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she wanted a stronger Britain, in charge of its own laws


Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Annabel Tiffin


A Bolton man shot dead by the police five years ago.


His family is told that officers used 'out of date' intelligence.


The star man of English rugby coaching comes to Lancashire to put


the next generation of players through their paces.


It is costing ?600,000,000 to construct, I hear the bridge to find


out if they are on top -- track to open by the autumn.


And the cheap holiday souvenir brought home to Stockport


from Turkey that turned out to be thousands of years old.


The public enquiry into the death of a man who was shot by police saying


it was serious failings into the peace investigation. She was shot by


a firearms officer from greater Manchester police in 2012. Our


reporter joins us now from Liverpool Crown Court. His family came here


today hoping that this browser as well as some of the questions that


they had been lobbying for and as far for a very long time. This is a


public enquiry which was ordered by Theresa May when she was Home


Secretary, and today on day 1, we heard some serious criticisms of the


police operation. We heard about problems with the competency of some


of the officers who were in charge of it and also about serious


criticisms by the Klizan watchdog. March 2000 12. A car park is locked


down by investigators. Please had shot and killed an unarmed man as he


sat at the wheel of this red algae. His name was Anthony Granger. Almost


5 years on, was what happened here and why remains unclear. The aim of


this enquiry is to answer the unanswered questions. Arriving for


the start of the enquiry, Anthony Granger's family. They have lobbied


for this for years and they have now heard about feelings in the days


operation. The enquiry was told that almost all the officers did not have


the right the hearing was also told about


serious criticisms by the police watchdog which found that out of


date intelligence was used and officers were briefed with


inaccurate information. But even though this is a public enquiry,


Anthony Granger's family won't hear everything. 15 witnesses will be


allowed to give evidence behind closed doors. It's a natural feeling


that it is quite frustrating that I'm not going to hear the evidence.


My legal team will. Judges made that ruling. If it is made part of the


public enquiry, we just have to get on with it. I just want the answers.


I want to find out why he isn't here any more. When Anthony Granger was


shot dead, he was the subject of a surveillance operation. It was


thought he was planning armed robberies, but his Congress is


whether later cleared in court. The officer who fired insists his


actions were justified. His defence says,


later this week, that police officer will come to the enquiry to give


evidence about why he opened fire. This is not going to be a quick


process. We were told today on day 1 that during the course of this


enquiry we will hear from 17 witnesses during open hearings, and


other 15 witnesses who been given permission behind closed doors. Why


is this evidence phase has finished, it is likely to be several more


months before we get the findings of this enquiry.


The elected Mayors of Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City


region will be invited to have their say on the


That was the promise from Government today.


The announcement came after the Prime Minister's speech


where she confirmed we will be leaving the European single market.


Our political editor Nina Warhurst has been following developments.


Nina, leaving the single market doesn't come


as a surprise, what does it mean for the north-west?


1 MP described it to me as if we were sat on a train knowing we were


leaving the single market, now the train has started moving. 47% of our


trading in west is to the single market, though there has been a


mixed reaction. Some say this issue is a significant clarity that means


we can move forward. Others say it is brilliant, we're open for


business. Lots of MPs are quite sceptical, many of them have said to


me that what they would have liked to have seen is more details on a


trading deal -- trading deal. And worried about the decisions that had


been announced today. Parliament has to hope this Government's feet to


the fire. They need to get the best deal for Britain. There has been


some fear that the voices of the Northwest and not going to be heard


in this debate. What came as an today it was a promise that the


Northwest could have more of a say. After 3 is a's speech, the


Government was called upon to form a Brexit Government for the regions. I


see any prime minister's speech that she makes... The city of London, but


there is no mention of the Northwest of England or any English region. I


am acutely conscious of the needs of the north. What I am intending to


do, had intended to announce that, but I well know. After the mayoral


elections, and will get all of the mayors to talk about precisely that.


