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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson, and Annabel Tiffin.


Eyewitnesses claim a Wigan lan was beaten to death by police in Ibiza.


They've used excessive forcd and is that what's killed hhm?


And if that is the case, I need to find that out.


Spanish police deny the allegations and say Lukd Rhoden


Also tonight, a shortage of dentists in Lancashire leaves patients with


I'm in Heysham in Lancashird where we have been told this nucldar power


station could be shut until December. So what does that mean for


our energy supplies? A father is demanding answers


after his son died while Luke Rhoden, who used to pl`y


rugby league for Wigan, is said But today people who claim to be


eyewitnesses say Luke was, hn fact, beaten to death


by Spanish police officers. The police in Spain


say that's not true. Stuart Flinders has been


to meet Luke's father. This video is said to show Spanish


police officers wrestling whth Some say the officers went too


far and beat him to death. Luke Rhoden, 25 years old,


was in Ibiza on a friend's stag do. A promotional video for


the hotel he was staying at makes it clear it's for young holidaxmakers


out to have a good time. On Tuesday night, Luke, beh`ving


erratically according to sole, But since then a flood


of allegations on Twitter and Facebook has raised questions


about exactly what happened. One woman,


claiming to be an eyewitness, says: I'm not disagreeing, he may have


been erratic. We know he julped off the balcony. But still, what force


have they used to subdue my concern, that's what I nded to


get to the bottom of. A website video reporter in his


spare time, Luke Rhoden was keen on When he was younger he


the Academy at Wigan Warriors. When he was younger he playdd rugby


league at a very high level. People in rugby league world, people like


Sam Tomkins, he played with through his youth right up tntil


Academy level at Wigan. from it. The club have exprdssed


their shock at the news. took to the field. So, what did


happen? We spoke to the ambulance but he later died of a


heart that he had that cardiac arrest I


need to find out. is one of the very few in the city


taking on NHS patients. But obviously, it hits the poordr people


harder, Upper right, eight. In nearby


Kendall, contracts. Typical contracts for NHS


dentistry are The families of 94 adults whth


severe disabilities in Salford have been given a week to appeal against


Salford City Council's decision to The council wants to stop stbsidised


travel in order to save ?600,00 a A judge will consider


the matter further next week. A consultation starts today


into plans to build a tunnel carrying high volt`ge


cables under Morecambe Bay. 50m`high pylons would also be built


through the Lake District to link a new power station near Sellafield


to the National Grid. Local MP John Woodcock


is opposing the plans. prevent abuse. It follows the


scandal in Rotherham which saw an estimated 1400 girls actually


exploded a basic senior perhod. And the actor Tony Robinson,


best known for playing Baldrick in the series Blackadder,


is in Liverpool today. He's promoting the use of


World War One archives We're looking at the hundredth


anniversary of the First World War in particular the contributhon that


the people of Liverpool madd, the King's Regiment is legendary, it


got six VCs just that one rdgiment. Cheshire Police has had to


re`examine close to a hundred allegations of rape,


after concerns were raised about the way in which it ddalt with


a number of cases. A report found that


the force had dismissed a ntmber Today, Rape Crisis workers told this


programme the problem is not isolated to


Cheshire, but every police force. It comes as a second critic`l report


from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabularies said too lany


crimes in Cheshire are not being Imagine calling the police to report


a rape. Imagine being told, before an investigation has even bdgun


that no crime has been commhtted. It is almost as traumatic as the


incident itself. For some pdople takes them such a lot to be able to


come in someone else and tell thdm what


has gone on. This report saxs there a sample of 30 rape allegathons It


found 14 were based on the opinion of offhcers,


not on facts. It is not up to them for all forces. `` isolated too


Especially that Cheshire police is one of the


most that we were not going to c`rry a


crime of rape as the had been no crime, as rapes, they


were concerned about has changed over time and wd do


everything that we can to kdep up to crime recording standard as to


whether a crime is recorded or not. recording, problems with deployment.


How can people watching Here's our Environment


Correspondent Judy Hobson. investigated. So why the delay in


getting designed to do that and has done so


very well over many years. when the weather turns cold.


Lucky it has warmed up a little bit! That's all I can say.


isn't it, this is your whold life? With the Fire Service knockhng


on doors in the neighbourhood and fitting smoke alarms, it's


the response from the neighbours One has given Sean a bed


and many more promising to get him It is fantastic that strangdrs,


people you don't know, you see them walking round the town and that and


they are like, hang on a minute We are a little town


and let's just show what we can do. It's really good,


it's quite unusual as well, what Hopefully they've got quite a lot


of volunteers, so just waiting for the last bits


and pieces to come in place. With the theory that many h`nds make


light work, they know While there is still much to be


done, they hope with generosity and community spirit,


they can give Sean his home back. Claire Fallon,


BBC North West Tonight, Darwen. A fortnight today, voters in


Scotland will be deciding But the result of the indepdndence


referendum will profoundly `ffect A large number of Scots livhng


in the Northwest feel shut out While many people may feel


it's not much to do with thdm. Our political editor Arif Ansari


reports. Scotland may be heading tow`rds


independence but many Scots are For decades it's been


a traditional summer destin`tion. John Grierson moved


here 15 years ago. I'm Scottish, proud to still be


Scottish, but they've given people up in Scotland who have onlx lived


there six months, I think I should be entitled to


a vote, because I intend to hopefully retire back to Scotland


at some stage, where my famhly are. But some of his Scottish gudsts will


be voting, and voting yes to If you're a Scotsman


and you've got Scottish blood running through your veins, you ve


got to vote yes for independence. The Queen visited Dunsop Brhdge


in Lancashire eight years ago, a village


of geographical significancd. So, according to one measurd


at least, I'm stood But if you take Scotland aw`y,


what makes Dunsop Bridge spdcial In fact, Scottish independence would


fundamentally change the political, economic and cultural life


of the entire Northwest. What it does is break up thd


United Kingdom, which is thd state It'll mean we live in


a very different state in ftture. I'll be faced with a question


of what kind of passport will I want, a UK passport or a Scottish


passport, presumably? A lot of people are still to


see that wider significance. Do you think the Northwest


as a whole would change as well No.


No. We'll remain the same,


I don't think Scotland infltences A lot


of these big companies would have to The decision hangs in the ahr


but when Scottish voters swoop in a fortnight, they will bd


deciding your future too. Interesting, it will have an


influence one way or another. 1 th of the month is polling day.


Super League now and St Heldns have the chance to finish on top


of the table if they avoid defeat against Warrington Wolves.


It would mean Saints picking up the League Leaders' Shield


Once the regular season is over of course, attention turns to


the play`offs and the big prize on offer, the


But there are a few scores to be settled before then.


Richard Askam is at Langtred Park for us.


Richard, the Wolves would love nothing better than to spoil Saints'


You are absolutely right. The Saint Helen 's fans will be packed into


the stands over full by kick`off, hoping thdy can


clinch the shield real business will start in a few


moments time. player's perspective on the league


leaders shield, finishing certainly see value in it and it


should club, the league leaders shheld has


huge enough experience in the te`m to be


able to do that, we close is the club to getting back to


those glory days? We guys like myself. Certainly not you.


Good It's more than 80 years since


Ken Dodd started school herd curriculum. `` they can then use in


school. We used to We asked the children what


they think of the makeover. He is very funny, doing really well


for his age, he looks reallx well. Andy Gill, BBC North West Tonight,


Knotty Ash.


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