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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: The Battle to stay in Britain.


A seriously ill grandmother pleads with Number ten to let her live


out her life with her family in Bristol.


My grandmother is one in a lillion kind of grandmother and we `re


hereto played to be able to love and care for her in her time of need.


She needs dialysis and her family say she would die,


Have a heart - an appeal for foster carers to look after the refugee


children from Calais as the first arrive.


A river of tears - the launch of the poppy appdal


And the fastest milk machine in the west -


the latest way of getting your dairy fresh from the cow.


Even though a doctor's said she's too ill to fly -


the Home Office says Irene has to go home.


I am still on dialysis, that will not stop me. I don't like it but I


will still do it because I want to be with my family. We would be


broken if she was to be put on a plane and sent back to South Africa.


So please Theresa May and the government show compassion `nd allow


my grandmother to remain in the UK for the last few years of hdr life.


They brought more than a 100,00 signatures to Number Ten.


But - it was delivered on the day the NHS was criticised.


For not meeting a target of recovering ?500 million spent


The cost of her dialysis is more than ?30,000 a year.


Tell us why you think you should be able to stay in the UK?


The family were asked about health costs on the Victoria


I classify myself as British, have been your long enough and some of my


have paid to the government and I have paid to the government and I


have a responsibility to look at -- look after my parents just like


This Bristol-based consultant helped analyse NHS spending


The annaul estimate is one half a billion pounds of a total


It is not a huge number in the context of the whole spending of the


NHS but that money does spend a lot of research and treatment.


NHS costs for dialysis weren't part of the Home Office


Offcials say it was based on immigration rules -


and the decision was upheld at an independent tribunal.


Another frail South African grandmother - Mytle Cothill -


won the right to stay earlier this year.


Irene Nel will meet with Hole Office officials in Bristol on Thursday.


James Davies is an immigrathon adviser from the charity


He joins me now. Thank you for coming on. Do petitions likd this


cut any ice from Downing Street Good evening. Yes, I think they do.


The government is responsivd to public opinion. The case th`t I


dealt with, the Home Office responded to medical evidence that


was prevented before the petition was presented to Downing Street The


Home Office is reluctant to send out a message, to set a precedent? They


do not like presidents and the consequence of that is the content


to be light on compassion when you're to be more compassionate


This lady needs dialysis and I understand the cost is around


?30,000 a year. Can you unddrstand why some taxpayers might thhnk, she


is not entitled? Of course H can appreciate that. Certainly we are


all concerned about public spending and the NHS but the issue hd was


about family. The way the immigration rules are constructed at


the moment is that it is allost impossible for families to care and


provide for their elderly rdlatives if they are not British or Duropean


and that does not seem to bd right. Do you have a legal right in any way


to be near your appearance `nd care for them? I think you have ` legal


obligation, sorry not a leg`l obligation but a moral obligation


rather than a legal right. People will be watching saying that how


come people who have raped `nd murdered can stay but an elderly


lady in his family has been told she lady in his family has been told she


has to go? Yes, certainly. What are your options now if the pethtion


feels? Is at the end of the road to? I am not closely acquainted with the


case so that I do not know hf there are other options, if that hs more


medical information which c`n be provided. I suspect it requhres a


change of heart on behalf of the politicians. Good to talk to you.


Thank you very much indeed. A crash in Stroud yesterday


which killed a 70-year-old cyclist has been referred


to the Independent Police Complaints Commission,


because the car involved had failed to stop for officers


shortly beforehand. Three men arrested on suspicion


of causing death by dangerots Gloucestershire Police say they re


waiting to find out whether the IPCC South Gloucestershire has bden rated


among the worst places An NHS report looking at mortality


rates, the number of mums who smoke, and the choices available s`ys


the area's Clinical Commisshoning Group is among 11 in greatest


need of improvement. The CCG says it's working


to address the issues raised. It's an issue which affects one


in five women and one in ten men. But a West Country campaign to get


more protection for victims of stalking today missed out


on a hearing in Parliament. The call from Gloucestershire MPs


Alex Chalk and Richard Grah`m for the maximum prison sentdnce


to be doubled was prompted A local GP, she was stalked


for seven years by a former patient. It's very very worrying and anxiety


inducing and I don't like to Over 100 incidents of him w`lking


up and down past the surgery, round the surgery,


parking outside the surgery, watching it for hours every


day that I was there. Was he trying to get an ide`


of my timetable so he could I think it is not knowing what's


going on in their mind. The worst thing is you start


to imagine the worst. MPs ran out of time today to debate


those plans for tougher sentences, which were in a bill put forward


by the Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk Are you disappointed they dhd not


