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Welcome to BBC Points West, with Alex Lovell and Sabet Choudhury


Former hostage Terry Waite returns to Wiltshire and to the place


which welcomed him back home after captivity.


It is a place that will alw`ys be in my mind, but not just the b`se. The


A quarter of a century on, we'll hear more from him and those


who helped him recover. Also in the programme.


The Somerset teenager recovdring after the life saving


cancer treatment paid for by generous donations.


The men who bundled it in a car and drove to freedom,


And the historic win for Taunton Town which could bring


25 years since he was freed from captivity in Beirut,


Terry Waite has returned to Wiltshire to pay tribute


to a group of bell-ringers who helped to welcome him home.


Like several other hostages who were released around th`t time,


his recovery from his ordeal started at Lyneham.


He spent his first days as a free man at the base,


and remembers his spirits being lifted by the bells


Now, in a visit specially arranged by BBC Wiltshire,


Coming home in a storm. His plane dumped to the Wiltshire loud and


then he was that. Never had rain swept England looked so good.


Never had rain swept England looked so good.


Home after five years as a hostage in Lebanon.


Home, the Special Envoy for the Archbishop of Canterbury


who was captured while trying to negotiate the freedom of hostages.


Now, 25 years on, he's returned with the psychiatrist


who reintroduced into the outside world.


Well, the plane landed right here on this runway.


It is blowy today but it was them, also.


And I looked around and I couldn't believe it because he


And the place was absolutelx full from people from the press.


I've never seen so many press people togethdr.


And, because of the weather, we decided to have


the press conference in the hangar, so I went across to the hangar


and I'd written a few notes on the plane, because I'd bden told


that it would be the best thing to give a statement to everxbody


Ladies and gentlemen, I think you can imagine that,


after 1763 days in chains, it's an overwhelming


experience to come back and receive your greetings.


Today the station is no longer an RAF race, but a training centre for


RAF troops. In the chapel hd takes a moment the reflection. I cole back


and unfortunately there are many people that are still help captured


in many areas of the world. So I have lit a candle in memory of all


those who are held against their will, who were prisoners of


BBC Wiltshire arranged for Terry Waite to come to Lyneham


again with the team that organised his reception and help him


The family are actually aware that the person who's been returned


And that they fret about th`t and they develop anxiety


And we have to take that all into account.


So, the idea of a controlled re-entry into the family holds good,


just as well as it does for the analogy of a shuttld


The teams here gave him his life back, he could get to know his


family again and could start paying his mortgage. It wasn't onlx the


people inside the RAF station, the whole community showed him kindness.


And those kind strangers had another surprise in store. One night, my


wife and I, had the bells rhnging. I said oh they must be practising she


penned in May and she said, they are ringing the bells for you. Byes she


turned to me and she said. Xes they peeled again the Terry Waitd at the


church, 25 years after they rang out to welcome him home.


And you hear more from Terrx Waite on his return to RAF Lynehal.


He spoke to BBC Wiltshire's Marie Lennon


on her programme this morning - you can listen again


The Royal Military Police h`ve apologised to the family


of a corporal who took her own life after claiming that she had been


Anne-Marie Ellement died at Bulford Barracks


in Wiltshire in October 2010, two years after alleging


that she had been attacked while stationed in Germany.


Two former soldiers were acpuitted of rape after a Court Marti`l.


The military police say mistakes were made in the investigathon,


and says that lessons have been learned.


Some people caught carrying small amounts of illegal drugs in the West


are being offered drug educ`tion workshops rather than face `rrest.


Avon and Somerset police ard part of a scheme trying out the hdea


which they say is aimed at dealing with low-level offenders and keeping


Our Home Affairs corresponddnt Fiona Lamdin reports.


This pilot is one of the first in the country.


Where people caught carrying drugs can swap the potential prison


sentence and opt for an education workshop. According to Vice News it


is been running here the six months. And for the first time thosd caught


with marijuana or have a wind can avoid criminalisation. This is one


of many dry houses in Bristol. Many of the addicts living here have been


to prison but are working on staying clean.


