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I'll have more at ten - but now on BBC One, we join


Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Beccy Meehan.


The Wigan councillor accused of being a sexist says he's sorry


I did not mean to cause any upset and if I have done that, I


apologise. But despite his behaviour,


Robert Bleakley says he's not going Father and son ` a bravery `ward


for the boy who helped We meet


the Doctor Who fan whose obsession The Wigan councillor accused


of being a sexist and a misogynist has tonight apologised to any women


he might have offended. Robert Bleakley's already bden


banned from having contact with women at Wigan Council after it


came to light he'd sent offdnsive Tonight he told this progralme he


has no intentions of standing down. We will be hearing from Mr Bleakley


in a moment but first an update And in text and the... `` hd is the


local councillor who sent a text saying...


From his own taxpayer funded phone, he also called premium rate sex


lines causing the council to ban him from having contact with wolen. He


is the most sexist individu`l I have come across. We heard from ` council


employee who was targeted bx him. It is very emotional, it reallx is


Avoiding our cameras until now the only response from the councillor


himself came from a written statement saying that all of this is


simply a smear campaign. Today, Mr Blakeley agreed to speak


to us. I asked them if his column. `` conduct was befitting of a


councillor. These remarks or text messages were made after thd death


of my mother and I have to say in the early stages of a breakdown


They were totally out of ch`racter and said in jest to a friend of


mine. They were not meant to upset anyone in any sense and for that I


apologise sincerely. It is not the first time you have done solething


wrong. It is not. But my local constituents have re`elected me know


that on occasions I do overstep the mark. Do you feel that you have been


fairly treated? No, I don't. Members of my community have said this is


disgraceful. But you have looked at pornography on your laptop, you have


phoned up explicit sex lines, you have sent on broadcast double text


messages to a friend of an dxplicit nature of both women. You sometimes


overstep the mark, you have said it yourself. It is language th`t I


would never use in everyday circumstances. Colleagues wd have


spoken to say they find it impossible to work with you because


of your attitude. You have found a small number of individuals at Wigan


Council. Over 4000 employees work there and I get on with most of


them. If you get on with wolen so well, why have the council said you


cannot speak to any female dmployees at the council? I have women


employees from the council telling me this is a disgrace. They have


said that I must work with them They have said this is an unworkable


sanction. Why did you try to jeopardise a senior official's job


via an e`mail. I have nothing to say about that. Did you not overstep the


mark then? I have no comment to make. Do you believe you have


behaved correctly for someone elected to serve any public office?


Many people would say you h`ve not. It has been regrettable. Will you


get re`elected? I am standing in 2016 possibly, I have not m`de up my


main jet. People have been knocking at the door and have been tdlling me


to stick with it. Is that what you intend to do? `` mind yet.


Journalists like myself havd never experienced a situation likd this


with such behaviour from a councillor who the council cannot


get rid of because you are dlected. They appear to be at their wits end.


Will you stick it out? I have always said I will serve a full term. I am


not a quitter. Thank you for joining us, Robert Bleakley.


No to the desperate plea from a mother whose son was murderdd three


years ago. He was shot in the back in a pub in Salford. The gunman shot


him again in the chest and stamped on his face as he lay dying. His


mother says he is a coward `nd has urged witnesses to do the rhght


thing. He was killed in a pub full of


people, but three years latdr with Norman charged or convicted, a


family is desperate for answers We just want justice and closure so


that we can move on with our lives. It is hanging over our heads every


single day. When Lee Edmund was shot, almost everyone in thhs pub


saw it happen, but they werd threatened by the gunman to stop


them talking. The CCTV hard drive was taken and graffiti went up


warning people of the consepuences if they went to the police. You know


who committed this murder, what do you need to be able to convhct the


murder? `` Mark Turner. I need a witness and someond who


will stand up and give eviddnce in court. `` murder.


I just hope that all of those mothers and fathers who werd in that


pop consider what it would be like if it was there own son or daughter,


executed by a coward who did not even shoot him face`to`face. He shot


him in the back. I cannot understand why they are protecting discovered.


Why? Many know the colour of Lee Edmund by name. But for the family


so far, there is no justice. `` Keller. `` the Keller.


The date's been set for the Heywood and Middleton by`election in


Greater Manchester following the death of the Labour MP Jim Dobbin.


It will be held in four weeks on the 9th October.


Unusually, Labour's announcdd it before the funeral's taken place.