have time for it today? Yes, I am disappointed. A lot of the time was


spent on a good cause, the homelessness reduction bill. A bit


disappointing but it has gone off until the 14th of November `nd we


just have to keep trying. It is so important, I will not let it rest.


What kind of will do you fedl is behind it, in terms of the public


and also Parliament? One affects the other. I have had a huge amount of


support from across the country for this campaign through


Facebook. The extraordinary thing is Facebook. The extraordinary thing is


the breadth of society affected by this issue, not just famous people.


Parliament tends to reflect that so it is a case of using that `nd


explaining to ministers this is important and you must act on that.


There is a huge amount of stpport across Parliament for this `s well,


we need to translate that into action. How quickly do you think it


will translate into action? It takes longer and longer to get thhngs


going? Absolutely, changing the law is not an easy thing, it dods not


fall into your lap. Ron was not built in a day. I have to kdep


plugging away at best, keep having conversations with ministers and


lobbying the Secretary of State I think we will get the but wd just


have to keep up the fight and it is such an important issue we have to


change the law. I know you're focusing on cases like Doctor


ineffectiveness of restrainhng ineffectiveness of restrainhng


orders, could more be done `t that level as well? I think it is


important that this happens. The problem with restraining orders is


they do not tend to work. Whth reluctance, I am seeing you have to


take people out of circulathon because restraining orders `re not


that effective for people who are fixated in that we which is why we


are focusing on giving propdr sentencing powers to the cotrt


because of some and keeps the teaching restraining orders, the


judge has to say, to protect the victims you must go inside. Please


stay in touch with us and ldt us know how things progress.


You're watching Points West with Alex and David -


thanks for your company on this Friday evening.


A whole new meaning to pulling a pint.


Find out what's so unusual about these bottles of milk.


And the weekend weather looks quiet, milder than average and effdctively


drive. Details at the end of the programme.


Children from the Calais refugee camps in France have begun


being transferred to the West Country.


The UK has agreed to take some of the most vulnerable and those


Around 150 Bristol families have already signed up with one charity


to foster refugee children , but as Dickon Hooper


Early morning in Bristol and a group of volunteers


are on their way to help in the Calais camp known


Conditions reported to me are really dreadful and


really down at heel now, wondering


Well, this: thousands of people were bussed out this week


the thousand or so unaccomp`nied children who've been living here.


We have seen great things from the government


It would be great to hold them to


account for that and say we have


promised to welcome some of these


The second thing is to say we are


willing to make this capacity in the


She's one of 150 Bristolians signed up with a charity


More than 1000 people have signed up across the West Country.


It's a very big undertaking but with love and care, anything can be


The council told me they were committed


to taking Bristol's fair sh`re of unaccompanied children.


And there are now more than 50 being looked after here.


But some think this is the wrong focus.


I personally think we should be focusing our


efforts on the camps in


If you emptied the whole calp at Calais, very shortly in ` few


Goodwill in Bristol though has spilled onto the streets.


Because the Calais camp may have gone, but the refugees and


You may remember these picttres from a couple of years ago ,


hundreds of staff at GCHQ in Cheltenham creating


an incredible image to launch Gloucestershire's poppy appdal.


Well, it was such a success that now they're trying to top it.


This year they've made a waterfall of poppies inside the buildhng.


Our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs, was invited


In the entrance to the iconhc GCHQ building another iconic


image of remembrance - the poppy cascade is a symbol


to the intelligence agency's long links with the military.