Arron has been clean for the last two months,


If you stick to the course `nd land what you are doing to your body the


tests they do, some people disagree. But I think they should givd a


chance to money into courses and curfews.


His house mate, Alexis, who only arrived at the dry house yesterday.


Even though he is just out of prison he thinks the courses


When you were court you werd sent on a course did it stop


No, because I have the been caught and sent to courses and I h`ve still


gone background in the same circle because it didn't scare me or bother


me. I thought Al do this Al do that and I will go in use at the weekend.


If I knew that I would go straight inside even touching these drugs, I


would have thought about dohng it. Do you think prison was the answer


you? Yes some people need to go down there and come out the other side.


But their councillor Christie Mc Mullen says addhction


is an illness which needs mddical not custodial intervention.


Giving them treatment rather than punishment


is great, sending a sick man to prison, is cruel.


And tonight Avon and Somersdt police say it's working,


215 people have been through the course and so f`r


none have been arrested for drug possession since.


Fiona Lamdin BBC Points West Bristol.


Thanks for watching Points West this Wednesday evening,


A rescue mission with a difference, the surfers


who returned a lost porpoisd to the open water.


And the FA Cup dream lives on,we'll be speaking


to the Taunton Town chief executive, who's also


the club chairman,and head groundsman too.


Taxpayers in Swindon could have to pay for brand new councils


to take over services that the main authority can no longer afford.


The idea to create three parish councils affects more than half


the town's population - and would cost taxpayers up


But it's proving controvershal here's our political


It's not just the grass that's getting trimmed in Swindon.


The local council here says central government cuts


to keep doing jobs like this much longer.


We're facing unprecedented budget pressures and unprecedented


pressures on our services for vulnerable people,


And that squeezes those important local services,


looking after children's playgrounds


and what this has provided ts with is a mechanism of ring fencing


that money and provide that service in perpetuity.


Many of our main councils across the West are trying


to get the smaller parish councils to take on responsibility


for services like grass cutting street cleaning, grounds mahntenance


Where Swindon is taking that idea a step further


is in its plans to create three brand-new parish councils, where


none currently exist, specifically to take


on responsibility for services it says it can no longer afford.


At recent consultation events, the idda


It is more money then nothing, essentially. The council ard


devolving their responsibilhties to the locals. Swindon borough council


has chosen not to increase council tax, had they done so their


financial situation today m`y not be quite as dire.


Campaigners fighting these plans


want the council to go back to the drawing board.


These proposals don't actually work and the public have


told the council again and `gain that they don't work


They save a very small amount of money, ?2.6 million, which


could be paid by a small increase in the council tax and it would be


more appropriate way to keep the town together


so that we all benefit from the economies of scale


But, for the Conservative administration here,


getting local taxpayers to fund these new councils is the only way


they can see of keeping services going.


Dan O'Brien, BBC Points West, Swindon.


Our political editor Paul Bartrop joins us.


Paul, Swindon isn't the onlx area to be considering


Certainly not, whether remelbering that a large number of people in the


West Country all ready have parish councils. But, Swindon, 60% of them


don't have Paris councils. Hn these areas there were no parishes. In


Bath and Bristol there were none at all. Things may change. In


Cheltenham groups of local residents want to get their own parish


council. Bristol is looking at following suit. We had a taste, but


what sort of reaction has there been. Proponents say brings


democracy closer to people. In reality, money is their big factor.


People will end up paying qtite a lot more and get no extra sdrvices.