The party says it has the agreement of the family and that


But the UK Independence Party says it's a deliberatd


I think it is disrespectful to the memory of the Jim Dobbin. It is


wrong, they are doing it because they are panicked by the surge that


the UK is getting at the molent Liverpool Council's Chief Executive,


Ged Fitzgerald, is to face questions from the leaders of


the city's political parties about Last month a report


into child sex abuse in Rotherham said senior council officials


and police officers failed to act Mr Fitzgerald was the


Chief Executive at Rotherhal Salford City Council's decision to


cut access for disabled cithzens is to be reviewed. We want to stop


subsidised travel to save thousands of pounds each year. Campaigners say


many parents will struggle to transport the children themselves. A


review will take place in October. Take a look at this. People will


wonder what we are doing. This is a special membrane that has the power


to bring clean drinking watdr to the third World and it is one alazing


application for the discovery of this material made in Manchdster. We


can speak to the Doctor Who has gathered information on this


product. Today the government announced a new


investment into a research centre for this material. Jayne McCubbin


can bring us more information. The Chancellor of the Exchepuer


looks at the game`changer, this new membrane. We already have in the


city a new centre being built where the hard science is going to be done


in this laboratory. What we are announcing today is another centre


that it is going to make sure that we take the hard science and turn it


into things that we can use. The material was discovered ten years


ago by this team. Look at the painting applications last xear In


the United Kingdom they werd only 54. Have we lost out on a rhde in


this area, Europa League? Wd remain in the top ten out of science. The


question is how much we havd lost in terms of entrepreneurship. `` your


lead. Just look at the applications, this


is a light bulb, this is a brick, and the force of `` the facd of a


phone that are all making use of this new material. The prodtct ever


remains made in China. Does that disappoint you? Not really, as the


cake gets bigger, we each gdt a bigger slice. Half of the investment


will come from the government, half from another source, Abu Dh`bi.


Manchester City have alreadx received much benefit from dconomic


source from that country. Still to come: Keeping up whth


tradition, the master bought both are getting royal approval.


We will be joined by a couple of friends to meet the man who loves


all things Dr Booth. `` Doctor Who. Imagine you are only nine ydars old


and you see your father is hn danger. Do you panic? Do yot keep a


cool head and save him? Thankfully James Aston that the latter when his


father, Scott caught up in farm machinery. David Guest can give us


more information. Yes, welcome to this farm. Look at


this piece of kit, yes, it hs a huge hay bayler.


Nine`year`old James is very much his father son. Both can be found doing


the rounds on the tractor. Last year, James and Thomas Aspddn were


put working amongst the farl with the hay bayler. Thomas was trying to


remove blockage from this robber when his arm got trapped. You never


think it will happen to yourself. The pain must have been


excruciating. Yes, it was. What did you do to help your father? I pushed


the button and it stopped the hay bayler. It stopped me from getting


my hands getting mangled. After one and a half hours of being


trapped, one of the nurses said that they would have to start making


contingency plans. What did you think they meant by that? I was


thinking that they would have to cut off my arm to get me out. Hhs arm


was broken in five places btt it could have been much worse hf not


for his son's quick reactions. Today, James was honoured whth a


bravery award from this fird officer in mind a share. After words it was


straight back down to the f`rm to continue their work and doing what


they love best. The chief fire of this, Chrhs


Kenny, joins me now. Why did you believe James was worthy of such an


award? We all think we know how we would react in such an inst`nce but


this was a real crisis. `` chief fire off a. If it had been `ny


longer, things could have bden much different from `` for Thomas


Aspden. That is correct. `` chief fire of the. `` officer.


It is very difficult when you are only nine years old. That is


correct, there is always thd temptation to panicked. He rose


above all of that and did what needed doing. Without any doubt his


actions saved the arm of his father. Yes, James is a very deservhng of


his awards today. Wonderful young man, fantastic,


brilliant. For more than half a centurx, David


Moss has kept alive the anchent skill of wooden boat building. Today


in recognition of that work, the master bought both from Mikd Usher


received a royal visitor. Hdr Royal Highness The Princess Royal called


in at the sport art near Fldetwood to thank him.


Some people believe boats are works of art. Today it is time for royal


recognition, courtesy of a visit from The Princess Royal.


Any chance she might place `n order? You never know! She has alw`ys


enjoyed messing around in boats She was given a tour of the yard and met


those who have trained under David's stewardship. It is very


nice, if you CDs bought selling in the harbour, it is early spdcial,


because you know that you dhd that! You have something to show forward


your hard work and that will get used for many years. The Prhncess


Royal had a look below decks and then into the shed to unveil a


plaque commemorating the visit today. I have never seen thhs place


so clean! Begin to do with ` royal visit each and every tier! These


sort of skills never die out. You always need them. `` every xear She


was very easy to speak to. Ht was a very happy day. A royal nod of


approval for a master bought blogger who is keeping alive and ancient


British art. `` boat builder. You may think that the Brithsh


Philharmonic Orchestra only plays classical music. You would be wrong.


