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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson...


The Wigan councillor disciplined for spending thousands callhng sex


Robert Bleakley, who also sdnt explicit texts, is told not to


Demonstrations as rail fares rise more than double


I've said goodbye and I madd my peace.


Why actress Julie Hesmondhalgh was at a MPs' debate


And I've been hearing about a new era for this football club `nd the


man from America who came to make it happen.


A Wigan councillor has been deemed to have such a poor attitudd towards


women that he's been barred from speaking to female council officers.


Councillor Steve Bleakley r`n up a ?2500 bill to explicit sex lines


He was caught watching porn on a council computer


But despite this, tonight Robert Bleakley is still in office.


The council says it's powerless to remove him and that is up to voters


Clare Fallon's in Wigan for us this evening.


This all came to light when the counsellor checked its mobile phone


contract and discovered that the phone given to this counsellor had


racked up this phone bill. He had used it to call premium ratd sex


lines and to send a number of texts that were sexist and extremd. I


can't find an example of those text that I could read on the telly, but


once said that "no wonder women are just cooking and watching the


material". This is not the first time his actions have been called


into question. He has been given sanctions for accessing pornography


on a council issued laptop. He used to be a live demo counsellor but he


was removed from the party because of allegations against his


behaviour. Let me bring the chief executive of the Council. What


sanctions are you imposing? No contact with women, isn't that


extreme? Is an extraordinarx measure and we are not happy to put it in


but we are at our wits end to regulate his behaviour. My job is to


protect my hard`working fem`le members of staff who has had enough


of this member's un`excusable behaviour. It is unacceptable.


Especially for someone who hs in a position of trust. It's


unacceptable. Some people whll be listening to what you're saxing and


find it remarkable that he has not been removed from office. Why is


that? Everything changed in 201 and the only thing that we can do is


impose the type of sections three Mack sanctions that we are hmposing


on him. He has been previously suspended for three years bdcause of


attacks that he made on cle`ners way back in time, so his behaviour has


not changed. He continues to abuse women throughout the organisation,


at senior levels, he doesn't learn from his bad behaviour. His reaction


is that we should shove our reports were monkeys shove their nuts. Thank


you for your time. We have tried to contact him to get is response to


this story, but when we went to his house, he saw our cameras, he turned


around his car and drove aw`y. As things stand, we do not havd a


result from him on this story. Thank you.


Tonight, rail fares on some Northern Rail routes have more than doubled


The new charges are for trains between 4:00pm


The company says it had no choice, it had to raise revenue.


Season ticket holders aren't affected, but those who buy daily


Some campaigners believe it will hit part`time workers hardest


Here's our transport correspondent Judy Hobson.


No to fare increases. That was the message from campaigners here this


morning. From today, anybodx buying daily tickets will pay more. How


much more depends on the rotte. And any returned between Wigan green


fields will now cost ?11. This same ticket between Wigan and Manchester


now cost ?9 20. Davenport to Woods Moore goes up to pounds. It's going


to impact people who work part`time. People who travel outside


of the morning peak to try `nd make a savings are now going to be hit


with more expensive fares in the evening. Northern Rail says that


more than 80% of passengers won t be affected. They say that fard


increases mean that taxpayers pay less for the services. Were still


get good value compared to taking the bus or travelling by car and


parking. The Company believds fare increases will ease overcrowding


Thomas O what to do passengdrs think of the new costs? It will m`ke it


more difficult for us as sttdents. I agree with this because shoppers


filled the trains so commutdrs who are paying weekly or monthlx fares


can't actually get on the trains. This is not the end of it. From


January, rail fares nationwhde will increase.


Wirral Council is to lose 500 jobs, which it blames on "unprecedented


The authority has already m`de cuts of ?100 million but now it s


confirmed it needs to make further savings of ?45 million by 2017.


It's considering scrapping some school crossing patrols,


cutting library hours and bringing in a charge for some car parks.


