12/03/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Now on BBC one it's time for the news where you are.


Commuters are being urged to plan ahead as tomorrow's rail strike


is expected to cause delays on roads and public transport


The RMT union is in dispute with Northern Rail and Merseyrail


over plans to introduce more driver-only-operated trains.


As rail workers take part in a 24-hour walkout tomorrow,


the impact is expected to be felt far beyond the region's railways.


Transport for Greater Manchester is among those warning that


Roads and motorways are expected to be busier than normal,


with more pressure on tram and bus services around the region too.


The strike by members of the RMT union centres


It wants Northern Rail and Merseyrail to give more


assurances that they won't transfer the task of opening and closing


train doors to drivers, and disputes the train operators'


promise that it would not put safety at risk.


Northern want to have 50% of services by 2020 operating


what they call driver-controlled operation - that's the operation


of a train without a guard - and similar on Merseyrail,


with the introduction of new services and, again,


they want to see services operated without a safety-critical guard


on board, and that's unacceptable to us.


Northern Rail - the biggest train operator in the region -


says only 40% of services are likely to operate tomorrow.


It says it will provide around 300 rail replacement bus services


And Northern Rail tickets will also be accepted


What we've had to do is focus our timetable about moving


people where we have conductors available, or managers


who are conducted trained available to operate.


We're looking at our core flows, which are between cities


We're not able to service every area.


We have put bus replacements on to supplement that


and I would encourage people to visit the website.


Merseyrail hopes to run trains every half hour


The train service that we plan to operate is very much dependent


on resources being available on the day.


We would urge our customers to check our website -


Merseyrail.org - and also follow us live on Twitter @Merseyrail,


where further details will be available, should there be


With many rail passengers expected to use the roads instead,


everyone is being urged to leave extra time for their journeys.


Naomi Cornwell, BBC North West Tonight.


More than ?275,000 has been raised for the children of a couple


who died of cancer within days of each other in Wirral.


This photo of Mike and Julie Bennet holding hands during their last


moments together was seen by millions of people online,


after it was shared by their family following their deaths last month.


The money raised means their three children can now continue


Merseyside fire crews remain at the scene of a huge blaze


at a scrap metal recycling plant on the waterfront in Sefton.


As many as 40 firefighters have been trying


to put out the flames today at Alexandra Dock in Bootle,


after the fire broke out early yesterday morning.


Local residents are still being advised


Investigators are expected to be on site next week


A man's been arrested on suspicion of affray


after a 48-hour armed stand-off in Cheshire ended safely.


Officers had surrounded a house on Kingsdown Close in Weston


on Thursday lunchtime after a man with a crossbow refused to leave.


A 56-year-old is being questioned by detectives.


Sport and the Premier League coverage is coming up in a few


moments here on BBC One, in Match of the Day 2.


In Super League, Widnes failed to score at home against the early


season league leaders, Castleford this afternoon,


Meanwhile, a last-gasp conversion foiled a Salford fightback


and earned Wakefield back-to-back Super League wins at Belle Vue.


Now here's Alex Hamilton with the weather.


Well, after a mixture of sunshine and showers today,


we've got more of that on the way for the new working week.


High pressure is building, though, so we're looking at broadly settled


Now, as we have a look at the detail tonight,


still the odd shower around, cloud increasing, but still some


clearer spells in the early hours, lows of around 4 degrees Celsius,


so we should stay broadly frost-free tonight.


Then, as we look towards tomorrow morning,


Variable amounts of cloud throughout the day, but where that cloud


starts to thin and break, we're expecting some brighter spells


And with highs of around 12 degrees Celsius, it will be


I'll leave you with the outlook - reasonably settled for the start


of the new week, a few sunny spells, but a few scattered showers as well.


That is it from me. I do hope you have a peaceful night. Bye-bye.


But from all of us here, have a good night.


Good evening. For many places it was a fairly cloudy day on suspend but


there was sunshine for western areas during the afternoon, and here are


the clear skies at sunset in Northern Ireland. Thanks to weather


watcher Robin for this picture, those clear skies have been making


their way further east ward. Temperatures are dropping away, we


have seen temperatures of freezing in parts of Northern Ireland. More


cloud rolling in during the latter part of the night but towns and


cities down the five and six m the countryside many of us will see the


temperatures a degree or