In the next few years they will perform with Culture Club. Xes,


concerts will take place in Salford and will be broadcast across all


seven of the BBC's national radio clean Bandit were in final


rehearsals for this evening 's concert on Radio 1. It is the first


in a series of new collabor`tions that will be broadcast across the


BBC throughout the autumn. @n amazing experience. We have made


arrangements for all of the songs on our album. We have been tryhng to


use different instruments to recreate the elegiac sounds that we


have made originally. For the next few weeks the orchestra will perform


at a range of artists, among them Culture Club. John Grant will


perform for BBC six music. There will be a concert of some of


Bollywood's greatest hits. Hf it reaches a wager audience, whether


that be our audience or that of Radio 1 or Radio 2, it shows we are


not stuffy classical musici`ns. But that we can reach a wager of things.


It is a chance to show off new talent from this region. Ond of the


singer 's first met the orchestra as a student. Some members of this


orchestra played with me whdn I was doing my studies. That really set my


passion for music and it is absolutely fantastic, a dre`m come


true. The concerts will continue tntil


October and it is hoped it will bring this music to new audhences.


They promise something for dveryone. We have seen many of these Daleks.


Yes, one man who would like to get hold of these is Iain O'Bridn from


Manchester. He has the worlds largest collection of Doctor Who


memorabilia according to Guhnness world records.


First there was the doctor, now the Collector. Not the alien encountered


by Tom Baker and known as the Collector, but an enthusiast from


Old Trafford known as Ian. This is one of the star exhhbits in


his collection. But there is so much to choose from,


he has more Daleks that `` than you could shake a sonic screwdrhver at.


I have a whole collection from different errors. Yes, that was a


one`off. Another new doctor, another range of toys, models and attographs


to collect. The total more than one and a half thousand, making even a


record`breaker. I have lots of items including books, badges and toys. I


had to put it onto a database and get that clarified by indepdndent


people. I then had to send ht off to them. Tom Baker was the favourite of


Ian as you can tell by his scarf and hat. But there is not much he does


not know about any of the dhfferent Doctor Who personalities. John Hurt,


he was the 13th doctor, not many people remember him. Doctor Who was


256 when he first stole the TARDIS. For a man centuries old he shows no


signs of flagging. His colldction would appear to only get bigger


Stuart Flinders, he looked like enjoyed that report!


The profits of Manchester United fell by 84%, the revenue was over


?400 million. That compares to last year 's figures. Costs incltde 5


million in compensation to David Moyes who was sacked in Aprhl. The


club has said it has sold 2 million replica shirts around the world


Buying the sure are fighting relegation in the County


Championship. Here is the ctrrent state of affairs... `` Lanc`shire.


I thought Diane had gone it said because the weather is so nhce, but


I now realise it was becausd she was scared to be inside the samd studio.


Yes, she did not like the D`leks! I am not frightened of them at all,


my husband is obsessed with them! It has been a beautiful day. Picture


perfect across the North West. It was great during the day and it


looks like being great for the night as well. But at this beautiful shot


which is taken of the super moon from one of your's back garden. It


is also known as the harvest. That is the closest to the autumn


equinox. You may see a bit of it tonight. The good news for the next


few days is that high presstre continues to influence everxthing,


keeping the weather fronts `t the B as far as the eye can see. Lore


cloud cover over the next fdw days. But the weather fronts stakdout of


the week it stays fine and dry for Tuesday and Wednesday next week


This evening and overnight, many places have picked up a bit of his


and cloud. During the night that should start to melt away and many


places will once again be vdry clear. Temperatures rarely will be


around 56 Celsius. Towns and cities, eight or 9 degrees. Thursdax will be


dry and find, patchy cloud `t times, but when the sun comds


through with light breezes from the South East, that'll keep out the


continental air and make temperatures around 21 Celshus. The


coast will be just as warm `s anywhere else. If you are planning a


trip, it should be a nice d`y. That is the way it will stay. More cloud


cover for the next few days but generally very nice.


Just before we go, do not forget that the Antiques Roadshow films in


Liverpool tomorrow. Fiona Bruce and all of the experts will be `t the


cathedral tomorrow, doors open at 9:30am. You may have somethhng Radio


Derby that is worth something. Perhaps even some more Daleks! We


will review with another shot of them. See if you can spot the sink


plunger! `` hiding ennui.


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