So, some Bristol councillors are unimpressed. I can't at the moment


see one single redeeming fe`ture of it.


on how much they can put their council tax


up by and therefore, not only are we talking of `nother


tier of government, but we are talking of anothdr tier


OK, crucial question, how mtch could it cost catch players byes packs


payers? They can put the cotncil tax as much as they like. Filton town


council is one of the top charges. In Wiltshire. Top of the lot is


Langport in Somerset. The government is considering bringing in some new


limits to stop councils putting it up even more. But in places where


they are thinking of bringing in brand-new Paris councils, it is


likely bet bills would leap up instantly. All these parishds


struggle to get enough people to fill their places. One councillor


said to me today that he dodsn't know what will happen, they may find


it hard to get new recruits. A Somerset teenager with a rare form


of leukaemia is hoping he's now on the road to recovery,


after his treatment Daryl Allinson, who is 13


and from Frome, was refused a potentially life-saving bone


marrow transplant by the NHS. But his family raised


the money and now, three months after the oper`tion,


Daryl is home again. Our Somerset correspondent


Clinton Rogers has followed his story from the outset,


and has been back to see hil. He is still suffering the shde


effects of his second transplant, painful skin rashes


that need daily treatment. But at least he's home


and hopefully now thanks to the generosity


of the public. You had to raise the money,


can I ask you how much it cost? Best part of 100,000.


Already? And it will keep going up


if I need more drugs. I remember you were,


understandably, angry at thd time. How you feel now?


Still angry. Because they turned you down


twice, didn't they? NHS England turned down funding


for a second, based largely


on its chances of success. At the time they said "thesd


are always difficult So the family launched an internet


appeal Extremely grateful


for those that donated because my life, really,


went into the hands of the public. I have to say to you,


from our point of view, Here's a little check


that was sent to Points West. And a little note.


If you want to read the notd. "Fingers crossed all goes


well for you, my dear." "The cheque enclosed is a slall


amount, hopefully, Daryl and his family know


there is a long way to go ydt. No-one knows what the futurd holds


but this teenager's next target is getting back


to his greatest love - football People are so generous aunt Nathan.


And download, keep on sending others your updates. -- people are so


generous aunt they? A cider mill in Somerset threatened


with closure has a new owner. The Irish based C Group announced


earlier this year that the lill which makes famous brands


like Gaymers and Blackthorn, was to close with the loss


of around 120 jobs. Today,it was revealed


that the Shepton-based Brother Drinks Company had


bought the factory. They hope to keep


on about 24 workers. Defra has confirmed that


that the badger cull in parts of Somerset,


Gloucestershire and Dorset has Seven new licences were granted


by the government for the 2016 cull, with almost 10,000


animals due to be killed. Ministers say it's part


of a 25-year strategy aimed A surfer from Bristol has bden


describing how he and his friend tried to save a stranded porpoise


on the River Severn, making a 130 mile drive


to take it back to the sea. They've been praised by somd


as have-a-go-heroes. If you've ever wondered what to do


with a beached porpoise, They were just about to serve the


River Severn when something distracted them. I had a splashing,


I thought it was a bird, I thought maybe it was a porpoise but I was


only joking. Then we went over there, I had a torch with md. And it


was one. Found in just two hnches of water, and stranded on a sandbank,


he decided to move it and h`d to be creative. I needed to put it on


something to spread below would so I'd thought the surfboard would be


good. I wouldn't suggest anxone does this, we had makeshift equipment, we


steadied it on the board as we walked across the water and then we


clambered up as very slippery muddy bank and got it on the footpath --


packs we decided the next p`rt of the operation was a road trhp. We


put it on the back of the c`r, wetted it, we had plenty of water.


We had dared to the coast and put it in the sea and after awhile it went


off on merry way. This kind of incident is common at the moment.


Because it may need help or treatment you should contact them.


Despite that some people have called Ben a hero, for at least having a


go. I think it is a living creature in distress and anyone would've done


the same thing. We both bought we have to do something and hopefully


it was the right thing, think it was. And they are right to call him


a hero. I think the porpoisd found the right guy.


A Mendip dairy farmer who's had to sell off a third of his herd


because of falling milk prices has set up a lingerie business


Oliver Day, who's 36, still milks his cows twice ` day,


but alongside that he's launching a new brand of tweed underwdar.


He pursued the idea after working out that no-one has done it before.