Claire, who's identity we have to protect,


was one of the staff who helped create it.


relationship and to mark Remembrance Sunday as well,


I think is really special for an awful lot of people


Obviously this is not a norlal job for GCHQ but being a building full


of mathematicians, they madd it from scratch. They have used somd of the


latest technology and they `re -D printed. There are some black


poppies to commemorate the work of minorities in the Armed Forces and


we also have rainbow poppies to commemorate the service of lembers


of the LB GT community. It's hoped this new poppy


creation will be a focus to help the Royal British Ldgion in


Gloucestershire raise over ?650 000 to continue supporting veterans and


their families. There are more and more people


from current conflicts who are suffering from


physical or themselves back into


a proper life in society today and


it is through the goodwill of the public


and their donations that we


are able to do this. Launched with the Innsworth military


wives choir, thousands of extra GCHQ and next month part of the poppy


cascade will go on public dhsplay A Somerset farmer has found


a high-tech solution to getting his produce to the public


- selling milk using People can fill up by the lhtre


at Josh Hares' farm gate. He joins us now from his


dairy farm near Wells. It's been very popular so f`r, we've


only been trading since last Saturday and there has been


tremendous local support and people have been coming some distance to


buy milk. What is the benefht of your milk rather than the mhlk at


the supermarkets? Reproduce it and pasteurise it on site. We do not


standardise it so it is as fresh as it can be. It has a great flavour


because we pasteurise it slowly How long has it been out of the code


before you get it? We start milking in the morning and we pastetrise it


in the morning and it is on sale by four o'clock so normally a latter of


hours. I presume you still have the same kind of quality check hf we


were buying milk the superm`rket? Yes, very much so. We have done


extensive testing with the help of the Food Standards Agency and the


council. We run all local tdst. Do you offer any other drinks from your


machine? At the moment, we have only been going 60s so it is just our


fresh milk. It is a great product and local support has been great.


This is a good business ide` for you, we hear to help. Thank you very


much. Thank you for the pint of milk you give us earlier today. That is


E. In these Brexit days who knows what it is. That is a litre. By the


way it is delicious. The West could be celebrating


a double promotion this weekend with both Yeovil Town ladies


and Bristol City women hoping to go Alistair Durden is here


to explain the maths! Two teams will be promoted,


and three are in contention - Yeovil who are top,


plus Bristol City and Everton If both our clubs win they'll


both go up. Bristol City have been in the top


division before but this wotld be new territory for


Yeovil Town Ladies. A small club that's making big


sacrifices to get to the top. Yeovil's players meet twice a week


for training, travelling Midfielder Danielle Carlton has done


a four hour commute to be there I love football and where


we are in the league, Come Sunday we could be


promoted so all the hours in I have a full-time job


as well so I have to lose money to be here but I


would not have it any other way Yeovil's squad is made


up of 20 players - 11 of them on part-time contracts


earning between 150 and 650 pounds Another nine get just


their expenses paid. A housing officer,


and also an army engineer. How long have I have


been playing football? Captain Ellie Curson is trahning


to be a teacher. She can see a day when the women's


game goes fully professional. You would never see a women's


football game on the TV when I was growing up whdreas now


you're guaranteed a match that Women's football is


steadily growing. There are about 50 girls pl`ying


I can't see why it shouldn't be at the same level as the men's game.


Promotion would mean a placd alongside heavyweights like Chelsea


They have full time professhonal players, and huge budgets clip.


If you take the current chalpions, currently were operating on a tenth


That will be hard to compete with if we do get


promoted but we hope local businesses will get behind ts.


The vision was always to make this club


I've seen it come from one lan and his dog, families and friends


to what we have at Yeovil, 850 people coming through


the door to watch us play football is a hell


They're aiming to attract a crowd of over a thousand for the last


game of the season - which they hope will be a


Good luck to Yeovil and Bristol city.


Bristol City women are away to Everton tomorrow -


That bottom one is first ag`inst second in the National Leagte.


Finally congratulations to the Somerset Rebels who last


night regained speedway's Premier League title.


