20/04/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Firefighters have been tackling a huge blaze at a warehouse


15 fire engines were sent to the building on Tan House Lane,


where a large amount of plastic and cardboard was ablaze -


causing a huge plume of black smoke which could be seen for miles.


People living nearby have been advised to stay away and keep


Crews are expected to be there for a while.


The swarms of flies almost unbearable.


Hundreds of tonnes of rubbish were dumped in parts of Liverpool,


making life a misery for many people last summer.


Today, after an undercover investigation, scores of police


and environmental protection officers carried out


raids across the country and arrested two people.


Police and environment agency staff raided businesses and homes in three


A covert operation was set up after alleged illegal


dumping at 17 sites, including Liverpool and Warrington.


Nearly 500 tonnes were left at this site in Everton last year.


Another 2,000 tonnes were dumped nearby.


Organised criminals involved in this activity.


That is why we work very closely with the police to take the


strongest action, and also look at recovering any proceeds of those


In Liverpool, the council welcomed today's arrests.


The dumping here last summer caused plagues of flies and other vermin.


And the cabinet member for neighbourhoods says


When something happens in an area like this,


panic unsurprisingly spreads to the community.


To realise that tonnes, hundreds of tonnes of


toxic waste is on your doorstep creates an atmosphere of fear.


Collecting rubbish is the relatively cheap


Taking it to landfill or for recycling is expensive.


And by just dumping it, unscrupulous operators can save hundreds


of thousands of pounds. Leaving others with a big bill.


If waste is illegally dumped on private


land, it is usually the band owner who pays for the clean-up.


On two sites here in Liverpool last summer,


the council, already facing big budget cuts,


The clean-up cost Liverpool close to ?500,000.


Two men have been arrested on suspicion of organising


the illegal dumping of waste in Liverpool and elsewhere.


One man was arrested in Hertfordshire,


Andy Gill, BBC North West Tonight, Liverpool.


I've been speaking to Lee Rawlinson from the Environment Agency.


I asked him how big a problem the dumping of waste by criminal


Treasury and legitimate business across the whole of England.


Here in the north-west, the Environment


Agency, we have shut down around 50 illegal waste site in these last


It is a huge problem, because waste is something that we


But there is a big criminal fraternity out there making a lot of


I take it they do it's because there is money to be made?


The waste industry, 97% of industry that operates are legal


We do produce a lot of waste as a country.


But then there is a criminal fraternity that get


involved with this and will try to undermine and undercut.


The waste industry is often then used to find


other illegal activities such as drugs and other crimes.


Detectives investigating the murder of a man in Salford say he died


The body of 61-year-old Giuseppe Roncari was found at his


Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them.


Six robbers who blew up cash machines to steal huge amounts


of money have been jailed for a total of 92 years by a judge


He said the gang were ruthless, brazen and breathtakingly arrogant.


They travelled the country attacking cash machines,


pumping gas into them, causing explosions.


A group of mental health campaigners in Manchester say they're being left


without vital support because of cost cutting.


They say the health trust which provides their care is wrongly


marking them down as recovered, leaving them vulnerable.


The trust rejects the claims and says it's working with them.


Our Health Correspondent Gill Dummigan has this report.


This brother and sister have lived with his paranoid


In the past, it's left him in hospital.


These days, it simply leaves him terrified.


I hear voices saying they are going to kill me.


How does it make you feel? Really scared.


Until late January, he had the support of a psychiatric


nurse who he could turn to for advice and support.


But then, they say, the mental health trust decided he was well


It has a massive effect on our life because when he does


have the support that means we can step back a little bit.


Mental health services are often categorised by a step method.


Zero is the support of friends and family, the lowest.


Step five is inpatient services, the highest,


and as individuals change, they can step up or step down


Campaigners in Manchester say too many people are being stepped down


before they are ready, leaving them unsupported


One group which represents people with mental health needs say they've


heard from dozens who, because they've been judged


recovered, have lost not only medical but also financial support.


Many of them have lost most of their benefits.


When they can't do that, they can't look after themselves.


They go back into hospital or something drastic happens to them.


The two sides will be meeting next week to try to find a solution.


Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has confirmed he wants


to become an MP in Liverpool, if the Walton MP Steve Rotheram


wins the vote to become the region's metro mayor.


Mr Anderson has said he'll put his name forward if the seat


He'd need to be selected by the Labour Party as a candidate


first, before he could stand in June's general election.


A cat has lost one of its legs after being shot six times at close


Despite his injuries Jasper managed to limp


The RSPCA said the two-year-old, was shot by an air gun and had


Yesterday, we were at the Heysham Moss in Lancashire,


today we are at The Dee marshes in Cheshire are home to a host


of wildlife but wardens are urgently appealing tor volunteer fire


watchers after another suspected arson attack on the reed beds.


The marshes, a site of international importance, have suffered a number


of fires in recent years, killing birds and mammals


and destroying valuable habitat. Lindsey Prosser reports.


Thousands of birds visit this nature reserve.


It's here that volunteer Tim Jepson discovered the blaze.


Turned around and saw a plume of smoke, so I came to investigate.


It was important it didn't spread to the main reed bed.


That's why it was important to get it put out quickly.


Four years ago a large fire did spread on the marshes.


The RSPB want people to be aware of how important the area is.


It destroys the habitat and it's not just for these birds,


A lot of harvest mice will have died during the fire.


It then destroys the habitat where the birds nest


This is an internationally-recognised site


of special interest and local people want it protected.


It attracts bird-watchers from far and wide.


It's clearly an important local resource.


Education for the young people is really, really important.


You have to get them interested at a young age and caring


The RSPB are asking for people to volunteer to deep


-- keep a watch over the reed beds during the mating season.


It's really important to have volunteers,


to keep an eye on the site, to make sure this


Football, and in the Europa League quarterfinal second leg with


Anderlecht, Manchester United were taken to extra time.


It finished 1-1 after normal time, 2-2 on aggregate,


and Marcus Rashford scored the winner that puts United into


For the latest on the fire, tune in to the radio and Tony Snell.


We have had cloud over the last couple of days and the high-pressure


means that it stays. It is being jacked towards us from the Irish


Sea. With the high pressure asserting itself, the weather front


of the week. The significant story is, towards the start of next week,


if you watch the arrows, they come from the north. Temperatures will be


lower than they should be for this time of year. In some places, there


could be snow, believe it or not, perhaps not us. Temperatures 12 or


13 for the next couple of days. Tomorrow, still mild air. Cloud


cover, a juice spots of drizzle, but generally temperatures pretty good.


Nine or ten. Tomorrow, an awful lot of cloud cover. If anything, some


more light and patchy drizzle. Not amounting to much and most places


not any. Quietening, brightest guy is trying to come through, but


temperatures around 12 or 13. He is the outlook.


week for much of the UK and for more about that and the UK outlook, Helen


Willetts. The sunshine make such a difference


this time of year, only 12 or so degrees under the cloud today but 19


in eastern Scotland not far away from St Andrews. Also in north-east


England, where we had the majority of the decent sunshine. Even under


cloud it was dry for the most part. We have this week whether forgiving


showers in the south. This weather front starting to pep up in the


North, it'll change the feel of the weather for all of us in the coming


36 hours. Through the night very little changes, cloud comes and


goes, there will be missed a shallow fog south of the M4. Possibly the


odd pocket of ground frost here and there. You can see the rain


gathering further north and already by the time we get to morning we


have colder air in across Orkney and Shetland with a