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and on BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and Sabet Choudhury.


A multi-million pound Government contract promises


money for maintenance, but it's not exactly


And this almost feels like it's second-best.


Having a maintenance contract is fine, but it's not what Yeovil


What Yeovil has done for 100 years is been an aircraft manufacturer.


Trains on a mainline out of Gloucester are stopped


after a boulder hit the track, following a landslide.


How this nine-year-old is changing the life


We hear from striker Ellis Harrison on his four strike weekend.


The government has announced details of a contract -


worth more than ?250 million - for Leonardo


The deal will see the company, previously known as Agusta Westland,


providing service and training support for the UK military's


But while the government says it will safeguard up to 500 jobs,


a union says it's old news and in any case does little


to safeguard the long term future of the Yeovil site.


Our Somerset Correspondent, Clinton Rogers reports.


The Minister in charge of buying things for the Armed Forces came


to Yeovil keen to trumpet today's announcement as great news


for the local economy, in particular the workforce here.


It's a deal that will secure the cutting edge aircraft


for the Royal Navy and the army, and I know it will support hundreds


of skilled jobs right across the south-west.


It's all about these helicopters, the Wildcat.


62 of which were made in Yeovil, for service


Now, the contract is valued at ?271 million, and it's


essentially for the maintenance of the helicopters for


But actually, what was announced today was just the latest stage


of a 30 year contract that was signed back in 2012.


Critics argue that it's really recycling old news,


and that in any case, what this place really needs


And yet, last year the Ministry of Defence decided not to let even


Leonardo build the new Apache attack helicopter, preferring


And this almost feels like it's second-best.


All the aircraft in this production shed are here


The company says it is talking to countries around the world.


Not firm orders yet, but like any business such as ours,


we know where the customer is, and we know what their


And we're working very hard to land those orders this year.


There remains a question mark over the equipment used to make


the airframes for the Wildcat, and its suggestions that could be


Even though the equipment is actually owned by


The minister says no decision has not been made yet.


Well, fears about the future of the plant were aired


Paddy Ashdown, the former MP for Yeovil, told the House of Lords


of his concerns that jobs might go overseas.


Afterwards he went into our Westminster studios to tell me more.


We are polite folk in Yeovil, we love it when a minister comes


But I'm honestly not terribly certain why she did.


I mean, these aren't new orders she was announcing.


They are old orders secured by David Laws


What she could be doing is insisting that the kit


that the Ministry of Defence owns, that is not allowed to go


to Poland with the jobs, unless there is a proper study that


takes into account all the factors about whether


My view is that if such a study were to take place,


Yeovil would be shown to be just as competitive as Poland,


and I can't understand why from the last six weeks pressing


the minister, she refuses to do this.


Do you think by the kit going off to Poland, that spells the end


Of course it doesn't, but it means that 200 jobs


which could be sustained in Yeovil, if Yeovil is indeed competitive


and I think if you looked at the facts in detail,


you'll see that they were, those 200 jobs would stay in Yeovil,


stay on the Yeovil site and add to the viability of the Yeovil


site in what are very difficult economic times.


The government promises that it will do everything it can in this


post Brexit era to keep jobs in Britain.


Why will they not, then, do a proper study to ensure


that the jobs can be kept on the Yeovil site and don't


necessarily have to be shipped off to Poland?


Surely having a maintenance contract is not a bad deal after all, is it?


Having a maintenance contract is fine, but it's not what Yeovil's


What Yeovil's done for 100 years is an aircraft manufacturer.


By the way, some of the most world leading aircraft for the service


That's not just assembly and not maintenance,


it's the design, the technology, the engineering, all of those


high-class design teams which Yeovil is now a centre of the aerospace


industry will be damaged if Yeovil's allowed to dribble away


and to become just a maintenance and assembly area.


I'm determined that won't happen, and I'm sure that the people


of Yeovil will believe that if the government isn't prepared


to go the last mile to ensure the jobs which could be kept


in Yeovil are kept in Yeovil, many people will regard that


as a frankly, an insult to the technicians and skilled


engineers who for 100 years in Yeovil have provided world


beating aircraft for the armed services.


You know, they deserve better than that.


A body found in the search for a missing Bristol paramedic has


been confirmed as that of missing jogger David Skeen.


The 51-year-old was last seen on Tuesday after going for a run.


He'd recently moved to Wales from the West.


