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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and Annabel Tiffin.


Ian Brady's lawyer says the serial killer's ashes will definitely NOT


Brady's body will be released tomorrow afternoon.


Fury as a woman who conned a special needs charity out of ?25,000 is told


the world's biggest wind turbines come on-line


My brave dad's struggle with dementia -


actor Christopher Eccleston calls for more awareness of the illness.


And we saw this wonderful personality stripped away.


The lawyer who represented Ian Brady today said that


suggestions his ashes might be scattered on Saddleworth


The confirmation came today as the inquest into his death resumed. His


lawyer complained about speculation that was started by the coroner


yesterday. Yunus, has Brady's


body been released? Can you can clear up the confusion


about the stories over what will happen to Brady's remains? What we


have is a coroner by his own admission, he did not have the legal


authority, but he felt he had a moral duty to ask for assurances


over the ashes of Ian Brady and particularly they would not be


scattered on the moor. But by doing that is what he did was lead to


speculation that somehow this was his last wish. Brady's solicitor and


the executor of his well has written to the coroner to say that he was


deeply unhappy about those comments come. He says there is no likelihood


that those ashes will be spread across the moor and he wanted to


make that clear. He also said today that as far as he was concerned the


contents of the will will remain private because it is private


document. And we've heard that Brady's buddy is still under police


guard. -- body. Let me take you back to what happened to my red Hendley.


When she died the pill the service at real problem is finding someone


to take her body. So the coroner wanted assurances that somebody


would take Brady's body. We hurt from the police today who said that


as far as they were aware that those assurances had not been made and the


coroner has now agreed that the release of the body will be delayed.


Yunus, we know Brady died of natural causes,


so does there need to be a full inquest?


The lawyer wanted the interest to conclude today but the coroner said


that because Brady had spent 50 years in custody he wanted a full,


Frank and fearless enquiry into his death. He also said that people may


wonder about his human rights because when he was alive he did not


care about the human rights of other people, so the inquest would in fact


happen, there will be a full inquest, at the end of June. Thank


you very much. A public inquiry has heard claims


the Greater Manchester Police force is 'rotten to the core' and tried


to cover up its failings after an unarmed man was shot dead


by a firearms officer. The fierce criticism came


from the barrister representing Anthony Grainger was at


the wheel of a stolen car - parked up in the village


of Culcheth near Warrington - At the inquiry for us is our social


affairs correspondent, Clare Fallon, and we're now in the final stages


of these public hearings. Some controversial allegations today


as the barristers in this enquiry made their closing rock remarks.


That is right. Those scathing criticisms came as this enquiry


reaches the final stages of the public hearings, with the lawyers


representing the various parties making their closing statements. The


aim of this public enquiry is to establish exactly what happened when


Anthony Grainger, and on armed man was shot Dowell dead. At the time


the police said they thought he was part of a plan to carry out an armed


robbery, but of course no weapon was found. So today the fierce


criticisms came from the lawyer who is representing the victim's family.


Of the police operation itself he said this was more like a kamikaze


cavalry than a restrained and professional approach that should


After today's hearing I spoke to the victim's partner and asked her with


the enquiry reaching its final station, what she hoping for?


A 62-year-old man, from North Wales and a 55-year-old from Wirral


are being questioned on suspicion of conspiring to commit arson


An inquest has concluded that a man who was crushed to death by a bale


of carpet that fell on him at a Widnes recycling plant,


The jury said though that the storage of the bales


at Fresco Environmental Ltd "contributed" to


A man was rescued from the sea off the Fylde coast this morning


after being spotted up to his neck in the waves.


An RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched to pull the man out


He was treated for the effects of the cold.


Unemployment in the North West fell by 24,000 in the last quarter.


The number of jobless in the region now stands at 154,000,


Visitors to the Isle of Man TT races are being told not


to treat the island's roads like a race track.


Thousands of bikers travel to Manx motorsport events and each year


people die in crashes that aren't connected to the racing.


22-year-old Lewis Clerk was killed when he was hit by another biker


who was riding on the wrong side of the road - his image


is being used in a new safety campaign which launched today.


