20/04/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Welcome to North West Tonight with Graham Liver and Annabel Tiffin.


Accused of illegally dumping tonnes of rubbish,


two people are arrested after an investigation


Also tonight, mental health campaigners in Manchester say


cost-cutting is leaving them without vital support.


Political musical chairs - Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson wants


Steve Rotherham's Parliamentary seat.


The stench was horrendous. to


The swarms of flies almost unbearable.


Hundreds of tonnes of rubbish were dumped in parts of Liverpool,


making life a misery for many people last summer.


Today, after an undercover investigation,scores of police


and environmental protection officers carried out


raids across the country and arrested two people.


Here's our Merseyside reporter Andy Gill.


Police and environment agency staff raided businesses and homes in three


A covert operation was set up after alleged illegal


dumping at 17 sites, including Liverpool and Warrington.


Nearly 500 tonnes were left at this site in Everton last year.


Another 2,000 tonnes were dumped nearby.


In Liverpool, the council welcomed today's arrests.


a significant waste crime. Organised criminals involved in this and we


The dumping here last summer caused plagues of flies and other vermin.


And the cabinet member for neighbourhoods says


people who live near areas like this of toxic waste is on your doorstep.


It Collecting rubbish is the relatively


Taking it to landfill or for recycling is expensive.


And by just dumping it, unscrupulous operators can


the clean-up cost Liverpool close to half


Two men have been arrested on suspicion of organising


the illegal dumping of waste in Liverpool and elsewhere.


One man was arrested in Hertfordshire, and the other


I've been speaking to Lee Rawlinson from the Environment Agency.


I asked him how big a problem the dumping of waste by criminal


Waste dumping across the whole country is a massive problem.


It diverts about a billion pounds from the Treasury and


legitimate business across the whole of England.


Here in the north-west, the Environment Agency has managed to


It's a huge problem, because waste is


something that we all generate and will be ongoing,


but there's a big criminal fraternity out there


Yes, I take it they do it because there is a lot of money


that's right, you know, the waste industry, 97%


of the industries that are legal and legitimate anbd we need those


because we do produce a lot of waste is a country, but then there is a


criminal fraternity that does get involved with this and will try to


illegal activities such as drugs and other crimes.


that you said how much money there is


Well, much if the cost of cleaning comes from the public purse,


of this waste is dumped in fields or industrial


And if we catch the perpetrators, we can take them to court and get


them to try and clear the case, but if they don't,


So we ask people to remain vigilant and if they are


because the criminal fraternity is looking for places that


People can report it on the Environment Agency hotline and we do


with it 24 hours a day. Six robbers who blew up cash


machines to steal huge amounts of money have been jailed


for a total of 92 years by a judge He said the gang were ruthless,


brazen and breathtakingly arrogant. They travelled the country attacking


ATMs, pumping gas into the machines Police investigating the murder


of a former restaurant manager in Salford say he died


after his neck was compressed, either by strangling


or being stamped on. The body of 61-year-old


Giuseppe Roncari was found at his Detectives are appealing


for information. CCTV pictures have been released


of a man police want to speak They show a man getting into a car


from which shots had just been fired on Lane End Road


in Burnage on Sunday. A cat has lost one of its legs


after being shot six times at close Despite his injuries


Jasper managed to limp The RSPCA said the two-year-old


was shot by an air gun and had Mental health campaigners


in Manchester claim they're being left without vital support


because of cost cutting. They say the health trust


providing their care is wrongly marking them down as improved,


leaving them vulnerable. The trust denies that, and says it's


working with the patients. This report from our


Health Correspondent Gill Dummigan. This brother and sister have lived


with his paranoid schitzophrenia In the past it's


left him in hospital. These days, it simply


leaves him terrified. I hear voices saying they are going


to kill me. How does it make you feel? Really scared.


Until late January, he had the support of a He has a support


worker and until late January, access to a psychiatric


nurse who he could turn to for advice and support.


But then, they say, the mental health trust decided he was well


It has a massive effect on our life because when he does have the


support, that means we can step back a little bit. We worry about him all


the time. Mental health services are often categorised by a step method.


Zero is the support of friends and family. Step five is inpatient


services and as individuals change, they can step up or step down to


different levels. Campaigners in Manchester say too many people are


being stepped down before they are ready, leaving them unsupported and


vulnerable. One group which represents people


with mental health needs say they've heard from dozens


who because they've been judged recovered have lost not only medical


but also financial support. Many of them have lost most of their


benefits. They used that for personal needs. When they can't do


that, they can't look after themselves. It's a vicious circles.


They go back into hospital or something drastic happens to them.


No ifs, no buts, no mental health cuts.


This isn't the first time Manchester's mental health services


This time last year they were forced to drop ?1.5 million pounds worth


of planned cuts after campaigners applied for a judicial review.


In January that trust, which covered the city of Manchester,


was taken over by the current trust, which covers the whole


that they were producing a "robust two-year transformation plan


to further improve mental health services" and that a "targeted


review" on step down had led to " some recommendations for change".


The two sides will be meeting next week to try to find a solution.


As the general election looms ever larger, it looks like we could be


about to see some political musical chairs in Liverpool.


