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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Annabel Tiffin.


Our top story: The Michelin-starred restaurant among 44 firms named


and shamed for not paying the minimum wage.


An employment lawyer will be here to tell us


Also tonight: Experts leading an Inquiry into historical child


abuse warn there could be thousands of unreported cases here.


An historic view of Manchester - and how a development backed


I'm a dentist by day, boxer by night.


And we meet the man who might need his dental skills


More than 40 North West companies were today named and shamed


They were ordered to pay back more than ?100,000


The guilty firms included a Michelin-starred hotel,


an historic golf club and even two law firms.


But some say their only crime was to try to help their workers


by advancing them money and later deducting it from their wages.


Chefs prepare meals at Northcoat will tell. It under paid more than


?6,000 to 22 workers partly because managers fail to realise when staff


reached 21, meaning they should have been paid more and partly because


they deducted money from wages to pay for staff accommodation and


payoff and balances. The law says you can't do that if it takes paid


below the legal minimum. These are errors of judgment in terms of how


we have interpreted the law, some of which we are not aware of which we


are now but I do think some of the practice is incorrect. Some people


would say an organisation like you should have been aware of the rules


and shouldn't have gotten this position. I understand that but when


you see that as an header, you've had an agreement from the staff


member to be able to do that, it's member to be able to do that, it's


not that you are taking it away on purpose, it's just a way of paying


it in a different way. it's a similar story in club bitterly. It


was ordered to pay ?11,000 to that money -- two workers who had money


deducted for company flats they live in. That should have paid them the


full weight and then charge them. I should have known the rules but it


is what has been done for years, this only applies to people on


minimum wage. It doesn't apply to people who are not on minimum wage.


In total, 44 North West firms were told to repay ?112,000 to 142


workers. The two North West cos we featured tonight say they are guilty


of breaking the letter of the law but they did it in and eventually --


inadvertently. The Government says publishing this list send a clear


message to employers that minimum wage abuses will not be tolerated.


While friends like this say they did not intend to cheat, the TUC says it


should be prosecutions and higher fines for those who deliberately


avoid the law. Sarah Evans is an employment lawyer


from Slater and Gordon Solicitors. Is saying it's a discrepancy


caused by admin error No, frankly. The minimum wage has


been in place for quite a while. It changes every year. Employers know


it changes, usually on the first or 6th of April and it usually goes up


by 20 or 50p. It is not new and a few in the business of having


employees, you should know what you have to pay them. The information is


widely accessible on the Government website. You can do calculations


online to work out what you have to pay people saw an administrative


error is quite a feeble defence, I would say. People cross birthdays


and sometimes go into a different band for what they are entitled to


but what is the legal position on the minimum wage? Firms have to pay


it, there is no get out. There are payments depending on age. There are


certain exceptions like apprenticeships which have different


rules, home-workers can come under a different regime, the kid industry


is often affected by different rates that can apply, -- care industry,


you have an employee of a certain you have an employee of a certain


age doing hourly work, there is a certain rate that you work-out.


What advice would you give to someone who thinks they're


Fortunately is one of the easier things to put right in employment


especially with Government intervention in terms of the


business enterprise and innovation. Even if it's an awkward conversation


with an employer? You are entitled to be paid and the minimum is a


minimum for a reason. You can check what your wages should be by using


an Internet tool and you can report an Internet tool and you can report


to your company or phone Acas will let HMRC now and it will work out


what you should be entitled to and whether there are any fines or


intervention that needs to go on. You can bring an unlawful deduction


from wages claim within your employment, you don't have to resign


to be able to enforce it. Sometimes to be able to enforce it. Sometimes


a letter saying, you've got this wrong, might be enough to put it


right, but there is no reason to go right, but there is no reason to go


to work and not be paid for the work you do especially at low wages.