People, when they are out and about, need to be sharp


They need to stay within their own limits and their


And they simply just need to treat the place


A fraudster who stole almost ?25,000 from a Preston charity has been told


The ruling has outraged staff at Space Centre which caters


for people with complex special needs.


Fund raiser Fiona Barnes was jailed after admitting she stole cash


But a proceeds of crime hearing was told she now has no assets.


Our Chief Reporter, Dave Guest, has the story.


The Space Centre in Preston is a sanctuary for people


She was opposed to raising funds to keep it going. In reality she was


pocketing cash which should have gone to the charity. She stole


almost ?25,000 in all. It was devastating. We really thought we


would going to close. It was only through the good nature of the


building contractors that we didn't. What did you think of her? When I


knew her I thought she was marvellous, a friend, a great


colleague. But she was so calculating, she came in new exactly


what she was going to do. She knew it would probably ruin us. She


admitted stealing the money in court. She was changed jailed for 15


months for what she did. Yesterday a hearing was held to decide how much


of her ill gotten gains she would have to pay back. But the judge was


told financial assets now amount to zero and so ordered she should just


pay back ?1 and that could be paid over seven days. The here is


outraged. To think she admitted she had taken nearly ?25,000 only to


have to pay ?1 back. I find it absolutely disgraceful. Of course it


is common practice for the authority to seize assets from convicted


Reynolds. Police killer, had his home sold. A career criminal amassed


a ?2 million fortune, he died in 2012 but last year his family were


forced to surrender the money. But assets to be seized they have two B


assets in the first place. When a court finds that someone has no


assets, they may make a nominal order of ?1 like they have in this


case to be paid immediately or initial time. After this the Crown


Prosecution Service can make a further application should the


defendant come into money. So there is still just a chance the centre


may still get back what it lost. Lancashire Police say they've


arrested over 130 anti-fracking protesters at a shale gas


exploration site near Little Plumpton since January -


and are also it's investigating over 30 complaints about it's


officers by protesters. It comes as a silent vigil


by campaigners against so called "aggressive policing"


at the Preston New Road site, decended into


confrontation with officers. This, say anti-fracking groups,


is proof that Lancashire Police are using increasingly aggressive


tactics to crackdown on protesters. Today the response from campaigners


was a vigil outside Kirkham police station - no confrontation,


no shouting, just near silence. I'm disappointed that


the police can't cope with emotion without resorting


to shoving people. Are you disappointed


with the way it's panned out? I am a little bit


because obviously we wanted it to be a silent protest


but unfortunately feelings run high. Scenes like this have become


a regular sight at Preston New Road since energy firm Quadrilla began


to prepare the site for Shell gas Last month one of its


suppliers pulled out amid claims of bullying and


intimidation by protesters. There is a real concern,


genuine concern, about the You say that, but there


have been people here today who are maybe slightly


aggressive towards police. People were shouting,


people were shouting They were going right


up into the police That is true but the point


being is that this is not something that has happened


completely from isolation. Lancashire Police


say around a hundred officers are needed


at the site each day, which is costing


close to half ?1 million a month. But have they been overly


aggressive towards protesters? We took the footage


to a senior officer. Do these videos show


police wrongdoing? Well, clearly, I can't comment


on specific incidents. A number of complaints


have been made about police behaviour and they will be


properly investigated. There's approximately 30 complaints


been made about police behaviour. On the flip side I would say that


134 arrests have been made in direct connection


with the development of the quick, And those arrests, I feel,


have all been appropriate, Following today's


exchange, protest groups handed police a letter


signed by over 300 people. They're asking the incoming


Chief Constable of Lancashire Police to join them


in an open meeting where they'll ask him to hear their concerns


about the way police are handling the situation


at the site and Preston New Road. In the meantime anti-fracking groups


say their protests will continue. My Brave dad's struggle with


dementia, the actors Christopher Ecclestone calls for more awareness


of the illness. And boxing clever, Natasha Jonas and balancing her


ambitions with motherhood. A new wind farm off the Merseyside


coast boasting the world's biggest wind turbines


was officially launched today. Each of the 32 binds -- turbines is


taller than the Blackpool Tower. It is hoped they would generate enough


electricity to power a medium-sized town.


