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and on our website, but that is all for now. It is


Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Beccy Meehan.


Hundreds of anti`fracking activists head


towards a protest camp in Lancashire as a farmer tries to evict them.


Group of solidarity. The air and water in Lancashire is at risk.


We'll hear from a business leader who fears the camp will damage


Residents' terror as arsonists run rampage, torching


A Merseyside MP demands government action to protect


the unemployed from bogus job ads on an official website.


And Strictly Southport ` lift`off for one lucky lady as Anton Du Beke


Attempts to set up an anti`fracking protest camp near Blackpool have run


into trouble tonight, with a farmer starting legal action


Over the next few days, up to 1,000 campaigners from all over


the country are expected to arrive at the Cuadrilla site near


Critics fear the activists ` some of them veterans of direct action


at Balcombe in Sussex ` will damage the area's image and economy.


Protest is starting to gather behind you, not many yet, but already


something of a stand`off. Yes. This field would normally be full of


cows, but tonight it's full of anti`Freckingham protest is. The


farmer who owns the field says he beginning legal action to evict


them. They've even brought


the kitchen sink. Protesters began to arrive


from around the country today, joining a group


of local mothers and grandmothers We asked them to come to Blackpool


to support our movement, The air and water


in Lancashire is at risk. This field is next to where


Cuadrilla would No work has been done yet,


but it's applied for planning permission and expects a decision


from the council by November. We expect about 1,000 people to come


over the weekend, people locally and from around the country because


this issue affects all of us. I've come from London, I wanted


to be part of it because I've seen the damage


fracking has been doing for the and it's where the struggle against


fracking is the most emblematic. Today, residents nearby


had mixed views. I'm delighted that they are


there making a protest. As long as they don't do anything


illegal, I'm more than happy. I'm very happy


for them to do what they think is right, but I don't feel sufficiently


concerned about it because I think It's a quiet area, we don't


want people in the streets. Obviously they think they


are doing the right thing. The unfortunate part is it won't


make a scrap of difference because they will just do


the fracking anyway. The farmer who owns this field


didn't want to appear on camera, but told us he's very unhappy


at the protesters' actions He's been supported by the National


Farmers Union, who told us the camp had potential to cause


serious harm to land and livestock. The farmer has begun legal


proceedings to evict You can see behind me they've


started to a wrecked on marquee. On Sunday they planned to march down


Blackpool promenade and on Monday they are threatening direct action


against local businesses linked to Cuadrilla. When I asked them who


they would target and what they would do, they wouldn't be drawn.


Thank you very much. Let's pick up on that final point with Rob Green.


You represent a group of local businesses committed to making the


most of any economic benefits from fracking. Are you worried? We are


because we welcome tourists and visitors, but we don't welcome


people who come along to disrupt or commit acts that will interfere with


people enjoying themselves in the area, or with businesses. Do you


welcome people exercising their democratic right to protest?


Absolutely, people have every right to make a peaceful protest and


engage in constructive dialogue. There's a lot of information people


need to understand about the shale gas industry. Some ill informed


direct action is not the way to go about this. Given that many people


came from the Sussex protests year, are you concerned that some


kind of direct action could be violent? Or disruptive? I wouldn't


anticipate there would be violence. Any disruptive action is not really


welcome. We would rather have constructive dialogue with groups


who are concerned and want to find out more about shale gas. We've had


a number of polls this week, one backed by the industry saying people


are in favour, one put out by the government saying


against fracking. A report that was heavily redacted. You are trying to


make a positive spin, but mightily confused. It can be a


confusing situation, of information, there are a lot of


myths. Fractions of information. It is a complex industry, people need


to understand and have to make an effort to understand. Have you had


any communication with the police on behalf of the businesses you


represent? Not personally, but the police and local authorities are


keeping an eye on things to make sure there isn't disruption, which


potentially harms the town or interferes with the right for


individuals to go about and enjoy themselves in Blackpool. Thank you.


Lancashire police have launched a murder inquiry after a 26`year`old


woman and 22`month`old boy were found dead at a house in Euxton.


It's believed they were mother and son.


Police discovered the bodies at an address on Princess Way


They've described it as a "tragic case" and say they aren't


They were alerted after a neighbour became concerned.


We hadn't seen her for a couple of days and I usually see her go out


They went round to see if they could see anything


She had her father's phone number so she rang him


The family of a man who died after an assault in Liverpool this


morning say he was well known for his heart of gold and that


64`year`old Richie Williams was found unconscious in west Derby.


A 38`year`old man is being questioned on suspicion


Widnes Vikings have published images on their website of people they say


invaded the pitch and caused trouble after the team's defeat in


Spectators from the Widnes section were involved in


Residents in a quiet street in Stockport got a rude awakening


Vandals were on the rampage in Hazel Grove, firebombing vehicles


and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.


One resident described the thick smoke and the flames shooting into


Just this front, I don't think there's anything inside.


The front of Rosie Jones' car simply melted them when vandals


We said it was like something out of a horror film.


Don't know why anybody would want to do it.


At around 2am, residents in streets off the A6 in Hazel Grove looked out


to see flames and thick smoke, an apocalyptic sight one of them said.


