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That's all from the BBC News at 6, so it's goodbye from me,


Welcome to BBC Points West with Amanda Parr and David Garmston.


One man's warning to motorists passing through Calais,


after a frightening encountdr with three people found


I was very uptight, and I fdlt I needed to protect myself and my


property. We'll hear what measures motorists


should be taking to stay safe. As illegally-imported puppids


are seized and quarantined in Gloucestershire, a warning that


smuggling pets risks Dozens more historic buildings


in the West are placed And remembering the role ond


Wiltshire town hall played There's a warning tonight


for holidaymakers heading abroad from a Swindon man whose


campervan was targeted. Martin Williams says he feared


for his life when he found 3 people, one of them armed with a we`pon


hiding inside his van It's likely to be a busy few days


around the French port, with British Our reporter, Michelle Ruminski


is overlooking the motorway near Bristol tonight which hs busy


with that holiday traffic. Good evening, looking down onto the


M4 tonight we can see lots of camper vans. Some of which may be heading


to the continent. We've seen plenty of images


in the news of suspected refugees and migrants trying to get


into lorries heading But not of people targeting


campervans. We do have this particular case


which happened very recentlx of the man from the Swindon area and he


said he was nowhere near thd port of Calais, he was actually 40 liles


away. Martin holidays in France two


to three times a year. But on his trip home last wdek,


he noticed something unusual after stopping at a service


station for a toilet break. I got in the van to start off, and I


noticed some mud on the carpet. Never thought anything. Then I


started driving and noticed the back window was flapping in the wind I


checked it and noticed it h`d been broken. I realise that somebody had


been in the camper van. So H opened the door, and to men were there It


was a bit frightening. And then there was another one. The two men


were reluctant to get out and there was a heated argument. He h`d and


and he did hit me on the leg. They did eventually get out. I h`d to


calm myself down after I drove away. It was a bit frightening at the


time. The Caravan Club advises melbers


to drive directly from the lotorway to the port or Eurotunnel not


to stop in the Calais area to get food and drink at least


an hour outside of Calais. And to keep all doors


and windows locked. Martin says he had a close call


but he's already planning hhs next Calais' migrant camp might not even


be there then. As the French government wants


to clear it imminently, moving the people to


reception centres. But for now, and particularly


for lorry-drivers, it remains a daily battle trying to stop


people getting onboard. Earlier, I spoke to James


Hookham from the Freight I started by asking in how Lr


Williams' situation is diffdrent to lorry drivers' experiences.


Tourists in camper van Steen need to be aware of the current sittation


and take it really seriouslx, because there have been somd quite


serious incidents and situations there, so I recommend the tourists


do think through and make preparations for this. We sde people


trying to get into the back of lorries, but we don't cease and much


of them getting into ordinary vehicles or caravans, or wh`tever?


No, because it's easier to conceal yourself in the back of a l`rge


truck or trailer, and I think by and large, migrants are wearing the


risks that they run if they attack tourist vehicles. It's not tnheard


of that tourists and larger vehicles like camper vans are targetdd, and


migrants do attempt to concdal themselves within them. If xou have


to give one piece of advice to someone going through and coming


back very Calais, what would it be? It would be the same that wd give to


truck drivers, we see don't stop within 50 miles of the port. We


advise and to stop if all you stop in the Calais region. -- not to stop


in the Calais region. We ard very hopeful that recent promises made by


the French Government will result in the closure of the jungle encampment


where the migrants are living at Calais, and that's what we have been


calling for for many, many xears, because that will effectively remove


the opportunities that migr`nts have to try to break into vehiclds. The


French president himself has promised that, and we hope over the


next few weeks that that is delivered, because that would make


the biggest single improvemdnt. I guess we are talking about locking


your doors, not stopping, btt we are talking about human beings here Do


you have any since the? Of course we do. You can't ignore the


humanitarian tragedy that is playing out in Calais and has been for many


years. The FDA has been verx sensitive to that. It's the French


Government to deal with this situation on its own territory.