A knot of satisfaction. Remember the timescales involved. 2 years before


we start talking about transition. Paul Nuttall, the leader of you get,


it says that is sadly too long. He says the Government will lead us on


an expensive game of snakes and ladders, where we end up exactly


where we started. A jury has cleared a man accused


of forcing a Polish couple to work Khuram Riaz faced two


charges after the couple were discovered living


in an outbuilding in Nelson. Today the Judge told the court


to record 'not guilty' verdicts Mr Riaz's father, Mohammed Riaz,


still faces the same charges, Police investigating


the disappearance of Victoria Cherry from Preston,


who hasn't been seen for 15 months, are continuing to question


a 43-year-old man on Yesterday, a body


believed to be Victoria's Merseyrail has come top for customer


satisfaction in a UK-wide The annual figures have been


compiled by the consumer Merseyrail scored


a satisfaction rating of 72%. Maria Balshaw, the head


of Manchester's award-winning Whitworth Art Gallery,


has been chosen to run Dr Balshaw will become


the first female director Police have arrested one of the men


injured in yesterday's gas He's still being


treated in hospital, but detectives say he'll be


questioned on suspicion The other man hurt in the incident


remains in a critical condition Both lived in the terraced house


which was torn apart Our Chief Reporter,


Dave Guest has more. A scene of destruction that is now


being treated as a scene of crime. We were keeping an open mind


in terms of the exact cause of the But based on the evidence


that we have gathered so far, I'm satisfied at this stage that we have


evidence that there is some This end terraced house


in Cecil Road in the Blakely area of Manchester was flattened


in moments during a huge explosion The house next-door


was left barely standing. Those living nearby


were today still trying to comprehend what had


happened on their doorstep. Upset, really.


Yeah, we're really upset. You don't think it is


going to happen to you. Two men who lived in the end


house were taken to hospital, one in


a critical condition. And then today came news


that the less injured of the two men had been put under arrest


in his hospital bed on suspicion of causing


an explosion to endanger life. He is 33, and remains


in hospial where his He'll be undergoing some


surgery in due course. The 29 -year-old male


who is in intensive care has been And so the search for answers as to


what exactly led up to all of this Is genuinely for more than a


thousand years. Now we're getting a chance to see what happens inside


its doors. The Tynwald is to allow reporters into its doors in line


with its younger cousins in the UK. Cameras have been able to show


what goes on in here since 1989. The rules are even changing


for filming inside courtrooms. And now, they are relaxing


the rules here, too. Up until now, filming


inside the Tynwald building has been tightly restricted,


but from today, that's What we're looking for is


the approval of a code of conduct which will mean


that the doors will open regular audiovisual recording


of the proceedings. Political debates in


the Manx Parliament are broadcast on local radio and the internet, but it


has been tricky for journalists to At the moment, it is


under the direction of the President, you need a vote


of the Court every single time It is what some campaigners have


been asking for for years. YouTube is extremely popular,


all round the world. Why shouldn't pictures


of our parliament be Responses to the plans have


been generally positive. Sometimes I think there's not enough


transparency as to what is going on. If you want to find out


what is going on in your local community of what is


going on centrally, you can But next time there is,


hopefully the cameras will I am head coach of English rugby.


Enjoy me later to find out what I am doing here. And 80 holiday souvenir


brought home from Stockport that turned out to be thousands of years


old. It said your name is just been bandied around in Turkey. It's just


amazing. Now, you may want to look away


if you have a fear of heights. The biggest construction


project outside London is here in the North West -


and it's due to open in the autumn. The Mersey Gateway bridge


costs ?600 million - and is designed to relieve


congestion around Runcorn. Juliet Phillips has been


along to take a look. Through the mist, a colossal


construction is taking shape. The Mersey Gateway bridge will span a


kilometre across the water, making it 1 of the biggest bridges in the


country. In total, 9 kilometres of breads are connecting roads are


being built. The new bridge is needed because the Silver Jubilee


Bridges currently take on 10 times more traffic than it was built for.


In the project is advancing really well. A great amount of work has


been done. Prior to that, there was a lot of can -- temporary work.