Thank you, we appreciated. The Pennine Accute hospital trust,


rated "inadequate" by inspectors has announced it's investing ?30 million


in front line services. The trust's also looking


to recruit hundreds of nurses, midwives and doctors over


the next three years. It runs the Royal Oldham,


Fairfield, Rochdale Infirmary; The Business Secretary is travelling


to Paris tonight for urgent talks over the future of Vauxhall,


which could be sold to Peugeot. Greg Clarke will meet


executives from the firm and the French Government


to try to secure jobs at Vauxhall, including


at its Ellesmere Port plant. A national inquiry into child sex


abuse has been approached by 174 North West victims,


more than from any other They've contacted the independent


inquiry probing claims that in the past police and prosecutors


failed to tackle sexual abuse, particularly when it was perpetrated


by people in powerful positions. The chairwoman of the much-troubled


inquiry today attended Historical abuse exits in all walks


of life from the world the Independent Inquiry


into Child Sexual Abuse was set up to look into after abuse


by Jimmy Savile and others emerged. There were concerns over a number


of institutions and a failure by police and prosecutors in some


cases to properly The chair of the panel,


Professor Alexis Jay, today met with many groups


and agencies who work with children to protect them against abuse


and she told them the "truth" project - in which victims of child


sexual abuse share their experiences in private or written form -


had seen more than 174 There were lots of good networks


that we could tap into and encourage people to come forward and that


has been successful. We have a number of other


regional offices throughout the country where we're


following the same pattern. Since the inquiry was set up,


a number of footballers have made allegations of historical child


sexual abuse against Crewe and Manchester City


are two carrying out The inquiry will wait until the FA


completes its own internal review and that's to avoid duplication,


but one victim who is advising the panel told me there


are still thousands of survivors I want to know my children are safe


when they go boxing, play football, whatever they're doing,


and the only reason we can look at that are past failings that


institutions have made by people sharing their truth


and experience and helping build There will be four public


hearings his year including one on what happened


at Knowl View School and other institutions arranged


by Rochdale Borough Council, including the role of


the late MP Cyril Smith. Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs won more


than 20 league titles between them when they played for Manchester


United. But as property developers,


they're finding the opposition The Twentieth Century Society


is the latest conservation group to line up against their multi-million


pound plans for Theirs is one of a number of major


new developments campaigners If you want to gauge how well


a city is doing, they say, It's boom time - nearly 7,000


new homes under construction. Ten new schemes for tower blocks


more than 25 storeys high. Manchester is changing,


but is it for the better? Last year, Gary Neville showed me


the derelict police station and pub he and Ryan Giggs


want to knock down. They want to replace it with two


tower blocks centred This is how it would change the view


from the town hall square. One conservation group,


the Twentieth Century Society, wants the Secretary of State


to get involved. Historic England, the Government's


adviser on heritage buildings, We absolutely support something


needs to be done to this site, but we'd like to see the right


scheme and something that benefits Manchester and doesn't overshadow


these civic buildings. A company called Renaker wants


to build two tower blocks Castlefield is a nationally


significant conservation area. It's the home of the world's first


cut canal, the world's first passenger railway and the birthplace


of the Industrial Revolution, and this building is completely out


of keeping with this area. The newish Beetham Tower is now


on the list of buildings guide Jonathan Scofield


shows his tour groups. He's relaxed about the way the city


he knows so well is changing. Buildings are humans, in a way -


they move and they change and if you try to keep them still,


keep them the same, you lose the essential


character of what a city is, which is about innovation,


new ideas and moving on. If the Victorians had been


as concerned about preserving buildings as we are now,


we wouldn't have the town hall and We've got buildings


from pre-Victorian era in every town and city in the country,


so they didn't wipe everything away, and it's a case of conserving


and growing, and you can do both. Construction work in Manchester


is back to the levels of before the financial crash and there's no


sign of a let-up. There has been a big


response to the proposed development of Manchester,


and in particular the plans The majority were against the


developments, I struggled to find positive ones. Perhaps changes in


difficult thing to embrace. Still to come on North West Tonight:


Moving to the Shakers - but can Lee Clark do enough to keep


Bury in League One? And the man who can knock your teeth


out and put them back again. of devolution, what it means, how


much it will cost and how it will affect people across our region.


