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you might stay dry. The temperatures will still be in


A Southport woman who killed her alcoholic mother after suffering


The judge described the case as "a disaster waiting to happen".


The Liverpool company bidding for government contracts using


Manchester City Council say 20mph's plenty for thousands of roads


But will it really slow down the speeders?


And the pound`a`night poultry palace gets off to a flying start


It was, said a judge in Liverpool today,


In January, Clancy Durkin, an alcoholic,


was killed by her own daughter after years of mental cruelty.


Rebecca Durkin, who's nineteen, was today jailed for manslaughter.


The judge, at Liverpool Crown Court, told her she'd have to live with


what she'd done for the rest of her life.


Belittled and undervalued by her own mother,


She was 19, a student and part time care worker.


Her mother, Clancy Durkin, was 56, a cleaner at Southport and


Many of her relatives and friends didn't realise it,


In January, at their home in Southport, her daughter suffocated


Rebecca Durkin claimed she hadn't meant to kill her.


We only have her side of the story. The sister described Clancy as a


caring mother and she had issues but we only have the spin that Rebecca


has put Durkin was tried for murder at


Liverpool Crown Court and acquitted. But she pleaded guilty to


manslaughter The judge described it as a


difficult home environment. They had done their best for each other, he


said, but Rebecca suffered long`term mental cruelty at her mother?s


hands. The alcohol addiction clouded her judgement. He rejected


Rebecca?s claimed she had not intended to kill her mother. You had


had enough, he told her, something you must live with for the


rest of your sentenced to four years


and eight months in prison. After being held in custody


since January, she'll actually serve 'Your family life may have been


a very sad and very difficult one,' "But that family is now totally


destroyed and split The Government's being accused


of using cheap labour by paying prison inmates to do jobs


in the private and public sector. Prisoners from HMP Liverpool are


used on a number of contracts but are often being paid far less


than the minimum wage. Critics say the scheme undercuts


local businesses and threatens jobs. Its supporters say it reduces


re`offending by getting inmates Behind its walls,


HMP Liverpool is home to more than Some are in gainful employment `


in laundries and in packing jobs It's run by the Ministry of Justice


and its work has attracted praise But it's less popular with


Walton's MP. It will be difficult for any company


to compete with on a level playing field with prisoners paid far less


than people on the national minimum wage. In a statement, the ministry


told us... ISS, who're the laundry contractors


for Walton Centre Foundation Trust in Liverpool, had planned to use


inmates provided by One3One. Somehow the residual money is


propping up what needs to be done in the prison service. It is wrong. The


Prison Service tells us they want to stop the same faces coming back to


prison time and time again. They disagree on how it is done.


A man from Oldham's appeared before magistrates,


accused of punching a heavily pregnant teenager in the stomach


The 16 year old girl ` who was seven months pregnant `


was attacked in Copster Park in the town last Thursday.


18`year`old Dusan Bako ` who's charged with child destruction


It's been reported that a Liverpool takeaway owner is among a group


of British`based Kurds who've returned to Iraq, to fight


Mohammed Abudullah told Sky News that even though he has a British


passport and a good life in Liverpool,


he wanted to return to Kurdistan to fight for his people against


I have got a British passport and everything and the good life. I do


not need anything but I am here support the Kurdistan people for my


family, my dad, I do not care if I get killed or not.


The West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper says some patients have been facing


a wait of up to two hours for an ambulance.


She claims one of her constituents died less than 48 hours after being


The North West Ambulance Service says demand has risen by 7%


An investigation's underway after a bin bag containing


the severed heads of a number of cats was found on a street


The discovery was made by a council worker who'd been sent to


Road safety campaigners have for some time been repeating


the mantra that "twenty's plenty" on suburban streets.


And growing numbers of councils across the region are


Today Manchester City Council introduced 20 mile per hour zones


The authority hopes it'll cut accident rates ` but will it?


Our Chief Reporter, Dave Guest, has been investigating and joins us now.