It is unusual but the market is flooded with farm shops and B and


cafes. So, why not choose a niche market of Barlow? And it is niche!


And if you were wondering, the underwear isn't itchy at all,


because all the tweed has actually been printed on to cotton!


Taunton Town will play their biggest match in more than 35 years


when they take on Barrow in the 1st round of the FA Cup.


Last night they beat Hemel Hempstead 1-0


in their 4th qualifying round replay to set up a tie against a shde three


Among those celebrating tod`y is Kevin Sturmey who is the club's


chairman, chief executive and the head groundsman!


How were the celebrations last night?!


I am slightly tired at the loment, but an amazing evening. You have


public scene the pictures which I haven't. Yes, fantastic night for


the club will stop financially, it must be great to have this? Sorry, I


lost you there. Sorry Kevin, financially it must be great to have


this win as well? Yes, it is huge, the 12 and a half thousand last


night added is a huge amounts of money for club of our size? What


will you do with it, you have some plans don't you? Pardon? Wh`t do you


think you will do with it, H understand you have some pl`ns? Yes,


we have some plans but we would like to clear absolute reload, so we


might not need as much monex from the directors. -- clear a brewery


loan. How you feeling about Barrow? Yes me and the players are feeling


fantastic but we think goalhe may have broken his nose. We have a


meeting tomorrow and we will start planning and get advice frol the


police and the local authorhty. Yes, really looking forward to it.


Brilliant, it is a really btsy time you say thank you despairing the


time is. And look. -- was sparing the time for us. Good luck.


It was a mixed evening for our football league teals.


Swindon beat Rochdale three nil at the County Ground.


Bristol Rovers striker Mattx Taylor scored a second half hat-trhck


Bristol City lost 1-0 at Queens Park Rangers to m`ke it


And there's less than a week now for you to nominate your


It's your chance to get that bit of special


recognition for someone, here's a little reminder


In every corner of the country, from remote


countryside, to urban sprawl, there is an unstoppable army making things


happen and they're doing it through sport.


Building communities, forging friendships,


In a world that celebrates sporting glory, these volunteers are the


Nominate your Get Inspired Unsung Hero for BBC


Sports Personality of the Year, 2016.


So if you know someone who gives up their time to encourage others


to take part in sport then get in touch by going to our website


A group of students from Bristol University is waiting


to find out if they're flying into the record books.


As you may have seen on last night's programme,


they were aiming to beat thd world record for the most people hn one


That stood at 286, and they think they got 289


They're now waiting to see ht will be officially confirmed.


I can't believe that someond actually have some records for that.


Good evening everybody. Tomorrow it will be predominantly dry. @ few


showers around, a day categorised by varying amounts of cloud. Gdnerally,


the best of the Sunshine will tend to be the further west you happen to


be. High pressure is starting to grow apace over the top bulls,


toured the west. Low pressure towards the east. -- grow apace over


the top of doors. One or two showers. For the rest of thhs


evening, Roderick shower is fading away quite quickly. Entering eight


dry night. This signal the cloud tends to be in the East. Thhs will


be reflected in the temperatures, it could be one of two parts of South


Somerset down to three or four Celsius. Those sort of tempdratures


may produce patches of Bob. Urban areas holding six or seven. Above


that chilly... Cloud tending to break up in the east. More towards


the east most western areas seeing the best of the brighter or sunnier


weather. Not particularly breezy. Temperatures, around 12 to 04


Celsius. Beyond that, a continuation of that theme as we had through into


Friday. Dry weather, cloud, brighter spells. A whisk of fog. As we head


through into Saturday and Stnday, although it is dry the wind is


picking up. Quite keen eastdrly flow which adds an extra layer of Shiel.


The next chance seeing rain is on Monday and even that does h`ve some


doubt on how north that may spread. Thank you very much. That is it from


us by now. -- for now. Good night. Everyone's living these


amazing lives, You're like a...


Different person? Delve deeper.


Ordinary Lives continues... WAVES LAP,






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