Their win over Sheffield Tigers means they've done the leagte


The achievement was marked with fireworks, and a fair bit


of champagne, before they took the trophy over to their supporters


We missed out last year by two points and we had to make it up


today. We had a bit of an inexperienced team this year but it


has worked well. That is so much work that goes on behind thd scenes.


It just sends goose bumps through your system, definitely.


It just sends goose bumps through your system, definitely


Not all the celebrations went quite to plan - watch this.


There we go, it is a dangerous sports. He was all right. What about


the champagne? They could h`ve had milk.


50 years ago today, a nightclub opened which would bring sole


of the biggest names in music to Bristol.


Not only did the Bamboo Club in St Paul's help unite


people in the city - it went down in music folklore.


Lee Madan has been looking at what the venue meant


In 1960s Bristol black people complained about the way


they were treated in pubs and clubs in the city.


You walk in there no one would talk to you - they look


at you strange so you didn't bother to go.


service, their change was almost chucked on the counter just put it


down and walk away like you're not there and basically you'd go home


stressed out why are people being so nasty to us.


So Tony Bullimore - who later became famous


as a yachtsman - and his wife Lalal -


As a mixed race couple in the 1 60s they experienced abuse first hand.


They wanted a venue where anyone would feel welcome.


The club is actually a West Indian club but it's not solely


for West Indians, the club htself is for anyone who wants to tse it


- we've got people from all over the world signing on as members


But after being open for just 1 years the club caught fire hn 1 77 -


a week before the Sex Pistols were due to play .


I just watched it burns, it was terrible.


But for some the legacy it left behind can still be felt today.


I think the club played a m`jor part in helping to even out


racism and make Bristol a mtch better place for everyone to live


I think it helped break the barrier down between bl`ck


This week hundreds turned ott to remember the club


Back in the day there were lots of musicians in Bristol. It is a place


we want to showcase ourselvds. It is part of the fabric of Bristol


history because the bamboo club was the place and I don't think it will


with a huge history still remembered today.


And you can hear a document`ry about the Bamboo Club


on BBC Radio Bristol tonight at seven o'clock -


Time now for the weather, the dark nights are coming. That is the big


light on the roofs in the form of our weather presenter. Hdllo


everyone. This is going to be a weekend which


is quite a quiet affair. It is generally quite dull outlook. The


cloud cover will be quite extensive. Some areas will cede brightness


around, a better chance on Sunday. Barring some drizzle, it will be a


dry weekend for the vast majority. Light winds and temperatures above


average for the time of year. There could be some fog and a lot of that


will be across cross buns r`ther than a global level. The clocks go


back on Sunday. Just a little remainder. Let's take a widdr look


over the next couple of days. Hydration dominates the pattern as


it has done over the latter stages of the week. -- high pressure. This


keeps temperatures up. The cloud cover will be a dominant part of the


forecast but later into Sunday, signs of that getting whittled away


south-east. For the rest of this south-east. For the rest of this


evening and tonight, a lot of cloud around. There could be one or two


breaks and this could mean cloud at low -- fog and low level. Upland fog


courtesy of the low cloud. Ht will be a case of temperatures are


unlikely to drop below double figures. Many areas will relain


around ten or 12 Celsius. Tomorrow, some areas might get brightdr,


perhaps in coastal parts of West Somerset but generally therd will be


a lot of cloud. Some drizzld might appear, over high ground


predominately. Most areas whll be dry. The winners will be light and


temperatures should reach the mid-teens, 14 Celsius will be


typical. An identical story into Sunday. Perhaps a better ch`nce of


same. Nothing will spoil our same. Nothing will spoil our


sporting or Halloween events. Still the same for next week. Things will


cool down for the first few days of November. Have a great weekdnd.


Please do have a lovely weekend That's it from us. We have `n


amazing image of a Donald Trump lookalike on Sunday politics this


weekend. Do join me It took us once to get through


the novel Anna Karenina. It was used to help my friend


with depression, and finishing as we went


to sleep at night. tapping each letter through the wall


that divided our cells as we served life sentences


in solitary confinement. We promise to encourage


others to dream big Why do you want to go to


Great Britain?


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