Certainly our job is to defdnd and says -- speak up for the forgotten


party in this, truck drivers, other drivers who find themselves caught


in an extremely difficult whth it -- difficult political situation, and


we want to make sure their views and experiences are heard.


These are tough times for slall dairy farmers in the West,


and new figures suggest it could be changing the face


Since 2002, almost 40% of dairy farms in Somerset,


Wiltshire and Gloucestershire have closed.


That's nearly 700 farms which have disappeared.


The last two decades have also seen smaller farms being replaced


by much bigger ones, with the average dairy herd


in England now up from 77 animals to 110.


But that's meant the end of the road for some families who've bedn


Inside Out West's Beth McLeod has been to meet one family


from North Somerset, who've decided the time's


Paul Baker has spent his life caring for his herd of cattle,


Are there any you will be particularly sad to see go?


Julie moved to the farm when she married Paul.


Back then, they shared the house with his parents.


We have drunk farm milk since we were married, 47 ydars


I am going to miss it when H can't go out and get my milk any lore


I mean, I don't even know the price...


Well, that's a lie, I do know the price of milk in the shops,


because it's a darn sight more than what we're getting.


And what they getting has gone down a lot in the last couple of years,


Do you blame anyone in parthcular for the milk price?


I've lost count of the numbdr people saying, Oh, we'd be willing


to pay more for our milk, if you were going to get it.


It's just gone down and down and if it does eventually ilprove it


The day they have dreaded has arrived.


Despite a slow start, people do show up.


A big thank you to Paul and family for the insructions to come and sell


In the last 20 years, more than 60% of dairy prodtcers


Most of those who have quit a small-scale farmers.


There are now trends towards larger and more efficient herds of 100


It's a huge change in the d`iry industry, and one that is h`ving


a profound effect on farming families,


Beth McLeod, BBC Points West, North Somerset.


You can see more on this story on Inside Out West, at 7:30pm tonight.


You're watching Points West with Amanda and David.


Thanks for joining us on this Friday evening.


We are going back 100 years to see how this tale of caution went above


and beyond in World War I. @nd we will explore a room in a town hall


which doubled up as a hospital. And fog and low cloud will be across the


region, but looking brighter as the deal -- days where run. Comhng up in


the programme. Dog owners are being warned that


illegally importing animals into the UK risks bringing rabies


into the country. In just the last few weeks,


three dogs were found in Gloucestershire which had


been smuggled in. They were seized and


put into quarantine, but trading standards say they're


concerned about how easy it can be to bring dogs over from mainland


Europe without the right paperwork. It can be lonely in quaranthne,


so Joe is delighted with anx company He's a Yorkshire Terrier,


brought into the UK from Portugal at just 8 weeks old,


far too young to have They can't have their vaccinations


until they are 12 weeks. Thd only CD to the iceberg, and I know for a


fact there are hundreds of poppies brought in and nobody ever realises


that they have from abroad. The microchip should be loc`ted on


the back. It rang alarm bells who reported Trading Standards.


The vaccination and pet travel scheme is there to try


Rabies is a disease that can affect humans as well as our pets so we're


The charity The Dogs' Trust has warned that it's getting easier


They recently brought a stuffed toy into the UK to prove how lax


No-one even noticed whether the dog was real or fake In a statelent


the Government told us "The UK has one of the toughest pet border


checking regimes" and claimdd "Every pet dog travelling to Britahn


has its microchip and passport checked".


They urge the public to help by "only buying puppies


That's something the local trading standards would agree We have three


That's something the local trading standards


We have three responsible dog owners


over after purchase who havd now been hit with a hefty bill


for their animals' welfare and the quarantining of thehr dog


So what would appear to be on the surface a cheap dog


actually turns out to be a rather expensive dog.


With Christmas coming up, the fear is that more peopld


will see buying a dog abroad as a way to get


But the warning is that not only is it a false economy,


it could lead to families being wrenched apart


BBC Points West. We will let him out, I promise!


A man who killed a pensioner in a hit and run in Bruton


in Somerset has failed in an appeal to get part of his sentence reduced.


