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But for Scotland, the campaign continues. The dream shall never


die. Welcome to North West Tonight with


Roger Johnson and Annabel Thffin. Could a No to Scots independence


mean a Yes to devolution The Prime Minister says devolution


in England could involve Two people found dead at a house


in Liverpool. A man's arrested on suspicion


of their murder. He celebrates, but many mord


can't get access to their money It's over with regard to


me getting my money. It's not over with regard to helping


the other people that are And she's made of money, but who


is this famous Lady who's t`ken The North West's big cities have


been told they'll get more powers. The promise has come from the


Prime Minister, David Cameron says there nedds to


be a "new settlement" for England. That's been welcomed by citx leaders


in Manchester and Liverpool. But there's no detail yet


of what would change. Our political editor Arif Ansari


reports. Manchester Town Hall's proud of its


past and ambitious for its future. A new deal


for Scotland is an opportunhty to We've heard from Scotland


now it's time for England. That sounds good


for the ten boroughs which lake up There's always been


a practical argument. Localities would be able to do


things more efficiently and more effectively.


The Liverpool City region could benefit too.


More control over the econoly, transport and welfare.


We have powers to get peopld trained and off long`term unemploymdnt and


into work through the benefht system. We think joining those two


things up will help us. And as Scotland moves forward,


voters in Manchester have bden With July to see more powers coming


to England and the Northwest? I would yes. We need more reghonal


powers. Otherwise it will be another


referendum very soon. And strely nobody wants that. What abott people


who don't live in Manchester or Liverpool? The next part of the


conversation is how do people who live in other parts of the region,


how can they have more sane and more control over their politics and


budgets? Develop `` devolving power sounds simple. But which powers and


to do? We've been talking


about devolution for years. Is it now definite that Manchester


and Liverpool will get more power? It's looking more likely. Although


political leaders are saying the same thing, that's the direction to


go in. As you say, this is something we've been talking about for months,


the years. It's been a regular conversation in fact as to how you


go down this route. I think what has changed is what has happened in


Scotland. All of a sudden Scotland has been promised these extra powers


and that means a lot of polhticians and some voters in the North West


will be asking one simple qtestion, what about us? No decision hs going


to be made in a hurry. What will be the challenges? One of the puestions


is simply going to be who is left dad? This is very much focused on


Manchester city region and `n Liverpool city region. Lanc`shire


will be asking what about us? So what Cheshire. The other issue is


how do you have voters in control of what these city regions do. At the


moment there isn't any. The answer to that has to be directly dlected


regional Mayers. But it's vdry unusual that people say the answer


to a political problem is more politicians. I guess you be


discussing more of this on Sunday on Sunday politics? We will indeed We


bully live in Manchester as the gridlock begins and the Labour Party


conference gets under way. A man has been arrested on suspicion


of murder after two bodies were discovered in Liverpool. Wh`t do we


know about how these bodies were found? We know police were called


here about 10:40am this morning after a call from a member of the


public who was concerned for the safety of a man and woman known to


live in the property behind me. Police came here and forced entry.


Inside they found a man thotght to be in his 70s and a woman in her 60s


dead inside. A short time l`ter in the rain Hill area of Liverpool and


man was arrested. A 46`year`old man on suspicion of murder.


I'm sorry we have lost the liner. `` the line.


Prayers have been said at a number of mosques


across the region today for the safe return of Alan Henning the


taxi driver from Salford who's being held by Islamic State milit`nts


He was seized whilst in Syria with an aid convoy.


For him to actually take that step to go


and help somebody who is not from his same religion, same colour. .


Now, we have to show the sale support in return to him, to say,


A task force has been set up to help rebuild Manchester Dogs Homd


The group will include staff from the city council, who will help


plan the centre's redeveloplent after last week's fire.


Calls for Wigan councillor Robert Bleakley to resign,


after he sent sexist text mdssages and called sex chat lines


from a publicly funded mobile phone, will be debated at a meeting


Councillor Bleakley has alrdady apologised for his actions.


A coroner has ruled that a four`year`old boy was unl`wfully


killed in a flat fire startdd deliberately by his mother.


Jai Joshi and his mother Janma both died in the fire at their Lhverpool


An inquest today heard that Mrs Joshi was upset about a court ruling


that her son should live with his father and that she may havd planned


Here's our Merseyside Reporter, Andy Gill.


The father whose son was killed in a fire started by


his own mother came to the hnquest carrying his son's school book


He was living with his mothdr at a flat in Liverpool.


But a judge had ruled that he should live with his father in Preston


Mrs Joshi, a pharmacist's assistant, was upset about this.


Seventeen days before the fire she was filled


on CCTV at a nearby garage filling a green container with petrol.


I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family. Ht is a


tragedy that any person shotld die so young but particularly in such


terrible circumstances. The inquest heard Mrs Joshi started


the fire on the morning her son There was an explosion


in the bedroom where her The coroner said neither falily nor


professionals could have foreseen that she would do something


like this. Mr Patel wants changes to how


court orders are enforced. Even if you have focused on me, what


the system in cellars is I have custody but if my partner rdfuses to


give him back I have to takd the case back to court. It seems


ridiculous in this day and `ge. Lancashire's safeguarding children's


board is carrying out The coroner described the ddaths as


shocking and distressing. Hd urged their families to let the mdmory of


their lives overshadowed thd tragedy of their deaths.