A man has been charged with attempted murder after a crash


Lukasz Jarosz, 34, from Wilton, near Salisbury, was arrested


A 13-year-old front seat passenger suffered a leg injury and remains


It is understood that Mr Jarosz found his wife


Three people have been taken to hospital after a lorry shed part


of its load of stones on to a car during a crash in Gloucestershire.


The lorry was carrying a load of Cotswold stone


when it was involved in an an accident on


A 56-year-old man was taken to hospital with serious injuries


and two other people have minor injuries.


A large boulder which fell forty feet down a cliff onto a railway


line in Gloucestershire is continuing to cause


Engineers have spent the day breaking it up into smaller pieces -


but Network Rail say the line may not reopen before the morning.


A boulder, six feet by four, which came tumbling down a steep


It was fortunate train on the other line spotted it first


Engineers have been on the track all day, breaking


It had clearly broken through metal netting and cables,


drilled into the tight cutting to minimise the impact


We have had some minor falls from time to time,


which is why the netting is there, to help the cutting


Well, it's not designed, built to cope with anything


of the size that we saw falling onto the track today.


Trains from Gloucester to Swindon have been able to pass


through here at five miles per hour, but commuters wanting to get


from Swindon to Gloucester have had to use a bus service.


That may continue while Network Rail's investigations


We need to check that all the signalling equipment


and the track itself is safe to run trains over.


It's pretty robust, but it had a serious knock today.


We're also taking some investigations into what is still up


there on the cutting wall, to see if there's


likely to come down, and what we need to about that.


The tight, rocky ravines here are a known problem


It's close to this tunnel, which has undergone major


repairs in recent years because of instability


It could be that CCTV, or remote movement sensors could be


installed here in future, which would raise the alarm


You're watching Monday's Points West with Seb and Alex.


Coming up a little later in the programme...


We meet Bristol Rovers' cereal goal-scorer.


Although it is fairly mild for the last couple of days, colder


conditions developing by Thursday. The rest of your forecast for the


end of the programme. We'll be asking him that vital


questions. Sir Ranulph Fiennes is this evening


battling the elements - about to start climbing the highest


mountain in South America. The 72-year-old adventurer


from Somerset, who has already climbed four of the world's toughest


mountains, is tonight somewhere I think I said at right! At least


that's the right amount we think! -- the right mountain.


It's part of an ongoing world-record attempt to scale the highest


peak on each continent - all to raise money for charity.


Sir Ranulph Fiennes doing what he does best, and showing no


This evening, he's somewhere on the side of the highest


mountain in South America, about to start climbing.


We've got to acclimatise, like you do on Everest.


And so we're acclimatising for a day.


The last sort of camp before the summit day


is at about 20,000 feet, or 19,000 feet.


The summit day will be the worst of all, and it includes a one mile


highly exposed traverse, right across near the top,


with a 2000 foot drop immediately below.


So far, his exploits have cost him dear.


Two heart attacks, a double heart bypass, a cancer operation and half


of each of the fingers and thumb on his left hand.


But as we know, Sir Ranulph is no quitter.


He's trying to become the first person in the world to scale


the highest peak on every one of the world's continents.


He's already ticked off the ice caps and all of these -


if he manages the Argentinian mountain - he'll


Over the last 30 years, Sir Ranulph has raised a staggering


This time he's fundraising for Marie Curie, a cause close


to his heart after he lost his first wife to cancer.


It's fantastic what Sir Ranulph Fiennes is doing for Marie Curie.


It's an epic challenge, and appreciate the fact that he


And it will not only raise funds for the charity,


Sir Ranulph knows that it's going to be tough,


but he's hoping that with a bit of luck, he'll manage it.


We will keep tabs on him as best we can. I hope he does, good luck to


him. He is an unstoppable machine. The opening of Bristol's flagship


Metrobus scheme may only be nine months away but the City Council has


admitted there's still no-one The ?200 million project


promises to ease the gridlock in the city


but the roadworks have been Our reporter, Robin Markwell


is on Winterstoke Road where some So Robin - with no bus operator,


how concerned should we be? This is a huge year for Bristol's


transport scene. The biggest, they reckon, since the M32 was opened in


the 1970s. With this opening in the autumn of this year, there is still


no bus operator chosen to run it. Equally, no fair schedule setup, so


donor how much the tickets will be. -- fair schedule -- fare. This is


linking, will take bus passengers to Temple Meads. They reckon it will


have -- half journey times. I have been finding out more.


