19/03/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Three men have been injured in Liverpool after a gunman opened


Police were called to Ramsbrook Close just before 9pm.


They found two men in their 30s with leg wounds.


A third man later turned up at hospital with injuries


Detectives believe the attack was targeted.


An investigation's under way after a body was found at the scene


Five fire engines were called to Coniston Road just


A joint police and Fire Service investigation has now been launched.


The blaze is currently being treated as unexplained.


A Merseyside man whose son was stillborn is preparing for a


120-mile charity walk to help other people affected by similar tragedy.


Mark Keenan and his partner Lisa are raising money for a CuddleCot,


a cooling pad which can be placed in any bed or Moses basket,


that allows parents to spend more time with their stillborn babies.


The couple, who lost their son Thomas in December 2015,


Literally, just hearing those words, "There's no heartbeat," it's just


like your entire world is swallowed up in that moment.


I went to bathe him and dress him, because that's my


responsibility as a dad, to bathe him and dress him


And sit with him until they brought Lisa through.


Mark and Lisa spent a precious two and a half days


He was placed in a special cooled CuddleCot, which allows babies to


Having a CuddleCot, it literally gives you the opportunity


We read to him, I walked around with him, told him


about his older siblings, about his other family members.


We had from Friday evening until Monday tea-time to do that.


That time that you have, you've got that memory that you have


in your heart that will stay with you, in your soul.


Now Mark is preparing to walk along the canal from Leeds to Liverpool


to raise money to buy a CuddleCot which will help other families.


You've obviously been through something that's


Does doing something like this help you as you continue to come


It helps with part of the grieving process.


I'm aiming for three-four days, although we put five on the thing,


I'm aiming for three-four, and it's 126 miles.


Not all funeral homes have accessibilty to them,


not all hospitals have the accessibility to provide them.


That's what's driving me, my passion to provide it for people.


He's saying, come on, we can do this.


A year after they lost Thomas, the couple's daughter


She's basically the double of Thomas.


The resemblance is striking, definitely.


It's bittersweet, because you see how you think Thomas would be


And we love her to bits, we love all our children to bits.


Mark will start his CuddleCot walk in memory


Sport, and Premier League results are coming up in a few moments' time


Meanwhile, Liverpool Ladies have beaten their Merseyside rivals in


the Women's FA Cup after a late goal in extra time.


Wigan have returned to the top of Super League,


despite drawing 16-16 at home to Huddersfield.


That's after Salford fought back to end Castleford's unbeaten


start to the season, finishing 13-12 at


Knutsford has been named the best place to live in the North West.


The Sunday Times Guide 2017 takes into account


factors like facilities, transport and community spirit.


It also says Knutsford is perfectly placed to capitalise


Others named on the region's best list include Chester, Kendal,


Now here's Alex Hamilton with the weather.


We've had a wet day across the North West today,


and more wet weather on the way, with these fronts coming


Breezy conditions, with those isobars squeezing together.


As we look at the charts tonight, windy at times, those showers


Drier spells in between, but a mild night, lows of seven Celsius.


Looking at tomorrow morning, more wet weather on the way,


do take care, there could be standing water on the roads.


Drier and brighter in the afternoon, that breeze easing down,


I leave you with the outlook, more sunshine and showers on the way,


turning noticeably cooler over the next few days.


We'll be back with your first Breakfast bulletin tomorrow,


Good evening. There is some rain coming into the southern half of the


UK as we speak. I think by the end of the night it will have got into


the Midlands and much of East Anglia as well. A bit of a breeze here as


well. Some gusty winds and snow on the hills of Scotland. With all of


that going on, it is not particularly cold overnight.


Southern areas will hang on to double figures in many towns and


cities. A bit of a messy picture for the start of the new week. The rain


moves quickly eastwards across Scotland. For Northern England,


Wales, the Midlands and South West it is a miserable start to the day.


Brighter skies do follow along behind but with some showers. Wintry


showers across the hills of