The city's mayor Joe Anderson has declared that he wants to be an MP


and would like to stand for Labour in Liverpool Walton,


the seat currently held by Steve Rotherham.


Mr Rotherham is one of the candidates


hoping to become Merseyside's first metro mayor.


Our correspondent Clare Fallon is live for us tonight in Liverpool.


Clare, we've just heard that Steve Rotherham...


There are a lot of ifs and buts and maybes. I will try to make it


simple. Joe Anderson is politically a big figure in Liverpool and today


he said he would like to run to be the MP in the constituency of


Liverpool, Walton. Joe Anderson wanted to do a job swap. He is


currently the mayor of Liverpool. He wanted to become the newly created


metro Mayor of murdered side. When Labour picked its candidate for that


selection, Joe Anderson missed out and instead Labour picked Steve


Rotheram, who is currently the MP for Liverpool, Walton. Mr Rotherham


had until 6pm today to tell the Labour Party what he was going to do


with his current job as an MP. We are waiting to hear that decision.


What Joe Anderson has said today is that if Labour needs a new candidate


in that constituency, Joe Anderson would very much like that gig and


he's not the only person who would want that. Jeremy Corbyn's son would


also like to throw his hat into the ring, according to rumours. That


rumours was quickly quashed, Labour sources telling the BBC it was


nonsense. What is not nonsense is the timing of the Manchester, Gorton


by-election. We have confirmation. It was due to happen in two weeks,


but once the general election was called, that timing became


practically impossible. We now know the Manchester, Gorton by-election


will be held on the same day as the general election. They will go to


the polls on June the 8th. You explained that very well! We may


find out later on whether Steve Rotheram will stand. Again. As an


MP. It will all become clear.


The Conservative candidate in the election for the mayor


of the Liverpool City Region says he could be the link


between Merseyside and central Government.


Tony Caldeira launched his manifesto today.


He says if he became Metro Mayor, he would be prepared to work closely


Our city region is such a fantastic place. We have so many natural


advantages, we just need to sell ourselves and sell ourselves better.


If I'm the metro Mayor, I will be banging heads together and looking


to promote our fantastic region locally, nationally and


internationally. You can find a full list of all those standing on the


website. Still to come on North


West Tonight - why Old Trafford's United


in a desire to stay in Europe. An oasis of calm and fun in


Blackpool as we go behind the scenes of the refurbished dollars dream


house. And you'll see my interview later.


Five months ago - a few former footballers stepped forward


to say they were sexually abused as children.


Since then around 560 victims and more than 250 potential suspects


have been identified, and the numbers are still going up.


Steve Walters and Jason Dunford, who were among the first to speak


out, have set up a charity called the Offside Trust.


Their website went live today, and I began by asking them


whether they thought there was still a problem today?


The standard of safeguarding now is 1 million miles better. There are


still ways and means of these predators beating the system. The


Premiership have got the wealth to provide these services, but further


down the league and grassroots football, there's still a


significant shortfall of safeguarding. Which is worrying.


What can be done? Going forward, the offside trust has to work alongside


the football clubs. Football clubs are part of the gym unity, they do a


lot of work within the community. Mainly football with boys and girls.


Going forward, the offside trust needs recognition from the football


clubs to make sure the safeguard framework is in place to stop these


predatory people. Since you spoke out, people must have been coming to


you with their own stories. Yes, I've had over 70 people. We've been


through that. They feel safe that they will be believed. You're going


to be there to support them, you will listen. Even if it's a 30


minute phone call, we are there to listen and then we guide them to the


right channels. It's the bravest thing I've ever done, along with the


rest of the lads. At the same time, we've had fantastic support, not


only from our families, but from the general public. The general public


have been very supportive. When you think they are going to mimic you or


you think you're going to be the butt of jokes... They've appreciated


that this isn't easy for us to have done and this is why going forward


we are pleading with lads that are survivors to come and speak to us.


There is a way through this. As difficult as it is, it's better to


come to someone like yourselves and talk about it. You have to talk


about it. The worst thing you can do is keep it in your head. It's the


worst thing you can never do. The best thing to do is talk. The


support is there for you. Thank you both for coming in. Steve Walters


and Jason Dunford speaking earlier about the offside trust, which they


have set up. The website has gone live today.


The Dee marshes in Cheshire are home to a host of wildlife but wardens


are urgently appealing tor volunteer fire watchers after another


suspected arson attack on the reedbeds.


The marshes, a site of international importance, have suffered a number


of fires in recent years, killing birds and mammals


Thousands of birds visit this nature reserve. Many nest in the reeds and


rushes. It's here that volunteered Tim discovered the blaze. Turned


around and saw a plume of smoke so I came to investigate. I hoped it


hadn't spread to the main reed bed. Four years ago a large fire did


spread on the marshes. The RSPB want people to be aware of how important


the area is. It destroys the habitat and it's not just for these birds,


its species like harvest mice. A lot of harvest mice will have died


during the fire. It then destroys the habitat where the birds nest for


the breeding season. This is an internationally recognised site of


special interest and local people want it protected. It attracts a lot


of visitors. It attracts bird-watchers from far and wide.