The Labour leader Ed Miliband has paid tribute to the Heywood and


Middleton MP Jim Dobbin, who died the weekend while on a Parlhamentary


Committee trip to Poland. The 73`year old had represented the


constituency since 1997. Mr Miliband described him as a man who was


He was a member of Parliament who always put the people of his


constituency first. He was ` man of faith which underpins everything he


did and she was a lifelong public servant, having worked in the NHS


for many years before coming to this house.


Countryside campaigners say too many green`field sites are being


developed in the North West because of new housing targdts


The Campaign to Protect Rur`l England says 16 schemes involving


more than 3000 homes have bden approved on appeal since ch`nges to


People living in Cheshire told tonight's Inside Out progralme they


feel powerless to stop their green space being built over.


I'm disappointed, I think, as well because the Localisl Bill


quite clearly stated that they were taking responsibility away


from the man in Whitehall so that communities could s`y how


they would like their village or town to develop in the future.


However, that didn't count with the development and the devdlopment


And you can see more on that story on Inside Out North West on BBC One


One of the region's most high profhle MPs


The Conservative MP for the Ribble Valley, Nigel Evans, is fachng a


reselection meeting in which members of his party must decide whdther to


stick with him or choose a new candidate for the general election.


In April, Mr Evans was found "not guilty" of nine sexual offences


As our chief reporter explahns, some members of his party h`ve lost


After the last 11 months th`t I have gone through, nothing


His life was changed forever by a five`week trial at which he had


The jury at Preston cleared him of all counts.


But during the trial, there had been stories about his private lhfe


On day one back at work in his constituency though,


Mr Evans was keen to put thd past behind him and get down to work


But there were questions th`t needed to be asked and answdred


Are you concerned that the revelations that came out dtring


this trial may have harmed xour credibility with the people here?


Not from what I am hearing on the streets.


That was April and now we'rd in September, and tonight local


Tory party officials will ddcide whether they wanted to reselect


Mr Evans to fight on their behalf at the next general election.


Do you still have faith in Lr Evans as your MP?


I think it's just time for him to go after all


If he can make promises and keep them and he can make what


he says happened, then I don't really see why we have


to look at the past because at the end of the day, you have to


look forward with everything, in life and with everything.


Tonight, Mr Evans will discover whether the


Well, let's go live to Clitheroe where that selection meeting will


Our political editor Arif Ansari is following events for us.


This is the kind of procedure that most MPs are very used to. Ht is


normally a formality, even ` celebration, as the existing MPs


says he would like to continue into the next general election and their


party says absolutely, we are right behind you. Tonight, it will be very


different. Nigel Evans will go before them, make a speech `ware


that some of them will have grave doubts about him, he will t`lk about


loyalty and his commitment to the constituency and he will ask them to


support him in what will be a secret ballot. They will take that on board


but they will also make a jtdgment on whether he is right and proper to


continue as their candidate and also whether he can win at the election.


Some people may think it's tnfair on Mr Evans given that he w`s found


It's some of the detail that came out in that court case. Particularly


his close relationship with alcohol and his close relationship with


young West minister workers. Some simply felt it was inappropriate and


felt that it is time for hil to move on. We don't know how many people


actually believe that. We whll find that out in about a half hotr. This


is not a retrial of Nigel Evans but we are still feeling the aftershocks


of what was a traumatic perhod for Mr Evans.


And you can find out what h`ppens to Nigel Evans in our late bulletin


Remembering the "Great Send Off" to the Gre`t War.


A century on, the 700 Port Sunlight volunteers are honoured.


Looming marvellous ` the Bolton schoolgirl who means business.


If I start now, I will have ten years experience.


I've said my goodbyes and I've made my peace.


Hayley Cropper deciding to take her own life in one of Coronation


The character was suffering from pancreatic cancer which only


has a 3% survival rate, the lowest of all the common cancers.


Now the woman who played her is trying to raise awareness


Julie Hesmondalgh was at Westminster for a parliamentary debate


And I asked her earlier how important it might prove to be.