Four vehicles were targeted by the vandals.


The estimated damage, around ?60,000.


Who they were or why they did it remains unknown.


This is what's left of a Volkswagen Jetta.


Calum Pickstone needs this van for work.


It's hard to believe, but it could have been worse.


Really, it's very good I didn't have any on the van last night.


Police officers have been knocking on doors,


Somebody used an accelerant on the front of the vehicles.


Either a fuel`based substance, we're speaking with


The victims are now turning to their insurers.


The police say they are determined to find out who did this and why.


The parents of a Liverpool man killed in Thailand say they're


angry and distressed that his alleged attacker has been granted


Darren Taylor's family are worried they could come face to


face with James Durnan, the man charged with Darren's murder.


He's accused of pushing Darren from a sixth`floor balcony after the


When their son Darren died in Bangkok, the last thing


his parents expected to be worried about was meeting his alleged killer


If we go into town, we don't know whether we're walking past him.


The only thing we know is he's got red hair.


Every 23, 24`year`old male who passes us with


Darren had lived in Thailand for three years.


His partner was four months pregnant when, in June 2013, Darren died


after allegedly being pushed from his sixth floor balcony.


James Durnan, also from Liverpool, was charged with murder


Gary and Linda have just returned from their first trip to Bangkok to


see their grandson Anfield, named in memory


When they arrived, they discovered Durnan had been allowed back to


I don't know what could justify that.


We've tried to contact the defendant's Thai legal team without


success, but according to a separate legal team based in Warrington, a


Thai court can grant bail depending on the nature of the offence, the


threat to society, the risk of absconding


There's also an extradition treaty between Thailand and the UK to


We'll continue to make noise until what should be done is done.


And for Darren's parents, that means the trial taking place, as


It's hard enough being out of work, but for 11 jobseekers in Birkenhead,


it became a nightmare when they were conned out of money by bogus


vacancies posted on the government's own job search website.


Their MP called for an inquiry, which found thousands


of fake jobs had been advertised on the Jobmatch site.


Frank Field says the government has been too slow to


put things right, and people are still at risk of fraud.


This is the government's website. Monster is paid ?4 million a year to


run it, but it's been described as having monster problems.


Fraudsters still seem free to advertise and rip off money


One of the worst cases happened here in Birkenhead.


11 job`seekers were interviewed by a man offering jobs to councillors,


jobs to help sexually abused children, but successful candidates


Tom and Lisa paid ` there was no job.


They asked for a criminal records check.


In the back of my mind it was my thinking that it was done through


As police investigated the bogus employer, Frank Field pushed


It found non`jobs, bogus jobs, duplicate jobs.


12,000 bogus jobs have had to be removed.


A further 250,000 jobs have had to be removed


You apply for them, the jobs have gone but it's up there


You get passed along with interviews and you get nothing.


The NAO report concluded there was a higher risk of bogus jobs here


And it found job seekers are still at risk.


Today, the Department for Work and Pensions said it was working


continuously to make the system as effective as possible.


Can the Blues rise again to defend their Premier League title?


And digging deep ` the Manchester allotments preparing


for a food festival to raise money for disabled gardeners.


Last month, the Ummah Welfare Trust was told by HSBC its bank accounts


The Bolton`based Islamic charity put the decision down to


HSBC, though, says stringent government rules designed to crack


down on the funding of criminal and terrorist activity have


prompted them to severe links with many organisations,


Now, Yasmin Qureshi, the MP for Bolton South East,


I spoke to her earlier and started by asking her why she thinks HSBC


They say that this is a procedure they are going through, procedure.


Ummah say they are really disappointed and upset because


they've been given no reason as to why they were withdrawing banking


facilities. They say all our records are transparent, we know where the


money comes from, where it's going, the countries we operate in and the


money is being spent well. We make sure it's not spent in any


inappropriate way and we know where the money is coming from. They are


extremely upset about it and very reputable charity in my


constituency. HSBC are head hearing to these regulations set out by the


government. Surely as an MP you need to go straight to the ministers


involved rather than boycotting HSBC? I have. I've contacted George


Osborne's office, as well as Vince Cable. There need to be rules in


place. Those rules are designed for cartels and big business, corrupt


dealings and all sorts of things. Those same rules are being applied


to small charities. For some reason because HSBC, because of what's been


said to them, are pulling credit away from the small organisations.