More than 20 people have bedn arrested by Greater Manchester


Police as part of a new campaign to stop child grooming.


They've been carrying out r`ids and increased patrols


It all comes as recent figures show hundreds of children


in this region are considerdd to be at risk of sexual exploitathon.


Our Chief Reporter, Dave Gudst, has more.


The fact is, it's all about adults manipulating children.


Figures recently obtained bx BBC Radio Manchester showed that


250 youngsters in Greater Manchester alone are considdred


Some of those who've alreadx fallen victim to it have described their


experiences in a video rele`sed today by the charity Barnardo's


He said he wouldn't give us a lift home until we perforled some


We were locked in a couldn't get out.


Barnardo's is one of several organisations that have joined with


Greater Manchester Police under the heading Operation Phoenhx,


Their aim is to educate pardnts and children about the dangdrs


During a week of action they've spoken to


around 2,000 children during a series of high profile patrols.


And they arrested 22 people suspected of involvement


GMP accepts it could have done better in the past.


They were eventually jailed for grooming girls in Rochdale hn 2 12.


The police know they should have been brought


This is about all of the agdncies across Greater Manchester,


not just in Rochdale, learnhng about the mistakes that happened


and being determined to use those mistakes and the things that have


All involved stress the abusers and the abused don't fit anx one


He's 21`year`old Cameron Wassall and only today he was jailed


for grooming a 14`year`old girl in Stalybridge.


Those behind Operation Phoenix say they want to see more


But they also want to help xoung people avoid becoming victils


She's made of money, but who is this famous lady who has taken up


residence in Liverpool todax? Rarely impressive and well worth ?0


million. Remember


the man who'd chained himself to Anthony Helps refused to move until


he could get access to his pension. But many more are still fighting


a battle over the And tonight we can reveal that


scheme has connections to Delight today from Tony and from


office workers who'd walked past It was a protest


about his missing pension. After a cold call


from a company here in Spekd, he was But the monthly payments


never materialised. But this morning I went


back to hear good news. It's over with regard to


me getting my money. It's not over with regard to helping


the other people that are We now understand that thousands of


people were encouraged to transfer their pensions after receivhng


a cold call from people who worked We now know that the pension they


transferred into has links to That fraud had nothing to do


with the Liverpool firm. Though we've spoken to formdr


members of staff who say thdy People calling being very,


very distressed and obviously very unhappy `nd very


unsure about what was happening Also it was very hard to kedp


yourself together when people were calling up and basically


breaking down on the calls. The firm was paid a fee


for encouraging people to transfer their pension to the


Henley Retirement Benefit Scheme. It was OMNI trustees


in Staffordshire who receivdd That company was administerdd by


T12 Administration Ltd in Ddrby In March 2013 the directors of that


company were jailed for thehr part Today there were celebrations


for one battle won. But there are many more


battles still being fought. West Mercia Police


are investigating. We asked the people behind this team


to explain the problem. Thex said they can to discuss individtal


cases. This is not an isolated case, I spoke to the advisory


service earlier. A number of people have approached


us. Pension schemes are reqtired to pay out and it's in a reasonable


timescale. We have been in touch with the company in order to elicit


an offence. We believe some people have been paid but others are still


waiting. If you are still w`iting and sitting at home thinking that


sounds like the scheme I me`n, what can people do? It's a good hdea to


burn our helpline. We can fhnd out if you should've been paid hn time.


There are a number of unregtlated firms who are cold calling people


and urging them to review their pensions. We would urge anybody who


gets one of those calls to investigate whether the company is


regulated or not. In a nutshell if you get one of these calls, what


would be your recommendation? First of all, go and check out thd company


and ask if they are regulatdd or not. Don't think that a professional


looking website or document`tion means they are a legitimate company.


Call us, and we can give yot tips on how to find out if it is a proper


authorised company. Finally, we would say that regulated firms do


not usually tout for business. Be very wary of being directly


approached about your pension scheme. Thank you for those words of


advice. There's a big sporting weekdnd ahead


for us and it starts with St Helens kick off


their play`off push against Castleford knowing they're just 80


minutes from the Grand Final. Richard Askam is at Langtred Park


where the club's most recent silvdrware


will be shown off to the crowd. A huge game. Real excitement and


huge anticipation. I'm hoping to be able to show you the silverware in


amount and to talk to Nathan Brown the head coach. Let's talk `bout


football first. Manchester city, the champions know


that another defeat can serhously defeat `` dent their title hopes.


They made Chelsea on Sunday. For most teams being fifth


in the table after four gamds Nobody at Manchester City's saying


that either, but defeat would leave But it was the surprise homd defeat


to Stoke City in their previous Premier Ldague


match that set alarm bells ringing. Another man not getting too worried


is former City striker Shaun Goater, today taking part


in a charity five`aside tournament. Feed the goat and he will score was


the famous chant, though he drew Whether Chelsea endure similar gloom


in front of goal Even getting a draw against


Chelsea, he was to be struggling at the end of the season.


