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can remember. We'll Biamou lies in what it says about the president and


his administration. More than 40 North West companies


were today named and shamed The guilty firms included


a Michelin-starred hotel, an historic golf club and even


two law firms. But some say their only crime


was to try to help their workers by advancing them money and later


deducting it from their wages. Chefs prepare meals


at the Northcote Hotel. It underpaid more than ?6,000


to 22 workers partly to realise when staff reached 21,


meaning they should have been paid more and partly


because they deducted money from wages to pay for


staff accommodation The law says you can't do that if it


takes pay below the legal minimum. These are errors of judgment


in terms of how we have interpreted the law,


some of which we are not aware of which we are now but I do think


some of the practice is incorrect. Some people would say an


organisation like yours should have been aware of the rules


and shouldn't have I understand that, but when you see


that as an error, you've had an agreement from the staff member


to be able to do that, it's not that you are taking it away on purpose,


it's just a way of paying it It's a similar story


at Glover's bakery. two workers who had money deducted


for company flats they live in. Glover's should have paid them


the full wage and then charged them. I should have known the rules,


but it is what has been done for years, this only applies


to people on minimum wage. It doesn't apply to people


who are not on minimum wage. In total, 44 North West


firms were told to repay The two North West companies we


featured tonight say they are guilty of breaking the letter of the law,


but they did it inadvertently. The Government says publishing this


list sends a clear message to employers that minimum wage


abuses will not be tolerated. While firms like this say


they did not intend to cheat, the TUC says there should be


prosecutions and higher fines for those who


deliberately avoid the law. There are different rates


of minimum wage according to things like your age


or whether you are fully trained. Earlier Sarah Evans -


who's an employment lawyer - told me all firms are legally


obliged to pay the correct rate. It's not rocket science,


it's a tabular formula that you use of a certain age doing certain work,


there is an hourly rate What advice would you give


to someone who thinks they're Fortunately, it's one of the easier


things to put right in employment law, especially


with the Government's intervention in terms


of the business and enterprise


and innovation. Even if it's an awkward


conversation with an employer? You're entitled to be


paid and the minimum You can check what your wages should


be by using an internet tool. You can report to your company


or phone Acas who will let HMRC know and it will work out


what you should be entitled to and whether there are any fines


or intervention that needs to go on. You can bring an unlawful


deduction from wages claim within your employment,


you don't have to resign or take any drastic steps like that


to be able to enforce it. Sometimes a letter saying, "Hang on,


you've got this wrong," might be enough to put it right,


but there is no reason to go to work and not be paid for the work that


you do, especially at low wages. The first elected Mayor of London,


Ken Livingstone, has told North West Tonight directly elected


mayors here will give the region a stronger voice and help


secure better investment. Greater Manchester and


the Liverpool City Region will go Ken Livingstone's been


talking to our political Think mayor and you might picture


the person with a funky collar and an expensive necklace who gets


to greet important visitors. But if you live in Greater


Manchester or the Liverpool City Along with council leaders,


your new mayor will decide on things like what routes your buses take,


what new houses are built near your home, even the training


opportunities your children but perhaps the most important


change is that you will get mayor since the year 2000


and Ken Livingston knows what it's Are cities better


for having a mayor? London has boomed and a lot


of people in the North are really angry that so much investment went


to London, but you had a mayor Who's been making the case


for Greater Liverpool, Soon we will have our first


directly elected mayor. It is not just the most


important thing you'll do, If you get it right, your city


will be booming in a decade's time. The best of luck to all


of our mayoral candidates. The Business Secretary is travelling


to Paris tonight for urgent talks over the future of Vauxhall,


which could be sold to Peugeot. Greg Clarke will meet


executives from the firm and the French Government


to try to secure jobs at Vauxhall, including


at its Ellesmere Port plant. The Pennine Acute Hospital Trust,


which was rated inadequate by inspectors, has announced it's


investing ?30 million It runs hospitals in Oldham,


Rochdale, Bury and North Manchester and wants to recruit hundreds


of nurses, midwives and doctors over Council tax in Cumbria will rise


by almost 4% next year. It will add an average of ?1 a week


for a band-D property. Half the money will be ring fenced


for adult social care. A conservation group,


the Twentieth Century Society, has become the latest to oppose


development plans by two former The plan - by Gary Neville


and Ryan Giggs - is one of several which campaigners think


will ruin the city. If you want to gauge how well


a city is doing, they say, It's boom time - nearly 7,000


new homes are being built Ten new schemes for tower blocks


more than 25 storeys So Manchester is changing,


all right, but is it for the better? Last year, Gary Neville showed me


the derelict police station and pub he and Ryan Giggs


want to knock down. They want to replace them with two


tower blocks centred This is how it would change the view


from the town hall square. One conservation group,


the Twentieth Century Society, wants the Secretary of State


to get involved. Historic England, the Government's


adviser on heritage buildings, We absolutely support the fact


that something needs but we'd like to see the right


scheme and something that benefits Manchester and doesn't overshadow


these civic buildings. A company called Renaker wants


to build two tower blocks Castlefield is a nationally


significant conservation area. It's the home of the world's first


canal, the world's first passenger railway and it's


the birthplace of the and this building simply


is completely out of The newish Beetham Tower is now


on the list of buildings that guide Jonathan Scofield


shows his tour groups. He's relaxed about the way the city


he knows so well is changing. Buildings are humans, in a way -


they move and they change and if you try to keep them still,


keep them the same, we lose the essential


character of what a city is, which is about innovation,


new ideas and moving on. Construction work in Manchester


is back to the levels of before the financial crash and there's no


sign of a let-up. Manchester United won against


dissent Ed Sheeran DeNiro bullied. -- St-Etienne.


And it was this man - Zlatan Ibrahimovic -


who gave them a three-nil cushion - to take to France.


His first goal - a free-kick - dribbled


He added a second from close range towards the end of the second half.


And then - after he was fouled in the box -


When the sun comes out at the moment, it does feel a little


Spells of sunshine do make a massive difference.


We might not see too many through the weekend,


there will be a lot of cloud cover but the saving grace is the sun


comes out every now and then it will continue to be quite mild.


We've got this rain trying to get towards us.


As it moves towards us, it starts to fall apart


so that is not that much and towards the early hours of


the morning, many places will become drier,


maybe not completely dry and


over high ground we could see a mist.


Overnight, temperatures are very good, six,


seven, eight Celsius for


The other side of the Pennines in Scotland could get a frost


so the rain does us a favour, believe it or not.


It lingers in the morning but not for too long.


A grey start, brighter spells will try to work their way


It won't be a fantastic afternoon, but the breeze is light


and when the sun comes out it won't feel too bad.


Top temperature nine, ten Celsius and the weekend, plenty of cloud.


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National


weather picture. Hello, rain for some of us today


although it won't make much of a dent in the dry winter so far across


much of the UK. A few threatening clouds in Cumbria but more than a


threat of rain across the pond for Friday. The wettest weather system


of the season is over heading into California, and there have been a


few, with copious amounts of rain and lots of mountain snow.


Record-breaking wet winter so far in parts of California. In Los