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Welcome to BBC Points West with David Garmston and Alex Lovell.


Our main story tonight - the baby who died shortly


At the inquest, his parents say crucial evidence


was altered, and criticise the care they received.


They ignored our objections and they sent us home. We believe them when


they said it was safe to go home. But it is now very clear that we


should never have been sent home that night.


The police have now been informed - we'll have the latest.


A debt to society - a gang gets prison sentences


after blowing up the cash machine at a post office.


over plans for a new park and ride on the green belt.


the Ice Maidens of the British Army take on our frozen planet.


An actor and his wife have been reliving the moment they were sent


home from hospital before the planned birth of their baby


Jamie King said by the time they were rushed back


into hospital the following day - the pregnancy had gone badly wrong -


and the baby, called Benjamin, died at just five days old.


And tonight there's concern about the records


surrounding the tragedy - with the coroner taking the unusual


step of reporting the NHS Trust to the police


after it admitted evidence was altered.


Once again, he'd travelled thousands of miles.


British actor, Jamie King, who now lives in Canada.


Looking for answers and the truth at the inquest


into the death of his baby son, Benjamin.


But once again, he left court disappointed and disillusioned.


We hoped the hospital would acknowledge the stakes they made


over our son's birth. Rather than hearing the truth,


we've had to listen to misremembered stories, altered


accounts, deflection, and diversion. Benjamin was born


at the Royal united Hospital in Bath with severe brain damage -


after he was deprived of oxygen The inquest heard how his mother,


Canadian actor, Tamara Podemski had been rushed into hospital


following concerns about A caesaerian section


was planned for later that day, but was delayed until the morning -


and Tamara was allowed to go home. Benjamin was later born


in what was described The inquest began two months ago and


would normally have only lasted a couple of days. It was dramatically


halted halfway through when it emerged that evidence had been


removed from a witness statement by a member of the trust's legal team.


At the time, coroner Maria Voisin said that it was a very


serious matter indeed - and adjourned the inquest.


Today it emerged that she has taken the highly unusual step


Something the RUH Trust addressed outside court.


We have co-operated fully with the coroner's directions following the


judgment to the initial inquest. We would like to provide additional


assurance that the trust takes the matter extremely seriously. We are


unable to comment further on this matter.


The inquest heard that lessons had been learned


We've been given exclusive access to this report -


and it highlights some of those lessons.


Amongst them, it states, quite clearly, that the operation


to deliver Benjamin, should not have been postponed -


and crucially, it concludes that had the operation gone ahead as planned,


it is highly likely that Benjamin would have been born alive


Speaking outside court today, Jamie King urged other expectant


parents to stand their ground if they had any concerns


If you are concerned about your health or your baby's health. You


must stand your ground and tell them you need to see a consultant. Get


names, write down every detail. That way, no one can twist your story or


play with the fax at a later date. Today, a coroner said she was


considering reporting the matter This is clearly very unusual. For


the matter to be referred to the police is something I've never come


across before and other journalists I spoke to said they had never come


across it. Lawyers I spoke to today who deal with cases like this say


they have never come across a case where eyewitnesses statement has


been changed by a legal team. This is particularly difficult because we


heard that the baby would have been buying. It's a horrendous case which


ever way you look at it. It involves the death of a baby who otherwise


would have been fine. It has been very upsetting for everybody


involved. Some of the doctors, some of the midwives giving evidence have


been visibly upset. That's nothing compared to how the family feel. It


has been devastating for them on every single level. Jamie King,


Benjamin's dad said the worst thing that could happen to them has


happened and to have to sit through an inquest that has been adjourned


and now continues because statements have been altered exacerbates their


grief. And there is no closure for them because something else needs to


happen. The inquest has concluded but the police are looking at the


matter. They will investigate, if they think it is appropriate they


might refer it to the Crown Prosecution Service. There are two


other investigations going on. The hospital says they will share the


results of those investigations. We will continue to follow this and


bring you the results of what happens.