Our Merseyside Reporter, Andy Gill, has been taking


This morning, we took a helicopter over Liverpool Bay


with the Danish energy firm, Dong, who run the new wind farm.


Each of the turbines is nearly 200 metres tall,


that's more than 600 feet in old money.


Each of the blades are as long as nine double-decker buses.


The innovative technology embedded in these machines mean that


we can harness more electricity at low wind speeds,


and therefore generate higher electricity as well


for the homes around the north-west Merseyside region.


Overall, the Burbo Bank extension can produce enough


electricity to power 230,000 homes a year.


The power which the turbines generate


It then goes down 25km of undersea cables


to an onshore station in north Wales.


When you get close up to these turbines,


you realise just how colossal they are.


One turn of the blades on just one of the turbines produces enough


electricity to power the average home for more than a day.


The facility inaugurated today is an extension of one


built ten years ago, though the original only has a


Further up the coast five sites near Barrow of producing enough


They had a posh do at Anfield to launch


So will the world's tallest turbines be


Whenever we saw a new type of turbine arising we always kind of


looked at each other and said, "Well, it can't


And the only lesson learned from that is


it always got bigger and it got massively bigger.


So I don't think the journey will stop.


And among the investors in Liverpool Bay, the


The idea is that it generates as much renewable


energy as it uses in its factories and shops.


Everything we use in our factories, in our offices, in our


shops, locally as well - we have a Lego shop


here in Liverpool - everything is balanced by our


The new wind farm has an expected life


Andy Gill, BBC North West Tonight, Liverpool.


That was a posh do! Volleyball 's and everything.


He's famous for playing Doctor Who and starring in many


other TV dramas and films, but the actor Christopher Eccleston


says he has another role - to raise awareness of dementia.


His Dad - Ronnie - lived with dementia for 12


Today Christopher returned to his home city of Salford to open


a new centre aimed at helping others live WELL with dementia.


The idea that you have coloured the bookcase, because my father was a


reader, you would have gone here. And it's all about their dignity, so


my dad would approve. Close to home, and


close to his heart. Christopher Eccleston has a personal


interest in the new hub My dad was and is my hero. He was a


lovely man. He could be a swine as my mum would say, as I can be, as we


all can be. And sadly, for the last 12, 14 years of his life, you lived


with dementia. And we saw this wonderful personality stripped away.


The aim of this centre is to be somewhere where people with dementia


can come and share their experiences - not just with each other,


but somewhere where they can pass on their advice to academics


Dementia affects two in three people.


So one in three of us are likely to have dementia,


and one in three of us will be supporting someone with dementia.


So actually, yes, dementia now touches more people than it


The priority is how we support people who have


dementia now to live well in the community,


as independently as possible for as long as possible.


It's been designed in consultation with people


I was 49, and I was nursing, I was looking after people with dementia.


And I found myself being very clumsy, I would put things down on a


surface too heavy and they would break. Or I would be tripping over


things, and then I was not recognising people. Later on in the


journey, things can get tough, and directed lies that. But until such


time we can help people live well, whether they are in a nursing home,


or their own home, thereof things that each of us can do. I can prompt


this because I know what I am talking about, not as much as my mum


does... Christopher Eccleston's mum,


Elsie cared for his Dad Today she joined him as the new hub


was officially opened. It's hoped this will be


a valuable resource, not just for academic research,


but for those with dementia Naomi Cornwell, BBC


North West Tonight, Salford. What an emotional day for


Christopher Ecclestone. And we know joy. And her dementia dog. It's a


pioneering new thing. She really works hard.


Manchester United's David de Gea hasn't travelled


for the club's Premier League game at Southampton tonight.


Jose Mourinho is continuing to rest his squad ahead of next


week's Europa League final in Stockholm.


Does that mean he might play in the final then?


Meanwhile Manchester City virtually sealed their Champions League


place last night With a convincing victory at home to West Brom.


Yaya Toure scoring City's third in at three one win.