People can now see the bridge starting to take shape. Such a


large-scale project hasn't come without its challenges. This was the


moment the flammable chemical phosphorus was discovered when he


was when digging on the site. When the excavation till was coming back


to the surface, it's about some of the Earth but it also throughout


material that started combusting and lots of white smoke emerged. We had


to bring in a civilian arm of a bomb disposal company so that they can


move it safely. The scale of the scheme means that up to 1000 people


can be working across the site on any day. Baulk as the country goes,


the concrete is vibrated to make sure we get the air out of it and is


compacted and then we bring it up in a planned process to ensure that the


whole span is in balance. This is how the finished bridge will look.


It is a long road ahead. It is said that the bridges on schedule.


Sport now, and Fleetwood Town are bidding to make


Stuart Pollitt is at Highbury ahead of tonight's


third round replay with Bristol City.


On the home you join really want this year that Fleetwood town with


just a few people here at the moment.


Six promotions in ten years and they're going


But first it's the FA Cup tonight and the chance to reach the fourth


round for the first time - and confirm a clash


Either Burnley or Sunderland who are also playing this evening.


Standing in Fleetwood's way are Bristol City.


The Cod Army haven't lost since the 12th of November.


Earlier I caught up with their manager Uwe Rosler.


It is called so we are used to that. We missed the wind but it is great


weather for football, maybe not much for the spectators but for the


players. What an opportunity for us and a great chance, we relish the


fact that we play against a championship team. We did really


well in the first game and it is another opportunity for us to show


what we can do and learn. It could be a bit of tests this tonight but


you are also going for promotion. This has been a tremendous run in


the last couple of months. Edwards will read you had that from. We are


doing pretty well but we're not changing our targets. We want to get


50 points and then see what is possible and the league this season.


And the cup, the we have only got two times so far and syndrome so we


have the chance to make history. We just lots against Leeds and the


other good team so we are going quite strong, be missing if you


clear is that it is an opportunity for other players to show. And you


are enjoying it at the club? Definitely. I was looking for this


sort of challenge, I have a chairman who understands football and


understand he can't shift of the targets we can recount so we are


stable, we know what we have to achieve and the chairman is very


knowledgeable about football and very supportive and that is what I


was hoping for. Sale Sharks have lodged a protest


with the rugby football union claiming one of their own


players passed information to opponents Bristol ahead


of a crucial league game, The allegation relates to Sale wing


Tom Arscott and his brother Luke Sale's Director of Rugby


says they'll consider We'll have to formulate


all the evidence, have a look at it It is unprecedented in most


sports, not just rugby. There's a trust element that has


been put in question by the players Moving on, and Lancashire


former bowler Glen Chapple He will be assisted by another


former Lancashire player, Both men have signed


three year deals. Chapple, who took more than 1,300


wickets for the Red Rose, We're ambitious,


the club is ambitious. We would never say that we're not


going to challenge and it We want to challenge right now


but equally we want to help the squad develop to become


a strong and solid squad to compete Some good news for speedway fans,


Belle Vue Aces will be racing in the coming season,


according to the sport's Full details on a new


management team at the club Belle Vue had been kicked out


of the new national stadium and had their licence revoked under


previous owners in November. Manchester City defender


Bacary Sagna has been fined ?40,000 Yaya Toure has turned down a


?430,000 per week moved to China. Manchester City defender


Bacary Sagna has been fined ?40,000 for his Instagram post after City's


win over Burnley. Sagna had claimed the game


was ten versus 12 which, according to the FA,


questioned the impartiality Eddie Jones has transformed


the England squad - and last night the Head Coach took


time out of his Six Nations He unveiled the new artificial pitch


at Preston Grasshoppers' ground - and put young players


through their paces. Hundreds of fans turned up to


welcome him as Abbie Jones report. It's not every night


the all conquering coach of Rugby Union makes a visit


to your local club. I'm so humbled to be here,


to a grand old club. You have had a great


history and I am sure the pitch out there ensurer


the future of the game up here. I told all my friends


in my class that To see this amount of


people come to Preston My seven-year-old son is playing


and my husband is one of the coaches so for them to see him do this


is just so special. For these young players,


the chance to then train and on the Grasshoppers'


