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but it'll be turning quite breezy. Thank you very much. That's it.


Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Annabel Thffin.


60 dogs die in an arson att`ck ` volunteers at Manchester Dogs Home


?1 million has been pledged to help the charity here recover. A teenager


has also been arrested. Hit by the hackers ` the North


West's economy is losing 100 million Liverpool scientists make a major


breakthrough in the treatment Lancashire's modern pentathlete


Samantha Murray on her world championship whn


and how she'll celebrate. Once you have what you dreal of it


is so humbling, and Volunteers at Manchester Dogs' Home


say they're overwhelmed by the donations and support


they've received following an arson attack that killed


around sixty dogs last night. Police and firefighters havd praised


the public for helping to rdscue 150 Today a 15 year old boy has been


questioned on suspicion of `rson. Meanwhile, donations to the charity


have reached more than a million Naomi Cornwell joins us now


from outside the dog's home. The volunteers here have bedn


through a lot in the last 24 hours. First the shock of the fire, losing


so many dogs. Then donations from around the world. The charity that


founded the dogs home was from 800. It has honed over 1 million dogs.


Today, this is a crime scend. People living near dogs


as the scale of the fire became apparent.


building. There was a measure of security,


that. You also have a number of dogs which are agitated, and


very charitable things to hdlp the dogs, but also, there is a


was destroyed. There were 60 dogs lost. We have dogs to


extra dogs. We need to start moving forward. We need to start ddaling


can explore all lines of enpuiry. And


locals have donated blankets and other things for the dogs. There


there who might have vital information about the


other dog `` volunteers havd been...


our local community would stpport us.


has been overwhelming. We are struggling


proportion, if it'd been a human tragedy


some people, ?1 million is ` phenomenal amount of money to


That includes staff, wages, but the vet bills, the whole shebang.


costs, we function today taking strays in.


We insurance claim or anything


sister shelter where many dogs were re`homed.


from duty, is due to appear before magistrates later this month.


Liverpool City Council's party leader is to be credit `` qtestioned


about the Rotherham sex abuse scandal. He worked there in 200


2003. There will be an independent chairman.


The fish were discovered by Environment Agency officdr


Andrew Croft as he was testhng water quality of the River Calder


It will be the end of an er` for the Douglas horse tram service


For the last time ever horsds will pass each other using


Major redevelopment work has led to the changes, which will see a single


It's claimed almost two and a half two thousand livds


in West Africa, but there's still no cure for the deadly ebol` virus.


But today researchers at Liverpool University said they had


made an important step towards developing a vaccine.


It comes as the World Health Organisation claimed the nulber of


cases was rising faster than health authorities could contain it.


There are no licenced treatlents or vaccines for Ebola,


more than half of those who have caught it have died.


But could researchers here hn Liverpool have made a break through?


This is the university's Health Protection Research Tnit


A team here has identified ` protein which attacks the immune system


And it found some existing drugs can block that protein.


We can use off the shelf drtgs like one used for heart disdase


It's early days, but if the cure involves a drug we


already know about, it would bring forward a cure by several ydars


it is exciting news. This is a. . These scientists are trying to come


up with all kinds of viruses. If this breakthrough does work, it


could be years before a vaccine is developed.


In just six days time the pdople of Scotland will be heading to


Whatever the outcome of the vote, it's likely to mean big changes not


just north of the border, btt also for politics in this region.


The deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, today said that more


power needs to be devolved to regions across England in the wake


Here's our Political Editor Arif Ansarh.


If Scotland votes yes indepdndence, they can go their own way. But they


will get greater power anyw`y. There are people in north`west


they feel distant from Westlinster as well. Nick Clegg is saying today


that he has support for that idea. The previous


on the idea of regional quangos It does not mean


That is what we should do now is work with the kind of


counties, city regions, but also make sure that those errors


last few years is that we h`ve attack creation


the government has done and proposes to do is strengthen


course, it has not been reflected in getting politicians


they don't need any more politicians. But


here. I am worried that you are going to have two more `` to


big thought about ten years ago It needs thinking out.


politics which returns at 10am. It is after


its economy is dominated by small and medium sized business who don't


Friday afternoon at a EV Liverpool `` AE three. ?100,000 poured out of


their account and went strahght into cybercriminals in Ukraine. @t the


information regarding banks. They find the information quite ledic ``


readily through keystrokes. They can see a password and they accdss our


account. He got the money b`ck. aren't so lucky. Millions are stolen


from more `` north`west bushnesses. It seems it is not that difficult to


achieve. This man calls himself an ethical hacker. You would sdt up a


fake account. Now you can sde all sorts of information about


system they are using, oper`ting system. That was an exercisd, but it


mirrors reality for thousands of businesses. Some big, mostlx small.


These Lancaster University students will be on the front line in the war


against cyber crime. They c`n steal intellectual property, they can lead


to other issues like dealing with authorities. There is reput`tional


damage. Is there still a culture that suggest it might happen to


them? Gayle yes, you might be fine, but you probably are not. L`ncaster


University say that the answer to region's cybercrime problems is for


This weekend the BBC's World War One at Home roadshow rolls


You'll be able to find out lore about how the war affected the city,


trace some of your family's connections,


and hear historians talking about life in the city between 1904`1 .


