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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story:


Investigations into a fatal fire in Cumbria. It is believed the victims


were firework technicians. Guests at a weekend wedding


reception spoke of their horror. Also tonight: How Back to the


Future's vision could really be the shape


of things to come, thanks to scientists in Liverpool.


And I will have the latest on deadline day transfers,


including the imminent arrival Radamel Falcao at Manchester United,


after the club agrees a deal for the Colombian striker.


And a Cheshire vicar, his angry carpenter and their medieval row.


Could this be the original parson's nose?


Investigations are continuing to find out what caused a fire


which killed two people in Cumbria at the weekend.


A shed containing fireworks to be used in


a wedding party celebration ignited, causing a catastrophic blaze.


Horrified party guests ran for cover.


The dead couple are believed to have been firework technicians.


Our Chief Reporter is at the scene just outside Windermere now.


This is to say `` just outside Windermere. You can see their white


marquee behind me. That was erected on Saturday afternoon. High point


was to be the spectacular fireworks display. Suddenly the celebrations


were cut short when some of fireworks ignited prematurely when


in a storage shed and two people, thought to possibly be fireworks


technicians, lost their lives. According to witnesses, explosions


were deafening. We heard this ground shaking cannon fire. We could see


exhibition standard fireworks exploding. When we arrived, we


quickly ascertained that the fireworks in the main had all gone


off, but we could not be too careful and we needed to make sure


safety for firefighters was paramount. Guests fled for cover.


When the flames were extinguished, this was the scene of devastation.


The shed that had been used to store fireworks reduced to ashes. Two


people cut inside were dead. It is difficult to find exactly the


ignition source. We will do our utmost to get some cancers to this


tragic event. And this tragedy on a day which should have been


with happiness and celebration. Now an investigation is underway to find


out how this happened. A dramatic and terrifying ordeal for or


involved. Everyone's thoughts will be with the families of the victims


tonight. How long is the investigation likely to last? Is


could last for some time. Cumbria police are working


and Safety Executive to find out exactly what the


Saturday afternoon. The two people who have died have not been formally


identified. We will have to wait official confirmation when the


police release their names presumably in the next day or two.


Police officers were trying to throw fans back into the Leppings Lane


pens as the Hillsborough disaster unfolded, the inquests have heard.


A Nottinghamshire Police constable recorded in his notes seeing other


officers pushing fans as they tried to escape the crush.