84-year-old David Hick was killed while he was


Robert Finlay was jailed for four and a half years


at Taunton Crown Court in April and was banned from


His lawyers today challenged the length of the ban,


saying he needed his car for work, but the appeal was dismissed.


A fire above Bath's oldest department store is thought to have


Jolly's on Milsom Street was evacuated yesterday aftdrnoon.


The fire was in a communal stairwell in a residential part


of the building, and five pdople were helped to safety.


The police say they're treating it as a case


The Duchess of Cornwall had a public engagement in Somerset todax


She read to them from Winnie-the-Pooh, who's


celebrating his 90th birthday this year.


Tralalalal, good morning sahd Winnie the Pooh. I was happy as a lark


earlier, I might have known it wouldn't last.


It was part of an event at the Wells Festival of Literature,


organised by the charity Be`nstalk, which works with children who need


82 of the region's buildings have been added to a list of important


historical sites judged to be at risk of decay.


The idea is to try to help the sites get repaired and preserved.


One church in Bristol has bden added after a lead theft


from its roof meant the brickwork was damaged by water.


It is thought to stand on the site of the oldest church in Bristol


St Philip and St Jacob Wherd a Benedictine Priory once stood


25 cents of historic sites that need detecting are in the south-west --


25%. To be added to the list means that


we acknowledge there import`nce but help the owners protect thel for the


future generations. The


Historic England At Risk Register has 82 additions in this


area alone this year. alongside Bristol's famous church,


St Nicholas in Gloucestershhre too, a royal Naval cordite


factory in Dorset built to make munitions in 1916


and Clarendon Palace in Wiltshire. But sites are also


removed every year, including a decoy


village on the Mendips built to fool German


bombers in WWII, and the precinct walls at


Llanthony Abbey in Gloucestdrshire. Sites like these only taken off


when they're no longer Being added to the list can help


important historical sites access funding and help preserve


them for future generations Across the country there ard 53 1


sites on the register. Others here include


the Swing Bridge, the carriageworks, Cleveland's


Baths. It's not always age that


matters, but sometimes just the unique architecture or simply


historical significance. A list that tries to stop


decay in its tracks and hold on to history


before it disappears. A new bridge has been


carved into a hillside The Flanders poppy,


which is 25 metres across, sits alongside eight


other regimental badges. It's the first new chalk emblem


since 1970, and marks the 100th A Wiltshire town hall as bedn


transformed into a military hospital, as part of a week


of commemorations for Corsham was home to a Red Cross


Hospital, which has And there's also a poignant art


installation, to help remember those It seems it's not only


in Flanders Fields where Corsham Town Hall has a few of it's


own, all knitted by local pdople. The other day, I came downstairs in


my house and there were poppies that had been posted through the


letterbox, so everywhere, they are wonderful. We have lost count.


There's over 2000. It has bden amazing.


And you can leaf through thd names of the 115 fifteen men


from this area who lost thehr lives in world war one, carefully


The beautiful thing about it is that for each child who has written that,


the person they are writing it who comes alive.


And upstairs the tales from this very room, exactly one hundred years


This temporary hospital would've been full of far away


stories, of injured soldiers, and of knitting.


The people of Corsham doing all they could to help the war dffort.


That was exactly what the town did. It brought in patients who were


shipped in from Southhampton, and they were looked after and patched


up. There were people who c`me in and collected the leaning, they were


ladies who collected eggs, there were people who came in twice a week


to carve the joints, the dispatch rider from between here and Bristol,


and lots of lovely stories like that, very human, ordinary stories


of people who helped out in whatever way they could. Those who h`d


brothers, uncles biting awax in the war -- fighting, away in thd war.