For commuters in Bristol, it's become the new dawn chorus.


Roadworks upon roadworks, up on roadworks.


A city dug up and relaid for the Metrobus scheme.


For Paul Turner, his drive in to work has become


If you look to your left, there is a vast Hull in the road.


A journey that would usually take eight minutes through Bradley Stoke


It's been 18 months of absolute Purgatory.


We had a situation where the delays in the morning and the evening,


coming into work and going home, have been astronomical.


The roads are moving again in Bradley Stoke now,


and things will improve further with this new link road close by.


We very much want to apologise for particularly the fact that it


But what we're delivering the end of the day is


They've asked us for improved public transport.


When it opened in the autumn, that public transport scheme


will look a little like this similar project in Cambridge.


Guided buses running on dedicated lanes, reliable


The scale of the work is best seen from the air,


one route heads West- East from Ashton Vale


to Temple Meads, the other skirts up to Cribbs Causeway


and Emerson's Green, spanning this bridge over the M32.


But while the infrastructure is now falling into place,


with nine months to go, there's still no word


I can't give you a date, because I'm dependent


on the negotiations, the conversations that we having


with operators, which as I say, are commercially confidential


So will all this be the answer to the city's crippling congestion?


We will start to find out later this month,


when the south Bristol link road opens to traffic.


Then, motorists will get an idea if it's all been worth the wait.


We find out next Monday that the South Bristol Link Road will open.


Once that is open, another major piece of road work begins in South


Bristol. We do have an end in sight, it is this autumn, but still plenty


of disruption for Bristol's motorists before we get there.


Absolutely. Thank you very much. An independent report has


declared Bristol's year as European Green Capital


'an undoubted success'. Hundreds of events took place


in 2015, which saw a rise in the number of visitors


to the city. But, following criticism


from Liberal Democrats, Today it concluded the year had been


well-run, with a positive legacy. We'll have plenty more on that in


the 10pm news. A nine year old boy from Swindon has


sent his special motorised wheelchair to a girl in Bosnia


who has the same condition as him. Oscar Moulding has muscular


dystrophy, and when he got a new wheelchair he wanted


to give his old one to his friend Here's our Wiltshire


reporter Will Glennon. Thanks to his state of the art


motorised wheelchair Oscar Moulding can do most of the things that


make him fit in. Whether it's at home or at school,


since he was four years old. I can play with my brother. Get my


toys. Do all the things that I want. I can race around in my chair a lot.


If he wants to sit at the table, it doesn't matter how high the table is


coming he can reach. He needed those facilities to get the most out of


life. The old wheelchair was great,


but when he grew out of it and got another one,


he wanted his old one His family are friends


with a family there, They raised the funds


to ship it over. Now little Sophija says it's


going to change her life. I can open the door. I can reach


things. She can reach things by herself, and maybe people, healthy


people, think that they took that things for granted. But trust me,


she opened the door for the first time in her life, and she's almost


nine. He's delighted he's


been able to help. I just think of her like Oscar,


raising around with her friends, going from class to class at school,


taking herself to dinner and into the playground. Just joining in with


life, how everybody else does. Do you think it will make a really big


difference? Yes, it will change her life completely.


They raised enough money to pay for any future maintenance,


so the chair should be good for many years to come.


A simple act of kindness that's brought joy to two young lives.


Oscar, you are very thoughtful. A little star. Staying with stars...


There's no doubt who produced the stand out sporting


Bristol Rovers striker Ellis Harrison scored four


goals in his side's big win against Northampton.


Ali Durden is here - have they got another big


It was incredible, and so quick. They have another star on their


hands. He's the first Rovers player


to score four in a game He went on to play in the Premier


League and for his country. He is undoubtedly a talent. Would


you like to know more about him? Yes.


He's still only 22, but has been with the club since he was 15


and already played 143 games for them.


A career highlight, scoring at Wembley as Rovers were promoted


But this was his best performance - including a first-half hat-trick


which we timed at six minutes and 41 seconds.


But he saved the very best until last - have a look at this.


So what the secret to his four-goal display?


I had my Weetabix this morning, probably!


It's just, the lads obviously done well, and they give me the delivery


and the service that I needed today, yeah.


There's still a lot more to come, that's just one game,


We can all have a good game, I just need to be consistent.


Now it's time for me to start scoring.


What do you reflect on most when you look back on today?


It was a bit special, because my mum came today,


So for my mum to be there, that's amazing.


