17/05/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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The remains of Moors Murderer Ian Brady will not be scattered


The promise was made by his lawyer today,


after reports in several newspapers suggested it was the serial


Even in death, Ian Brady is still attracting controversy.


The coroner at his inquest, Christopher Sumner, said yesterday


that the killer's body shouldn't be released without assurances his


ashes wouldn't be scattered where most of his victims


Mr Sumner said he felt he had a moral obligation


to make the stipulation, even though he had no legal powers -


leading to speculation that it was Brady's last wish.


His lawyer, Robin Makin, has told the coroner there is no


likelihood that Brady's ashes will be scattered


Finding a funeral director willing to take the body of his accomplice,


Myra Hindley, when she died in 2002, proved difficult.


It is because of that that the coroner wanted assurances


that there was a funeral director or a crematorium


here locally that would take Ian Brady's body.


We heard from Merseyside Police today, who said that


as far as they were aware, those assurances have not been made.


The pair of them should have hung at the time.


But obviously it was brought in that they did stop the hanging.


The 79-year-old was in custody for more than 50 years,


and there will be a full inquest into his death at Ashworth High


So Brady's body is unlikely to be released until tomorrow.


That inquest will be held on June 29th.


Do we know where Ian Brady's body is? Tonight his body remains under


police guard, and that is because those assurances that the coroner


was looking for as far as Merseyside Police are concerned from funeral


directors or a crematorium have still not been met. They say


releasing Ian Brady's body to his executor risks the safety of the


body. They asked for this delay in the release of the body. The coroner


agreed, and it is two o'clock tomorrow that he says that Ian


Brady's body will be released.. Thank you very much.


A public inquiry has heard claims that Greater Manchester Police


is rotten to the core and tried to cover up its failings


after an unarmed man from Bolton was shot dead.


36-year-old Anthony Grainger was inside a stolen car


when he was shot in the chest by officers in Cheshire in 2012.


Lawyers representing his family said the operation


Lawyers acting for the police force will make their final


Police investigating the huge gas explosion at New Ferry in Wirral


The blast injured more than thirty people and damaged


A 62-year-old man from North Wales and a 55-year-old from Wirral


are being questioned on suspicion of conspiring to commit arson


The world's biggest wind turbines starting generating electricity off


Each of the 32 turbines is much taller than the Blackpool Tower,


and could produce enough electricity to power a medium-sized town.


Andy Gill has been taking a look from the air.


This morning, we took a helicopter over Liverpool Bay


with the Danish energy firm, Dong, who run the new wind farm.


Each of the turbines is nearly 200 metres tall -


that's more than 600 feet in old money.


Each of the blades are as long as nine double-decker buses.


The innovative technology embedded in these machines means that we can


harness more electricity at low wind speeds, and therefore generate


higher electricity as well for the homes around the


Overall, the Burbo Bank extension can produce enough electricity


The power which the turbines generate goes


It then flows down 25km of undersea cables to an onshore


When you get close up to these turbines, you realise just


One turn of the blades on just one of the turbines produces enough


electricity to power the average home for more than a day.


The facility inaugurated today is an extension of one


built ten years ago, though the original only has a third


Further up the coast, five sites near Barrow of producing enough


They had a posh do at Anfield to launch the new Liverpool project.


So will the world's tallest turbines be overtaken by future technology?


Whenever we saw a new type of turbine arising we always kind


"Well, it can't get bigger than that."


And the only lesson learned from that is it always got bigger


So I don't think the journey will stop.


And among the investors in Liverpool Bay, the company that owns Lego.


The idea is that it generates as much renewable energy as it


Everything we use in our factories, in our offices, in our


shops, globally as well - we have a Lego shop


here in Liverpool - everything is balanced


by our investments in renewable energy.


The new wind farm has an expected life span of 25 years.


The actor Christopher Eccleston has taken many film and TV parts


throughout his career - but the Salford actor


says his latest role is the most important.


His Dad, Ronnie, lived with dementia for 12 years before his death.


Today Christopher opened a new centre in his home city,


aimed at helping others live well with dementia.


The idea that you've coloured the bookcase,


because my father was a reader, he would have gone here.


You know, he would have gone to that.


Close to home, and close to his heart.


Christopher Eccleston has a personal interest in the new hub


He could be a swine, as my mum would say,


And sadly, for the last 12, 14 years of his life,


And we saw this wonderful personality stripped away.


The aim of this centre is to be somewhere where people with dementia


can come and share their experiences - not just with each other,


but to pass on their advice to academics studying dementia.


Dementia affects two in three people.


So one in three of us are likely to have dementia,


and one in three of us will be supporting someone with dementia.


So actually, yes, dementia now touches more people


The priority is how we support people who have dementia now to live


well in the community, as independently as possible


It's been designed in consultation with people


I was 49, and I was nursing, I was looking after people with dementia.


And I found myself being very clumsy, I would put things down


on a surface too heavy, and they'd break.


Or I would be tripping over things, and then


Later on in the journey, things can get tough,


But until such time, we can help people live well,


whether they're in a nursing home, or their own home, there are things


I can prompt this because I know what I am talking about.


Not as much as Elsie, my mum, does...


Christopher Eccleston's mum, Elsie, cared for his dad


Today she joined him as the new hub was officially opened.


It's hoped this will be a valuable resource,


not just for academic research, but for those with dementia


A very poignant day for Christopher and for his mum.


Football and Manchester United proved themselves to be the draw


specialists in the Premier League at Southampton tonight.


Sergio Romero warmed-up for next week's Europa League


Final against Ajax - saving a first half penalty.


United have now drawn 15 games and have won fewer


in Jose Mourinho's first season in charge than under both


Anthony Marshall touching the post. That was as close as they got to


score in! Onto the weather. We didn't get today exactly right,


and that was to our advantage. We thought the ring with spread


everywhere, but you can see it never made it anywhere near the Cumbrian


coast. Many parts of Merseyside and Cheshire were also avoided it. Where


did turn was heavy, but it managed to work way up to the other side of


the Pennines and drift out towards the sea. Unfortunately this weather


front does mark a change in how things feel. It has been very warm


and wild over the last couple of nights. In some parts of the country


we have had the warmest day of the year. But that starts to move away


and we see cool and fresher conditions. You can see the pool of


blue air descends and works its way through over the next couple of


days. Lingering until Saturday. On Sunday, there is not that much


consistency about what will happen. We will ignore Sunday at the moment.


As we speak, there is a lot of dry and clear whether around. Through


this evening and overnight, this is a drive picture. Settles. Through


the early hours of the morning, the temperatures will be cooler. 6-9


Celsius. For tomorrow... INAUDIBLE


Every now and then, a glimpse of the joint working its way through. Where


you can see from the map, any showers are isolated. The breeze is


light, temperatures reached 16-17 Celsius. For the outlook, I'm afraid


it is a shadowy picture.