Extra security has been installed at some cash machines after attacks


where cash machines were blown up. This the twisted, charred wreck left


after one night of crime. through the building


after the explosion. A mum and her two children


were asleep upstairs - - it is hard to believe


no-one was injured. And it is just one of a number


of attacks on cash machines It literally knocked four years


of growth off the business. 50% of the time


we've been here we've lost. We're stubborn and we


won't let them beat us. 'I came up for an afternoon


and helped them shovel the remains of the post office into bags.


Terrible, terrible. It cost nearly ?200,000


to rebuild the post office and the thieves got away with nearly


?60,000 from the cashpoint - to make sure it


couldn't happen again. We've got gas suppression


systems on it, There's multi-CCTV cameras,


there's alarms, seismic sensors - pretty much every security device


they could put on it is on it. they claim the three thieves had


been boasting on social media The men responsible were soon


caught by the police. 41-year-old Patrick Duggan,


25 year old Nicholas Mann and 22-year-old Shane Dennis


sentenced today and yesterday I think the sentences send out


a very clear message that the court won't tolerate this kind


of violent offending. I think we've got to remember


that the violence of this explosion completely


destroyed the post office. It disrupted that business


for over six months. And it endangered


the lives of people living above the post office


and in the immediate vicinity. Some of the other cash point


thefts are due in court over the coming weeks but owners


David and Andrew hope the new forms of security will make this kind


of crime impossible in the future. Charlotte Callen for BBC


Points West in Long Ashton You're watching BBC Points West


with Alex and David - thanks for joining us


on this Tuesday evening. the Bristol City fans


heading for Fleetwood the ice maidens


hoping to conquer the South Pole. A former Bristol Rugby player has


been suspended by his current club, after being accused


of leaking confidential information to his former employers


before their Premiership match Tom Arscott, who now plays for Sale,


is being investigated Today Bristol insisted


they've done nothing wrong. Here's our Sports Editor


Alistair Durden. This is the player understood


to be at the centre Sale's Tom Arscott - whose


brother Luke plays for Bristol. The two clubs met in a crucial


Premiership match on New Year's Day, But Sale claim Tom Arscott leaked


confidential team information They've suspended him, and reported


the allegation to the RFU. We got a complaint from senior


players at the club that one player had passed information over before a


game. I had to deal with it in a formal way by setting up a


disciplinary and we had to inform the governing body of our decision.


Bristol say the Arscott brothers did meet up at the team hotel


on the night before the game - but it was for a family catch up.


Bristol insist that neither the club, nor Luke Arscott,


Nothing was passed to the coaches of any sporting value nor did it change


the strategy with which we approach the game in any way at all. We are


entirely confident that we have not acted in a way that is against the


spirit and values of rugby. We are disappointed in how this episode has


been handled so publicly, especially considering that have been no


contact from the sale sharks to date.


Neither brother has commented on the allegation.


Bristol say they still aren't sure what the complaint is -


and that they've yet to hear from the RFU.


It is an unwelcome distraction, with all parties looking


to the sport's governing body to make their conclusions quickly.


Dyson says it's looking for 110 new employees,


with the majority of them set to work in the region.


Most will be based in Malmesbury and Bristol.


The firm says it's part of plans to hire 3,000 extra


Avebury Stone Circle is to feature in a set of 8 special stamps showing


some of the country's most famous ancient sites.


Royal Mail says the Wiltshire landmark is part of a series


celebrating the UK's rich prehistoric heritage.


A special Avebury postmark is also being issued.


