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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Annabel Tiffin.


Forget jihad ` make a difference in your own community.


Young Muslims in Lancashire are urged to turn their back


But some have told us they're angry at what they say is the British


A North West MP calls for German`style terracing at football.


The pub selling booze not fit for human consumption.


And how a woman from Rainhill became a German princess during the


There are five stages, 150 acts and the crowds are already pouring into


this music festival. Johnny One of Lancashire's Muslim leaders


has condemned the beheading of the American journalist James Foley and


urged young men to resist the call to arms in Syria and Iraq.


Instead, he said, they should concentrate on making their mark as


doctors or leaders in British businesses.


Shahed Tameez was speaking in Blackburn this afternoon.


But, as Stuart Flinders reports, many young Muslims are angry about


what they see as our own Answered every Friday by thousands


of Muslims across the North West. But there's a new call


from the organisation known And


the Government believes 400 British For parents,


already trying to protect their chidlren from the temptations


of drugs and other criminal It is very concerning. Especially


when these young children grow up. Today, one of the imams here made


an impassioned plea to ignore the call to arms abroad and,


instead, to concentrate We need to respect the Muslim


regulations of this country. We need to respect the values of this


country and in return we must contribute positively by being in


major organisations, like being entrepreneurs, I being big


businessmen and by being doctors. Amongst young Muslims attending


prayers today, a wide range of views on foreign


affairs that feel close to home. Millions of Muslims are dying every


day. Things are happening in Gaza. The BBC is owned by the Jews. It is


very pro Israel. People get let the wrong police and the wrong


parts. I do not see any proof that people are leaving this


Should football fans be allowed to stand at football matches?


Today it became the first political party to support the return


Standing was, of course, banned following the Hillsborough


But supporters groups and some football clubs say we now


have the technology to ` safely ` bring back the terraces.


The sight of thousands of fans on the terraces at top flight


football matches belongs to a bygone era, following the introduction


But if the Lib Dems get their way, some standing could return.


Safety experts point to the success of standing areas and other


countries. Kenny Derbyshire was at Hillsborough


and doesn't believe football should It has been 25 years, a long hard


struggle. Even though there have been tests to prove to prove it is


safe, I would not like to see it brought back.


club to install so`called rail seats, which can be unlocked to


It's worked well as a way of re`introducing terracing in


Germany's Bundesliga, and according to the Manchester MP behind the


We think real seating is the way forward and an opportunity for clubs


to introduce safe standing areas which are safer than the current


arrangements where we have fanned weekend, week out at grounds across


the country standing in areas not designed for that.


Manchester United tell us they're supportive of the idea in principle,


as are Premier League new boys Burnley.


At Liverpool, opinion among supporters, is mixed.


People always stand up when there is an attack on the opposition 's goal.


If it is not broken, do not fix it. This is a progressive movement.


At Rochdale, fans can still stand, and it's a similar case at many


of the regions other lower league grounds.


Whether standing makes a return to the higher leagues would


seem to depend for now, on the Lib Dems faring better


We can talk now to Dr Steve Frosdick, who is an


He joins us from our Southampton studio.


Thank you for joining us the ceiling. Someone said it is


retrograde and not progressive to go back to the real things were, do you


agree? It is wrong to say that we are returning to anything. This is


about moving forward, towards a new type of accommodation, seating that


bears no resemblance to the terraces of the past. The terraces were


abandoned in the week of disasters because they were deemed to be


unsafe. Now we have safe all`seater stadium, more men, women and


children are going to football. Justice Taylor made the assumption


that people sitting down, that has proven to be


not the the Day, you will see at grounds all


around throughout the match to watch the


game. That is their make that choice and a safer


environment. Have the clubs Have they given that up because the


Premier standing up in an area for seating


is not inherently unsafe. on the angle of the stand. Sometimes


it is not possible to have a progressive crowd, is forward and


the injuries and statistics collected and the likes of the


Championship have shown that over 1 million fans stood over two


and not one fan was reported injured, so it is not a realistic


argument to say that standing is unsafe. Thank you for that. It has


certainly started a beat. `` a debate.


The Home Secretary has said she's going to cap the amount


of money retired police officers can claim for legal representation


Theresa May said it's important the former officers aren't seen to


be getting more funding than the families during the hearings.


She's also asked for the hourly rate of the police lawyers that's already


Greater Manchester Police have apologised to the family


of a man stabbed to death in Trafford more than a week ago.


18`year`old Rhyan Wilson died after he was found stabbed on Flixton Road


GMP says it failed his family in the aftermath of his death


by not telling them soon enough and have now launched an investigation.


