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A bolt in charity claims its bank account has been closed bec`use it


sends aid to Gaza. A warning about herbal incense `


a man dies after using it Police say users have no re`l


idea what they're taking. We get up close and personal with


the snow leopards. A Bolton based charity's calling for


a boycott of HSBC after being told HSBC wrote to the Ummah Welfare


Trust saying its accounts would be closed next month because the


organisation now falls outshde what The charity's one of just three


organisations in the countrx Our Chief Reporter, Dave Gudst,


has the story. The Ummah Welfare Trust says it aims


to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world by providing


emergency relief to victims Most recently it's been


sending aid to Gaza. But the Trust believes its work


there has made its bankers nervous, so much so that HSBC no longer


wants the charity as a customer In this letter, HSBC says the


charity's accounts will be closed in September because the trtst


falls outside of our risk appetite. It was d?j? vu. During the last war


in Gaza we experienced this. They serve as notice during the previous


war. Two banks, Barclays and now HSBC? It is not only our ch`rity of


which is faced with this situation. Other Islamic organisations have


been told they are no longer welcome as


So why would a bank want to turn away customers?


Well, they're under growing pressure to be careful


In 2012 HSBC had to pay a $1.9 billion penalty to the US


government for deficiencies in its anti`money`laundering controls.


They are being very cautious about what kind of deposits and ftnds they


transact. Do they need to h`ve proof that organisations do


something wrong before they decide they do not want their customs? They


should not be in a position to discriminate without evidence. Are


you doing anything they need to worry about? We are providing


essential aid. The Ummah Welfare Trust is now


calling The bank, for its part, said today


it doesn't discuss its relationship But it said decisions to end


a customer relationship are not Dave Guest, BBC Northwest Tonight,


Bolton. Police


in Manchester have warned pdople not to smoke herbal incense, following


the death of a man who'd bedn using He collapsed and suffered a heart


attack, and died later in hospital. Detectives say they know he'd been


smoking a substance called Dclipse. They've appealed to other


users not to smoke it. Naomi Cornwell is


in the city's Northern Quarter where The 44 year old man who hasn't been


named was on this street on the 19th July when he became


unwell and collapsed. `` apologies, we seem to be having


some technical problems and will try to rejoin her later in the


programme. An Oldham lorry driver who drove


his 17`tonne truck over another motorist's head has been jahled


for life. Mark Slater's been told he'll serve


at least 15 years for the mtrder His body was found near his van


on the A57 near Warrington `fter His family say their lives


will never be the same again. Four youths have been arrested on


suspicion of murder by Mersdyside police after a man was killdd


when he was hit by a quad bhke. The 65`year`old had serious


underlying health issues and died six days after being knocked down


on New Brighton promenade. Two 15`year`olds, a 16`year`old and


a 17`year`old were detained this Police have released this CCTV


footage of a man dressed as a clown, Detectives believe he may h`ve been


in the Walton area acting as a charity collector before


forcing staff in the Cheque Centre Around 70 cards have had thdir


windows smashed by vandals `t a car dealership in Wigan. The owners say


it has caused around ?200,000 worth of damage.


A patient health watchdog is demanding an inquiry


into a ?4 million consultathon that could lead to the re`organisation


of accident and emergency sdrvices in Greater Manchester.


Under a scheme called Healthier Together,


people with a serious injurx will no longer be taken to their local A


Instead, they'll be taken to a specialist Super Hospital.


But HealthWatch says the public hasn't had


Our Health Correspondent El`ine Dunkley joins us now.


The Healthier Together Constltation could be one of the most important


This could determine where xou receive treatment in a life or


death situation` it's about the re`organisation of emergencx care


A centrally driven, top`down process that lacks any democracy. If you put


out such a rubbish consultation document and are already seding you


have 90% support, what do they want Those were MPs


in Westminster last week. Today Health Watch the organisation


which represents patients s`ys under parliamentary rules Healthidr


Together does not have the power to collectively spend public money and


there has been little communication. They have been meeting in sdcret and


not engaging properly with the public and when I put down `


question of which had to be answered, we found out that they


have spent ?4.1 million on propaganda and other measurds. This


is totally unacceptable and they have not been given permisshon


But Healthier Together says the consultation is legal.