Full commentary on the game on BBC radio Manchester.


Everton, who host Crystal P`lace in the Premier League on Sunday


marked their return to the Duropa League with an excellent display


They won 4`1 at Goodison Park thanks to an own goal and a Seamus Coleman


Leighton Baines then made it three from the penalty spot beford


Kevin Mirallas drilled in a late fourth to cap a terrific display.


The Germans did grab a consolation goal,


but it didn't take the edge off an impressive start to the campaign


Champions Wigan Warriors lahd down a marker


for the rest last night thr`shing Huddersfield Giants 57`4 at the


DW Stadium, running in ten tries, including a first for Joel Tomkins


His brother Sam was over from New Zealand to see it as well.


The Giants were blown away by Wigan who now get a week off


as a reward and are just 80 minutes from the Grand Final.


I hope it puts the pressure on us to deliver straight away. We know that


if we perform each week we can be tough to beat. They are our great


rivals. It is something that excites us. We've not got a bad record


against them. We go there whth a bit of fierceness.


And delighted to say I am joined by the head coach of Saint Heldns,


Brown. You have the league leaders shield there. Many congratulations


on winning that. Testament to your consistency throughout the campaign.


But it's the super league thtle you want? How the team feeling? We've


had a good week 's training. We are confident that we can do a good


job. Which are bigger contest. I'm sure it will be. You've been


struggling with injuries thhs season. You'll get another chance if


lose tonight. Is it particularly important for your team to get the


job done this evening? It would be great to get the result tonhght But


us, we like to win and join Wigan and have a week off.


It should be a very interesting game. You've been Castleford twice


this season but on the day they could be fearsome. Yes they finished


in the top four and made thd challenge cup final which is a great


reward for them. I think Ellie on people expect them to fall over but


you could quite clearly say they did a good job. Unless they had a bad


run with injury, we all acknowledged they were the real deal and they


showed that by getting to Wdmbley and beating Wigan. You've jtst given


your team talk. I don't expdct details but what was the basic


message? The blokes to play out wide will determine the margin. The big


games, you need to win the advantage.


We have some players binding key additions who haven't spent a lot of


time there. All the very best tonight. It should be a cracking


match here. Full commentary on BBC radio Merseyside.


Now, it's a Beatle's song known the world over.


Eleanor Rigby is perhaps ond of the most familiar names to come


And now a sculpture of the Beatle's song character Eleanor Rigbx has


A remarkable story when you find out what it is made up.


Made of money but not a penny to her name. According to the Beatles she


was one of the lonely peopld. And that is exactly where Liverpool born


artist Leonard Brown took hhs inspiration. She was a lonely lady


walking through the streets and I worried `` wondered about it. The


sculpture which took six months to create has been crafted out of 1


million of disused banknotes. I rang the bank of England and askdd if I


could speak to the governor. They must've thought I've got a bloke


here with a blow came the Lhverpool accent asking for ?1 million. Watch


Allied Telemann? ?1 million perhaps but that doesn't mean she's rich.


That's the message Leonard hopes visitors will take away with them.


There's ?1 million there th`t you cannot do anything with. Thd million


pound question is, who was Dleanor Rigby? It's here that Walton


Cemetery a stone 's throw from where Lennon and McCartney first let. The


gravestone of Eleanor Rigby. She was quite a lonely lady. We know very


little about her. It is a mxstery. She was from a big family. Hn many


ways it echoes the sentiments of the song. A lonely person perhaps, but a


character rich enough to continue to inspire.


I bet people would try sticking those back together again. Xou can


tell summer has come to an dnd. You put your summer wardrobe is away.


The cloud has descended and `` what happened. It's a weekend of two


halves. Saturday, cloudy with potentially some rain. Sund`y will


fresher. We have a weak weather fresher. We have a weak weather


front that works its way through on Saturday. That's why we will see


some drizzly rain. By Sundax the high`pressure reasserted itself and


hangs on by its fingertips through Sunday and Monday. Normal sdrvice


will be resumed toward the liddle of next week. The Met office h`s put


out a yellow warning the showers across part of Cheshire. Th`t


lingers in the next couple of hours. Here is the radiopaque `` at the


radar picture. You might sed one to showers but from here on it should


be a dry picture by most pl`ces The Pennines will take a lot of the


showers out. For most of us, it is a cloudy picture. It quite picture.


The breeze is light and the temperatures remain good. 12 to 15


Celsius. Into tomorrow we h`ve a weak weather front that you can see


already. As it drops down across the region hour by hour, it dec`ys even


further. Any rain will be negligible. A cloudy day with a few


spots of drizzle here and there Behind that brighter skies will try


to work their way through. The gloom means the temperatures will not rise


very much. We are talking about 18 Celsius at the best tomorrow.


Sunday, dry and bright with good spells of sunshine. Definitdly


cooler with a top temperature of 16 Celsius. So the long johns on since


then the bottom of the cupboard Do have a lovely weekend. Bx by and


thanks for watching.


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