Anyone who posts a letter in Avebury High Street postbox


over the next five days will have it stamped


Is that a hint that you want a stamp? One day. We'll work hard to


sort something out. Campaigners opposed to a new park


and ride in Bath say their fight will continue, after the council


published plans for two possible sites to the east of the city,


using greenbelt land. A final decision's


due next week, Andy Howard There have been official plans


for an extra park and ride In the last couple of years,


the council has looked at 21 different sites,


and announced today that it's Now it goes to


a vote next Wednesday. The sites are next to each


other, on greenbelt land. Campaigners have long said


that a park and ride on Bathampton Meadows


would cause more harm than good. "It'd be awful from an environmental


point of view", and that the money It isn't going to cause the traffic


benefits that they have described. People drive to the park and ride


and use cheaper buses to go into town. What is the benefit that


mitigates against the harm? Well, let's ask the Leader of Bath


and North East Somerset Council. The big it is you is 7000 new houses


in Bath over the next 25 years, 11,000 new jobs. We have to get


people from a to B somehow. So here is the paperwork which holds


all the information for councillors Both sites are about the same size,


one is 800 spaces, the other One is on council-owned


land, one not. If there is a majority


vote next Wednesday this is still far from over,


the planning application then goes in, and both plans


have hurdles to overcome. But if B Council gets its way,


there will be shovels in the ground in 2018,


and this could be the view across The family of a Gloucestershire man


shot dead over 25 years ago have welcomed


more help for relatives in cases where no-one


is convicted of murder. Tony Alliss died in Penn Wood,


near Stroud, in 1990. Today the Crown Prosecution Service


and police said they'll work more closely with families


to explore what options there are. Our Gloucestershire reporter


Steve Knibbs has more details. Tony Alliss was shot dead


after a long running feud with his neighbours


over a boundary fence. His neighbours were acquitted


after the trial collapsed. Since then Tony's family have long


fought for more support for familes like themselves who often feel


abandoned, after such cases. Today, after a campaign by the group


Justice After Acquittal the Crown Prosecution Service


and police announced their new It includes joint meetings


once cases of acquittal have been reviewed, helping families


to understand why there and crucially for many


what can be done next. There has been supposedly enough


evidence to bring a murder charge and then it all falls through. Our


ultimate at the moment is to get onto that stage and go back and


discuss it with the Crown Prosecution Service and the police.


Gloucestershire Police, though, say they haven't seen anything


new to reopen the case something the Alliss' disagree with.


But today the county's police and crime commissioner was also


at the launch of the new standards to see what more could be done.


I've done everything I can do. I've written to the Lord Chancellor and


the courts. Sometimes you have to access that it is beyond what you


can do. For 25 years, the family have dedicated their lives into


discovering what happened here. The opening up of the relationship


between the CPS and the families is a small but significant step. They


know there is a long way to go to achieve their ultimate aim of a new


police investigation and a conviction.


Should scientists be able experiment on human embryos?


At the moment there's a limit of 14 days.


But with scientific advances being made all the time,


an IVF pioneer says there could be huge gains for health


and infertility treatment if that were to be extended.


Simon Fishel was one of the team overseeing the birth of


the world's first test-tube baby - Louise Brown from Bristol.


Our Health Correspondent Matthew Hill reports.


The birth of Louise Brown in 1978, the world's first IVF baby changed


At the time scientists were accused of playing God


But eventually a law was brought in to allow controlled IVF


and research on human embryos up to 14 days.


Scientists at Cambridge University have recently cultured embryos for


13 days. They believe they can make discoveries about genetic disease if


the law changes. People condemned mum and dad for having the treatment


and for having me. So, anything that can help create a family, I think,


is brilliant. The BBC has commissioned the first survey of its


kind this question. The scientist who worked on Louise


Brown's IVF team has called on the government to open an enquiry into


extending the rules. Specifically during that period of time we cannot


get access to at the moment many things happen and go wrong. We can


learn an awful lot from what goes wrong. For example, miscarriage. It


will start to be caused around that period of time. There are relations


to certain cancers that begin their problems at that stage. However,


religious, moral, and ethical objections have been raised. An


embryo has the rights of a person. It wouldn't become a human if it


weren't a human already. Even though great benefits come, we consider


that embryo has writes that cannot be turned over. D has had several


miscarriages. If one in four people experienced miscarriage, if it can


help them, it is important. For the medical team, insights into why


miscarriage happens is the most important thing.


And Matthew Hill has a series on BBC Radio 4 looking at the law


surrounding research on human embryos.


part one is available right now on the iPlayer,


and you can hear part two next Monday morning at 11am.


Bristol City travel to Fleetwood tonight in the FA Cup looking


The two sides drew 0-0 in the original 3rd


City fans leaving Ashton Gate this lunchtime had mixed views


on head coach Lee Johnson after the team's poor run of form.