Yes, they have not roll this out to every street in Manchester but I am


not losing it. This is every street. It is one of the streets


where the council hopes by lowering the speed limit they will lower the


number of accidents. Not everyone is convinced that painting numbers on


the road will reduce accidents. This is Woodland Road in Gorton `


one of hundreds across Manchester Some within this community have


welcomed the new speed limit. We have 40 children playing in this


area alone. And we just think that we need this to protect our


children. From today, more than


a thousand streets in Manchester are Twenty's been plenty in parts


of Blackpool for some years now. This is Highfield Road where the


limit was introduced back on 2009. Do you stick to 20? I try to. It


slows us down quite a bit but in built`up areas you need it for


safety of people. Not everyone is convinced about the worth of the


signs. Too many councils are putting up signs come if the road looks like


30 and the character doesn't change, the behaviour won't change. You have


to change the character of the road and that involves more than putting


up signs. If road users do not respect the signs, what happens? We


will monitor the situation and look at enforcement action. So people can


be fined? Absolutely. The council hopes to designate more zones in the


near future. The council are looking to the police to enforce these areas


and recent guidance from ACPO says they have referred to speed


awareness courses if people are caught breaking the limit. They also


say it isn't just about science, it is changing the environment and


making sure the mindset changes as well.


This is a subject which has prompted quite a response from you today `


Alan Swan e`mailed to say they're already in Blackpool


and are ignored by everyone ` including public transport.


Alan reckons crawling in second gear creates road anger.


Ian Wallbank lives on a road in a 20 zone.


He says he's been overtaken several times ` on one occasion someone went


Proof, he says, that there are people with no regard for this law.


On Twitter, Zulu 123 wrote ` the 20 mile`an`hour zones in Cleveleys cost


250`thousand pounds ` drivers ignore it or deliberately go faster.


It's a tick in the box for the Health and Safety brigade.


Paul Emsley says on Facebook ` Nobody enforces them.


The council say it's down to the police to enforce them ` and the


While Lulu Anne Percival thinks it's a brilliant idea `


but there will be some folks who don't think it applies to them!


A weekend of anti`fracking protests culminated today in the protests


around the area. Protesters occupied the building where one of the Shell


gas companies have offices. But while they were condemning the ``


for gas, opponents pointed out the protest camps cookers and gas


heaters were gas powered! They are calling it today `` a day of direct


action and to Blackpool the main target was this office, leased by


Cuadrilla and focused much of the anger from the anti`fracking


protesters. Inside the building, a determined group of campaigners who


for several hours refused to leave. Among the group, Danny. We walked up


to the office, we walked through the door, the door was open, pushed in


and sat down, held hands, secured ourselves together and then shut the


door. Eventually, the group left voluntarily. The Chamber of Commerce


says the protesters were actually in its offices, not Cuadrilla. And


there was more direct action by anti`fracking campaigners from the


North West who travelled to London to superglued themselves to Defra,


the department responsible for energy. When ministers insist


fracking is safe and essential. Other critics of the protesters


tweeted this, a picture showing gas canisters used to power their


anti`fracking site in Blackpool. According to the organisers, the


criticism is unfair. I am a human being living in a community, some


people do choose to go into the hills and live entirely self


sufficiently and that is an option but I want to be part of society.


Having set up camp to highlight their cause, by the end of the


week, most of have gone, the debate itself will


continue. Last season's top two start the


season with Premier League wins. And, the Lancashire teenager who


hatched a plan for a hen hotel ` Last week on BBC North West tonight


we followed the fortunes of a group of allotmenteers


from Manchester determined to put on a show to help raise ?10,000


for disabled access at The Crumpsall Well, yesterday was show time after


months of preparations for Veg Fest. The weather certain wasn't kind


but did the public gave generously. The gardeners are vying for best


in show and the performers ready to put on a show but the blustery


weather is causing concern. Quite fraught, running around last


minute. We did not know what the weather would be like. I got here


this morning, it was pouring but waiting now for more of the


general public. It is one of the best local shows,


would the best I have seen for a long time.