The rules are wrong. I'm campaigning for the government to


rules so we have a much more sensible system.


commission could have a kitemark saying these charities have no


problem. Then the banks can say these have kitemark is so that


hopefully these small organisations don't get caught when they are


designed for much bigger culprits and people seriously involved in


money`laundering. Thanks very much. Football now, and former Liverpool


striker Luis Suarez's four`month biting ban has been upheld


by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but the Uruguay striker can


now train with new club Barcelona. Suarez's lawyers argued


the world governing body FIFA's decision to suspend him


from all "football`related activity" for biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini


at the World Cup was excessive. Suarez's old team were pipped to the


title last season by Manchester City City and many see the Blues


as the team to beat once again. The Premier League returns this


weekend and today we're looking Richard Askam has been assessing


their chances with a terrace icon. Feed the goat and he will score was


his child and Shaun Goater often did. He netted more than 100 goals


for the blues and like City fans everywhere, can't wait for the new


season. I think we are very strong. A few players have come back from


the World Cup. Some need to get to full fitness, but the new signings


look very good. Good pace and the understand he is a good reader of


the game. I think it will make us stronger defensively because we know


how good we are. How important alongside the new signings that


David Silva and Vincent Kompany have signed longer contracts? It's


brilliant. The timing of it is great before the start of the season. What


do you make of Manuel Pellegrini saying he has two number one


goalkeeper 's? He's asking Joe Hart to prove himself. Joe Hart has been


great at proving people wrong and this is another occasion where he


will look and say, I'll show you I'm number one. It's impossible to gauge


absolutely what Manuel Pellegrini is thinking in terms of priorities.


Would you say probably the for this season is the Champions


League? Well, for me as a fan, I would like to retain the league


because that shows a dominance in the league in England. But I'd look


for an improvement on what we did last season in the Champions League.


Shaun Goater talking to Richard. We'll look ahead to the start of the


Premier League for the rest of the region's Premier League


In this part of the world, we?re not short of major gardening events.


There's RHS Tatton and the Southport Flower Show, which we'll


But a group of gardeners from Manchester are hoping to do


Vegfest is taking place this Sunday at the Crumpsall and


They're hoping to raise ?10,000 to make the site wheelchair friendly.


Elaine Dunkley has been to see how they're getting on.


# Take me outside, sit in the green garden.


It's been a bumper year so far for the growers at the Crumpsall


and Cheetham Hill Allotment, but this year will also see them


There are just days to go until Vegfest.


The allotment team are hoping to raise thousands to


There are a lot of people that I know are wheelchair`bound who would


love the opportunity to be able to come out here.


We intend to turn this into a raised bed area


for people with disabilities, for different groups to use.


It won't just be prized veg on show this year.


Matt Nixon, a gramophone enthusiast and gardener, is hoping to pull


We're trying to create a kind of village fete, I suppose.


It's where the community comes together.


We'd love people to come and see our allotments, people support the


Gardeners young and old have been getting their hands dirty here


since the allotment's Royal opening by Prince Philip in 1972.


This year's show will also celebrate the role of allotments


The allotment started for the First World War and it became really


We wouldn't have survived without them because of the blockades


We wouldn't have been able to feed the country.


Meanwhile, on the ground, Doug is rallying the troops to make sure


He's been secretary for over 20 years.


Performers and a stage are still needed.


No doubt the gardeners will have to get moving to pull


Has there ever been a better name for an allotment secretary van Doug?


Strictly Come Dancing's Anton Du Beke wowed the crowds


at the Southport Flower Show this afternoon.


Over the next four days, 11,000 ice creams, 6,000 slices of cake and


And in honour of this summer's World Cup, the theme is Brazil.


Nazia Mogra has been sampling the samba and sunflowers.


From sunflowers to sunshine to Samba, this year's Southport flower


show, months in the making, and today had some visitors. I love


everything about it. You can spend lot of money. We've come from


Morecambe. More on several thing is great. It's lovely to


event where you can potter around and get some nice plants and gifts.


And the chance to do a look at all these lovely people,


isn't it amazing? I think I'd like to move here,


perhaps. It's good, we've got the son and a wonderful garden. It's


such a great show. If strip did come dancing isn't your kind of thing,


with 350 exhibitors, there's something for everything. ` Strictly


Come Dancing. This garden is so peaceful and it has people talking


because it's won the best garden. Serious two weeks work. We brought


in 25 tonnes of Devon rustic slate, wagons rolling, machines rolling and


once we had the rock imposition, it was back to the spades and shovels


digging out the stream and starting to build the waterfalls. Alfie has


designed this garden and he won one of the top prizes for his school. I


was really excited when I won, I was over the moon. I've won ?500 for


school and ?50 for myself. The show is on until Sunday so if you want to


pop along, it's not too late. Reminded me of Bruce Forsyth, Anton


Du Beke! I got drenched a couple of times today, it's been sunshine and


showers. It's not all about you, Roger!


There were some pretty good spells of sunshine. We start with good news


because it does Taylor off quite quickly. Tomorrow you shouldn't get


soaked because it should be fine and dry. It will be pretty decent. But


after that, this is a chart you will not like. Look at the


descending across the UK. Through the weekend we could see daytime


temperatures of around 16 degrees. This is how it looks outside our


window right now. We are close to the Pennines and you can see the


towering cloud. The Isle of Man had some fantastic weather


coastal areas have seen the best of it.


Showers will be around for the next couple of hours.


down, they should start to fade away and the night will end up


cover, and there will be some prolonged


Real relief temperatures of eight Celsius. That


figures, but there's a chill in the air. You will


The sun will work its way through and not a


around the Pennines, but most of Scotland takes a lot of the showers.


sunshine, but where the showers turn up, because


not bad. Not brilliant temperatures, but you could have


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