Time for a change. Any other club would have got rid of him by now.


Stick with him. Better the devil you know. He has a long contract. Can we


afford to get rid of him? Don't see the point of chopping and changing.


It never works. We changed too often. It's difficult. He said he


needed three to four transfer windows to get the players ride.


Hopefully he can turn it around but it's really difficult.


Cheltenham are also in cup action tonight -


against Bradford in the Checkatrade Trophy.


The winners will play Oxford United in the quarter finals.


They're the Ice Maidens - a squad of elite soldiers aiming


to become the first all-women team to cross Antarctica.


They're all members of the British Army,


and they've had to go through a physically demanding


selection process in Norway to get the chance to go.


Our reporter Lee Madan was invited to the Larkhill base


Testing themselves against the elements in Norway.


Pulling heavy loads, jumping into ice holes,


digging out and sleeping in the snow.


All preparation for an 1100 mile expedition across the South Pole.


The challenge will test me to a limit


I guess there's that almost sadistic kind of me that just wants to see


what I can do and, equally, what I can't do.


The journey's expected to take there months.


With just two refuelling points along the way,


they'll have to drag food and supplies


as they ski cross country through hazardous conditions.


I'd be silly if I said I wasn't scared of gaps


in the glacier and they can be a metre long,


they can be 10 metres long, they can be miles long.


250 soldiers applied to become Ice Maidens -


after facing a series of challenges the team is now down


So the Ice Maidens have already proven they've got


they're now back in Wiltshire finding the best ways to work


First up, a game of Personality Poker.


Overseen by psychologists they've been telling each


The idea - by identifying their strengths and weaknesses -


the team will face fewer surprises


when they're in an extreme environment,


and know what support each other needs.


You need to be more open, you don't need to be good


all the time and you can have down days.


Sandy, you need to be less productive and that means sharing


out tasks a bit more and getting other people to chip in.


After the poker - more honest conversations.


I think as a team we need to work on our conflict resolution,


we like to get on with each other, we need to make sure we have a plan


in place for when it does go wrong and we do end up having


After all these physical and psychological tests have ended,


five of the remaining seven Ice Maidens will be selected.


They'll set off in October to conquer the South Pole.


Personality poker. I'm not sure I like those honest conversations. I


don't want to play. But, how hard could that be anyway? There's only


one way to find out. I'm sure they will do well and they take our good


wishes with them. Now talk about getting


into a tight spot. I think this horse has


had better evenings. It managed to get stuck upside down


between a wall and a building Having been checked over by a vet,


the horse, called Becky, was reunited with her owner


and is recovering well. At least, in a stable condition. We


are about to play personality poker now. Yes. Cut the jokes! That's the


main thing. It's going to be a day and you'll


wake up if today -- wondering if today has finished. A replica for


the majority. There could be some patchy drizzle around. The


forecasting headache is going to be the balance between the amount of


cloud cover, which will tend to be dominant, against those who will see


it brightening up to a degree, more down towards the south and


south-east of the region. High pressure now dominates the pattern.


The blue is being restricted to the east. That signifies the risk of


Frost. A very weak front through the centre of the area of high pressure.


That brings the complications, mild by a mile, as to which areas have


cloud cover. For the rest of this evening, we have seen some clearer


skies towards the far south-east of the likes of Wiltshire. It's for


these areas and the likes of the East of Gloucestershire that we


might get temperatures to falling to zero or below. Elsewhere, a bit


above freezing. Out towards the south-east of Wiltshire, the risk of


some Frost by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, we pick up that theme in


terms of the amount of cloud. There is uncertainty on that dividing


line. Winds will be light, temperature is similar to today. As


we go into Thursday, we do it all again.


Something to look forward to. The same weather. He's not very excited


by this weather. He would do well in the Antarctic. As an ice maiden. If


you see what I mean. His own version. We'd better go. There will


be an update for you later. Until then. Goodbye.


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And will to the best of my ability...


The Constitution of the United States...


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