Will the rule be different appeared on London? Our correspondent has


been talking to London's first mayor, Ken Livingstone.


Think mayor and you might picture the person with a funky collar


and an expensive necklace who gets to greet important visitors.


But if you live in Greater Manchester or the Liverpool City


Along with council leaders, your new mayor will decide on things


like what routes buses take, what new houses are built


near your home, even the training opportunities your children have


But perhaps the most important change is that you will get


Think Ken, think Sadiq, think Boris, yes, London has had an elected mayor


mayor says the year 2000 and Ken Livingston knows what it's


Is it exciting to think I'm the first one, this


I can't think of anything else in my lifetime where a new political


organisation has been created from scratch.


24 hours can be a long time in a mayor's life


On the 7th of July he became the figurehead for a heartbroken


city and only the night before he had celebrated London


London has boomed and a lot of people in the North are really


angry that so much investment went to London, but you had a mayor


Who's been making the case for Greater Liverpool,


Away from Westminster, some believe the mayor's voice can


help build the brand of the North West as a world-class


cultural hub but they will have to fight our corner on funding.


This post of mayor of Greater Manchester is a poisoned


going to be in charge but you've still got a budget


The purse strings are being pulled from London so I think


The mayor will face financial pressure from the outside


but also will have to prove their worth at home.


Just because you're elected it doesn't mean to say


Whoever is in there has got to build their own respect


and has got to build and sell their own vision but it's


a fantastic opportunity because people are now willing


to work together and that's the big change, the spirit of collaboration.


A spirit of collaboration is no doubt a wonderful thing,


but even Ken says that once the inauguration parties are over,


Soon we will have our first directly elected mayor.


It is not just the most important thing you'll do,


You get it right, your city will be booming in a decade's time.


The best of luck to all our mayoral candidates.


Sport now, and Richard is at Old Trafford tonight


as Manchester United start an extremely busy period.


He is ready for this and Ed -- St-Etienne match at Old Trafford.


How strong a line-up is Jose Mourinho likely to play?


I think he will play strongly. Because this is the last leg of the


Europa League, it is a route into next season's Champions League for


the winners so I think he will play a strong line-up tonight. He named


his back four in his press conference, which is strong, having


said that, they are fighting on four fronts. Jose Mourinho says if they


keep progressing and all of these competitions, it could be a problem.


April, May will be very, very, very hard if we progress


in the competition, so hopefully it is very, very, very hard.


A welcome problem for Jose Mourinho. Let's dig further into the Pyramid


of English football. Bury's new manager Lee Clark says


he's confident he can keep Clark was speaking for the first


time today since leaving Kilmarnock to sign a two and a half year


contract at Gigg Lane. He takes over with his team


in the relegation zone, but full of confidence he can


turn it round. Back in the North West


and ready for the challenge, Bury's man from the North East


insists he will get the Shakers I see a talented group of players


and the talented squad, they just need to enjoy


the football, play with confidence. He's young, he's ambitious, he wants


to manage the Premier League in the Premier League but he's


got fantastic contacts. As a player, Lee Clark made more


than 200 appearances for Newcastle, the club he supported as a boy,


and has played and worked under some of the biggest names


in British football, Kenny Dalglish, Sir Bobby


Robson and Kevin Keegan. I knew from a young age I wanted


to become a manager myself one day, it wasn't a case when it came out


of my playing days and decided I stood and watched and listened


to my managers and how His management career has had highs,


a record unbeaten run in his first management job at Huddersfield


for example, and lows, an acrimonious six months


at Blackpool, his lowest point. It had been the longest time I had


been out of football when I left Blackpool


and I was considering whether I was I reinvigorated myself and got


the fire back in my belly. His win percentage as you will know


is less than 25% at Kimarnock, less than 10% at Blackpool,


how much of a You can make statistics


looks however you want. You look at what is probably his


percentage-win ratio He did that because he had


an owner that believed in him to take it forward


and had fantastic infrastructure. Lee Clark is an engaging


personality who doesn't dodge as he did as a player,


wears his heart on his sleeve, but football management


is all about hard-headed decisions and Bury fans will hope


he has the answers. Good to talk to him today. It could


be a busy year ahead for the Shakers. He was involved in 45


different transfers in his last job in, not -- in Kilmarnock. That is


full commentary on BBC tonight. From Old Trafford, back to you.