For more on this, we can join our reporter who is live


Who was this officer and what did he say about fans being


Well, he is Brian Walton, a police constable from Nottinghamshire


Constabulary. He was on duty in Sheffield as what is called a


spotter. He had made around for trips between the station and the


stadium. He heard over the radio that something serious had happened


inside of the stadium. He rushed inside and arrived on the


pitch between five past and ten past three just as the players were the


pitch. A barrister read part of the notes he made after the disaster. He


said this, on stand, I saw police officers to


rollback were apparently trying to get onto


the pitch. He meant by that. He said, I saw a


police officer on the fencing thinking that was because they were


trying to get on to the to revive one person who was passed


from ten three. The inquest continue tomorrow. `` from the third


pen. A conductor who has enjoyed


an international career since sexually assaulting a teenage girl


in the 1970s has finally been sent Nicholas Smith worked with young


musicians at Chetham's School She finally contacted the police


after hearing that a teacher at the school had been sent to jail for


indecently assaulting another pupil. This report contains


some flash photography. Nicholas Smith conducting the


South Carolina Philharmonic. While he has been building


an international career in the past 40 years, his victim has turned to


alcohol and drugs, a life of In the late '70s, Smith was


the conductor of the chamber The girl was a promising cellist


in his ensemble. She described him as a creep, slimy,


smurky, yukky. The victim, now 52, was 15 at the


time. She was homesick and having difficulty coping with the regime at


the school. Smith and his wife took her to their home in the country for


the weekend. While his wife was having a bath, he forced her onto


the floor. She said, I hope Nicholas Smith feels disgusted I his own


abuse of power. The woman went to


the police only after hearing about the death of Frances Andrade,


a contemporary at Chetham's. She had been sexually abused


by a teacher, Michael Brewer, and killed herself


during his trial years later. Brewer is now in jail


and a number of other former teachers at Chethams are being


investigated by the police. Today,


Smith's lawyer told the court: He has gone from being a celebrated


and much sought`after conductor here Friends who held him in high


regard will now look at him again. Smith, who now lives in France,


was given an eight month sentence. It means he will spend


at least four months in prison. A man from Kendal has been jailed


after giving his girlfriend HIV 45`year`old Alan Mason from Endmoor


didn't tell the woman he was carrying the virus


until she started to feel unwell. He has been sentenced to two


years and eight months. A man has died after falling five


floors down a lift shaft in Bolton. Police said the 27`year`old man


and a friend were stuck in a lift in a block of flats on Marsden Road


on Saturday. The Health and Safety Executive is


investigating whether the doors of the lift may have been forced


open and he fell Police investigating the death


of Robert Hart who was attacked at the Manchester Parklife Festival


in June have issued five new They believe they may hold the key


to tracking down his attacker. 26`year`old Robert died five


days after the assault. The number of Neighbourhood Policing


Teams in Cumbria could be cut from ten to three


as the force tries to save money. Cumbria Constabulary is carrying


out a review of its services. It needs to make ?10 million


worth of savings by 2017. They say twins have


a special bond between them that But on the Isle of Man, if a pair of


newborns need special care they are Parents there say they want to keep


their children together in those crucial first days,


and today on the island a record number of twins have gathered to try


and raise money so Nobles Hospital When Oscar and Finlay were born


prematurely they were taken to the special care baby unit where they


spent their first few weeks apart. Five years later,


they are inseparable. But in those first few weeks


they couldn't be together. It is just quite an emotional,


overwhelming thing to have two babies in two different court this


with two lots of equipment and being in the middle of them, trying to


monitor them both. To see them together would just be amazing.


A twin neonatal cot gives newborn twins that chance


These parents hope to raise enough money to let newborns


It would be strange for them not to be together.


Five sets of twins were born on the island just last month.


It is excellent that the public are behind us to increase funds to


benefit the Isle of Man. 92`year`old twins Peggy and Elsie


want to help, so newborns can be together to bond, something they say


is with you forever. It is like we are telepathic. We


keep wearing the same colour. Only few hospitals have facilities


for newborn twins to share a cot but these families want to make


sure people at Nobles Hospital have Taking a step back in time `


the new drama charting the life And how some medieval mischief at


this church in Nantwich led to one of the country's most famous


How was the commute home from work tonight?


Were you sitting in what felt like endless queues?


How does the idea of speeding past the traffic jams 1,500 feet up


But now academics at the University of Liverpool are taking part


in a Europe wide project to develop the technology for flying cars.


Our reporter has been along to find out more.


It is not exactly a time machine. But step inside this pod at the


University of Liverpool and you can glimpse into the future. The future


of commuting. Are vehicle concept is vertical take`off and landing. You


could take off from your own driveway, fly to break you need to


go and land they are. This is door`to`door commuting we are


talking about. This is a but academics are using it as part


of a project working with five other universities across Europe to see


congestion on the ground. With a test


taking in Liverpool city centre, they found after around five hours


of lessons, most people get the semiautomated so you would not need


a helicopter licence. this will just be a toy for rich


boys? accessible? The whole idea of the


project is the technology which will make it as


cheap as driving a car. The idea of flying cars is not exactly new. And


now the technology to make it happen whether people really want the


reality version of be an infrastructure. You couldn't


just have them buzzing all over the place. It won't be ready for 30


years? I will be gone by then! With the work being done here, it is


still closer than ever. That will never get off the ground!


It is that day when football chairmen, managers


And Manchester United sprang a shock after agreeing a loan deal for the


Yes, they have agreed a season`long loan with Monaco


A lot of people had predicted he would end up at Manchester City.


It will cost United ?6 million, with the deal including an option


Part of a very busy day at Old Trafford.


Our reporter has been following developments for us.


Fax machines are still used for that role transfers. Here, it has been


very busy. They have broken the British transfer record to sign


angled the Maria. The pattern of Manchester United being the focus of


transfer window has been the focus this year right up until the


transfer window 150 million ` the price of


restructuring Manchester United but will it be enough to restore them to


the top of the Premier League? A summer of spending continued today


with the signing of Radamel Falcao That could turn into a ?43 million


permanent deal for the Colombian I heard the news and I didn't want


to work. I wanted to come here to celebrate! I am so excited. We


needed some new players. They are so far behind. Manchester United can


still attract the best players. Even though they don't have Champions


League football. After drawing a blank at Burnley,


new manager Louis Van Gaal has moved Shinji Kagawa has gone back to


Dortmund, Javier Hernandez to Real Madrid while Danny Welbeck


and Tom Cleverley could also be And it seems even the defenders


United sign have an eye for goal. This is new Dutch centre back Daley


Blind who has joined from Ajax. He can play on many positions.


Here's a good player. He can read the game very well. I would like


another centre back. We need another big, commanding centre back. Even


with ?150 million spent, there those who believe more still needs


to be Some breaking news about Danny


Welbeck. Rumours he is having a medical at Arsenal. That deal could


go through before the deadline 11pm. Manchester United, with their


spending, have proved this summer that they can compete financially


with any other in the world. In short, they have spent a fortune,


And as the window gets closer to shutting the more frantic


Down the road at Manchester City, one of their longest serving players


Yes, Micah Richards is on his way to Italy.


