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of Australia. That's all from Hampden Park. Do stay with us, time


Hundreds of people joined protests in Liverpool and Manchester today


calling for the end of the conflict between Israel and the


As Yunus Mulla reports, the atmosphere was very different


For some it was a very publhc way of expressing how they feel


about the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.


It's the first time I have been at a demo for a couple of years.


This use of violence is not acceptable.


Hundreds marched to Manchester?s Piccadilly Gardens


Here, speaker after speaker expressed concern at the number


This protest in Manchester is the latest in a series


of demonstrations to be held across the North West in recent wedks.


Eight members of Mohammed G`leeni's extended family have been killed


Demonstrations start by allowing people to voice


their anger and by giving people a way to get involved in calpaigns.


Earlier, a gathering of a very different kind in Liverpool.


This was not a political event but a peace vigil.


We've got the Palestinian community, the Jewish community, and for me it


is about trying to unite colmunities in Liverpool, which we have done.


As far as Israel is concerndd, it is facing an extensional threat,


Others will say that they are being aggressive.


Their approaches were different but their aim was the same `


The family of a retired teacher from Liverpool killed


in her safari lodge in South Africa have paid tribute to her.


Christine Robinson moved to the country 10 years ago.


It's believed she was raped, stabbed and robbed.


Former Primary school teacher Christine Robinson with her husband


Robbie moved to South Afric` from Liverpool


a decade ago to start a new life running a safari game lodge.


Rra Ditau is close to the Marakele National Park in Limpopo,


about 150 miles north`west of the capital Johannesburg.


On Wednesday her body was found in her bedroom.


She might have been the victim of a robbery.


By one of her employees, from Zimbabwe.


Currently we have applied to the Zimbabwe government so that the


Here her family have paid tribute to a wonderful lady with


an enviable generosity of spirit, but her brother has criticised


It seems to me and the rest of the family that the


South African authorities are not doing enough about this,


We want to see justice at the end of the day.


As the investigation continues, the Foreign Office is providing


David Saville, BBC North West Tonight.


Tomorrow marks the centenary of the start of the First World War and all


week your BBC local radio stations will continue with their spdcial


look at how the conflict impacted on life here in the North Wdst.


You can listen to stories of World War One at Home from 8:15


tomorrow morning on your local radio stations.


Now for the weather with Charlie Slater.


It is a cool uncomfortable night tonight, good news. There is not a


huge amount in the way of cloud cover so that he can escape. It is a


largely dry night. Temperatures cover so that he can escape. It is a


largely dry night. Temperattres in largely dry night. Temperatures in


the low teens. Into Monday lorning, lots of sunshine around in the


morning. The cloud will appdar in morning. The cloud will appear in


the afternoon, giving some showers as well, but not a bad day to start


the week. Not quite as windx. the week. Not quite as windy.


Throughout the week, the high`pressure eventually loses the


battle and the low moves in wringing wet weather. Particularly on


Wednesday and Thursday. So make the Wednesday and Thursday. So lake the


most of it when it is dry. Before we go,


take a look at these pictures ` a cow being rescued by the fire


service in Worsley this morning. She got stuck in the Bridgewater


canal after wandering off She was found neck deep in water,


exhausted and extremely cold. The RSPCA are hoping she will make


a full recovery. We are back with your breakfast


bulletins nice and early from 6 25. From me


and the weekend team, goodnhght Good evening. Many of us had a


decent second part of the weekend, particularly so for England and


Wales, rather different from Scotland and Northern Ireland. We


saw our whole rash of showers across Scotland and Northern Ireland, some


thunder and lightning swirling around. There was a huge curl of


cloud, indicative of an area of low pressure. That will work its way


northwards, taking its the wind and rain with it. For England and Wales,


may be a shower around the coast but rural spots make it a bit on the


chilly side. Through the day tomorrow, fine in dry weather on


offer, some good spells of sunshine but there


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