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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Annabel Thffin.


Seven years after she disappeared, a man is charged with the mtrder


A second man's remanded in custody accused of a serious sexual offence.


A police officer admits falsely obtaining CCTV footage of Steven


Hen Harriers Sky and Hope disappear without trace.


The signals from their satellite tags are lost.


Barrow is officially the least happy place in thd UK


Paige Chivers went missing after a family row.


A second man's been charged with an offence related to sexual


Both men appeared before magistrates in Blackpool today.


With a few belongings packed in a suitcase, Paige Chivers left


home after a row in 2007 and was never seen by her family ag`in.


Lancashire Police began one of its biggest ever investigations.


Nearly 3,000 people have bedn spoken to as part of the inpuiry.


More than 1,200 statements were taken.


In April this year, the investigation gained new


momentum with the offer of a reward for information.


A week later the police searched a property in the town.


She went missing seven years ago and deadly enquiry we have made has led


us to conclude that she had been murdered.


In May, officers began looking for Paige's


More searches followed, and two men were arrested.


Today, they appeared before magistrates in Blackpool


The first man is charged with murder and perverting the course of


justice. Second faces a third charge of assisting the first in the


disposal of the remains. Both men will appear before Preston Crown


Court next week. A third man, 2 years old and from Blackpool, who


has been questioned on susphcion of attempting to sit `` pervert the


course of justice has now bden released on police bail, pending


further enquiries. Paige's background has been


described as troubled. Her mother had died six months


before her disappearance. Her father, here making an `ppeal


for help in catching his datghter's killer, was himself murdered last


year in a row over a ?20 note. A former Merseyside police officer


has admitted improperly tryhng to obtain CCTV images of the Lhverpool


captain Steven Gerrard. Helen Jones has been accused


of attempting to seize the footage so that others could


commit criminal activity. This afternoon she pleaded guilty


to misconduct in a public office. Our reporter Lindsey Prosser is


at Preston Crown Court. Helen Jones changed her ple` to


guilty of misconduct in a ptblic office. The Crown Prosecution


Service say that last year, she tried to obtain CCTV footagd of the


Liverpool captain involved hn an argument with another man knew to


his home in Formby. The prosecution say that she tried to do th`t by


going into a bank and claimhng that she was actually on duty with today


the prosecution said they dhd not accept her entrance for her guilty


plea. This is that throughott the investigation that she was deceitful


and the belief that she was trying to obtain the CCTV footage so that


other people could engage in criminal activity. This is something


that the defence denied. Thhs is something that the defence denied.


They activity to come from our obtaining that CCTV footage. The


case has been adjourned unthl next week when witnesses could bd called.


A Merseyside drugs baron who modelled himself


on the infamous Colombian cocaine dealer Pablo Escobar has bedn


ordered to pay more than ?240,0 0 or face more time in jail.


Christopher Welsh Junior from Wirral had enjoyed lavish holidays, before


he was convicted together whth his father, of supplying cocaine


Hundreds of mourners have attended the funeral of a man who didd after


being attacked at Manchester's Parklife music festival this summer.


26`year`old Robert Hart from Macclesfield died in Jtne,


five days after he was punched to the ground in Heaton Park.


Police are still searching for his killer.


Cumbria's police and crime commissioner says he'll


look at claims of historic child abuse at a South Lakeland school


Two men want the police to open an investigation into sexual


and physical abuse at Underley Hall in Kirkby Lonsdale which closed


Richard Rhodes will reply to the men next week and wants anyone


else who suffered abuse at the school to come forward.


They started with prayers, but they were soon onto porn.


These walls have rarely heard the kind of subject matter


And this was the response to calls for Councillor Bleakley to puit


It was all about Councillor Bleakley.


His text messages had previously elicited this response


His bullying and his phone bill had meant he had broken


And that is driving the council crazy.


If a council officer or any other employee for that matter had


undertaken those acts they would have been fund guilty


So there were calls for a change in the law.


In the here's an idea. One do have a certain stand`rd of


morals. I'm joined now by


Wigan MP Lisa Nandy. He has apologised and paid back the


money that he spent on the chaplains. Is that not enough? ``


chatlines. This man thinks that six falous


funny, and I think that there is an absolute insult to the people he


represents but to every single person across the Wigan Borough ``


sex crime. At the end of the day we live in a


democracy. It is up to the people to vote him out.


Yes, but David Cameron said that when politicians break that bond of


trust with the public, we whll bring forward legislation to remove them.


This will do absolutely nothing to give the public the ability to kick


out this independent councillor in Wigan. That is not good enotgh. We


have two more years to go and every woman in the bottle as up in arms.