Well done Ellis and Mr Torii. -- and mum.


This was Rovers biggest win in the football league for nearly


five years and it's moved them to within a point of the playoff


After winning back to back promotions, dare supporters begin


The best game they played all season. It was coming anyway, we had


loads of chances over the season but not putting them away. We put more


chances away today. One of the best matches. Really good. They are going


the right way, and who knows? Should make the play-offs.


Rovers next opponents are Fleetwood who held Bristol City


New signing Milan Djuric couldn't take that chance.


The sides will replay next week and both will be in this


evening's fourth round draw which is on BBC Two


Bristol Rugby have signed a former All-Black scrum-half.


Alby Mathewson has joined them until the end of the season.


He played four times for New Zealand back into 2010,


Meanwhile, Gloucester recorded their biggest Premiership


win in two years at the weekend, putting 55 points on Worcester,


scoring seven tries, including a couple by Matt Scott.


News of a fresh start for double Olympic medallist James Guy who's


moved to the University of Bath after almost a decade


James will join a squad which includes fellow


Olympians Siobhan-Marie O'Connor and Jazz Carlin.


His coach, Jol Finck, is also moving to Bath to take up


That literally is a talent pool, isn't it? Just bath. Thank you very


much. A tap dancing team from Swindon


are celebrating after being the driving force behind the UK's


victory in the World Championships. They supplied the coach,


and most of the tappers, for the winning routine


in the group dance. And two young stars also stormed


to victory in the duo category. As Lee Madan reports, it's not


the first time they've won. Five, six, seven, eight world


champions from Swindon, People sometimes think that you're


not telling the truth, but you are. Among the winners, Kai


and Marcus, who also defended their junior


duo title, too. But being a world champion


for the second time has its issues. When I got back the first time,


there were a bit, "Oh, well done!" And we had like the sort


of party and everything. But the second time it was a bit,


"Oh, well done again, So, no party and straight


back to practising. Discipline is crucial to get


to the top in the top world, My parents used to get annoyed


because I used to be quite And so they put me in a dance class


to get me out of all of that, And it went to Germany,


where the championships were held and where these tapas


held their nerve. It's quite surreal,


especially the first time. The first day you go in there,


there are people from 20 countries, a thousand dances may be there,


and you just kind of like, We've had quite an eventful


journey this year. We've had injuries,


we've had dislocations, we've had sickness bugs whilst


we were there. The team were certainly tested,


but look at these trophies. Proof that hard work


and determination can pay off. Keeping Swindon as the town


at the very top for topping. It is all the talk of the UK. This


storm coming our way. All these papers talking about snow. Four


inches of snow, it's all coming. We have got to ask, is it going


Some parts of the country will be, in fact the Met office put warnings


out -- be snowy. Including out towards Exmoor and the south-west,


parts of Wales as well. We are not expecting snow, it shouldn't be too


much of an issue in the inland parts of southern England including a good


part of our region. That's not to say there won't be a number of you


tweeting, e-mailing saying you are seeing snow showers. But that is


distinct from it being a warning event like we have seen in previous


winters, most notably 2010 and 2011. The forecast for tomorrow, we are


going to be in a somewhat milder phase of whether as we run through


the next couple of days at least. Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, some


brightness about, particularly in the first part of the morning. It


will be a breezy day as well. Through the afternoon, it will be a


weakening, a weak front moving in from west to east, will introduce


patchy outbreaks of mostly light rain. A wider look at how things are


shaping up. We had a front across us earlier today, that is towards the


East now. A few showers aside, dry for the majority during the course


of tonight. Tomorrow, a second front running in from midday and into the


afternoon. The developers we will then watch for will be noticeable


into the latter stages of Wednesday. First, particularly on Thursday in


the shape of cold air. Most of us free of showers, there will be a few


around feeding them through Gloucestershire, parts of Somerset,


for example. Towards daybreak tomorrow, temperatures fall of us


should be at rage of generally three to five Celsius. Some brightness


around during the course of the morning, always in competition with


a fair amount of cloud. Some patchy rain towards the west Somerset


during the morning, most areas dry until we get through until lunchtime


onwards, the front of pushes its way through from west to east.


Temperatures tomorrow getting up to as high as about nine Celsius. No


time to cover Thursday, we'll do that tomorrow. We'll keep a close


our eyes we get nearer. I'm guessing snow! Until next time, the 10pm.




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