Radio Manchester presenters will be down there `


To get himself in the mood, he joined a walking tour of


the city centre to find out how the war affected the lives of women


Walking into history in Manchester. I am going to be... Talking about


the changes that the war brought about. The two things that women had


to do, get your boys off and get on with the


outweighed. Men do all the work Women don't do anything.


sit at home and pretty. Somd of the changes were that he had to make


life simpler and safer. lies meant changing fashions. Short


hair, shorter shirts. Was there any resistance? Not particularlx about


dress, though there was quite a lot of resistance as the war went on,


because other freedoms for women came into evidence. They did not


mind too much about short skirts. Round the corner to the fred trade


Hall. This is where the suffrage in movement started in 1905. ``


suffragette. By 1914, Pankhtrst faced a dilemma. Would they support


the war? Emily was just abott to go to jail for doing damage at Lloyd


George's house. Lloyd Georgd says they would do a deal. Never get


have to go to jail. We will think about votes for


they are going to do. They were very nationalistic. It


They knocked down the hospital. There was still a strict hidrarchy.


Ladies went out to work. If you were a working`class lady, you are in the


machinery. If you are upper`class, you did your thing as a nurse. After


a few more stops, they ended at the war memorial. It was unveildd in


1924. It was a woman who pl`yed eight Central and poignant role in


the ceremony. The Senate afterwards `` cenotaph was on unveiled by Mrs


Bingle. Our thanks to the excellent


Anne Beswick from And Mike Sweeney will be down with


the roadshow in Albert Square. Well worth going along to `


got huge crowds in Liverpool Richard's here with


the sport now and the return We have just discovered that


Accrington Stanley is parting company with James Beattie. It did


not work out well for him there He had been in charge for 16 months.


The website said end this journey. Stanley are fourth


from bottom of league two. City need a morale boosting


win after that surprise homd They no longer have Alvaro Negredo


in their squad after he was loaned out to Valencia and manager


Manuel Pellegrini said todax that the controversial Financial Fair


Play rules meant he had to go. Because City fell foul of the rules,


they were forced to cut their Champions League squad


from 25 to 21 players and ddspite his success last season, Negredo was


one of the players who had to go. Bury's Scott Quigg weighed


in today ahead of tomorrow night's world title defence in Manchester


against Belgium's Stephane Jamoye. If he comes through unscathdd,


the super`bantamweight could feature in a Battle of Britain with fellow


World Champion. And as I've been finding out,


Scott's steely focus on getting to Weighing in Fort tomorrow's big


fight. A contest that could hold the key for all Scott Quigg's


tomorrow's. Another fight against Carl Frampton. Petite ``


potentially, it could lead to the mega` fight. With the prospdct of a


fight against Carl Frampton, important it is one Fort Scott?


Huge. It would be the next big thing. He needs to keep focts. Green


I am sure he will do it. Boxing is not just a sport to me, it hs a


lifestyle. I scrutinise everything. I invest in training equipmdnt that


I have, and I leave no stond unturned. You got into the habit


filming everything and lookhng at it when you get back. Yes. Whether it


is backed work, sparring, fhghts... You cannot scrutinise yoursdlf


enough. When you were a lot younger, when you were 14, you are on holiday


in Florida. You were just boxing. In the morning, I w`s


running at 6am, and I was rtnning where the villa was. It is something


that I have always been dre`ming of as a kid. What I


five years, I wanted to be `t the top, world


After defeat to Warrington last week, St.


Helens get a second chance to secure Super League's League Leaders Shield


They'll guarantee a first place finish if thex win


Warriors are revving up for the play`offs after thex


recovered from 18`4 down to beat Warrington 24`20 last night, Blake


We've heard from one world champion this evening.


Lancashire's Samantha Murrax is basking in the glory


of winning the modern pentathlon world championships.


She added the gold medal to her Olympic silver in Poland last week.


Stuart Pollitt's been catching up with her.


All these outfits in a day's work for Samantha Mtrray.


The modern pentathlete must fence, swim, ride, run and shoot.


Now Samantha can say she dods all that better than anyone


Being a world champion, the feeling is so humbling, and it feelhng to


hold She had contemplated retirelent


after a hard two years following At the world championships Samantha


had to win a medal to retain her I felt stressed, and on the day in


the fencing, I was under prdssure, and I think everyone could see that.


I was crying a But sometimes, having that on your


shoulders brings I got in the front door, my dog


greeted me, as dogs always do. It really proud. It was 11 o'clock at


night, but we And she's also planning to celebrate


her gold by treating herself. that. Are we going to see you the


scooter when it of avoiding relegation from the


first division of cricket's County Championship took another blow today


as they lost to Sussex at Hove. Lancashire made 364


in their second innings but the home side had no trouble


in reaching their victory t`rget Back to our top story now ` the fire


at Manchester Dogs Home which killed As we've heard many


of the 150 dogs rescue have gone to the Cheshire Dogs Home


at Grappenhall in Warrington. The staff there clearly havd


a big job on their hands now. Our reporter, Andy Gill,


is live from the home tonight. We are with some of the survivors.


This is one of them. Anna Stansfield is one of the managers here. You


have got about 60 dogs. What condition are they in? They


this morning, and they were very shocked. During the day, thdy have


been extremely quiet. They have started waking up in the last two or


three hours. A blankets. What have you madd of the


response? ordeal, and we have been intndated


with people donating things. to mean for you here? It is just


under doubled whether they can come down `nd have


a chat with us. Unbelievable! We have been since


1893, and for this to happen is Thank you very much. Back to you.


Let's go straight to the we`ther. We are still dry, we are still fine.


Tonight, not quite as cool `s it has influencing us as we go through the


weekend. But I do think clear night. Temperatures are


slightly better. hours is how long the clear skirt ``


clear spells have some errors and mist and fog.


It is lot of cloud, but it will then and


break. weather. What it means is that the


coast as cool as anywhere else. The break as it moves across thd region.


You get clearer that this time of year. Just quickly


to tell you, the appeal


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