02/08/2014 North West Tonight


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feel this needs to take place every year? Yes, it does, for all these


lovely people to be able to say we are here, we are gay, lesbi`n,


bisexual, we are not going `nywhere. This event comes at a time when


official figures show that hate crime is on the increase. Hdre in


Liverpool city centre, the figures have gone up by more than a quarter


in the past year. We are taking it as encouragement that more people


are choosing to report hate crime. The force is more open and


sensitive. The parade remains the main attraction. The glamour and


fairy tale theme was a head. Do you always make an effort? Yes. We love


the theme. I am wearing a btbble coat. I think it will be a fantastic


day. The weather was far from perfect, but there was a carnival


atmosphere as thousands of people turned out in support of thd


celebrations. The weather in a moment, but first other news.


A 62`year`old man has been `rrested on suspicion of murder


after a 62`year`old woman w`s found dead at a house in Radcliffd.


Police were called to on Bury Road


at half past nine this mornhng. The man


his neck. He was


and later arrested. A post mortem examination


A memorial service is being held on the Isle of Man tonight to


remember the fifty people who died in the Summerland fire disaster


Three thousand holidaymakers were inside the leisure complex


in Douglas when fire swept through the building in 1973.


The disaster led to changes in fire regulations.


A reminder for you the M56 is closed in both


directions between junctions 5 and 6 all weekend for planned works.


Passengers flying from Manchester Airport are being warned


It's because of this ` a bridge is being demolished.


It'll remain closed until e`rly on Monday.


Today though drivers faced dxtra delays after a serious accident on


More local medal winners at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow today.


Natalie Blake from Manchester lifted her way to


silver in the women's para sport lightweight powerlifting evdnt.


And she was obviously made up with her performance.


I am buzzing! I am on cloud nine and I cannot believe I have a shlver


medal at my first Commonwealth Games. I was happy to get a three


good lifts in. Meanwhile, in squash, Laura Massaro


from Preston has grabbed her second She already won a silver


in the Women's singles event and has A lot of grey cloud and rain, but


the good news is things will improve. In behind it, things will


start to dry out nicely. A few showers as we make our way through


into the early hours of Sunday morning, but tomorrow is looking


like a drier day, a relativdly cool night tonight, but into Sunday, more


showers, but light and drizzly, not as many tomorrow. It is going to be


a much drier field tomorrow, perhaps even brightness at times. Wd make


our way through into the new working week and much drier and brighter


weather to come, Monday and Tuesday. Showers later in


the week. The score right now


Lancashire are 137 for 8. Glamorgan are currently 4


for no wicket. That's it from me


and the weekend team. It has been one of those days, Sony


for some and pouring with rain for others. Locally there has been


intense downpours. Further west resolutely cloudy and wet across the


heart of Scotland and much of Northern Ireland, brighter skies


feeding into Belfast, the process will continue, with rain edging away


West, it will become confined to the northern half of Scotland, peeling


back in again, to the far north of Wales, into the Irish Sea. Much


quieter night further south, breezy, but becoming mostly dry


Pressure night. 13 of 14 degrees. The wind will be a key feature,


blowing a gale, further outbreaks of rain coming in, the heart of


Scotland seeing some downpours. The far north-west of England. Further


south, drier and brighter, very isolated, and many parts of England


and Wales will have


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