15/03/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Police have charged a man with the murder of a former


Liverpool student on a backpacking holiday in Goa.


Danielle McLaughlin's body was discovered


It's feared the 28-year-old was sexually assaulted.


Danielle studied at Liverpool John Moores University and worked


in a pub at the Albert Dock before going travelling.


Our Merseyside reporter, Andy Gill, joins us from Liverpool now.


Andy, what more do we know tonight about the police investigation?


Abbie more details are emerging tonight.


A local police chief has said that a man named Vikas Bhagat had been


arrested and charged in connection with the murder.


Her body was found in a remote area near a beach yesterday morning.


Police in Goa also say a post mortem has been carried


out on Danielle's body, though they've not


We also know a little more tonight about Danielle.


She was the eldest of five daughters.


She travelled in Australia after working here in Liverpool.


And returned home to Ireland before travelling again to India.


Tonight, her family and friends are grieving on both


Friends say Danielle McLaughlin, who was originally from


John Moores University have confirmed that she was a student


here, though it hasn't said what she studied or when.


After university she worked at the Pumphouse Pub


A former colleague and friend says staff and customers loved her.


Just the most fun girl you could imagine.


When you heard, from your personal point of view, what did you think?


Well, it actually brought a tear to my eye and I'm not one to do


I was sitting on the bus, like, this isn't real.


And then I saw the stories and I was like, "Oh, my God, it is."


Danielle grew up in County Donegal in Ireland.


Community leaders there say the family is overwhelmed by their loss.


It's always unnatural for a mother to lose a child even if


She was popular, outgoing and lively.


She would take part in musicals, she was


Recently, Danielle's grandfather died.


And, in recent years, her mother lost her husband.


In a statement tonight, Danielle's mother said:


Police in India say Danielle may have been sexually assaulted


A teenager who killed a Merseyside police officer in a stolen car has


been told his 20-year prison sentence is "thoroughly deserved."


Lawyers for Clayton Williams failed to get his jail term reduced


He ran over 34-year-old PC Dave Phillips in October 2015


as he was deploying a "stinger" device to stop the car thief.


The number of people unemployed in the north-west


The figures for November to January show 173,000


people are out of work - that's 4.9% of the workforce.


A group of residents, living near Preston New Road in Lancashire,


are challenging the government's decision to allow fracking there.


They told a judge at the high court in Manchester that proper planning


Local people have been overridden and democracy has been overturned


by the Secretary of State so we're here to make a statement it's not


We are here supporting local democracy and the feelings of people


in Lancashire who definitely don't want fracking.


The government's lawyers will give evidence tomorrow.


A final ruling is expected next month.


Thousands of lives could be saved if a Manchester scheme to detect


lung cancer was introduced across the country.


That's according to NHS researchers who carried out a pilot scheme


Recently, I went for a lung check and I've been diagnosed with cancer.


Michael found out about his condition thanks to a pilot scheme


Instead of waiting for people to go to the doctor's with a problem,


the project targeted poorer areas where lifestyle and smoking make


lung cancer the most common cause of premature death.


They wrote to everyone aged between 55 and 74,


Around half then went on to have CT scans.


I went for a lung health check, and was given an appointment


So I think the timescale is absolutely terrific.


Most people who are diagnosed with lung cancer don't find out


until stage four of the disease, by which time it's


We did about 1,400 scans, and of those,


And importantly, 80% of those are early stage.


We were diagnosing one cancer for every scanning


The team behind the scheme believes it could save many more lives.


We did manage to target the poorest, the most deprived sections


of the community, which is said to be hardest to reach.


I could've gone two or three years and it could have spread everywhere.


It's now hoped funding will be approved to extend the scheme


to other areas of Greater Manchester and eventually, across the country.


The former Manchester United star Gary Neville has been responding


to criticism of his plans to build tower blocks up to 31 storeys high


He was speaking at an investment fair on the French Riviera,


and said he was willing to make changes to the design.


The event in Cannes also heard about massive plans to redevelop


parts of Merseyside, as Phil McCann now reports.


The carpets at this time of year in Cannes are blue not red.


It is Europe's biggest investment exhibition.


It's been a very busy day for the north-west here,


First one today has been in Birkenhead, where a plan's been


announced for m hundreds of apartments, a hotel


and conference centre at the Woodside Waterfront area.


In town, there'd be a new market and a heritage district


Wirral Council's here to try and raise a billion pounds for it.


There is a buzz about Wirral and Birkenhead.


People think that Wirral is going places and the region is going


The council hopes that Birkenhead's market can eventually


North West councils come to this annual investment show every year to


But in Manchester, this famous face is


behind one which is causing concerns.


Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs want to build two skyscrapers


in the centre of Manchester, but they are willing to act on those


From our point of view there is no doubt that some of the


suggestions that have been made to us during the consultation process


and planning process we need to listen to.


We need to refine certain aspects of it, change certain


We still fundamentally believe in scale and in the


buildings being tall in that zone and that's


You mentioned Historic England there and they do seem to be


objecting to the fundamentals and not just the design.


You will be aware they're saying it would damage


the city's historic heart, dwarfing and aggressively jarring with nearby


I fundamentally disagree with their...


I suppose the language that they've used.


Elsewhere, in Liverpool, funding has been secured for a ?35


million Cancer Centre in the Paddington


the city centre, one of a new wave of facilities providing proton beam


At the Cheshire stand in Cannes, plans to redevelop Chester


and redevelop land around Crewe when HS2 comes have been outlined.


Back in Manchester, some very long-term


The City Council's Chief Executive has told an audience that


within the next few years, the city region will have to look at


installing an underground railway because the trams will be too full.


Manchester City have been knocked out of the Champions League,


After falling two goals behind, they managed to pull one


But it wasn't enough after Monaco scored again.


In the end, the match drew 6-6 on aggregate,


but the away goals rule means City are eliminated.


Liverpool boxer, Tony Bellew may need surgery on his right hand


and could be out of action for several months.


He broke his hand during his heavyweight win over


That's it from me tonight, but here's Eno with the weather.


A beautiful day today, but it looks set to change?


We saw beautiful blue skies across the region and temperatures as high


as 16 degrees in Cheshire. Temperatures are down tomorrow and


getting colder as we head towards the end of the week. Tonight is not


the king too bad. Dry with fog patches on high ground in Cumbria.


Maybe some rain as well here. Temperatures are fairly mild.


Tomorrow will be cooler and more cloudy from the word go. The cloud


will continue to spill in from across the Irish Sea with showers.


Quite breezy in the afternoon. The showers could merge to bring longer


spells of rain in the afternoon and disappointing temperatures. Through


the evening the rain will push away so maybe some sunshine to end the


day. Clear skies tomorrow night so possibly cold with rain pushing in.


The rain will stick with us through the recount. -- the weekend.


been. The outlook, rain around, if it stays dry I will be surprised.


Here is Nick with the national headlines.