11/03/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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One of Britain's most senior female judges -


ruling on her final case in Manchester before retiring -


has sparked a national debate after imploring women to protect


themselves from predatory men when they get drunk on a night out.


19-year-old Ricardo Rodrigues-Gomes to six years in jail for rape


when she said while there's no excuse for such crimes,


women put themselves in danger of being raped by men who gravitate


others have accused her of victim-blaming.


It is clear to me that the judge does not mean to have done any harm.


Trying to support women. The difficulty with the comments, of


course, is that there are not enough rapes reported anyway. Lots of women


and girls do not report the break that happened to them. Any comment


which content straight on what you the woman has done and not what the


rapist date, is likely to increase that tendency to not report.


Police are appealing for information after a 22-year-old man was killed


Emergency services were called to Bramhall Moor Lane in Hazel Grove


A 29-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman have been arrested


on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.


The man was also arrested on suspicion of driving whilst under


About 60 firefighters have been tackling a huge fire at a scrap


metal recycling centre at Alexandra Dock in Bootle.


The blaze broke out about four o'clock this morning and nearby


residents were earlier advised to stay inside with doors


and windows closed, while passing motorists are urged


to close their windows and air vents.


80 years after the publication of George Orwell's book


The Road to Wigan Pier, the author's son has been


taking part in anniversary celebrations in the town.


The book depicted working class life in the North


Who wants to know how we live up here?


Works by Wigan's contemporary writers performed in front


The Road to Wigan Pier exposed the divide between North


His aim was to open the minds of the middle class to the lives


It became a metaphor for the social problems of the whole of the


country, in the industrialised part of the country. Unfortunately, poor


Wigan has been made to the scene of the downtrodden part of the country.


Much has changed since them but fans of the works say the issues are as


open today. He looked at unemployment, he looked at diet, he


looked at housing conditions. If you were to do that work again, sadly,


you would looking at a lot of similar things. Visitors to the


as the US. It is much different from as the US. It is much different from


the way he described it in the book, that is for sure. I would like to


think that he would come back and say, gosh, yes, this is a lot better


than when I came. Events to mark the anniversary will continue in a town


tomorrow. Sport, and Manchester City secured


a place in the FA Cup semifinals with a win over


Middlesborough earlier. David Silva scored three


minutes in from six yards out and a second half goal from


Sergio Aguero made it 2-0 and gave City a place


in the FA Cup last four And in the Premier League,


Morgan Schneiderlin scored his first Everton goal against the club that


tried to sign him as the Toffees cruised to victory over


West Brom at Goodison Park. Here's a check on the weather


with Jennifer Bartram. We've got rain to come through this


evening and overnight. We will see some heavy burst by Sunday morning.


Lot of cloud around. Temperatures looking -- dropping down to nine.


I'll start of Sunday morning. Wet, initially, a brief spell of dry


weather before some rain pushes in. That will clear by Sunday afternoon.


Strike, bright spells. Temperatures up to 10 degrees. Mild and the start


of next week. Sunshine on Monday. That's it for an hour. I will be


back tomorrow to time. Enjoy your weekend.


Good evening. Some of us managed to get some decent weather today, not


everybody but some of us. Lovely picture from a weather watcher in


Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, and in Northern Ireland we have the


warmest day of the year for Northern Ireland, 16 Celsius. The Southeast a


little warmer weather cloud broke