It's clearly an important local resource. Education for the young


people is really, really important. You have to get them interested at a


young age and caring about the environment more. The RSPB are


asking the people to volunteer to deep a watch over the reed beds


during the mating season. It's really important to have volunteers,


to keep an eye on the site, to make sure this doesn't happen again.


We were yesterday at Esher Marsh and there were fires there.


Mindless. Football now and Manchester United


aim to book their place in the semi-finals of


the Europa League tonight. After a 1-1 draw in last week's


first leg in Belgium, the Reds host Anderlecht


at Old Trafford. It's a competition that has taken


on extra significance for Jose Mourinho's men,


with the winners guaranteed a spot Richard is outside


the ground for us. Can we expect Jose Mourinho


to pick his strongest team then? I think so. He does have a congested


fixture list to deal with. United go to Burnley on Sunday in the Premier


League and then the little matter of the magister derby a week today.


Because the winners of this competition get a spot in next


seasons Champions League you would think it would go to the top of his


priorities. United have an away goal from the first leg. But after that


match, Jose Mourinho was pretty critical of his strikers.


Fascinating to see who he opts for tonight. Zlatan Ibrahimovic came


late against Chelsea. He'll be chomping at the bit. Marcus Rashford


scored and starred in that match. Wayne Rooney is back tonight. Plenty


of options for Mourinho, who says this is whether you believe it gets


extremely serious. A big club like Manchester United, probably when you


start the Europa League, you don't have that high motivation. That's in


September, October the group phase. When you get to this level, I think


the motivation has to be very high. The draw for the last four is on


Friday. Assuming United get through, anyone they should fear? If we look


through the other ties taking place, the sick Tass, the Turkish champions


come against Lyon. -- Besiktas. Lyon are strong, but not exactly tearing


it up in France. Schalke, same in the Bundesliga, only mid-table.


Perhaps the interesting one Celta Vigo. Mid-table in La Liga, but they


have beaten Real Madrid and Barcelona this season. I think


United fans will be confident of beating all those teams and


confident of beating and elect a night. They have never won at Old


Trafford or in England. Kick-off is at 8:05pm. We'll bring you the


result tonight in the late bulletin. Can you imagine as a child being


told you're getting your own ice Well, that's what's


happened to seriously ill youngsters at a holiday


home in Blackpool thanks to the generosity of a Lancashire


lad turned millionaire. Ken Townsley,a former baggage


handler at Blackpool Airport, made a surpise donation


to Donna's Dream House. Today, amid lots of smiling faces,


the centre officially re-opened In the shadows of Blackpool Tower,


the dream that became a reality. critical it at a hospice, making and


over the dollars It offers respite for children who


are seriously ill. It even has its own sweet shop. Can I have an ice


cream? Thank you. From themed rooms to a special place for mum and dad.


Strangely enough, I was a very good friend of Donna. My son was involved


in an accident six years ago and they came to help very quickly and


helped us immensely in various ways. I stayed for quite awhile because


our house under construction and I had just had a serious operation on


my leg. We stayed here and we really enjoyed it. The refurbishment


doesn't come cheap. It's thanks to fundraisers and a generous donation


from Ken Townsley, who made his fortune after setting up a travel


agency. Blackpool is all about children and families. Anything I


can do to resurrect the childhood I knew in Blackpool in the 50s, I will


do everything possible. The revamped house will continue to give those


who need the most help precious memories. We are very fortunate and


I hope that continues because it's desperately needed. We don't get any


government funding. Not a single penny.


Lovely. So lovely. You can imagine them going in and seeing all those


sweet! I would love it.


Will we love the weather? I don't think so. It's very average. Nothing


wrong with average! Are you aspiring to average? I think


you've achieved it! It is very average over the next


couple of days. Lots of cloud cover today and as we head through the


next couple of days. You might catch some sunshine on Saturday, but as we


start next week, April is traditionally very showery. It has


been quite dry this week, but next week it looks like the showers will


return and we'll get a drop in temperatures. A drop in temperatures


this weekend as well. Some parts of the country reached 18 Celsius


today. A front coming through will bring a drop in ten majors and it


could feel quite chilly. Our weather watchers did capture one or two


spells of sunshine. This evening and overnight, plenty of cloud cover.


Every now and then it will thin and break. A very settled picture. The


breeze is relatively light, not much going on. Last night the rain was


heavier than anticipated. In terms of the numbers, the air is still


relatively mild. Eight or nine, maybe even 10 Celsius. Mild in the


morning. A great picture and very much like today. A lot of cloud


cover. Relatively light breeze coming from the Irish Saint. About


five miles per hour. We will see more drizzle tomorrow. They will not


turn up everywhere. Some places won't see any. There's a slightly


greater risk as you head into the afternoon of more organised rain. We


are not seeing the sunshine and that makes all the difference.


Temperatures realistically the same as today. 13 if you're lucky.


He is still pulling the dagger out of his heart! He knows I don't mean


it. We should point out. Lynn has pointed out that she thinks the


clock on the live the building was wrong because it said 6:55pm when we


were live. It might be average, but it's live!


Simulator. -- see you later.