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It's time for the news where you are.


A second girl has died after an apparent hit


11-year-old Zaneta Krokova was hit by a car on Ashton Road


on New Year's Eve and died this morning.


Her 12-year-old cousin Helina Kotlarova died at the scene.


Four men aged between 18 and 59 are being questioned


on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.


In an appeal for information, police have released images


One of the girls' former teachers says their friends are in shock.


A lot of the pupils from our school witnessed the incident as well.


It has deeply affected the pupils and


it is giving them that support through this difficult time.


A soldier from the 2nd Battalion, Duke of Lancaster's Regiment


The Battalion is based at Weeton Barracks near Blackpool.


The Ministry of Defence has said it happened in Taji in Iraq.


The soldier's next of kin have been informed


and an investigation is underway but the MoD says


it was not the result of enemy activity.


Protests have taken place against controversial plans to build


more than 220,000 homes across Greater Manchester


In Bury, hundreds of people took part in a march through the town.


Most of the houses in the plan will be on brownfield sites -


but some parts of the green belt are also under threat.


A consultation on the plans ends in two weeks.


The people of Bury don't feel like they're getting advice.


The council just seems to be pushing the spatial


We are still bumping into people on the streets who don't


It's supposed to be a consultation period.


This is what the walk was about today, to raise awareness.


As leader of Bury Council I have said that one of my


priorities is to get more affordable housing built and prioritise


Unfortunately, there is not enough brownfield


land available in Bury to


deliver the housing targets we've been sent, which is 12,700 by 2035.


It means that elements of the green belt may have to be released.


Police believe two of the three people found dead at the foot


of cliffs near Dover yesterday were a brother and


They were discovered after police found the body of another man -


who's thought to be in his 40s and from Greater Manchester.


Police say the cases are not linked and the deaths are not suspicious.


From tomorrow, rail commuters in Merseyside face major delays.


Engineering work means there'll be no rail services


across the Mersey for six weeks, with further disruption


Traffic through the Mersey road tunnels will also be affected.


Here's our Merseyside Reporter, Andy Gill.


Merseyrail passengers face six months of delays from January


3rd, starting with the full closure of the Wirral to Liverpool


Will I have to get the ferry at eight o'clock in


I don't know what I'm going to have to do.


It's going to be a nuisance but, no, not worried.


A 40-year-old track bed under the loop line below Liverpool


and in the Mersey rail tunnel needs replacing.


No major intervention works have taken place


It is about time to replace the track and bring it


forward into the 21st-century and make it a safer and more reliable


The trains will be replaced by extra bus


services, which will use the Mersey road tunnels.


Rail travellers are being urged not to use their cars.


We reckon that if the congestion levels are as we predict


they will be through the two highway tunnels, it will put about 20


minutes onto a journey on average that a rail passenger


There is no doubt that the local economy will be


Businesses have been encouraged for weeks now


to think about how they can help their staff get to and from work


The Green Party's candidate for next May's mayoral elections


for Greater Manchester has died suddenly of a heart attack.


Deyika Nzeribe from Hulme was in his 50s and had been


His campaign manager Astrid Johnson said party members have lost a great


Burnley have re-signed Joey Barton for the remainder


of the season despite the threat of a Football Association ban.


He left Scottish Premiership side Rangers in November.


In the same month, he was given a one-match ban for breaking


Scottish FA rules on gambling and has since been charged


Today was dry, bright, and cold for most of us.


You look up you can see the crescent moon and Venus looks spectacular.


Temperatures are hovering around the zero mark


Through the night there will be some subtle changes.


This cloud cover will support some spots of rain.


As it bumps into the cold air, ice could be a problem,


particularly but not exclusively in the more southern


Tomorrow, a much more cloudy chart in towns and


Tomorrow, a much more cloudy picture. The ice could be a problem


on untreated surfaces for a while tomorrow morning. The sun will try


and get out but I don't think it will be too successful. Spots of


drizzling rain could turn up. The breeze is quite keen. Temperatures


around six or seven Celsius. We are back in the cool air again.


Wednesday and Thursday will be fairly chilly. That is all from us


tonight. Steve Saul will be here with


the breakfast bulletins tomorrow. Good evening. It's been a dry and


bright day across most parts of the country today. Despite the chilly


feel to the weather, there has been some sunshine. Clear skies as the


sun set in east Essex. With those clear skies around, temperatures are


plummeting, particularly across southern parts. Here we see the


coldest temperatures.