It was also the final home game for Pablo Zabaleta.


Zabaleta, who made 322 appearances for City,


winning two league titles, the FA Cup and two League Cups.


One city fan said to me today it was a really emotional night, he was a


real legend. The Liverpool boxer Natasha Jonas


says she can't wait to get Natasha fought at both the Olympic


and Commonwealth Games as an amateur and after coming out of retirement


now has her sights set on trying Like any other fighter Natasha


has to make sacrifices And as the mother of a young


daughter she's got to juggle a busy life at home with a punishing


schedule in the gym. Richard Askam met up with her today


to see how she's getting on. Natasha Jonas has the single minded


determination of any fighter. As a single Mum to


17th month old Mela. Boxing to me is just another job. It


is a job, maybe it's a bit different to everybody else is job but I am a


single working mum. There are millions of us. I'm here to break


down barriers and make sure we can do it.


And since coming out of retirement has been training in her current gym


She is doing fantastic. If there's one thing I've learned about her she


is a perfectionist. Does two sessions, then goes home and picks


up her baby. Natasha first came to prominence


as one of the stars of Britain's Where she lost out to the eventual


gold medal winner Katie Taylor. And she's now determined to prove


herself in the professional game. As well as I did as an amateur I


feel like I underachieved a bit. I want to make sure I walk away with


no regrets. Her mind is totally set on being a world champion and giving


it her best shot. Do you think she can do that? 100%.


Making sure her daughter is cared for - this was the two


And of course honing her skills in the gym.


But with a big supportive family behind her she says it works well.


Boxing is a dangerous profession. Having such a young daughter, is


that on your mind? You never want to think about not coming home. But


that could be the same for a race car driver or any dangerous sport.


She is my motivation to do anything. I want her to see success. I


strongly believe that success breeds success.


Her mum is very much on track to make her professional debut,


She's going to be fit, running around after a toddler and going to


the gym. Shall we look at the weather? It


rained. Even when the rain turned up it was


later than we anticipated, but it hasn't been as bad. This picture


shows just a little tins of sunshine every now and then. Some nice


pictures coming in. This is a lovely one. As we head to the next couple


of days we are cooling down a little, the air will become cooler


and fresher. There is low-pressure close to us, forcing whether France


towards us, so I think we will see some showers and outbreaks of rain


in the next few days. This is how it is panning out. Some sunshine every


now and then and the temperatures are neither one nor cold. Today here


is the rain. Parts of Merseyside and Cheshire haven't seen the rain. As


we speak it is pulling away, you can see it moving over the other side of


the Pennines, and will clear to the North Sea in the next couple of


hours. From here onwards it improves. It gets dry and clear and


as the weather front pulls through we will start to feel the benefit of


the cooler air coming in. The overnight temperatures have been in


double figures and mid-teens earlier this week. I think tonight will be


more realistic. Some places will fall to around eight degrees.


Remember, on the chart are minimum temperatures. Some places will still


be around nine or ten. Tomorrow is a bit hit and miss. There will be some


showers but also some sunshine. The showers are not that widespread but


where they turn up they could be fairly heavy and there could be some


thunder. That is the exception rather than the rule but you can see


them working through Cumbria, down the Pennines, that is where they


could be at their liveliest. Elsewhere, good, long spells of


sunshine, a light breeze. It will be cooler and fresher, at maybe 15, 16,


17 if you are lucky. Someone picking me up and the lack


of football knowledge! Just before we go -


we ran a story last night about the auction for the legendary


Hilda Ogden's even more legendary pinny, curlers and headscarf .Well


the auction was held this afternoon in Southport and the items


were snapped up for ?4,200. They were bought by advertising


executive Trevor Beattie. I don't know what he's going to do


with them. Thanks for watching. Have a lovely evening.


The choice you now face is all about the future.


Whoever wins on the 8th of June will face one overriding task -


to get the best possible deal for this United Kingdom from Brexit,


because making Brexit a success is central to our national interest


and it is central to your own security and prosperity.


Because, while there is enormous opportunity for Britain


if we do not get this right, the consequences will be serious


and they will be felt by ordinary working people across the country.