A 35`year`old man has since been charged with his murder.


Police are to ban protests outside an Israeli shop


They say the protests over the Gaza conflict, by pro`Palestinian and


Jewish groups, have been "disruptive and intimidating" to people living


Instead, protesters will be given a designated area in a nearby


street outside unnoccupied premises, and will be limited to ten people.


Preston Council has been defending plans to demolish the city's


This week, the authority wrote to traders saying they're intending to


appoint an architect to work up a plan for a replacement.


They say they've ?5.5 million to spend.


Traders though say they're concerned the council's pushing


on with the scheme before it has the money to build a replacement.


A man's been jailed after he and his partner stored more than one


Barbara Gallimore and Cedric Fitzpatrick ran


Trading Standards officers say counterfeit booze costs the UK


economy ?1.2billion a year, and this one discovery amounted to


half of all the illicit alcohol seized across the whole of the


Counterfeit spritis ` the contents of some consumed


by pub regulars, other bottles destined for the North West.


The alochol in these bottles can be compared to


methylated spirit and this is the couple found with them ` Barbara


Gallimore and Cedric Fitzpatrick ` seen here beside each other.


They ran the Whitehouse Pub in St Helens, which has since closed down.


There was a couple of thousand kegs of beer are stored around the


premise which would suggest that something may not


When officers carried out a thorough search of the pub in July


2012 bottles were displayed on optics behind the bar,


and boxes were found in a private bedroom and at the couple's home.


In total, 950 bottle of vodka and whisky were siezed.


At least one third was unfit for human consumption.


The bottles were not what they were claimed to be or counterfeit.


Cedric FitzPatrick was running the pub on behalf of his partner. He


told the court that most of that alcohol was being stored for someone


else, a third party. The court accepted that but said he


offering that alcohol in his pop and therefore cheating his customers. ``


pop. We have seized 1000 litres in one go, a significant hall.


He was sentenced to nine months in prison, Barbara Gallimore was given


The vodka and whisky will be destroyed.


Yunus Mulla, BBC North West Tonight, Liverpool.


Dairy farmers on the Fylde began the fight back against


Backed by the shale gas company Cuadrilla, they've launched a


High Court bid to evict a protest camp from farmland near Blackpool.


But the protesters claim their occupation


of the land isn't damaging it ` it's saving it from industrialisation.


They call themselves the Nano camp, grandmothers patched up on a field


next to a site where Cuadrilla wants to drill. According to farmers who


own this field and other land in the area,


trespassers and now they are taking legal action to get the protesters


out. He wants ground. This will be very


devastating than here for a matter of weeks creating


awareness. Backed by the energy from that wants to carry out fracking,


they say the pro`testers mean that the landowner is losing money. He


cannot get has cows onto the field and also the grass must grow.


is going to cause a little bit of damage.


also. In the last week, the anti`fracking protests have stepped


demonstrations across the United Kingdom, including in Blackpool. At


the weekend, this field was full of across the country joined the local


protesters. or so left, but they say they are


not at the same time, they are in no


particular rush to babies may be to the courts who have


become involved. `` involved. Lancashire close in on silverware


in the T20. But can they survive in the


County Championship? Enjoy me later for the International


music festival here in Liverpool to find out which bands are playing.


Now, to the amazing tale of a woman from Rainhill who became a German


princess during the First World War. Evelyn Stapleton`Bretherton's story


forms the centre piece of a forthcoming exhibition in the


village to mark the centenary of the First World War.


Throughout the year we're looking at how the conflict impacted upon the


lives of the people of the North West. Evelyn's story crosses borders


The last golden summer for the aristocracy.


the marriage of Evelyn Stapleton`Bretherton, a well to do


woman from Rainhill and German aristocrat Count Gebhard Blucher.


Her memoirs record the day war was declared.


From the very altar on the day of my sister's wedding, her husband was


recalled to the warship. They were told that they had to go back to


Berlin. Evelyn and Gebhard,


a devout Anglophile, During that time


Gebhard's father died. He became a Prussian prince `


she his princess. after a ship named Blucher `


in honour of Gebhard's family ` A few years later she talked about


how the ship had sunk. She did not know what side to be on.


Preparations are well under way for the exhibition at St ann's Church


on September the 26th and 27th ` it includes the stories of dozens


to the church and find out an interesting story.


of saying thank you to his wife for following him to Germany.


I met with my brother and he hurried me to a motor car. This is the


greys. Even's family helped to pay for the church. A modest last


resting place for a prince and is. `` Grieve. `` Princess.


