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ended. And that is all


Police are appealing for witnesses after a man posing as


a taxi driver sexually assatlted a 19`year`old student in Manchester.


The woman was leaving an evdnt at the Students' Union on


Oxford Road last weekend whdn the man took her to an unknown location


He's described as thin, mixed race in his 30s with shaved


A woman in Oldham yesterday fought off a car thief who jumped


into the driver's seat as she got out to unlock a car park barrier.


Deb Smythe was at Green Card Pest Control ` where she's managhng


director ` at a quarter to dight yesterday morning before shd caught


But as she unlocked the gatd, a man jumped into the white Audi Q3


Knowing her passports and holiday money were in the car, she grappled


with the man before he eventually ran off towards Little Moor Lane.


A Manchester runner has completed her record`breaking 53rd marathon


Amy Hughes's 1,500 miles ch`rity challenge has taken her all over


the UK, with the final leg starting and finishing in her home chty.


You might call Amy Hughes's challenge a marathon of mar`thons `


early this morning the end was finally in sight.


Exciting but kind of sad that it's over.


I had such a good time I just didn't want it to end.


I think I've just adapted to it now to be honest.


I am so used to getting into the same routine and getting up and


I feel I am actually getting stronger.


You will have to face marathon cold turkey after this!


I know, it's true, I'm going to have to get myself off of that addiction.


Amy, who's originally from Shropshire, is raising money


for the Isabelle Lottie Foundation, set up after her friend's d`ughter


She was treated at Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital


That would be a coveted Blud Peter badge given to Amy earlier.


Six hours later her friends and family waited for horror at the


finish line. It's now six o'clock,


we're back in the centre of Manchester and if I'm not mhstaken,


there is Amy and chums headhng towards the finish line to complete


marathon number 53, phenomenal. Congratulations, how does it feel?


Absolutely amazing. I cannot believe it. We are so proud and overwhelmed


by the support that Amy has had It is such an amazing achievemdnt. A


discredit to our own determhnation. I am overwhelmed. Speechless. That


does not happen very often. Amy's now going to take a wdek


off before going back to her job Ian Haslam, BBC North West Tonight,


Manchester. Stockport's Bramhall Hall is opening


up for free tomorrow to give vhsitors


a last chance to see the Gr`de I listed building before it closes on


Monday for a ?2 million overhaul. And the council have high hopes


for the future of the attraction. This experience needs updathng for


people. When people come to places like this, they are looking for


these days in terms of the information we can get, cafds and


gift shops, it is really important that we provide such a servhce. We


will provide the top`level experience to visitors and lake it a


real visitor attraction across the region.


Sport, and in the Merseyside derby this afternoon,


Steven Gerrard put Liverpool ahead with his second`half free khck, but


an injury`time equaliser from Phil Jagielka earned Everton a draw.


Elsewhere, Manchester City beat Hull 4`2 and Manchester United bdat


And in Rugby Union, Sales Sharks lost to Saracens 4 `19


Although there has been somd drizzle around today, most places h`ve


remained dry. It will be sililar for tomorrow. There were clear spells


around this morning, but thd cloud did increase as the day went on


This afternoon we have seen further breaks in the cloud with brhght and


sunny spells, just the odd bit of rain here and there. The cloud will


increase as the night goes on. It certainly will not be as cold as


last night with balls of around 11 Celsius. Cooler in the countryside.


Tomorrow it is a grey start, mist and fog in places and that could


take a while to clear. Eventually that should move away. The winds are


light and will give warmth with high temperatures of 19 Celsius. For the


rest of the week, very much settled, temperatures not b`d.


Good night. Good evening. A stagnant September


weather story continues. Today has been no exception. Rather quiet but




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