We are hoping that it's going to be really significant


because obviously this is the first time that this issue has gone right


into the heart of Parliament and getting the MPs to sit tp and


woeful figures that say pancreatic cancer hasn't had any improvement


in survival in a 40 years, or barely any.


So we are hoping that they light sit up and take notice and try to make


a difference and join us in trying to make a difference about that


And those survival rates th`t you allude to are desperately poor,


They're really poor and a lot of that is to do with it behng very


difficult cancer to detect and it's such a mysterious bit


of your body anyway, most people don't know wherd it is.


It is often misdiagnosed by many medical professionals.


How important do you think having the issue out there


on a primetime soap opera w`s in getting to this point, and


Anything that is in a progr`mme like a Coronation Street, any issue


that is addressed in it, is immediately going to be in people's


On a more specific level, there was a petition that got up to


10,000 signatures very quickly, which meant that we could ddliver


We needed to get to 100,000 to make this parliamentary debate h`ppen


and then there was a mad push at the end on social media,


right up until the deadline at the 11th hour, we got 106,000 shgnatures


And in hindsight, when this day is done, what do you


I hope that the Government will decide to increase funding


significantly for pancreatic cancer and that survival rates, as


of a direct result of that, will improve over the next few ydars


It will be a great day for those who have already lost friends


A century ago, 700 employees from the Lever


Brothers factory in Wirral dnlisted to fight in the First World War


It was the largest number of volunteers to sign up


And this weekend, hundreds of people joined in a recreation of the "Great


A hundred years ago, 700 men from here signed up to fight in the First


World War. Yesterday, members here joined forces to march and remember


their legacy. It was the largest amount of volunteers to sign up


anywhere in the country. Thdy worked together in a factory, live together


in the village, and socialised together. The removal of those


people must've had a massivd effect on a village life, and many didn't


come back. The crowds were given a sendoff with the original speech


spoken here. Before you go to take part in the greatest war thhs has


ever seen `` world has ever seen him take faith. If they didn't know what


the terror was. They just hdard boom boom, the guns. This is my granddad


who signed up. Luckily, he was fortunate enough to come hole. A


hundred years ago, the volunteers then caught the train and p`raded


through the city. The reports of the men who went to war showed that many


were injured and many were killed, never making it back to thehr


families. The tour touched us here in Britain,


but it was rooted in the Northwest this weekend.


Yes, the Tour de France might have skirted the region in July,


but the Tour of Britain was given a great send


Stage Two started in Knowsldy this morning with the safarh park


It was also a memorable weekend for Widnes Vikings who have made


the Super League play`offs for the very first time.


A second half hat trick frol Stefan Marsh helped secure a 32`12 win at


Bradford yesterday, which confirms the Vikings top eight place.


Coach Dennis Betts has described it as a fantastic achievement.


You can see more on The Super League Show at 11:35pm


The new owner of Barrow football club says he's fully prepardd to


spend the millions of pounds it will take to transform the club


Paul Casson was born and brdd in the town but has made


his fortune in America's telecommunications industry.


On Saturday, he watched his team stay top of the


Conference North with a 1`0 win over Worcester but his ambitions are


A new start under an old boy who brought some Texan


swagger to the club starting its very own American dream.


We're making a dream for other people.


It feels like there's a buzz about the ground.


You're doing great things for the club, mate.


He might have a Texan twang to his voice these days,


Born and brought up in the town he stood on the terraces to watch


his local football team frol the age of eight and although he won't put


a specific figure on how much he is planning to spend, he did tdll me it


We thought about how much it's likely to cost and we figurdd out we


could probably afford it so we'll just see what happdns.


Saturday was an unofficial handover from old to new and


a chance to thank the man who served the last 15 years and saved the club


Brian Keen, now the club's life president.


The kindness of the fans and everybody, it has been overwhelming.


The past directors and I kept it going, battled it all, but we are


I have to pinch myself to bdlieve that it has actually happendd


and is very exciting, every schoolboy's dream to own


These are heavy days for Barrow s supporters.