Time for the sport. What can you tell us about Mario Balotelli? He


has arrived in Liverpool. He is expected to be paid ?120,000 each


week. He arrived at the training ground shortly I go. Things seem to


be moving quickly now for the player that had a great goal`scoring record


at Manchester City and also at AC Milan, there he scored 30 goals in


50 matches. Liverpool, it is reported, are seeking assurances


from the striker regarding his commitment and behaviour. Brendan


Rodgers said today that all of the team have to do to the same code of


conduct. We have a very extensive code of conduct at Liverpool. There


is no specific code of conduct for any individual, it covers both staff


and players at the club. Manchester United introduce the latest signing


today. The left`footed Argentinian defender signed from Sporting Lisbon


cost ?16 million, Nanny went in the opposite direction on a season's


alone. Louis van Gaal says it may take some time for Manchester United


to launch an assault on the Premier League title, however. He is coming


from abroad and does not speak any English. It means that he will have


to adapt to new culture and philosophy. It is not so easy. It


takes time. It is the same for all of the foreign players.


On the cricket, Lancashire fans will head the bombing on the moral and


will look to lift the trophy. The semifinals and final will be played


on the same day at Edgbaston and is the chance that Freddie Flintoff


could return to action. County champions three years ago and


now Andy Hunt for glory and the T20 silverware. The skipper is


confident. We have one of the best records in terms of games one and


games played. One teacher face Hampshire in the semifinals, the top


list of opponents, they have twice won the T20 final. `` Lancashire. We


have been in the finals five times but any team we come across in the


semifinals will be very good. It has been an and down season for


Lancashire, shortest form of the game but also


in danger of being relegated from the County championship. For now,


the focus is on T20 and many supporters watching Lancashire and


won the action yesterday feel that they will take


be tough for them but they have been playing better


50 over matches. There could be extra pressure on them to perform.


Andrew Flintoff is in the squad tomorrow after struggling with a


calf problem. While he play? It is a very difficult team to pack, you


will have to return to say. Lancashire where we've on by fans


this afternoon. They are only two wins away from lifting the trophy.


It seems unlikely that Freddie Flintoff will play, but you never


know. If Mario Balotelli is at it was end


over the weekend, we could have something for him to do.


That is correct, they will be hoping for good weather in Liverpool this


weekend as the International music festival gets underway. That is


correct, over 300 tax will be taking part. Ian Brodie from the lightning


seeds is being backed by the Royal Liverpool Sul, Nicole Castrale. ``


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.


It is a lovely evening and Liverpool at the moment. We are expecting 150


acts in total over the bank holiday begin. Five stages are being held


here. Ian Brodie has been rehearsing with the Royal Liverpool


Philharmonic Orchestra. The rehearsals went very well. The


weather tonight has been it has really brought the crowd out.


The man responsible for all of this music, let me introduce you to


This is the second time that the festival has come


is different about it this year? We had a very


we have kept the elements that worked and added some new elements.


theme of welfare, so it is very exciting. We have partnered with MTV


and others to do lots of cool staff. There are plenty of festivals going


on across the UK over the weekend, you have some very exciting names


taking part. Who can we expect to see over the bad, the weekend?


Brodie from the lightning seeds and the Royal file harmonic orchestra.


We also have Foxes, DJ Fresh. We have artists coming from all around


the world. Over 150 bands are playing, it is really exciting. ``


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I have to tell you there is plenty


going on over the region, I have a long list, we have Pride in


Manchester this weekend and the moral we have the great British


Rhythm And Bowl`outs Festival tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will


continue to be good. `` Bowl`outs. Bowl`outs.


This area of whether we'll get close to us then it will out. We could end


up with a dry day but at the moment we could see some rain. Keep your


eyes and ears as the details will get closer. Monday is still a


this evening. You can see them starting to


the evening, you should stay largely dry. It will


degrees overnight tonight. Tomorrow it could be even cooler.


is looking good. Once this line of showers moves away and that


and we will see a mostly dry picture.


temperatures are not great, 15 and 17 degrees. Saturday night will be


cool at around four Celsius. looks to be largely dry but cloud


will appear in the afternoon. More details on the weather tonight.


's team has joined in with the global phenomenon which is the ice


buckets challenge. We were nominated by Radio Merseyside. Here is how we


got on this afternoon. You boys squeal like girls. Let us have a


look at that in slow motion. Annabel is out of there! I know it sounds


ridiculous, but my goodness, that was unbelievably cold. Just for a


short while, however! If you go to our Facebook page, you can take a


look at that again and see who we have nominated. And they cannot say


no to that challenge. Have a great bank holiday weekend. Goodbye.


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