It is understood he turned down a number of offers from


Premier League clubs to join Fiorentina on a season long loan


The England defender, who has been at City for 12 years,


has found his opportunities limited under Manuel Pellegrini.


Elsewhere in the Premier League, Burnley have signed


The Scottish international has joined for an undisclosed fee


The Clarets have also taken the number 39 in this line`up ,


Chelsea's England under 21 international midfielder Nathan


What about any notable moves in the Football League?


Wigan didn't want to lose him but James McArthur looks to be


The two clubs have agreed a fee of ?7 million.


He's in London with a view to completing the deal


after making it clear he's keen on a return to the Premier League.


Going the other way is the French striker Andy Delort from Tours FC.


He was presented to the home crowd on Saturday


And Blackburn Rovers have signed the Republic


of Ireland defender Shane Duffy from Everton for an undisclosed fee.


The centre half, who has made 10 first team


appearances for the blues has signed a three year deal at Ewood Park.


Not a lot happening on Merseyside yet. Liverpool and Everton did most


of their business earlier. Keep up`to`date on the BBC sport website.


Lancashire's cricketers are in serious trouble after day two


of a crucial Roses match at Emirates Old Trafford. Desperate


for points in their battle against relegation,


Lancs are very much second best at the halfway point of the match.


After being bowled out for 278, an unbeaten 182 from Adam Lyth has


helped the visitors to 396 for 5 in reply which means they already


lead by 118 runs with five first innings wickets in hand.


Finally tonight, here at North West Tonight, we already regard the


region as the capital of British sport and we could have another


The Merseyside Nighthawks are through to the Britbowl whch will


decide the country's American Football Champions.


They reached the big game by beating Shropshire Revolution


That is all the sport. More transfer news on the Lake Billiton.


You have a message on your phone. Your wife wants you to buy some milk


on the way home! A new drama telling the story


of how Chester Zoo came And tonight, Inside Out North West


will be uncovering the real life Set in the 1930s,


Our Zoo is the story of one man's vision ` to open the


first zoo in Britain without bars. The drama has been shot on location


across the north west including here in the Cheshire


village of Great Budsworth. Actor Lee Inglby plays


the lead role of George Mottershead, whose daughter June Williams played


an important constants role. `` consultant role. She give us


information about her father. It is very exciting. I never dreams that


this would ever make a film. Her father George began collecting


birds and animals at his shop His growing menagerie attracting


members of the public and by 1930 he decided to open a zoo `


the first in Britain without cages. It takes courage to put monkeys on


an island with just water around them. A lot of people would not take


that chance. My father took the chance of having the animals behind


water or mesh for the Lions. I remember people saying that you


couldn't keep lions behind a fence like that. But they are still they


are! `` they are. Chester Zoo has come along way


since the 1930s. But the foundations on which it


was built have remained a crucial And next year it enters an exciting


new chapter in its history. And staying true to


George Mottershead's vision ` the animals will be housed on islands


accessible on foot and by boat. And Inside Out North West returns


tonight for the first We've all heard the phrase


"the parson's nose" ` a reference to the end of a chicken or a turkey


we'd rather not think about. But have you ever wondered


where it came from? The answer could lie within


the hallowed walls of a church And it seems it was


a craftsman's criticism You might call it mediaeval


mischief, as our reporter found. Long before the live birds, these


birds were nesting in the church chancery. But they don't match. One


has the face of a parson. It seems that the church was not good at


paying the sculptor. So it seems that they carved his face into the


rear end of the bird. I don't know whether he found that funny. It is


on the back of the bird if you look closely. I had no idea. It is nice


to know it is on your doorstep. Visitors today were bemused. I have


lived here for many decades. I had no idea that the phrase, the


parson's nose, originated here. We have heard people talk about it, but


we didn't know it was from Nantwich. Across the road, the local butcher.


A real parson's nose. This used to be fill of feathers, but is now


quite a delicacy. It turns out that it is actually on the underside of


his chair, so he may never have seen it at all.


Let us know if you don't think that is correct.


We had a lovely weekend. The weather was gorgeous.


It will not be outstanding, but the news is pretty good. Keep this warm


air as far as Saturday. The temperatures will be good. The


weather will be largely fine. It will be dry. Temperatures are really


good. We are talking about 21 or 22, which you would not expect


this time of year. You can see the is some loud cover. Leading into


this evening, it is very pleasant. We will see some good, long breaks


in the cloud cover. Rural way, temperatures could be 7 degrees.


Mist and fog forming in places. Towns and cities will be 11 or 12


degrees. from the word go. The morning looks


beautiful. Hardly a sky. Looking very pretty and feeling


very nice once the the morning. After lunch, the cloud


cover starts to build. the best weather will be. It will be


nice and bright. Go away if you don't me


to speak to you like that! Most schools exclude


disruptive pupils. I ain't putting up


with this any more. But one school takes them in


and promises five GCSEs.


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