Another win for Barrow and that not only keeps thel


at the top of the table but adds to the feeling that this


really is the start of a new era for this club and most supporters I


We'll be up there with the big teams.


We'll get in the proper divhsions so it's fantastic for the town.


Ambitious plans to transforl the ground are already taking place


With international football meaning no Premier League or Championship


fixtures, the weekend's football spotlight was


on Leagues One and Two with Match of the Day at Boundary Park.


Oldham's 1`0 win ended Fleetwood's unbeaten start to the season.


Jonathan Firt scored the only goal, converting from the spot


after Stephen Schumacher brought down Danny Philliskirk.


And what a win for Rochdale, Peter Vincenti scored twice


Accrington Stanley and Tranlere served up a 5 goal thriller at


The Crown Ground with Stanldy's late winner lifting them off


It was 2`2 with just nine mhnutes to go when Stanley made the most


of a fumble from goalkeeper Peter Brezovan to record thdir first


win of the campaign, Kai Nahsmith with the all`important goal.


The new Rugby Union season has kicked off in disappointing fashion


for Sale Sharks who lost thdir opening Premiership match to Bath.


They had a second half lead after Danny Cipriani converted this


try from Mark Easter, but they couldn't hold on and


eventually went down by 29 points to 20, coach Steve Diamond blaling his


I'm sure they will improve. I'm sure they'll be fine. Exciting thmes


It was fantastic. Great to talk to everybody. Thank you.


If you have children or grandchildren,


you probably recognise thesd colourful things ` loom bands.


They're the latest craze and can be woven to make bracelets and toys.


But rather than just collect them, a ten`year`old from Bolton has turned


You go all the way around. Ht takes patience and concentration to make a


bracelet out of loom bands, but Isabel has made over 200. This is my


favourite one out of all of them. I like it because it is something to


do when you are bored. I got into it because people at school wanted me


to make them for them. For this ten`year`old, it is a busindss. I


lost my iPod and I don't like my one direction songs but I love them but


they were all gone. From a disaster came a dream. Selling loom bands at


school, she now has enough to replace her iPod and buy prdsents


for her brothers and sister. We like the idea that children take their


own responsibility for their future by looking at the monetary value of


everyday items. It is good to see somebody putting their own time and


effort into raising money into buying something that they like I


am very proud of her and I think she has learned some wonderful lessons


and I hope this determination continues. Instead of when H am 20,


starting a business and not knowing anything, if I start now, I will


have ten years experience. Hsabel is keen to stay ahead of the m`rket and


when this craze passes, she plans to open a sweet shop. On her w`y to a


million already. I've got one at that Isabel made for


me. Treasure that. And she contributed


towards the profit by buying it from her.


I also have one. A young nehghbour made everyone in my house one and


didn't charge a Pennie. He hs missing a trick.


I have some good news for use. It looks like it could be drivd for the


next few days. It is mainly dry and mostly fine all thanks to this area


of high pressure. Our winds will change direction as we go through


the week but it is light and variable as we head through the


night. It will be another cool nights. If you jump ahead to


Thursday and Friday, the we`ther will be variable, but it is not a


bad picture. As we speak, there is quite a bit of cloud around, but


most of that will fade away tonight. We have a beautiful full moon


tonight, if you saw it last night, it was a back tabular mostlx full


moon. `` a spectacular mostly full moon. The temperatures will be


around four Celsius and it will be a bit snippy tomorrow morning. In


towns and cities, it will bd close to double figures. This is our


picture, try and find. Sunshine amounts will be variable or stop it


will come and go. Out towards the coast, you will see the best of the


sunshine. That could repeat tomorrow. You can see the whnd, it


is light and variable indirdction but it is less than five miles per


hour. The numbers aren't spectacular, 17 or 18 Celsits at the


very best. It is the fact that it is dry for the next couple of days and


foreseeable future that is good news.


Is your heating on yet? No, not yet. We discussed it in our


house and decided not to. Who voted it down?


It was you, wasn't it. You said no. Very stingy. Thank you for




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