What do you want to see dond? Do you want to see the standards board


brought back? There is a calpaigning group called 38 degrees that has


brought forward an alternathve will from the government that wotld cover


councillors and would also give power to the public. Providdd that


safeguards can be built in so that safeguards can be built frol


speaking out on issues that they cared about, I think that's seems


like a much more sensible w`y forward and what we need now is for


the government to get involved and help push for a bad bill so that the


people in Wigan do not have to have another two years with a man who is


frankly an insult to every woman in the borough. The petition only has


120,000 signatures on it. There have been a number of people. A lot of


reaction in the media and the press. The trouble is that when


people get in touch, or of reaction in the media and the press. The


trouble is that when people get in touch, or be done. At the moment,


people are signing petitions asking to get rid of this man, but nobody,


including me, has the power to do anything about it. That is `


situation that cannot go on. Why trading mug shots


for muffins has helped Louise bake And as life such a drag this year,


or does this man disagree? Two of the rarest birds of prey


in England have vanished without The young female hen harriers called


sky and hope had only recently left their nest sites in the fordst


of bowland, after being born to one of just four


breeding pairs in the country. Hen Harriers have been part


of a long running conflict with the grouse shooting industrx,


but the two birds disappear`nces June 2014 and the forest becomes


home to the first hen Harridr checks to fledge in England for many years.


It is devastating news that they have gone missing. We fitted them


with satellite technology, `nd since then the RSPB has been monitoring


with these birds have been calling. Sky disappeared on the 10th of


September and the other dead on the 13th of September. The technology is


designed to last for three xears and are said to really feel. Ond theory


is that the birds have been shot. We expect something catastrophhc.


Schumann intervention is thd main reason why they are in such a


fragile bleeding state. Tonhght illegal persecution of birds has


been condemned and speculathon has been deemed unproductive. Ndws of


the disappearances has, as ` cause `` a shock to pupils at a ndarby


primary school which had adopted five birds including sky. It is a


huge tragedy. The job reallx related to the hen Harriers. Becausd they


were so close to boot children, they became part of the skill falily


They are Blu`ray and they are endangered, so I'm really worried. I


thought that he might have fallen away and his tank had fallen. Yes,


it is a bit of a heartbreakhng discovery, really. For now, all the


school can do is wait for ndws. The RSPB has said that they havd


reported the disobedience of the birds to the police and is offering


a reward for information. Two weeks today voters in Hdywood


and Middleton will go to the polls to choose


a replacement for Labour MP Jim Last week we reported on thd UKIP


campaign, today Stuart Pollhtt has been in the constituency


following the Green Party These streets used to be


something of a stronghold. The party controlled


the local council until 2010 and for years had the biggest political


figure in these parts. Cyril Smith was once an assdt,


not anymore. Despite all the scandal,


that's not something that's going to Other people, in the Rochdale


constituency, where it was `n issue, I did last time


so I'll probably stick with that. On the doorstep, Anthony Smhth,


is pushing his local credentials and s`ys he's


in it to win it despite suggestions We have some challenges to overcome,


but we're plodding along with our campaign,


trying to portray the posithve aspect of the differences the


Lib Dems have made in government. Above the streets of Heywood


sits Scout Moor Wind Farm. The biggest onshore developlent


in Britain. The party hoping to pick up some of


the Lib Dems disaffected voters is debating the issue of this wind


farm. Is it potentially award winner or not? And there is a diffhcult one


with some of the ball `` locals It is worth listening to them `nd


finding a solution that fits everyone.


Greens didn't even field a candidate here in 2010.


Now they think they can make inroads.


We are going to get the decor and we hope we will get more supporters and


members. With neither party likely to cause a political shock hn this


by`election, they are at le`st pressing the flesh for everx


And this is the full list of candidates in the Heywood


Residents living in Stockport and High Peak say their lives could be


put at risk if Stepping Hill isn't chosen as a specialist hosphtal


Proposals drawn up by the Healthier Together scheme stggest up


to five hospitals in Greater Manchester will tre`t the


All the others will carry ott routine and planned procedures.


Our health correspondent Elaine Dunkley reports.


Stepping Hill is a hospital fighting for specialist status.


Here at Stepping Hill we ard currently building


It's a big surgical centre which looks after a populathon


Stepping Hill already delivdrs amongst the very best outcoles


for the whole of the North West of England consistently,


either in planned surgery or emergency surgery.


We think that puts us in a perfect place to be ond of


Healthier Together says resources and expertise are spread too thinly


in emergency surgery in Greater Manchester.


By concentrating services on fewer sites, more lives will be s`ved


Many residents who use Stepping Hill live in rural areas.


Anne Parkinson recently had emergency surgery at Stepping Hill.


She lives in Buxton and belheves if she had to go further


for treatment, she would have died in the ambulance.


Peritonitis had already set in, so that would have got worse and worse.


It might have just been the turning point in me surviving or not.


So far, over 10,000 people have filled out the Healthier Together


consultation, but some residents outside of Greater Manchestdr feel


Stepping Hill is the hospital that everybody


in the High Peak goes to for most of their significant treatmdnt.


To actually ignore what is a very natural catchment area for a


major hospital in this area, and the one which serves our communhty, it


The Healthier Together constltation ends on 30th September.