And today Prime Minister David Cameron urged


Healthier Together says crucially this will save thousands of lives.


We have gone through a rigorous process, checking every step. At the


top of the NHS in England, they have also checked out what we have done


and we are putting forward innovative ideas about improving


quality and safety for Greater Manchester, making it the bdst in


Healthier Together are doing a number of road shows around the


The 12 week consultation will end in September.


Major disruption to trains on the West Coast Main this afternoon with


long queues at Preston stathon, and all services stopped after what is


described as a press pass incident. The first fully electric buses


operate in Manchester City centre are to come into service. They


produce zero emissions under to run than conventional diesel buses.


The police officer in chargd as the Hillsborough disaster unfolded was a


fish out of water, the clail made at the new inquest today. The jury has


been hearing from people who worked with him. He was criticised for not


providing through leadership on the day. `` truth. What was said about


him? They worked in close qtarters together in the police control box


on the day of the semifinal. Today, he was questioned by a barrhster


representing the Police Feddration. He said that when a request was made


for an exit gates to be opened, things were not being led. The


barrister asked if he agreed that note leadership was offered at any


stage, and he replied saying that is my opinion, yes. The barrister


continued referring to the Chief superintendent saying, once he was


and said that control box that he seemed to be a fish out of water? He


replied, indeed. The former constable says he believes the


predecessor, who had left the job as much, and are just three wedks


before the semifinal, he sahd that he would have done a


responding to the situation on the day. And we have heard something


today about the quality of the police radios in use on that they?


`` they. The jury heard thex were ten years old and had been deployed


to the miners strike in 1984. The jury heard that officers fotnd them


the same time could be cut off. Other


jury has heard from Andrew Sanderson,


Cumbria's elusive snow leop`rds even said the base


but it's been putting a hugd strain on some of our health services.


The North West Ambulance Service says it's struggling to copd with


This month alone, the number of seriously ill


patients, particularly with heart or breathing problems, has risdn


And it means other patients may be waiting longer for an ambul`nce


For a service in constant ddmand, the last thing you need is `dded


But for these paramedics, fhnding a way to cope is the only option.


emergency calls and that is constant throughout the day. 12 hour shifts


and the a In Rob's area of Central Manchester


and Salford, they're receivhng up to In central Liverpool yesterday,


that figure was 520. And it's prompted


the ambulance service to issue The most seriously ill


patients will be prioritised. If your condition is assessdd over


the phone to be less serious, you may have to wait longer


for an ambulance, We need to work differently in that


we are advising patients to go to alternative pathways of cle`r, for


example the GP or walk`in cdntres or a pharmacy. This is one of three


call centres across the UK `nd as you can imagine they are under


pressure. You need to be calm and a good listener and to try to


understand what the collar hs going through. You take each in isolation


and never forget the fact it is an individual person each time.


Taking your eye off the ball is impossible.


To cope with the demand, the Ambulance Service is pl`cing


some paramedics in hard to reach locations,


and sending others, to less serious calls, in rapid response vehicles.


Now, it's off to Glasgow for the latest on the Commonwealth Games.


We have had some brilliant results so far.


Stuart Pollitt is there and the latest bid to bring gold back to


Yes, right behind me in the gymnastics arena where


Stockport's Hannah Whelan is looking for a second gold in two daxs.


Yesterday, there were tears on the podium as Hannah celdbrated


This evening she's competing on her own in


the all`around final where gymnasts tackle every bit of apparatts `


If Hannah wins she could become one of the stories of these games.


But it's not just gymnastics which has been going


Wrestling has too, and it's yielded another medal


The North West's only medal of the day so far has come courtesy


of Salford`based Leon Rattigan in the Men's 87 kilogram wrdstling.


Having won two of his three contests today he beat Soso Tamarou


It caps off a good couple of days for the Rattigan falily


Yesterday his wrestler wife Yana Rattigan won gold.


On the wrestling family thele, Sarah Grundy fought her way to


a bronze medal match, a day after brother Mike won bronze.


Sadly she couldn't follow stit, beaten by Tayla Ford of New Zealand


In hockey, England's women, captained by


Manchester's Kate Richardson`Walsh, moved closer to securing a ledal,


as they beat hosts Scotland 2`1 to reach the semi finals.


