12/02/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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The children of a couple from Wirral who both died of terminal cancer


within days of each other have shared a photo of the heartbreaking


moment their parents said goodbye to each other.


The picture of Julie and Mike Bennet was taken at St John's Hospice.


Their children are being comforted by relatives and friends who have


launched a fundraising campaign to help them face the


Donations have now exceeded ?100,000.


A devoted couple, hand in hand as they had been many times before,


It's a photo of Julie and Mike Bennet from Irby.


Both terminally ill with cancer, both passed away within a week.


They were so down to earth, nothing was ever too much trouble.


Very open-minded, always very encouraging of their children.


Mike died last Monday, Julie just last night.


They leave three children - Luke, who's 21, 18-year-old Hannah


Bravely, they decided it was appropriate to pay tribute


to their beloved parents by posting the picture on social media.


To release that photograph of their mum and dad in hospital


shows an incredible strength of character, doesn t it?


Yeah, it captured who their parents are, and holding hands to the end.


It wasn t attention-seeking, it was purely to share


the news of their parents, and actually it was a really


beautiful moment, that they were there for each other.


57-year-old Mike Bennet had been fighting cancer for three years.


Julie was 50 and diagnosed last April.


They're both known locally for their generosity,


and now that kindness is being repaid.


A Just Giving website, set up just last week


to help their children has already raised far more than


It's something that struck a chord with an awful lot of people


and people feel it and have been touched by it and so


I think they understand what life actually holds in the future


for the kids and will support them through that.


Julie and Mike's children, naturally too upset to be interviewed today,


say they're overwhelmed by the response.


Mark Edwardson, BBC North West Tonight.


Police in Lancashire are appealing for witnesses to what they've


described as the shocking robbery of a 92-year-old man


It happened on Lytham Road yesterday afternoon.


The victim was left with serious leg injuries after being attacked


by an intruder who claimed he was owed money for work


Now take a look at this dramatic footage.


A passenger ferry called the Ben MaChree has crashed


into the King Edward Pier at Douglas in the Isle of Man as it tried


It led to the cancellation of crossings this evening.


Luckily there were no injuries reported but engineers


will work through the night to assess any damage.


Now light pollution means that many of us have never seen the night


Well, tomorrow's Inside Out will feature the Isle of Man


which has the largest concentration of dark sky sites in the British


Isles, making it the perfect destination for stargazing.


It's a place from where you can even see the Milky Way.


The best thing we can see in the winter months,


there is a feature just to our side here, called the winter hexagon,


which gives you about nine or ten of what we call first magnitude,


the very bright stars, which are only seen in the winter


months from the Isle of Man and from places in northern Europe.


We don't see that from cities or towns or anytwhere else like that.


That's one of the criteria for being a dark sky site,


And you can see the programme tomorrow evening at 7.30 on BBC1.


Here's Rebecca Wood with the latest weather forecast.


Well, it has certainly been a cold and grey day today.


We've had some wintry showers over the tops the Pennines.


As we head through tonight we continue to see the showers


working their way north and westwards.


We will be left with plenty of cloud and could get mist and fog


Temperatures holding up underneath that cloud and with that


breeze so we are looking of lows of between 2-4 Celsius.


To start the day tomorrow we have that easterly breeze starting


to work its way northwards, clearing away the cloud and finally we're


starting to get some breaks but strong gusts of wind


particularly along the coast where we could see some gale force


gusts, but temperatures getting up to 6 or seven Celsius nevertheless.


With that biting easterly wind it is not going to feel that way,


it will fuel much colder but at least the sun is coming out.


That's all from me for now, goodnight.


I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of this weekend. It's been


cold, bleak and at times wintry. It provided some beautiful weather


Watchers photos, like Sheffield earlier today. I suspect some of the


lying snow will be blown around by strong winds starting to develop.


The odd spot of drizzle into the far north-east. The wind strengthening


here. Already signs of something a little bit miles, temperatures


climbing up. However it's not going to feel that warm straightaway.


Because of the strength of the wind. The wind however will break up the


cloud, so some sunshine into