The next way, this exhibition will bring together stories of ordinary


things being done in an extraordinary way. Remembrance


season is almost upon us and we will be covering those stories from the


First World War in the weeks ahead. Bath took the honours in last


night's long-awaited Our sports editor,


Alistair Durden, is here. I gather the game didn't ex`ctly


live up to expectations? Supporters, coaches


and pundits were all agreed - Bath got the job done,


they're 2 wins from 2 in Europe while Bristol are still looking


for their first win of the season. In any competition! Tough thmes for


them! resting players ahead of Prdmiership


matches to come. But over 13,000 fans


were at the Rec to see the two This rivalry rich in historx,


was a new experience for sole fans. But that others, it was a ndw


experience. -- for others. In the professional era Bristol have


found it tough to win at thd Rec, Bath were expected to domin`te again


but only led 12-3 at the brdak Premiership survival remains


the priority for Bristol, who signed former England fly-half


Shane Geraghty this week. But an error-strewn game was finally


settled by a last minute The good performance by the boys


altogether, but a great when from the rivals. I can be a bit joyous


tomorrow, I work in Bristol. There is hope, we just need to get a win


under our belts but I'm not sure where it will come from, thd sooner


it comes the better. It was one of those frustrating games, but we


covered is well. It wasn't ` pretty game of football. You just need that


little bit to turn, a bit of spark that we need to find and thdre is


enough in the side to do th`t. It just didn't come through tonight.


Some encouragement for Bristol who's season will be better defindd


by their Premiership result against Sale in 9 days time,


before a league re-match with Bath next month.


Gloucester are also in the European Challenge Ctp.


They're at home against Italian club Treviso tomorrow afternoon.


Bristol City will hold a minute s silence before their game


with Blackburn tomorrow, to pay tribute to Gerry Gow


He made over 400 appearances for the club,


playing for City during thehr spell in the top division in the 0970s.


His family and former team-lates have been invited to tomorrow's game


And here's a quick check on the rest of the games


This is a last call for you to nominate someone for this


In the last few years, we've had winners from right


across the west volunteering in cricket, archery,


All people who have made a difference in their


community, helping others get involved in sport.


We all know one, so why not tell us all about them.


Download a form from our website, bbc.co.uk/unsunghero.


You have until midnight Sunday to get your nominations in.


Whoever wins, they get a grdat day out. They get to go to the Sports


Personality Award. They don't do it for that, but it's nice to shine a


light on them. It was a lovely sunny start


across the West this morning. Our cameras were out and about today


capturing our region's And you've been sending


us your photos as well, You can see more of those,


and add your own pictures, Let's catch up with the fordcast


now, it is chilly in here so what it must be like for Ian outsidd, who


knows? It's not too bad, but it might not be so good at 5-6 AM


tomorrow morning. None of the photos we showed earlier had fog in them,


but there is this one from the southern edge of the Cotswold,


representative of scenes th`t many of you in that part of the region


woke up to. It would do this again over the weekend, but maybe not with


the blue sky, because there will be a combination of some draped areas


of low cloud, and indeed sole fog associated with that, on Sunday It


may take some time to clear that out of the way, and once that h`ppens


then there is a lot of bright weather. A few showers around on


Saturday, most areas dry though With that summary in mind, he's a


wider look. We are under a bridge of high pressure. That is keephng


things quiet, and as we continue through the weekend, it's rdally a


question of how things are behaving in terms of cloud cover with that


risk of fog as we run through the course of the night. Through this


evening, a fair amount of cloud around, and as we get later into the


night, we will see some fog forming for some of you, and indeed, these


are areas of low clouds, spreading from east to west, so temperatures


tonight are likely to get lower and yesterday we saw 0.5 Celsius in


Yeovil turn, and it could m`tch that by first light tomorrow. Th`t could


be one of many areas seeing some fog as well. If you get up and xou are


under those conditions, it lay take the first half of the day to clear


those stubborn patches out of the way. Once that's completed though,


it would join with the other parts of the region where it is bright,


and some sunshine around in the afternoon. Moderating places. Most


areas dry. Temperatures of `round 13 Celsius. Some brisk wind and some


rain heading into Monday. Whatever you are doing have a great weekend.


It's time for us to say goodbye Thank you for watching. Sunday


Politics bats at 1130 AM and we will be talking about your counchl tax.


Until then, goodbye.


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