It was the tight game we expected. It was like being in Buenos ideas,


electric. I just want an atlosphere and it was great.


No medals for the region in Gymnastics for the two mdn


from Merseyside both represdnting Scotland.


Southport's Daniel Purvis l`st night won silver


in the gymnastics team event and had hopes of an individtal medal


in the men?s all`around competition, but eventually finished fourth.


His Southport club`mate Frank Baines meanwhile came sixth.


On the athletics track, Wigan's Jenny Meadows, a former


world championship bronze mddallist, won her heat in the 800 metres and


It was important to get into the top three and did not want to bd too


slow but wanted to conserve energy. It had to be decent haste btt job


done. the two time commonwealth bronze


medallist known as the Blackpool Tower, has qualifhed for


tomorrow evening's discus fhnal They may have won only one ledal so


far but Team Isle of Man have made In fact, the Manx flag has been


in evidence at almost every venue. And despite the absence


of their biggest name, Mark Cavendish, the cycling team is again


looking strong ` in fact, for an island with a population of around


80,000 they've become one of the Tomorrow the Isle of Man ro`d


racing team takes centre st`ge. The team includes 18`year`old


Anna Christian. Her brother Mark won bronze in Delhi


four years ago and finished fourth We are always hearing things and


receiving tips. Your brother helps? Sets the bar high for me to reach.


At the other end of the age range, Andrew Roach is in his seventh


games. What was the setup lhke in terms of assistance and health? None


of that! Just turned up at xour bike? Pretty much. The team manager


as part of that support system. We have the world's best cyclists. It


is great and we have great depth and strength. And


likes of Mark Cavendish, thdy may not be


quick better football news `nd big news for Everton


of Romelu Lukaku for a fee of around ?25 million, and expected club


Do you adore all types of cheese? Paradise was waiting for yot in


Cheshire. The event, which is part


of the Nantwich Show is the biggest Tens of thousands flocked in to


enjoy the flavours. Visitors came from all around the world.


Our Cheshire reporter Mark Ddwardson was amongst them.


The traditional welcome to the International Cheese Festival.


From a humble, crumbly Cheshire to the tinglingly


tangy, they were all here, with a flavour for every palette.


I have never really been a cheesy tower until today. There were some


Lithuanian cheeses which Daniel Williams


from Sandbach was up against some We are against relatively slall


competitors of Marks Spencer is, Morrisons, Asda!


In the end, Daniel's Davidstow and Goliath battle served up


Across the marquee, the Isle of Man Creamery.


It is a platform to talk to the customers in the UK and consumers


can try the cheeses and see what the Isle of Man is all


Children, Cheddar and a taste challenge.


We have been tasting cheese and scoring them between one and ten.


Celebrity chef James Martin and his Wednesday kitchen.


It is nice when the weather is like this because two years ago ht was


horrible cheese is not the place you want to


be! With 40,000 visitors, the organisers


say the festival's been just grate. Mark Edwardson,


BBC North West Tonight, Nantwich. Good bit of Lancashire, you can t


beat it. In the wild, they're


among the most elusive of creatures, and in captivity too the snow


leopard doesn't court publicity But now two new cubs have bden


successfully bred at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis near


Milnthorpe in South Cumbria, and we sent our reporter Peter Marshall to


try and capture them on camdra. Meerkats love a bit of publhcity.


The babies as well. The Snow Leopard mail is on proud dad patrol but the


Cubs are more elusive. You cannot stop children making a noisd and if


they do not like noise they will not come out. I only got


came here yesterday as well. Did you see them yesterday? No, that is why


we came back again. But if xou are quiet and have patience it can pay


off. The most beautiful cat you can imagine. So out of proportion, it


makes them adorable. officially classed as endangered


bandit is thought there are between four and 6000 of these left in the


world. In the long term, thd breeding programme will help bolster


the dwindling population in the native Himalayas. For now it is fine


with mum. Very cute. You cannot have one,


If you are gardener, this is a godsend. Drive for four or sort


good news for gardens. As long as it does not


umbrella! Thanks for watching, see you later, goodbye.


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