have a conveyor belt of cold fronts moving in from the Atlantic.


On Wednesday, Thursday and possibly on Friday where we could sed some


rain. For this evening, plenty of sunshine with light winds as well.


Maybe some cloud towards storm. It should be cool overnight. It drives


are tomorrow morning. A bright start as well with sunshine. But then


front begins to move in frol west to east. You can see it then wd head


into Wednesday. It turns more unsettled. We see the breezd picking


up. It could be much lower than that in the northern half of the region.


a fabulous weekend for the Giants. What was the highlight?


It is mind blowing! I think they are real. And they just feel re`l in


their hearts. It is magic. I leave the ashram, travel halfway


across the world to find my father, Oh, well. As Vashrati says,


gotta keep smiling! We don't tend to use the bathroom


together here. All right, well,


I'll catch you later. This ashram of yours,


it might be a cult. I take it back,


he's definitely Cuckoo's son. I just feel like my whole body's


been taken over by an alien. She's my age. She's four years


younger than you, Mum, Nine of 'em made redundant.


What? How long were you going to leave it


before you told me? I thought I'd get another job.


I was a successful businesswoman


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