For the gardeners, it's a tense time waiting to find out who


We have seen is a round of nature and we get opportunities to dance in


between the vegetables and fruits and flowers. I feel a part of it. We


thought it would be a complete disaster, nobody here for the first


hour and a bit but everybody came. It was fantastic. Despite the wind


and the rain, hundreds of people. Doug the allotment secretary


has had a busy few weeks. Finally he gets the chance


to enjoy the performances. The day has been a success


for the Crumpsall and Cheetham Hill Allotment Society `


over a thousand pounds and it's Sorry I missed that. What flavour


was the ice cream? ! We will move on quickly to


Now to sport and a huge night for Burnley with the return of Premier


Richard is there for us as the clarets prepare to take


And easy opener against Chelsea. Most of the Burnley fans know how


difficult it will be. Those are the Chelsea fans going into that part of


Turf Moor. Chelsea will put out a side cost ?200 million to assemble,


Burnley spent 6 million on seven new players in the summer, that would


buy you one of Diego Costa?s legs! In 2009, the first home game here


that season when Burnley win Premier League was against Man


United, we will show you what happened, a stunning volley enough


to win the game on that day for Burnley. And they might just spring


a surprise. I am sure Tony Livsey will be among


those fans behind you tonight. I have just seen him!


How confident are they? Yeah, they are realistic, Roger,


they know how difficult it will be but having said that their form


season has convinced many they might just do it, who knows? Good team


spirit and a chance as long as we keep it 0`0. We could nick it. My


hunch is a draw. I would take that and go home. A team of superstars


but it is the posh boy going to the Council of State. They will get a


cigar. They will not like it. Many regard Mourinho?s men as favourites


for the title. What does Sean make of the opening game?


Well, the fans here have nicknamed Sean the ginger Mourinho. He is


quietly confident. Let's hear from him. Home and away you play every


team. It is a relevant, for sure, tough challenge, fantastic manager


and club and team but amazing power in the market. There are no


guarantees for anyone. I want to win against Burnley. That is the first


step. And to win against Burnley will be hard. I can imagine.


Well, these teams are the last to get their Premier League campaign is


under way. The other sides were in action at the weekend.


It was Daniel's 36th goal in 50 games.


The most clinical striker. We were not at our best today.


We were nervous, it's a pity. `` pity.


Family players do need? Four or five, I would say.


Everton have done plenty of transfer business but let the lead slip at


Leicester. Super strikes from two players should have given the


winning start but this draw will feel like two points dropped.


Blackpool have decided to keep it in the family. Their new signing moves


to Bloomfield Road with his twin brother. The team is without a point


after defeat to Blackburn Rovers on Saturday. A couple of goals did


damage for the men. Two `when the final score. Fleetwood town made it


two wins out of two with a win at Notts County. Preston North end hit


four goals past their opponents. Excellent wins for Morecambe and


Berry as well. Cricket now `


In the LV County championship Lancashire's match against Durham


ended in nail biting finish. Durham ended their second innings on


187 leaving Lancashire 107 to win. The fans are arriving in confidence.


We were powerful commentary of the game on BBC radio Lancashire. From


Turf Moor, back to you. A proud young man! Thank you very much.


Enjoy the game. Now to North Lancashire,


where an enterprising teenager has It might seem curious but Sam Jones


could have found a niche market. He set up his business in Carnforth


after noticing the rise in the numbers of families keeping


poultry at home. # This is a song about birds # About


birds? It's the latest resort


on the tourist trail and clients are When you go on holiday and


if you do have chickens, They had nowhere to go,


so I've taken advantage and I've Chicken check`in is pretty quick,


they don't bring much luggage. Guests are given free range


of the 5`star facilities. Fresh water, food, access to fresh


grass 24/7, whenever they want. While some choose to lounge by the


pool, others prefer room service. It costs the paltry sum


of ?1 per night for each bird. And Sam has already been surprised


by the number of bookings. It started off with posters on


the lamp posts, and from there, the public have just been in contact,


September is now fully booked. 11`year`old Zoe keeps chickens in


St Anne's, and would happily shell I love chickens so much,


they are my favourite animal. I think a chicken hotel would be


good, because it's very hard to find people who will look after chickens,


it's quite a hard thing to do. Now, Sam is planning to expand


the business. It might be that I have to get


a delivery service. People might not be able to drive to


get here, then they are stuck, so... Chicken owners can be assured


this is no "Fowl`ty" Towers. Sam is promising his guests


an "egg`cellent" stay. She did not use the chicken Song.


Probably not appropriate. Paul said he put his chickens into a boarding


kennel and it cost ?137. That would be ?49. He could have hit on


something. Good entrepreneurial skills. As long as he doubles his


rates, he was still be in business. Profit margin! It is all about the


money. It isn't getting any better. We have a unsettled week ahead, the


temperatures will be disappointing. You are talking 15 or 16 degrees.


This is not what we expect. Lines of showers throughout the day,


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