If you've ever had the misfortune to damage your teeth, you know how


important a good dentist can be. But it's not often the person that fixes


them is the person who broke them in the first place!


The 32-year-old, who's known Doctor hit man,


has trained with both Khan and the great Floyd Mayweather


and promises opponents he'll repair any teeth he damages.


The Klitscho brothers, both of them got PhDs,


doctorates, they're Dr Ironfist and Dr Steelhammer, so I got


inspiration from them, and also one of my favourite boxers


was Tommy "Hitman" Hern so I married the two together and


Working alongside Arthif is Lee Beard, well known


for his work with Manchester boxing legend Ricky Hatton Lee.


Are there any plans for him to become your dentist?


Though both men's main priority is of course Arthif's next


Ahead of Saturday's night, nothing too strenuous


When I look back at my studies in dentistry, it was a lot


of sleepness nights and caffeine consumption in the libraries,


which took cereberal effort, and there's cerebral effort


in boxing, where you've got to stay focussed with tunnel vision.


In the meantime, it's back to the day job and,


by pure coincidence, a patient related to Manchester's


I've known Anthony since he was in his mummy's tummy!


What a coincidence - he's a friend of mine!


You wouldn't know he was a boxer cos he's got such a nice bedside manner.


What would you do if you managed to break an opponent's


I'd feel morally obliged to restore that tooth.


Hopefully it never happens, but if it did, it'd be


A cloud with a silver lining for someone potentially, then.


Speaking of obligations, I've got a dodgy... Oh!


He could knock his painful tooth out with a little right hook! Let's get


the weather. Diane is here. It is not getting warmer, it is


getting less cold! Towards the weekend we're seeing some spells of


sunshine. This picture was from Manchester. It is starting to feel


like spring. Since last week we've managed to get 20 to 25 minutes of


extra daylight and that process continues and week by week that


grows, so the sun is up, a little bit earlier, and it sets a little


bit later. To the next couple of days, we have relatively mild


conditions, fairly cloudy at times. conditions, fairly cloudy at times.


the next couple of days and every the next couple of days and every


now and then you will see some spells of sunshine. This is how you


we is shaping up. A huge amount of cloud cover but if the temperatures


get 29 or 11 Celsius, that's not too bad. The last couple of hours have


had a couple of showers breaking out here and there. The more organised


area of rain is trying to get towards us but the hills take it


away. It will continue to push and it will spread across many parts of


the North West through the next couple of hours. It would get


everywhere but it will get too many places and want it turns up, it will


be on and offered a good portion of the night. It starts to fall apart


and many places become dry. Mr and murk over high routes -- mist.


Temperatures are good tonight but that won't be true everywhere. Six,


seven and eight Celsius on the other side of the Pennines and into part


of Scotland, there will be a frost, but because we have all the weather,


we see temperatures not falling to a low but really it could be down to


three Celsius in rural areas. We have the remnants of the rain still


around on Friday morning. Visibility is not brilliant. Through the day,


an improvement trying to come in. Parts of Merseyside and Cheshire,


maybe the course that will see a significant improvement to the tail


end of the day but whenever you are, it's not a bad picture, relatively


benign and the breeze is very light, coming back towards us from the


south so the numbers on the chart are fairly good, between nine and 11


Celsius and cloud through the next couple of days but temperatures that


good, and that's important. -- temperatures are good.


You could also say if you've had a couple of drinks, I'm not getting


drunk, I'm getting less sober! Bye-bye!


Two challenges await you today, and our genre is Landscape.


The conditions are a wee bit challenging.