new artifical pitch. This ground has struggled


with flooding - but up to 2,000 extra hours of rugby can now


be played each year. It just allows you to use the pitch


so much more, particularly with the weather conditions


and the kids want to practice their skills,


if you produce skilful players you have kids that want


to play the game. The more the practice, the harder


the train, the most committed they are, the more chance they have


got to realising their talent. And perhaps working


with someone like Is that the try that


seals the Grand Slam? The Australian pulled the England


team out of the mire, making them an unbeaten force


to be reckoned with. Having his input on their game


is an opportunity not You can't really describe it


in words, you just feel It is quite interesting


having someone of such high knowledge and experience


telling you what to do, Getting Eddie Jones to come


here is a major coup for Hoppers, but so is getting this


new artificial pitch. They are one of the first


clubs in the country to play on this springy surface,


and bottom of the league they are hoping their fortunes


will also bounceback. In England we tend to


play a certain style of rugby based on the fact


Playing on surfaces like this will allow


these kids to compete with the


The Hoppers has produced its share of England players.


Spurred on by Eddie Jones' visit, could there be more future stars


Abbie Jones, BBC North West Today, Preston.


Include pots rugby union team's 14 games unbeaten and Fleetwood when


tonight they will also be 14 games unbeaten. So much coverage on BBC


radio Lancashire but for now it is back to you. Thank you very much.


Good luck to Fleetwood. We will bring you the results at 1030.


Bolton Manchester City of Bolton get through.


We've all been on holiday and brought something back


Thelma Bishop from Stockport brought back a souvenir jug


She really should have left it behind because it turned out


to be a piece of history, thousands of years old.


As Ian Haslam reports, she's decided to give it back.


Turkey is a country proud of it's history -


and proud to show off it's ancient artefacts.


Many of these treasures are found in good condition.


During which time Thelma Bishop had no idea it was 4,500 years old.


Until she took it to a local auctioneer.


It has gone worldwide the story and it was all over Turkey this morning


and said your name is all over Turkey. It is just amazing.


she'd bought for just a few dollars while on holiday with her late


They were digging up all these pots and selling them and people said,


what is it? It is if burial plot and the put food and all of oil in the


whatever else they want and that was for the afterlife because people


believed in those days that you came back.


The auctioneer she took it to was Jason Wood.


It was a bit of a surprise to find this in Stockport, not very large


monetary value but the value was in the archaeological significance as


it is important for the Turkish nation.


In bringing the pot home Thelma was unwittingly breaking a Turkish


Technically you did something illegal? Yes, I admit to that but we


didn't know at the time and autistic and 50 years to find out.


Turkey has given Jason a gift for Thelma.


They presented her with this replica junk, not quickly same. And the


original has been handed to the Turkish embassy and will go back to


Ankara to the museum. Sock good evening. We are still


winning the battle between the north and the south. Southern England


struggling with the temperatures but we are doing very well have other it


is cloudy and misty and that is the story of weather watchers are


struggling. It is all about the wind direction and this is what all boils


down to. Westerly for the next couple of days as you to the weekend


and the drifters from the confident -- continent saw temperatures will


start to fall away. That is the cold air gradually working its way in. It


is all about the cloud, Dole and drop -- dump all through the day.


Visibility is quite an issue with the overall cloud base at and mist


absolutely everywhere. The numbers are around five or six for most


towns or cities. Tomorrow it is more of the same about the difference is


subtle but in our favour. Most places tomorrow should stay dry with


a week when a front today to model the out of the way. If you are lucky


that might be a small amount of sunshine working its way through and


Cumbria. For the rest a cloudy and quite stay with a light breeze and


stop temperature and the afternoon around eight or 9 degrees. It is


good. It looked pretty foggy and Fleetwood? He said that as well,


stripped. I am VAT rating for emphasis. Thanks for watching


goodbye. See you later. That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability...


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