Many people decide to have ` change of career but few can be as drastic


In the space of a couple of years she's gone


And it turns out that she's pretty good, even being nominated


Our reporter Eno Eruotor can join us live from Louise's cake shop


Huge hand away from those c`kes `` keep your hands away from those


cakes! I have seen what a lot of c`kes and


they have not had any yet! The shop has been here for four years, but as


you say, the owner of the shop has been in business for five ydars and


her main ambition in life initially was to trace `` chase criminals


Somehow she has ended up on the cake baking business. That is a real


change. How did that happen to Mac I studied in Manchester and dhd a


degree in criminology then loved to London to get another degred in


forensics. I love the natur`l wail. I wanted to move back to Manchester


to pursue the police but it was just bad timing. Thousands of jobs had


been cut and I spend a lot of time moving up and in the countrx trying


to get into any police forcd. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be and I


had taken inspiration and come up with something else. That is a real


change calling from criminology to baking cakes. I know that you seem


to 2000 `` use salt 2000 of these every week, but you learned how to


bake online? I did. It was `ll Internet videos, read `` recipe


books. I watched other people do it online. As you learned to b`ke


online, who were your main inspirations? It was that once in


London. Hummingbird, Primrose. They make real American cupcakes, not


your average free kick that you see in the supermarket, but truly big


American cupcakes. You have been in business five years, the shop has


been here for four years, and businesses: Well, but in th`t time,


we have seen a lot of busindsses come and go to to the recession


What is the secret to your success? Definitely, hard work. I work seven


days a week. I had just abott to get something from itself, but ht has a


other end. I have lots of things: `` coming in the pipeline. Going from


strength to strength. Selfrhdge s, lots of independent delicatdssens.


Thank you. Good luck to you. Louise is often not in teams as we speak,


back to the studio. `` off to Milton Keynes.


Sport now and Richard, therd's been some fascinating cricket at Emirates


Old Trafford with Lancashird's fight against relegation going to the


Lancs just linked to win thd game in order to stay up, however, Liddlesex


ended the third day on 202 for four in the second innings. Lanc`shire


need to take sex workers tolorrow and then knocked off a victory


target and they will stay up. `` deemed to take sex wickets. `` ``


six wickets. Liverpool will host Swansea


and holders Manchester City face Newcastle in the fourth round


of the Capital One Cup next month. While Bolton lost narowly at Chelsea


in last night's third round action, City thumped Sheffield Wedndsday


seven nil. Amazingly it was 0`0 at half time


before Frank Lampard was While there were also a couple


of goals from Edin Dzeko. Jesus Navas, Yaya Toure and


Jose Angel Pozo on his debut with Well, apparently if you hail


from Barrow`in`Furness, the answer According to


the latest national well`behng survey from the office of n`tional


statistics, Barrow is the ldast Beccy Meehan has been


to find out more. What do they mean unhappy? We have a


lot going for us. Battle is officially the least happy place in


the country. Not everybody `grees. I think we are a friendly sort. Even


before I was on the televishon, I could go to local supermarkdts, and


one of the reasons I came b`ck to the parent is that it was friendly,


if you go to the pub, peopld will pull to you. There is a gre`t


community spirit. I am horrhfied by that survey. Nationally, we had in


getting happier over the last three years, but people here rate fear


happiness at a measly 6.7 ott of ten. Not a lot to be happy `bout. It


used to be ever such a nice tone, but things have gone downhill very


quickly. Everything seems to be closing, more and more shops, but I


don't know, I like it up ye`r, I think it is lovely. I am not


bothered. People are really nice. Jobs are a big issue, with


unemployment year at 7.3%, to 6 2% nationally. But national be`uty


abounds in Cumbria and according to one expert, the key may lie outside


economic. The thing that makes people the happiest as whether they


have good Jewish and ships. Whether that is happiness in the workplace


or the community, or whether the treaty as a community. Regardless of


the statistics, battle has hts fans. Good evening. There was not a lot of


cloud cover at times today `nd just living. The good news is th`t


tomorrow will improve. The reason is that you're in this warm sector


that triangle keeps a lot of cloud, and ones that cause the sun comes


out and it freshens up a bit. A few spots of drizzly rain over the


weekend, but there will be `n awful lot of dry weather as you hdad


through the weekend. Temper`tures will be good. This week, we are


still on that one sector, cloud cover and it will be spots of rain


more than anything cohesive. You'll see a bed of drizzle the land then,


but most places have a quitd late. You will not need the shoothng on


tonight, and when you get up tomorrow, you'll have that cloud


cover around, but the limits of a cold front that goes through very


quickly indeed. Any rain yot will hardly even noticed. Much brighter


skies which get past lunch time Through the afternoon, hardly a


cloud in the sky for many places. When the front goes through the


Northwest, temperatures 18 or 1 Celsius this afternoon, but tomorrow


67 hours of sunshine and 16 Celsius. `` six or seven.


On my sofa this week, hot new singer/songwriter George Ezra,


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